Help Us Name This Outfit – by Liberty Jane Clothing

Oct 30

We Need Your Help!!


  1. Margaret /

    How about:

    Peace… Blue

    Or Blueberry Piece

  2. jennakat /

    peace in my pace?
    Periwinkle peace?

  3. ♥Rose♥ /

    Very cute!

    Hmm….What about…Indigo Blues, Midnight Peace, Winter Blues (for some reason it just reminds me of winter…) or Brilliant Blue? Just suggestions. Good luck with naming it!


  4. Avery V. /

    So cute! The first thing that popped into my mind was Peace Core, but maybe that sound stupid :P

  5. budderfly /

    Old Skool Style

  6. I Heart American Girl /

    It was very modern and chic. What about calling it-

    Peace, Love, Chic

  7. Isabella /

    Peace Passion???Or how about…serene style?

  8. how about bring me peace outfit

  9. smile stars, peace out, starry peace, hope blue? i like hope blue or smile stars…

  10. Brooke /

    You could call it Auzzuro Pace, Auzzuro is Italian for blue and pace is Italian for peace.

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