The 411 on our 2010 Liberty Jane Jeans Guidebook…

Jan 24

Yes! We’ve updated and improved our Liberty Jane Jeans Guidebook. Since it was our first guidebook, we’ve learned a lot since we first published it. Originally we released it to 20 people as a test group, and collected their feedback. We knew the pattern was really good, (since we’ve used it for a long time), but we didn’t know how they’d react to the instructions, layout, etc. Bottomline, they liked it a lot, but there were a few things that could be clarified and improved. Here are the major changes…

The back pocket layout was the most frustrating thing in their opinion. They wanted more direction on the exact placement of the pockets, so they wouldn’t place them improperly. So, the new pattern has a nice solution. It looks great and gives you a guide to place the pockets perfectly.

A lot of people have also asked about the distressing techniques we use. So we’ve included a bonus section on “Distressing Secrets”. This makes it sound cooler than it is, it’s just a description of the product we use, and the method - with a lot of warnings!

Finally, you’ll notice that the cover art on the new Jeans Guidebook is a lot different than the original version. We spent a lot of time developing a cover art style that we thought looked visually interesting, allowed for a lot of information sharing, and caught your attention. Of course we found our examples in, as you can tell, magazine covers.

So there you have it, the inside scoop on the 2010 Liberty Jane Jeans Pattern Guidebook.



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