Winning Design for 2010 New Years Contest

Jan 27

Hi everyone, we’ve just finished the design contest outfit and video. We think it came out really well.

This contest wasn’t without controversy, that’s for sure. We realized when we chose this design that we were going to get a lot of criticism because it wasn’t drawn as well as some of the other entries. But we’ve always tried to stress to people this isn’t a coloring contest.

The combination of fishnet stockings and tan boots is pretty original for an AG doll design. That was what caught our eye when we saw this entry, and it was fun to see it turn out nicely.

Thanks again for entering, if you did, and supporting our work. We appreciate you!



  1. ~Nicki~ /

    So pretty! This is just making me want a LJ outfit more and more :) Great work!

  2. Damsels-in-Dress /

    I think this was an excellent choice. I love this outfit and see so many elements of the late 60's early 70's styles (one of my favorite era's for design)

    I absolutely love those boots! Where did you get them or did you make them. I really want a pair!

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