Latest International Collection Outfit: Malibu Libby Posh N Paws

Apr 26

Hi everyone, I thought I’d share a little bit more about our latest Spring Line Outfit – Posh N Paws. It’s up for sale right now in our Ebay Store. If you haven’t seen it yet, here are some pictures.

This outfit was fun to design. The puppy purse was inspired by girls like Paris Hilton or Elle Woods, (Reese Witherspoon), from Legally Blonde. The top was similar to one I did in 2008, (picture below). The shoes are fun Black & White Check Converse.

I love the top because it breaks a rule. A lot of AG doll clothing covers the dolls top completely, I guess because the fabric doesn’t look like skin? So making something that looks good and breaks that tradition was fun.

Here are the pics:

Summer 2008 top

Posh N Paws:


  1. The Heritage Clothesline /

    Breaking the rules is fun! Great top!

  2. swissmiss♄lotti /

    Ohh! Pretty! love it :)

  3. Sabine Bouchard /

    Very cute! There is no need to stick to the rules…the cloth body is not even that bothersome.
    Great job! That mini is darling; I'd love to see skinnies in that color.

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