American Girl’s InnerstarU and Ask Sarah!

Jul 24

Hey lovely readers! Sarah here :) And I just wanted to blog about the new InnerstarU that American Girl has introduced. And I would like to hear your thoughts on it as well. In my opinion…I like the idea of AG wanting young girls to be more involved with their dolls…and I understand that technology is at the fingertips of girls so I am happy to see them making an attempt to keep girls interested in American Girl by making them somewhat technology based now…

But on the other hand I feel as though we should be encouraging the 8 to 12 year old age group of girls to get out side and play, be active, and use their imagination by playing with their dolls…not so much sitting their doll in their lap while they play games with the avatar version of their doll…I don’t dislike it by any means…I just wouldn’t have picked it if it were up to me.

That being said I would love to hear what you all think about it. Do you like it for those of you who have tried it? If you feel the same way as I do do you have any other thoughts? And if you wanna put your age range in the comment that would be cool just to see the opinions and how they vary based on the ages of everyone. But you DEFINITELY don’t have to especially if you are young. Remember that safety online is always the most important thing :)

Ok a little bit more! (If you don’t know me I like to talk a lot so when translated into a blog I end up typing even more) ;) Liberty Jane Clothing and I have set up a place where YOU can send your questions you have for me! But before I tell you the address please read what the questions should be about…

Subjects that are O.K. to ask Sarah…
1) Anything related to Liberty Jane clothing
2) Anything related to other American Girl clothing
3) How I would rate a certain AG brand outfit (provided that I own the outfit)
4) Advice related to the care and keeping of your dolls
5) You can ask which doll I recommend getting only if you provide a short story of the dolls you already have, a list of the dolls you are considering, and why you want the ones your considering :)

Subjects that are not O.K. to ask Sarah…
1) Questions related to me and only me
2) When I will make another video
3) What video I am making next…etc. :)

Ok thats about it!! Here is the email address you can send them to…! You can also send pictures of your dolls in Liberty Jane clothing to me as well for a chance to have them featured on this blog!

Well thats all for now! Kudos to those of you who actually read all my rambling ;)



  1. kate /

    what dolls have brown eyes

  2. Nina Williams /

    I think it would be a great feature on the innerstaru website if you could sell items that you have purchased. For instance, I accidentally bought 3 sweaters at the spend your stars store and would like to sell them back to the store. Thanks!

  3. How do you sell an outfit from your closet on innerstar is there a way I bought 2 of the same swin sutis and I want to sell one is there way?

  4. River Song /

    How do you design clothes in InnerstarU?

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