Patterns anyone?

Jul 23

Hey everyone! Sarah here :) I just wanted to take a second to thank Cinnamon for posting the video of the show I did on :) I hope everyone who has seen them enjoyed them as much as I did making them :) My boss is really funny lol.

Anyways on to today’s topic! I am curious to know how many of you have downloaded the awesome patterns that Liberty Jane has available? Do you like them if you have? And if you havent…what are you waiting for?!?! Lol jk but they are really awesome and super easy to follow and understand. My favorite pattern of the ones I have so far are the destroyed jeans. What are your favorites? I also like the pleated skirt, the mini skirt, the t-shirt, and making the jeans into shorts :)

Well I wanted to post some pictures of my girls in the stuff I have made out of the patterns but my internet is not letting me at the moment :( So if you all would like to send me some pictures of your dolls in the Liberty Jane patterns I’ll be sure to post them in an upcoming post :) You can send a few of your favorite pictures of your dolls in LJC to

***EDIT!! If you read this last night or earlier today my email is changed!! Instead of the domain being it is Please keep in mind that the email is for business only so please treat it that way :) Thanks!!!

Well thats all for now! Please comment and let me know what YOUR favorite pattern is!



  1. Heritage Doll Fashions /

    I'm a big fan of the jean and t-shirt patterns. :-)

  2. Ellie McKay /

    The jeans pattern. It actually has a thousand and one uses. I have made shorts with it, and even altered the pattern and made sweatpants. I also plan to make 1970s style flares by altering the pattern. The pattern also requires few materials.

  3. Katherine /

    I haven't bought any of the patterns, but I did download the free tank-top. With this pattern I was able to make many different things by simply altering the neckline and length. I have been sewing for quite a long time, and love the patterns Liberty Jane Clothing has! Thanks!

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  5. SweetPea /

    I have to say, I'm not a beginner by any means, however, I found the patterns super easy to follow. I have already made a pair of the distressed jeans and the california cami. I now have 8 liberty jane patterns and was able to make those things in just a few hours. I have almost every store bought pattern for doll clothes, and these are by far the best I've ever used, fast easy to download and you don't have to torture your kids by making them sit in a chair while you flip through pattern books at the fabric store. LOVE THEM!!!!

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