Sarah Here! A few Awesome Liberty Jane Clothing pictures from readers!

Jul 30

Hey chickies! (and you few fellas out there) How are you all doing this Friday? I’m doing great because my birthday is in about a month!! Today I have some awesome pictures to show you all of Candace’s dolls in her Liberty Jane Clothing designs! Candace emailed me and told me that she has been sewing the Liberty Jane and Doll Duds patterns for months now and she has made some pretty awesome stuff for them so far! But she says her most accomplished outfit she has made so far is her girl scouts outfit she made using a combination of the Liberty Jane T-shirt pattern, the jeans pattern, the polo shirt pattern, and the mini skirt pattern! Check out her pics!

And her is her online album of more pictures (plus some AMAZING pictures of her dolls in Liberty Jane clothing she has purchased from LJ :) She even creates her own patterns based on other patterns she has seen or used before. How awesome is that?!?! Keep up the great work Candace!

Do you have any awesome pictures of YOUR dolls in clothing you have made for them using the Liberty Jane patterns? If you do send them to me at for a chance to have them featured on this blog in one of my posts! Have a great weekend everyone!

<3 Sarah

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