Sarah here! Follow up with American Girl’s InnerstarU plus some Ask Sarah questions answered!

Jul 28

Hey everyone! Its Sarah here :) I just got done reading everyone’s comments about InnerstarU. And you all have some great opinions and points. It seems the focus has been taken away from the Historicals which are the dolls that almost everyone I talk to that is older remembers from way back when. And when I tell them that Sam and Kirsten are retired and they might be retiring Molly this year they are so upset!

Anyways enough of that complaining stuff! I have some Ask Sarah questions to answer!! Our first one comes from a girl named Sarah. She wants to get another doll for her birthday but she is not sure which one she wants. So far she has Kit, Samantha, JLY 23, Kirsten, Molly, Mia, Chrissa, JLY Light skin, blues eyes, brown hair with bangs, and JLY 39. She wants either Lanie or JLY 25 (my Hayden doll). She wants #25 because she has wanted her for a long time and she thinks she is really pretty…and she wants Lanie because of her curly hair and she doesnt have a doll with super curly hair yet. My advice is that she should get Lanie because #25 will be around for a long time, and Lanie is GORGEOUS! Definitely one of my favorite GOTY dolls and I have high standards ;) What do you all think? Comment if you have an opinion so she can read others besides just mine :)

The next question if from Cami who is 15 years old. She has Kirsten and Samantha and she wants either Julie, Rebecca, or JLY #38. I think you should get Julie…obviously haha she is ony of my favorites and I LOVE playing with her hair. And if you like playing with hair then you need one better than Kirsten and Sam to do the hair on. Because Julie doesn’t have bangs it makes her hair way more versatile and you are able to do WAY more hairstyles with her versus the girls with bangs. Any other opinions? Comment below if so :)

Ok last one for now! The last question for today is from Elise. Elise decided to straighten her Ruthies hair. Then she decided she wanted the curls back so she used the boiling water method and left the curlers in to dry for a month while she was gone…then they were SUPER curly (been there done that lol) so she decided to straighten it again and now its even worse and more frizzy…so sorry about your luck Elise! There is nothing more frustrating than messing up a dolls hair (in my experimental days I did this quite a few times) Try to do a downy dunk on her, try steaming her hair with a plastic clothes steamer, Turro brand is my favorite and you can find them on ebay. If all else fails you might be happier if you go ahead and send her in for a new head :( Unfortunately once the dolls hair becomes that curly there is not much you can do to help it (I learned this the hard way with my Grandma’s doll) Well good luck and let us know how things work out for you!!

Ok girlies keep being awesome! And remember you can email questions or pictures of your doll in Liberty Jane clothing to me for a chance to have your question answered or your picture posted on the Liberty Jane Clothing blog by me!!

<3 Sarah

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