Sarah’s First Post!

Jul 19

Hey everyone its Sarah here! Lets get the blogging under way! I just want to say again how thrilled and honored I am to be a part of the Liberty Jane team :)

First off I want to start by doing a shout out to an awesome blogger who knows how to mix and match her Liberty Jane pieces and create a great style for her AG doll!
That is the link to the *Roses are Read* blog. And I’m probably not the first to say how adorable Rebecca looks in the outfit her owner put her in. She paired the LJ tank top with a super cute mini jean skirt, the jacket from Rebecca’s school outfit, and the black boots from Samantha’s collection. She did a great job mixing and matching what do you all think? I might have to get myself one of those tank tops for my Rebecca (Rory)!

A little exciting news before I go! Tomorrow (Tuesday July 20th) I will be hosting a live video chat on
It will be at 3pm Central and I’ll be doing one Wednesday July 21st at 12pm Central. Tuesday it will be all about American Girl dolls and the history of them, a little about me, and other questions anyone might have. And Wednesday it will be me doing a tutorial on fixing up a Kaya doll. I’ll be restringing her, fixing her hair, and cleaning her skin so check it out if you have time! And if you miss it you can click on the link and check it out after because it will be recorded! :)

Well thats all for now!! Until next time Liberty Jane fans!!

<3 Sarah


  1. Abbey and Chloe /

    Hey, Sarah! Congrats on your first post. We agree, Starr (from Roses are Read) mix'n'matches with Liberty Jane Clothing really well. :)

  2. ♥Rose♥ /

    Aw, thanks for mentioning my blog! I feel so special. xD I'll be sure to show this to Rebecca…hehe.


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