Mod Doll Mag for American Girl Dolls

Aug 23

Here’s a fun craft project that we saw on KITTZYKK’s youtube channel and it inspired Libby to make one of her own! It’s a super cute mini magazine for your American Girl doll. Just click the link to see the Stardoll Magazine.

Libby’s mini mag is called Mod Doll. To make this magazine, just click the images below. They will open on a white page, then right click the image and select print. The instructions to cut them out and glue the pages together back to back and then staple together, are on the pages. You can watch our YouTube video to see Libby talking about it. The images below should print as a full size 8.5 by 11 piece of paper. Libby wants to make more issues, but we need your feedback to be sure that it works properly. You should be able to read all the content, if you can’t, please let us know!


  1. I love these! They’re so cute!

  2. this is the best stuff ever but hope some more mags on the way

  3. i really like libertyjaneclothing

  4. kate /

    these worked very well make some more

  5. your so aswome

  6. so creative

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