Sarah Here! More beautiful dolls in Liberty Jane Fashion!

Aug 06

Hey everyone! Sarah here :) I have some new pictures to show you all of more dolls in Liberty Jane fashions! This picture is JLY #39 Alice and she is wearing the Copy cat tank with the gathered sleeve top underneath the black flounce skirt. Her owner is Gabrielle. Great job Gabrielle! You did a great job pairing the tank and skirt but putting the shirt over it so it didn’t look like too much black and clash. Keep up the great work! The photography is great too! :)

The next photo is of JLY #25. She is wearing a tank top that her owner Laura made using the Liberty Jane tank top pattern. She paired it with the skirt from the Sweet Melody outfit from American Girl. Great job Laura! I especially like the shoes from Emily’s meet outfit that you paired with the outfit :)

Keep up the great work ladies! Your dolls look beautiful :) If YOU have a picture of your doll in Liberty Jane clothing send your pictures to for a chance to have them featured by me on the Liberty Jane Clothing Blog!

<3 Sarah

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  1. i followed u on youtube and loved your posts!!i have 17 dolls!!

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