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Aug 20

Hey everyone Sarah here and I am posting to you all from my iPhone! I finally figured out how to post from my phone so that when I’m on the run I can still post short blogs on here! :) (which means you’ll be hearing from me more often lol)

Ok let’s get you guys an update! As many of you know I am currently fixing up Liberty Janes Josefina doll for them. I got her in the mail last week along with some AWESOME Liberty Jane clothes and a GORGEOUS pm Molly :)

Well I am happy to report that miss Josefina is looking BEAUTIFUL!!! she is currently undergoing some intense dye transfer stain removal which is why she is taking so long to finish :) I’m not sure how to post pictures from my phone but you will be seeing the finished product soon!

And now for some American Girl news! The American Girl store at the Oak Park mall in Kansas is officially opening Saturday September 4th! I am super excited! Have any of you been to a grand opening before? If so what was it like? Did you have fun? Is anyone reading this going to the grand opening of the new store? If so I’ll be there!!!! :) well that’s all for now!

<3 Sarah


  1. Julie and Ruthie /

    OMG! The grand opening will be AWESOME! I've not going though :(
    But I'm sure like the first 50-100 people get some FREE stuff :D

  2. Selena Gomez /

    Hi Sarah, I would email you my question, but my email has my name in it, and I don't want to give that away on the internet, so here goes:
    So, I have Nellie, and her bangs are a LOT thinner than any other Nellie I have seen… Do you know if older Nellies have thinner bangs? I got her a few months after she came out, and I was wondering if maybe that was the case? I would really appreciate it if you answered my question, because I have been seeing other Nellies with MUCH thicker bangs, and I'm curious… Anyways, I hope you respond!

    ~N,K,J, and S

  3. Great to hear that you can post from the phone.
    The dolls are beautiful

  4. beachbabydoll1 /

    What happened to you? No posts for a long time on this blog.

  5. alyssa:) /

    my sister has josefina she’s beautiful except once her hair gets tangled…me and my sissies went to the Alderwood Mall AG place opening back in july and we came once there were no lineups and all. u get like a bag of free stuff which i luv

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