FALL 2010 Contest Rules And Details

Oct 03


Hi everyone, here are the official rules and guidelines for our FALLOWEEN 2010 Design Contest. If you have any questions, just post them as a response to this blog post.

Here we go:

No purchase necessary. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning.

Many will enter, only a few will win.

Void where prohibited.

Contest Dates: The Contest starts 10/3/10 and Ends 10/31/10 at Midnight (Pacific).

Announcement Of Winners: The winning designs will be announced on Youtube on or before November 14, 2010.

How To Enter: You can enter in 2 ways.

One: Via Youtube thru the Liberty Jane Clothing Channel.
Two: Via Facebook at the Liberty Jane Clothing Fanpage.

To enter simply create a video of your design, and respond to the Contest in one of the two ways. You can enter as many unique and original designs as you’d like, but make sure each video entry only has 1 design. So if you want to enter 2 designs, make 2 videos entries.

By entering the contest, you are promising that the Design is your original idea, it can be inspired by another outfit, or similar, but it has to have some unique elements that you have added.

By entering the contest, you are promising that you haven’t already entered your design in one of our previous design contests. In other words, don’t recycle designs that you already entered previously (that didn’t win).

By entering the contest, you are acknowledging that Liberty Jane Clothing creates unique designs for retail purposes in an ongoing way, and our future design work isn’t restricted to exclude anything similar to what you’ve submitted. In other words, you can’t get mad at us if our future designs, (or names of outfits), are similar to an outfit you submit. We do not run these contests to get design ideas. Any similarity between our future work, and your contest entries will be coincidental.

Judging Criteria: This is a skills based contest. Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

1) Overall Presentation – including the outfit, (and the video itself).
2) Scale and proportion of your design - Your design needs to look like it fits an 18 inch doll.
3) Color and symmetry – Design elements and color choices need to be contemporary.
4) Originality – some small element needs to be unique and interesting.


The Grand Prize Winning designer gets their outfit made for them for free.

2nd place will receive 3 free patterns from Liberty Jane patterns.

3rd place will recieve a pair of shoes from liberty jane patterns.

Notification: Winning designers will be notified via email from Liberty Jane Clothing before the formal announcement video is completed, generally a few days before, but it could be last minute, we make no promises, and don’t assume anything. After communicating with the winning designers, we will post a video showing the winning designs.

Delivery Of Prizes: Winning designers will need to provide a street address to Liberty Jane Clothing, so we can mail the prize. It does not need to be a home address, it can be a work address for example. Shipping will be paid by Liberty Jane Clothing. There is no expense if you are the winner – it’s all really free.

Updates and Ongoing Announcements: Any announcements or updates will be posted as comments on the Liberty Jane Clothing Youtube Channel.

If you have questions, simply post them as a response to this blog post.
The Liberty Jane Team


  1. maynardemily /

    So how do I enter through Facebook

  2. youandwhatarmy /

    when does it end?

  3. beast'sbelle /

    Is there an age limit to your contests? (I'm 28)

  4. Tiffany Alee /

    it ends august 15th right?

  5. I don`t have youtube or facebook, can I enter thru blogger?

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