Silk, Techniques, and Kanani’s Haircut

May 16

Our latest spring line outfit Ready for Ruby’s features some very chic silk fabric that we picked up on our recent trip to Britex Fabrics in San Francisco.

When working with fabric that retails for $39/yd. making the first few cuts can be pretty daunting! I used a less expensive fabric that had a similar weight to make my first few mock-ups. It took several attempts to get the proportions just right. Once I had all of the details figured out I could confidently cut out my pattern pieces on this luxurious fabric.

I was excited to use a new technique that I had seen in the Spring 2011 issue of Sew Stylish magazine. There was an article called Sheer Practice and it showed a few different seams and hems to use with sheer fabrics. I used the technique for A Fine Hem. It worked beautifully. Usually this type of fabric frustrates me because it’s difficult to hem and looses the lightweight flowiness once it is hemmed. :) This technique eliminated both of those issues – yeah! I love the look of the finished top, it has a sense of relaxed sophistication.

Here’s a picture of the finished top on Kanani, American Girl Doll. Now this brings me to the issue of Kanani’s beautiful hair… Yes, we cut her hair. She’s a beautiful doll with beautiful hair, but for us it was to much hair to work well for modeling purposes. I realize that some of you will think this is totally taboo and I don’t recommend this to anyone (there are a lot of wigs available). Her hair did cut nicely though and is still long and beautiful, just not down to the floor.
Here’s a link to our EBay store where you can find the outfit along with other spring line outfits and below is a fun video showcasing the outfit :


  1. Charlotte /

    Ooh! I love that outfit :) I actually really like kanani's hair short like that, I agree-that much hair would be too much of a hassle! Gosh! That's a lot of money for fabric!

  2. Melanie /

    Oh my goodness, Kanani's hair looks absolutely ADORABLE at that length!!!

  3. Julie /

    Forgive my non knowing ways. I bought kanani for my 4yo. Let's just say the hair is out of control! I'd love more specifics on the haircut. Do you wet it down? Cut straight across? Layer slightly? Looks to be about elbow length. I really do like this lol better than the friz out we have here:). Any help would be appreciated!!

  4. You Know Who! /

    Hi Julie – Her hair was pretty smooth to begin with because we've had it in a braid, but I Brushed it out carefully. Then started with a section in the back, the underneath layer. I cut it at the length that I wanted, the hips when pulled straight. Then I used it as my guide to cut the rest. Instead of cutting the hair all brushed straight down, I pulled it all straight out from the back of her head and trimmed it to match my first cut. Once the hair was let go and hung straight down it had slight layers around the bottom. The front was a bit too long so I then angled it up just a bit for the pieces that would fall over her shoulders. Her hair has nice loose curls, so the cut doesn't have to be perfect… It's definitely much nore manageable this way. :)


  5. madaboutdolls /

    Give me a break, remnant buying at less money than the $35.00 per yard?!!!!! Got the Sew Stylish Mag and can OMG moocho copy you Cinnamon!!! Keep up all your work! Will happily wait to copy more. Yeah!!!!

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