Giveaway – Seattle American Girl Store Opening

Jul 17

Ready For A Give-Away?

Here’s the thing…we decided to brave the crowds on Saturday July 16th and go to the grand opening of the newest American Girl Store in Seattle a tthe Alderwood mall.

Here’s a video log of Libby’s first experience at an AG Store. We’ve spent years and countless hours looking through the catalogs, it was so fun to finally go to a real store!


We’ve got a super cute Seattle AG Store exclusive red American Girl tee shirt and a fun Art Starts craft book (valued at $18.00) to giveaway to one lucky commenter!

You have 5 ways to enter:

1. Leave a Comment below telling us what your favorite pattern is from Liberty Jane Patterns (1 entry, required)
2. Follow us on Facebook and leave a comment below letting us know (1 entry)
3. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and leave a comment below letting us know (1 entry)
4. Join the Liberty Jane Flickr Group and leave a comment below letting us know (1 entry)
5. Share this giveaway on your blog, FB, youtube or twitter and leave a comment below letting us know (1 entry per share )

Leave a separate comment for each entry. Giveaway ends July 24th at Midnight Pacific. Winner will be chosen randomly by


  1. Heather /

    My favorite pattern from Liberty Jane Clothing, is the Jeans Pattern. The picture showing that is the one with Lanie in a sparkly top with a pair of distressed jeans. That was the jeans, the pattern was referring to.


  2. Carolknits /

    My favorite pattern is the Tropical Summer set because it is easy and includes an easy pattern for shorts.
    Carol Ann Bejtlich

  3. Makala /

    My favorite pattern from LJC is the Tank Top Pattern because it is so easy to make!

  4. I love the jeans pattern, too. So cute when made with a pair of my old jeans. You have a lot of awesome patterns.
    aliben7 (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Frugal, not cheap /

    I liked you on facebook

  6. I joined your flickr group.
    aliben7 (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. Makala /

    I subscribed to you on YouTube! (:

  8. Makala /

    I joined the Liberty Jane Flickr Group!

  9. Frugal, not cheap /

    I love the Hayden dress

  10. Claire /

    I love the heritage wrap dress! It's soo cute!

  11. Claire /

    Liked on facebook

  12. Claire /

    Subbed on youtube!

  13. Makala /

    I posted a bulletin on YouTube asking people to enter!

  14. Wanda /

    My favorite pattern is the Hayden Girl and Doll pattern. My step granddaughter will love this for her and her doll. She loves theings that match

  15. Sara /

    I love the Hayden pattern.

  16. Francesca /

    I am subscribed to you on Youtube!

  17. Lanie /

    I like the polo shirt pattern because it's super cute and versatile!

  18. Bevie /

    It's hard to just pick one pattern that I love because I haven't seen one, that I didn't love but the jean pattern is at the top of list. I hope you enjoyed the AG store. I have visited the store in Chicago several times and just love the store. My sisters and I had dinner 2 Christmas's ago with our dolls. What an experience. Grown ladies with their dolls and dinner. It was the best! Our waiter was so great. You have to have Tea with your daughter. don't forget her doll. It'sa memory she and you will have forever. Keep up the great work, I love all your patterns.
    BFrank 8-)

  19. Lanie /

    I subscribed to you on youtube! (peaceloveag11)

  20. DollyGirl101 /

    My favorite pattern is the colorblock dress pattern. It has a sort of sophisticated look to it and has pure significance! I love all of your patterns, but this one is just one of my favs!

  21. ~Quinlyn~ /

    My favorite pattern…hm. I like a lot of them! I really like the Heritage Wrap Dress Pattern and also the Faraway Downs dress.

  22. Denise /

    My favorite pattern is the jean pattern since it can be used to make jeans, shorts, capri pants even skirts.

  23. Denise /

    I follow you on Facebook as well :)

  24. ~Quinlyn~ /

    I am subscribed to you on youtube. :)

  25. ~Quinlyn~ /

    I am a member of the Flickr group. :)

  26. Francesca /

    I think my favorite pattern has to be the Jean Shorts. They are just SO cute!! I wish I could have all the clothes my dolls have!!

  27. Kanani and Hazel /

    I joined the Liberty Jane Flickr group!

  28. Kanani and Hazel /

    I subscribed to you on YouTube!

  29. Denise /

    Guess I should have used one post for all these?

    I subsribed to your YouTube channel, have been a member of the Flickr group since 7/6 and shared this on my blog, FB and Twitter

  30. Genevieve /

    I follow you on facebook and love your patterns and outfits… Genevieve NY

  31. Love the jeans pattern! So cute with one of the t-shirt variations. Keep them coming.

  32. Kanani and Hazel /

    My favorite LJC pattern has to be the Tshirt and jeans patterns. They have easy to follow directions and anyone can sew them at any skill level.

  33. Genevieve /

    I love your jean pattern. The versitility of it as well as the great fit. Genevieve NY

  34. A Bee Line /

    My favorite pattern from Liberty Jane Clothing is the jeans pattern because it's so versatile and you can use it to make all styles of pants and shorts.

  35. A Bee Line /

    We already follow you on FB.

  36. A Bee Line /

    We are subscribed to your Youtube channel.

  37. A Bee Line /

    We shared this giveaway on our youtube channel.

  38. Erin Rachelle Green /

    I have to say the Heritage Wrap Top Dress pattern from Liberty Jane is my favorite because it is the one I make the most often and have discovered cute ways to customize it.

  39. Erin Rachelle Green /

    Already follow your page on Facebook

  40. Erin Rachelle Green /

    shared the news on FB

  41. A Bee Line /

    I joined your flikr group and posted some photos of my LJC stuff!

  42. Lady Alec /

    I joined the flickr group.

  43. sharonm /

    The Jeans pattern is a favorite with me as it is very versitile.
    But truly it is difficult to choose just one.

    I loved, loved, loved your accounts of the store. But oh, it looks so dangerous. Those dolls and all the clothing is so alluring.

    Thanks you so much

  44. Jill and Ben /

    My favorite pattern is the Button Down Tunic – I could not believe how beautifully it turned out! I also cannot wait to try some of the coat patterns.

  45. Blue /

    Gosh, it's difficult to chose just one fav. The wrap and vest was the first pattern to catch my eye and it's still tops. ;P

  46. berlinbrat /

    Our favorite pattern so far is the Heritage Wrap Dress. We make one to match my daughter's summer dresses and love making the trench coat to complete the outfit! The pattern is so easy to follow that I used it to teach my daughter how to sew!

  47. 1god /

    I really love the oxford-square-coat. the picture is so cute like a trendy Sherlock Holmes:)

  48. 1god /

    Liked you on facebook.

  49. Leah /

    The Polo Shirt pattern was perfect to make shirts that match my niece's school uniforms. A polo shirt pattern is not available anywhere else that I know of. I have made three now and have another planned. Great tutorial!

  50. 1god /

    Subbed on YouTube :)

  51. Lisa /

    My favorite is the jeans…so hip, so ratted out…love them!


  52. Hall /

    My favorite pattern would have to be the polo shirt because it makes my dolls look like lanie holland (and I didn't get lanie) so it's just gosh darn ADORABLE! I hope I win :D

  53. 1god /

    Followed on flicker:)

  54. Lisa /

    Follow you on Facebook!


  55. Lisa /

    Follow you on youtube!


  56. 1god /

    Made a post on my blog about the giveaway:)

  57. VAvery /

    Follow you on Facebook, flickr, and youtube and shared this link on my fb page!

  58. VAvery /

    My favorite Liberty Jane doll clothes pattern is the Faraway Downs Dress!

  59. Jenna /

    My favorite pattern is the drawstring dress pattern. I have to confess that I'm new to sewing and have only tried that one. Waiting til the girls go back to school to purchase more.

  60. Jenna /

    I follow you on facebook :)

  61. Jenna /

    And I shared your post on my facebook page :)

  62. Janelle /

    I love the Hayden dress girl and doll dress pattern! So adorable! Thanks!


  63. celeandredollsnmore /

    my favorite pattern is the harajuko skirt pattern and the distressed jeans pattern

  64. celeandredollsnmore /

    i subscribed to your youtube. you are awesome. keep up the great videos!! :)

  65. celeandredollsnmore /

    i posted a bulletin on my youtube channel:)

  66. Jonna /

    I like the color block dress. I can add embellishments and also add puffed short sleeves to the dress for another variation.

  67. Olivia /

    My favorite pattern is the 'skinny jean' pattern because my mom can make jeans for my doll just like the ones I wear. thank you for letting me enter your contest.

  68. Unknown /

    I follow you on Facebook and loved your review of the Seattle store. I get to go visit it in August and can hardly wait!

  69. Unknown /

    I follow you on youtube and facebook, but I don't have a flicker account because my mom won't let me, but i wish i did.

  70. Perrine /

    My favorite is the Hayden pattern.

  71. bluisuzy /

    I already follow you on Facebook, but I love the tshirt and jeans patterns as well as many other posters. It's so easy and versatile for the different personalities of my daughter and stepdaughter as one is a girly girl and the other is slightly tomboyish. The hobo purse was also a huge hit especially when I found AG sized cash to print. Keep all the wonderful patterns coming, please!

  72. GranChris /

    I don't know how you pick one pattern but I do love the jeans and the Polo shirt.

  73. puglover0817 /

    Favorite pattern: Jeans pattern because the instructions were very clear and it was so amazing how it showed how we can both make pockets in the front and back! Very detailed!

    *subscribed on YT (puglover0817)
    *liked on fb (will comment after this)

  74. Liese /

    Faraway Downs – Haven't done it yet but it is gorgeous!

  75. Liese /

    I already follow you on facebook!

  76. Liese /

    Subscribed to your You-Tube – Check

  77. Liese /

    Member of your Flickr group – Check – Love all the new photos posted by everyone!

  78. Liese /

    Shared the givaway link on my Facebook wall and my group wall – yay!

  79. tlcreations /

    My favorite pattern is the Hawaiian Pa’u Hula Outfit. I have been able to get some lovely fabric, make and modiify this pattern several times. I just love it. I also love the It’s A Wrap pattern that I have made as a reversable dress. So nice to have two dress in one!


  80. MShoe /

    I have just recently found your company due to my niece wanting some clothes for her doll. I downloaded the Felicity patterns because she only wanted "period" clothing for her doll. Being 10, she has now changed her mind. I take it from the other posts that the jeans pattern will be my favorite. Since she doesn't have any "modern" clothes as she puts it, this shirt would be the perfect first piece to her wardrobe. I guess I will be ordering the jeans pattern soon.

  81. Sessanut /

    My favorite is the faraway one I don't remember all of its name but yeah…

  82. sunny /

    Love, love,love the Hayden dress!!Liked you on FB as well.Hope we win!

  83. The Journey /

    My favorite pattern was the Hawaiian Sundress. My friend is going to hawaii, so I sewed her a doll one of these dresses, they're so cute and easy! I also love your jeans pattern, they look like real jeans!

  84. Beckyelsie /

    Liked you on facebook!

  85. Beckyelsie /

    Subscribed to you on youtube! :)

  86. Beckyelsie /

    Shared on facebook!

  87. Beckyelsie /

    Favorite pattern: strappy tank top. :D I love it!!!!

  88. Judy /

    Liked you on FaceBook. My granddaughter Lauren loves American
    Girl Dolls.

  89. Sydney /

    The 1930's VINTge Inspired Dress! I'v made two so far. Our Kit doll is so cute in them!

  90. Candy /

    My favorite pattern is the trendy tee because it's easy at it looks so cute!

  91. Candy /

    I'm following your facebook! :)

  92. Candy /

    subscribed youtube!

  93. Candy /

    Joined flickr!

  94. Candy /

    I shared the give away on youtube and facebook!

  95. Emmie's Edition /

    My favorite LJC Pattern is the Salina Dress Pattern!

  96. Emmie's Edition /

    I've followed you on Facebook!

  97. Emmie's Edition /

    I've subscribed to you on YouTube!

  98. madaboutdolls /

    Favorite pattern is the Jacket.

  99. lemonheadlvr /

    Hi, I love the jeans pattern!!

  100. Heidi /

    I love the skinny jeans pattern :)

  101. rlbonin /

    I love (and have) all of your patterns. I am totally addicted to them. But, I have to say my most favorite is the pleated skirt. I love to make it over and over again.

  102. Tiffany /

    I like the basic tee shirt pattern, it was so simple and so versatile!

  103. pamb /

    i like the empire waist coat and the faraway down dress.

  104. stacdaug /

    My favorite pattern would be your jean pattern. They are so realistic and fit perfectly!!

  105. stacdaug /

    I follow you on Facebook also :^)

  106. Amie /

    So far my favorite pattern is the AG mini skirt, and I like the trendy t-shirt. I plan to try the jeans next and the urban handbag.

  107. lfwrock /

    i shared this on my new blog and my favorite pater from LJC is ur tank tops thay r so cute easy to make,and can go with any outfit !

  108. Amie /

    I just joined the flickr group.

  109. Amie /

    I'm already a Facebook fan. :)

  110. Celeste /

    My favorite pattern is the Salina Dress Pattern because you can make a maxi dress or a shirt too.

  111. americangirllover300 /

    My favorite pattern has to be the Salina Dress Pattern. Because it is pretty simple to make and is my dolls favorite to wear!

  112. Erin /

    I joined the LJC flickr group! :)


  113. Kate /

    HEY my favorite pattern from ljc is the tropical summer set :)

  114. AGstudiosAG /

    My favorite liberty jane pattern is the tee shirt patter because it's free!

  115. AGstudiosAG /

    I am a fan on facebook!

  116. Morgan /

    My favorite pattern for Liberty Jane is the Tee-shirt Variations Pack because there are so many different combinations!

  117. AGstudiosAG /

    I have been Subscribed on Youtube! (:

  118. I LOVE every Pattern. Every Thing is Faboulous and is like my dream doll clothes.

  119. celeandredollsnmore /

    i joined your Flickr group. WOW great pictures from everyone

  120. Alexis:) /


  121. RainbowStar /

    My favorite pattern is the Colorblock and Corsage Dress. :)

  122. geocashinghunt3 /

    my favorite pattern is the trendy tee caus eit is easyto make and my dolls love it!

  123. JewlshenBlaze /

    My favorite pattern from Liberty Jane Clothing would have to be the Hawaiian Pa'u Hula Outfit Pattern. I love tropical things including Kanani!!

  124. Sapphirestar100 /

    My favourite pattern from liberty jane is the skinny distressed jeans!! :D they are so cute. I am also subscribed to your youtube channel.

  125. AmericanGirl123ABC /

    My favorite pattern is The american girl doll dress. It is ssoooo pretty!!

  126. AmericanGirl123ABC /

    I have subscribed to ur Youtube. =D

  127. AmericanGirl123ABC /

    I shared the giveaway on my youtube channel! =D

  128. Jane /

    My favorite is the jeans pattern.

  129. Chelsea /

    I love the Shiny Happy Dress!

  130. Avery /

    my favorite pattern is the layered skirt blue, red, black, pink mix from LJC. i think it looks so adorable. :)

    or find me on youtube purpleperfect9.

  131. Chelsea /

    Joined your flickr group!

  132. Chelsea /

    Of course, I'm subbed to your awesome youtube channel. :)

  133. Chelsea /

    Liked ya on FB.

  134. aglover1reba /

    i like your jean pattren

  135. Sessanut /

    Hi! I really like the lace shirt with the purple tanktop underneath! I don't know what its called but I really like ALL of them so much! And I hope I get this Because If I get this I am going to give it to my little sister Belen for her 8th birthday! She LOVES art and has an american girl. Also another reason why i would like to win is that it will save me money not to have to buy them myself! so I can keep saving money for an Ag doll for my cousins in Hawaii, I was going to give them Kanani But I don't have anough money yet… well I hope I win! <3

  136. Lanie Rae /

    My Facorite Liberty jane pattern? The faraway downs dress!!! It's adorable! :D I Followed you On Facebook and Im subbed on Youtube! I also have the video link shared on my Facebook and my channel :) My Youtube is Americangurllanie

  137. Lanie Rae /

    My favorite Liberty Jane Pattern? The Faraway down dress!! I followed on Facebook and Subbed on youtube, My youtube is Americangurllanie! Also i shared the link on Facebook and Youtube.

  138. XxAGProductionsxX /

    I made a youtube video to share the news of your giveaway:) So here's my comment! Thanks for holding this giveaway! Good luck everyone! Can't ait to see who wins the giveaway!

  139. crashly222 /

    My favorite LJC pattern is the Basic Tee. It is my favorite because its free, easy to make, and goes with everything! :D

  140. crashly222 /

    I have followed you on Facebook. I love the pictures you put up! They are beautiful!

  141. crashly222 /

    I have subscribed to you on Youtube! I love your channel!!

  142. Unknown /

    This is Missfashdolls, and we love your channel more than anything! We already subscribed to you, and we would love it if we won the tee and book. GO LIBERTY JANE CLOTHING…<3

  143. angelcake12 /

    My favorite clothing pattern is the Skinny Jeans Pattern. I love skinny jeans and I think it would be awesome to make some for my dolls! thanks for such a great giveaway LB!

  144. Lily /

    My favorite pattern from LJC is Faraway Downs! Its so gorgeous…even if I couldn't make it in a zillion years! :)

  145. Paxton /

    I'm subscribed on YouTube (DotPolkaDot12)! :]

  146. Paxton /

    I also shared on Facebook! (Nicki Gianna Flemming)
    ~Erika (DotPolkaDot12 from YouTube)

  147. dreamdollies /


  148. dreamdollies /

    I LOVE THE MINI SKIRT PATTERN!!! xxxxxx please enter me… the raffle xxx

  149. Serenity /

    I subscribed to you!! :)

  150. AGlover4ever /

    my favorite pattern is defanitly the harajuku skirt pattern for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  151. AGlover4ever /

    im subcribed to ur youtube

  152. Abigail /

    My favorite pattern is the pleated skirt! It was my first I bought from you and the easiest. I still love that pleated skirt pattern!

    I've Like you on Facebook and subscribed to all before this giveaway.

  153. breebreebabbii /

    I love the urban backpack for your ag dolls

  154. Megan /

    I love the faraway downs dress pattern

  155. Heather /

    Another favourite of mine is the "Faraway Downs" dress. It's really pretty, the turnout. :)
    And I am subbed to you, and I am apart of your Flickr group. :)

  156. ValleyGurl /

    Hey i have subscribed :)

  157. ValleyGurl /

    i am also following you on facebook

  158. ValleyGurl /

    Dear LJC,
    I can't decide what my favorite pattern is they are all so easy!!! at least the ones i have done. but if i had to decide i think i would go with the jeans pattern.

    -Love agluva4ever (youtube name)

  159. cathyfrye /

    I LOVE all of your patterns! …but the one I have used the most is the jeans pattern. I have even sized it down for the AG mini dolls!
    …I also follow you on FB and youTube.

  160. cathyfrye /

    I LOVE all of your patterns! …but the one I have used the most is the jeans pattern. I have even sized it down for the AG mini dolls!
    …I also follow you on FB and youTube.


  161. the weirdo chick /

    my fav pattern is the get the look dress becuse it reminds me of my cousin.

  162. Anne /

    My favorite pattern is the Colorblock dress! It is adorable and very fashionable!

  163. Anne /

    I follow you on facebook! :)

  164. Faith /

    I Love buying items of clothing from you because they're way more fashonable than other places and i own the Los Angeles t-shirt for dolls and would love to have like, a little collection! you are sooooooo awesome Libby! keep sewing!


  165. najae /

    M y favorite pattern is the Get The Look dress pattern!
    ~ Najae

  166. dgirl /

    I love the jeans patteren because of how
    1. its adorbale
    2. its easy to make
    3. its liberty jane!!

    i subed u on youtube a while ago cuz u love liberty Jane and i joinded ur flickr!

    i can not join on Facebook cuz im to young to have facebook but i would!

  167. Cina /

    I liked you on facebook!

  168. liberty jane lover /

    My favorite pattern on liberty jane clothing is the color block and corsage pattern. It is just ADORABLE!!!!!!

  169. 0f4dfac8-b39a-11e0-ad9c-000bcdcb2996 /

    I love all the liberty jane patterns, but my favorite is the pleated skirt. I have made it many times and just changing the fabric gives it so many different looks. Also its really quick to put together.

  170. 0f4dfac8-b39a-11e0-ad9c-000bcdcb2996 /

    I love all the liberty jane patterns, but my favorite is the pleated skirt. I have made it many times and just changing the fabric gives it so many different looks. Also its really quick to put together.

  171. agforeverandalways /

    My favorite Liberty Jane Pattern is the Harajuku Skirt. I like it because it is a little different and gives you a challenge when sewing!(:

    Please enter me, Thanks!

  172. Rebeka896 /

    My favorite pattern from liberty Jane is the Tropical Summer set pattern Because it is an easy pattern that is really cute!


  173. Dutchbunny33 /

    My favorite pattern is the mini skirt pattern because it is super cute! =)

  174. Dutchbunny33 /

    My favorite pattern is the mini skirt because it is super cute! =)

  175. Dutchbunny33 /

    Oh no D= I accidentally posted my comment twice! ='( Sorry!

  176. Junior Asparagus /

    I absolutely love the fitted blazer pattern!


  177. Heather Pilz /

    Liked on Facebook, following on youtube, and now my favorite pattern, hah! That is hard I love 99% of them and really like the other 1%. So top 5-I adore the jeans pattern, and the t shirt with options. But, the pleated skirt and the farway downs dress are so wonderful! And I just got Salina! So adorable! Keep em coming!

  178. Heather Pilz /

    joined flickr group

  179. Sonali and Julie /

    My favorite LJC patten is faraway downs. it's so elegant but so casual at the same time! Truly an astonishing outfit.

  180. Sonali and Julie /

    I also am subscribed to your YouTube (always has been =P), I featured the giveaway video on my channel:
    and i advertsed your giveaway post on my blog:

  181. Unknown /

    My favorite pattern, so far, has been the wrap top dress. When we gave my daughter her first American Girl doll for her birthday I chose this pattern because it was almost identical to a girl-sized pattern I already had. It really turned out nice and they were so cute in their matching dresses.

  182. Hayden /

    My Favorite pattern from liberty jane is wow this is harder than i thought. The Swimsuit pattern!!! iT Is sooo cute!! I Love it sooo much!!

  183. Molly /

    My favorite pattern is the Jeans pattern. Because it's easy and it looks so good when youn are done.
    /Molly aka Hallonmonster

  184. My favorite pattern is the Faraway Downs dress. It shows that your doll can too have a funky side. Cute a sweet, this dress can make ANY doll look like one of a kind!

  185. sparkelybubbles /

    My favorite pattern is the faraway downs dress it looks so complicated and hard but when you break it down and make the dress its absoloutly amazing!

  186. sparkelybubbles /

    My Favorite pattern is the faraway downs dress it looks so complicated but if you break it down and try your hardest then you have a beautiful dress!

  187. sparkelybubbles /

    I subscribed to you on youtube

  188. sparkelybubbles /

    I joind your flickr group

  189. Jane /

    The Jeans pattern is my favorite. It made the impossible POSSIBLE. Thanks to that pattern "The Look" is possible. No more goofy goin on.

  190. Jhemm /

    My favorite pattern is the jeans pattern…they are so easy to put together and a girl/doll can have too many :)

  191. Jhemm /

    I follow you on LJ on Facebook

  192. Jhemm /

    I subscribed to the LJ YouTube channel

  193. Jhemm /

    I joined the LJ Flicker group

  194. Jhemm /

    I shared your giveaway on FB

  195. Mama Lusco /

    Love your jeans pattern! Thank you. mamalusco at ortelco dot net

  196. Mama Lusco /

    I like LJ on Facebook. Thank you. mamalusco at ortelco dot net

  197. Pamela P /

    I subscribed to you on YouTube and I also like the Jeans pattern because they came out super cute.

  198. gmun2000 /

    I liked and I think my favorite patern would have to be the new swimsuit pattern because it looks Great on my JLK!!!

  199. Jerry /

    I follow Liberty Jane on Facebook.

  200. Jerry /

    I have subscribed to the Liberty Jane You Tube videos.

  201. Jerry /

    My favorite pattern from the Liberty Jane line is the Hayden because it is so similar to the styles I sew for my granddaughter.

  202. Jerry /

    I have added Liberty Jane to my Flicker Groups.

  203. Jerry /

    I shared the link to the giveaway on my Facebook page.

  204. sunny /

    My favorite pattern at Liberty Jane…OOOh that`s a hard question.I would pick the jeans!
    Hope we win!

  205. sunny /

    I follow Liberty Jane on FB!

  206. Emma /

    My favorite pattern is the tank top because it is simple but cute and you can layer it with anything to create a modern look.

  207. 3ee682d8-b669-11e0-9eca-000bcdcb2996 /

    My fave pattern from LJC is the Jeans bc they are so cute and easy 2 make

  208. Cara /

    I follow you on Facebook!

  209. Cara /

    I love the pleated skirt!

  210. Cara /

    Just subscribed to your U tube channel…

  211. Cara /

    Joined your Flickr group… didn't know about it!

  212. Cara /

    Shared the giveaway on my Facebook…

  213. Francesca /

    My favorite Pattern is the jean shorts! they are SO adorable!

  214. Brionna /

    My favorite pattern is the t-shirt pattern. I can make so many different looks with it.

  215. Hailey /

    Um im subbed to you on u-tube! I would realllly like one libby please!

  216. Hailey /

    Btw my fav pattern is the one ali aka girloftheyearstudios Got YAY

  217. My Fave Pattern is the the Cortina Top Pattern Because it’s SOOO PRETTY and so S.I.S.(So In Style)

  218. My favorite pattern is the free T-shirt pattern. I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH!

  219. I’m spreading the word on my youtube channel.
    I’m agcollabatsea.

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