Josefina, Stephenswodadancer, and LJ Gives Back

Jul 23

As many of you know, we have our customized Josefina American Girl doll up for auction on EBay this week. The auction ends tomorrow July 24th! She has a beautiful real human hair wig which provides tons of fun styling options and is so easy to maintain and keep frizz free! She comes dressed in a custom Liberty Jane Clothing outfit and an additional outfit from ModDoll by Liberty. Check out the listing for more detail.

Here’s a fun video of Sarah AKA Stephenswodadancer receiving her this past summer, to fix her up and restring her limbs. Sarah did an amazing job!

We’ve had Josefina for several years and she’s modeled several outfits for LJC. It’s a bitter sweet feeling to part with her, but we’re using the proceeds from auction to kick off our LJ Gives Back Fall 2011 project which will benefit a great program in Romania helping kids who have grown up in orphanges learn valuable life skills to successfully transition into the real world. We’ll have more detailed info on that in the upcoming month.

Here are a few pictures from her experience at Liberty Jane Clothing. You’ll notice in the first few that her hair is longer, that was the original length of the new wig but we decided it better suit her at waist length so she took a trip to the salon and got a haircut. Enjoy!


  1. American Girl Dolls Rock!! /

    Wow Josefina looks stunning!! I love the outfits so cute!

  2. Chloe /

    How does this work????

  3. You Know Who! /

    Hi Chloe, How does what work? the auction? Just click the link at the top of the post to go to our ebay store to bid on the doll. :) Auction ends today July 24th…

  4. Liese /

    She is beautiful. Thank you for sharing her photos… I hadn't seen all these outfits before… loved the browse! So inspirational!

  5. Cool! Josefina looks so pretty! Is it possible that you can do more of these auctions? I would really like a customized doll.

    • Cinnamon & Team /

      Thanks! We love Josefina, and are happy that she found a new home :) We are planning on auctioning some customized dolls this fall with our Fall Line Outfits.

  6. Crystal*** /

    Ohmygosh! Those outfits look sooooo good on them, especially Josefina! I love Liberty Jane Clothing!!!:)

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