YouTube Summer Design Contest

Jul 05

The current Liberty Jane Design contest on YouTubeis a bit different than the one’s we’ve done in the past. The contest is running all summer long and there are three first place winners that will each receive their outfits made for them for FREE! Just click the linked text to watch the announcement video and enter your video responses.The first winning design was announced on May 29th. It’s called “Indian Summer” by AnAshownews. I love this dress design! It reminds me of something that I’d see Taylor Swift wearing.

There are a few elements in the design that really caught my eye. The first is the neck line. This style of halter is something that I haven’t done before so it was a fun challenge to make it. I used a crocheted trim sewn into the seam and added the orange and copper beads by hand.

The dress has a simple flowy skirt with a raw edge and orange stitch detail at the bottom. It is layered over a slip made from the same textured yellow knit fabric. I used several types of trims, beaded and crocheted, at the bottom edge and added some orange decorative stitching to give it some bohemian flair.

The hat was fun to make. I don’t know how to crochet or knit, but I plan to learn this summer! This created a bit of a challenge. I used four chocolate brown headbands that I found at a craft store. They’re about 3 inches wide and made out of ribbon and yarn. I was able to cut them apart and sew them together to make this cute hat! I love how it came out :)

The picture below shows the original drawing and the finished outfit. This outfit will be mailed to the designer, AnAshownews, as her prize! These design contests are a lot of fun. There are so many promising young designers out there. Keep submitting your entries, the next winner will be announced on July 10th!



  1. Liese /

    Beautiful! Love the outfit and the color is so exciting! Molly is a beautiful blonde!

  2. Jessica @ Cotton Candy Stitches /

    Very cute! Congrats to the winner, and great job turning her vision into reality! :)

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