Fall 2011 Auction Calendar

Oct 09


Hi everyone,

Here is the calendar of activities for our Fall 2011 auctions. We hope this helps clarify how the Limited Edition outfits will be sold.

And here is a link to our EBay store: http://stores.ebay.com/libertyjaneclothing

(note: The 2nd Euro & Malibu outfits auctions will launch on Oct. 16th and still end on Oct. 23rd, sorry about that)


  1. Emily4leafclover609 /

    Cant wait to see outback Libby! I want an outfit from this line badly!!:D

  2. Cinnamon,
    I think you’ve done something very special with your Tokyo design. I’m so impressed. Well done!

  3. It is the 20th of October…will I have to wait to start the Academy until Spring? Susanne

    • Cinnamon /

      Hi susanne, yes, but if you’d like you can purchase the ebook now, then participate in the next course in the spring.

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