Fall Line Sneak Peek – Tokyo Libby

Oct 04

The Liberty Jane 2011 Fall Line is almost here! One of my favorite outfits is a new addition to Tokyo Libby line. This line focuses on the Harajuku fashion that is so popular with the youth culture around Harajuku Station in Tokyo. It’s fun to incorporate the old world style with a sort of contemporary goth twist. I’ve done three outfits for this line so far – Harajuku Station, Shinjuku Starlet, and Blossom (pictured below). Each outfit has been sold in a limited edition quantity through our eBay Store. The newest outfit will also be sold in Limited Edition with a quantity of 4 outfits. We are hoping to have the auctions begin on October 9th and continue for several weeks alternating with the other new outfits – Malibu Libby, Euro Libby, and Outback Libby.

 The latest outfit is leaning toward the Gothic Lolita style. A simple color scheme of black and white and influences of Old English Style clothing. One of the most challenging decisions for me was regarding buttons on the front of the coat! Buttons and zippers always scare me a bit. It’s so hard to get to the finishing stages of a project and have the button holes be the final step. I’ve had many projects ruined at this point in the past, but I knew this coat couldn’t close with velcro or it would lose its authentic look. I did a few test samples and then slid the front edge of the coat under the buttonhole foot. The Bernina 330 has this great feature that keeps the thread from getting all bunched up at the beginning of a seam. You can see in the picture to the left that the threads are pulled up from under the foot to the top of the machine. The thread from both the bobbin and the needle are held securely when you start sewing and this prevents any bunching of the thread at the beginning of the seam. The automatic buttonhole feature also has a built in memory, so repeating the same size buttonhole is easy – love that! Needless to say the two tiny button holes turned out perfect!

Sneak Peek - 2011 Fall Line - Tokyo Libby


  1. Dawne Ester /


  2. OMG Cinnamon! That’s fabulous!

  3. Linda /

    don’t you just love bernina’s/ I’ve been using them for years/ awesome outfit!

  4. Fabulous!!! I cant wait to see the whole outfit.

  5. Susanne Lily /

    I’m getting excited. I ran on to your design Academy by accident. Yipee.

  6. I am excited. I came across your website by accident while looking for doll clothes designing softwear. This sounds better and is much less expensive. Susanne

    • Suzanne, this site is amazing. As a relative novice in doll apparel, I’ve learned more from this site and it’s companion sites, than I have from anything else. This is my primary go-to site for anything doll related. Stumbling upon this site is sure to be a happy accident. I’m glad you found it. :)

  7. I so totally want one of these!

  8. Kirstin /

    Please, Please, Please make a pattern for this whole outfit! I just love it and would love to try my hand at sewing it.

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