Day 8: Got Gifts Outfit for AG Dolls

Dec 08

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Day 8 of our 12 Days Of Christmas celebration!

Today we are giving away … an LJC exclusive “got gifts?” outfit for an American Girl ® Doll, to one lucky winner. This cute outfit was made from the Free Trendy Tee Pattern, The T-Shirt Variations Pattern, and the Faraway Downs Pattern (skirt variation). It also includes a fun pair of furry boots!

This would make any AG Doll Happy! And would make a fantastic Christmas present!

To enter simply respond to this post and complete this sentence:

“My favorite gift I’ve given is [insert here] because [tell us why] … “

Comments must be left (on this blog post) by midnight (pacific), today, 12/8/2011.

One entry per person.

No purchase necessary, void where prohibited.

The winner will be chosen randomly from the comments received and contacted through the email provided in the comment.

We will choose a winner and announce it in tomorrow’s post to let everyone know who won.

Okay, good luck, and if we’ve forgotten anything we will modify and/or update this post as needed.

Merry Christmas,

Cinnamon, & The Liberty Jane Team

Ps. Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday’s giveaway! The winner of the AG size mannequin dress form is Debbie O. Congrats!!



Bonus Giveaway:

Stacy and Stella is offering a Free Crochet pattern for 18 inch American Girl ® Dolls at Liberty Jane Patterns! Just click the highlighted text to go get the download.








  1. Hailey Gould /

    My favotite gift I have given is a car cleaning set probably because it was for my dad and I tried to pick out the perfect gift. And it was he loved it and still uses it

  2. Valerie /

    My favorite gift I have given is a quilt I made, because it feels so good giving something that you worked hard on and spent time making it. I can’t wait for Christmas to see my little girls face when she opens her new doll and all the clothes I’ve made with Liberty Jane’s Patterns!! Thank you so much for what you do!!

  3. nellana cook /

    I think it will have to be the cookbook I found for my mom last year. It was one that she loved so much that hers was in tatters so I got her a new one.

  4. the wardrobe I made for my grand daoughter’s baby doll. Took me all summer but she loves it.

  5. The favorite gift I have given is my time spent in a homeless shelter. Cooking for needy families so they could have a nice Christmas meal.. I also made sockings and filled them with candy and passed them out.. It was so rewarding….

  6. My favorite gift I’ve given is a Willow Tree figurine because those little figurines have so much special meaning in them. :)

  7. My favorite gift I’ve given was my son’s star wars At AT last year because he loves it so much and it looks like a plastic robot dog.

  8. My favorite gift is the flannel/fleece pj pants I have made for my nieces and nephews. My SIL says that they call them “Aunt Karen pants” and wear them lounging around on cold days. I make them every year for my kids too, and this year even my husband wanted some. :)

  9. Kiara Green /

    The favorite gift that I have given if my gift of love torawds my family because they know that I love and care for them so much and it trully is the best gift of all!

    PS. I love that shirt its so creative!

  10. My favorite gift I’ve given is the outfits I’ve made for my niece because she loves them so much and always opens my gifts first (I guess she knows what’s in that box from her Aunt!.

  11. My favorite gift i gave was at the hospital because i have been there a lot and have missed a lot of things because of it i gave it to one of the child life specialst because they were always helping me get through things and giving me things so i gave alice a card i made with her fave things and a turkey pin i made :)

  12. Cheryl Pigott /

    The favorite gifts I have given are always handmade, because I feel I am leaving a piece of myself to everyone who receives them. I quilt, crochet, knit, scrapbook, and sew. There are several other things I make, but the predominate are the above. My grandchildren always receive something that I make, even if it is the sugar cookies that they help me decorate for santa.

  13. “My favorite gift I’ve given is a secret santa gift to a member or our troops in battle because I too was in the military and realize the need for those keeping our country safe to know how much we appreciate what they are doing for us.

  14. My favorite gift I have given is sewing lessons to my 2 nieces because it’s a gift they will be able to use for a lifetime!

  15. My favorite gift that I have given is a box of paper craft materials that I gave my daughter, because she had so much fun making so many things from it. Now she’s ready to start sewing things, so I can guess what her next birthday will bring!

  16. Dana S. /

    About 9 years ago when I was a newlywed, my father-in-law passed away. We made a quick trip to South Carolina from Indiana. While we were there, my mother-in-law GAVE me her entire boot box full of family photos. I took them home, organized them, and put them in a scrapbook, all without my husband knowing. Then I mailed the book to SC for my mother-in-law to do the journaling under each picture. She then sent it back (to my mom’s house). I gave it to my husband and he cried. It was the best gift I’ve ever given. All of his family ask to look at it again when they are at our house. Well worth the time and effort it took to do it all–and keep it a secret!

  17. My favorite gift that I’ve given was a green bay packers jersey for my husband. He has been a big fan for a long time, but didn’t want to spend the money on a “.frivolous” item. I wanted to show him how much we appreciate him and his hard work in providing for our family.

  18. My favourite gifts I have given are the handmade lounging housecoats I make my mother. Over the years I have made at least 5 in different weights of fleece so she can cuddle up warmly in any weather. There is a front zip so she doesn’t have to struggle with buttons or ties and it is long enough to tuck her toes under so she doesn’t have to hunt for her slippers. Anything to help with easing an elderly arthritic woman is appreciated.

  19. My favorite gift I’ve given is a 18 inch doll bed my husband and I designed together. He made the bed in his workshop and I sewn the beding. The look on my granddaughter face when she received it Priceless.

  20. Michele Trevino /

    I gave money to a Friend and her baby one year because she didnt have anything and Its something God wanted me to do! I have been Blessed so many times that Blessing other people makes me happy! :))

  21. Vanessa /

    My Favorite gift that I’ve given is a Jean Quilt for my Parents. We recently moved halfway across the country from them and my mom says she thinks of us every time she uses it.

  22. Kari Hoeth /

    My favorite gift ever given was a quilt and pillows made from concert tees because it was made for my then boyfriend, now husband and it is still his favorite!

  23. valarie /

    my favorite gift I give is the pajamas I make for my kids to wear on Christmas eve. My kids wear them all year, and my daughter always hates it when they get to small and she has to give them away.

  24. My favorite gift I’ve given is probably a NFL Bengals Hat that my sister and I gave to my dad last year. We actually gave it to him a few days early, because we were leaving for the zoo and he was upset that he couldn’t find a hat to wear. So, we handed it to him and said “Merry Christmas!” Those are the best memories. :)

    Thanks for the chance to win! Love those boots!!


  25. Alice Love /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is a Justin beiber necklace to m best friend.
    Because she is obsessed with Justin beiber.

  26. Regina dushane /

    “My favorite gift I’ve given is Christmas to another family] because we decided we didn’t need much and wanted to help others. We have alsondeveloped a great friendship along the way as well] … “

  27. Firinel /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is my mother’s AAA membership that I give her each year because she has to travel for work, and it gives the whole family peace of mind to know that if something happened to the car, she wouldn’t be stuck out on the road alone for long.

  28. Jennifer H /

    My favorite that I have given was the big Star Wars Millenium Falcon ship that I gave my son two years ago. It is my favorite because my oldest daughter and I went to get in line at the store at 5am for the sale. We got there and there was a long line(it wasn’t even Black Friday. lol). Figured out the line was for a different toy and to get into the store. Scored a bonus for my youngest daughter too that morning and my son’s toy was on sale for an amazing price. Just brings back so many great memories of standing in line with my oldest daughter and laughing.

  29. VickiT /

    My favorite gift was to my husband before we were married. I bought him a gorgeous Black Hills Gold ring and had the jeweler add diamond into the ring. It turned out just beautifully. He’s never taken it off since so I am thrilled. I know he loves it because he never wore jewelry when we met.

    Thank you for the granny square afghan also. I am trying to learn crochet again so this may be something I can do by this time next year for my Granddaughter.

  30. My favorite gift i have given is a tie rack I made for my dad. He kept it on his wall with ties for over fifty years!

  31. Katrina /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is homemade gifts for all the little ones in the family because despite hard times I am able to show them that they are loved by myself and my kids even if we only get to see them once every couple of years. I’m also able to show my children that even though we don’t have a lot of money to give someone a heartfelt gift.

  32. Shannon /

    My favorite gift I’ve ever given is a set of ornaments that I personalized with family names. My mom has always been a huge fan of the soap opera, “Days of Our Lives,” and always wanted bulbs with family names on them just like the Horton family on that soap. I purchased glass bulb ornaments and several Sharpie paint markers and I went to town! She was thrilled and touched, and I was just happy to give her something she’d always wanted.

    This year, by the way, I added two to our set: one for my nephew and one for my boyfriend’s son, who insisted that “Grammy” should have an ornament with his name on it!

    One more thing: I love your site, I love your doll clothes, and I love that you’re doing these giveaways. Regardless of whether I win or not, thanks so much!

  33. Miranda W. /

    My favorite gift that I have given is a crocheted dragon that I made for my cousin. He really loves dragons,so when I saw a pattern to crochet one I knew I had to do it for him(even though it had to be done in a really short amount of time) I worked on it every moment of the day for 8 days so it would be ready just in time for his birthday. Seeing him smile made it all worth it. :)

  34. The best present I have ever given is my time to be there for my children and grandchildren whenever they want or need me

  35. The best gift i gave was…the life to a dog I rescued from a shelter one Christmas. We gave him a great home and he gave a whole lot of love in return. Miss him…..

  36. My favorite gift I’ve given would have to be the quilt I made for my husband on our 10th anniversary. It was just so cool to his expression when he opened it knowing that I had spent so much love and effort on it.

  37. Daphne Hill /

    The greatest gift I’ve ever given was my daughters’ first AG dolls, because this gift got me back to my sewing machine and realizing that my passion is sewing and designing!

  38. Madison R. /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is the scarpbook I gave my friend because we have been friends for like 10 years and all of our memories were in that book! She loved it

  39. Kristen D. /

    “My favorite gift I’ve given is a necklace to my mom because she wears her 4 birthstone babies on it everyday.

  40. Kaitlyn D. /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is name sled ornaments for my siblings because I was able to pay for them with my own money. They loved them!

  41. My favorite gift I’ve given was my daughter’s first American Girl Doll last Christmas. She was so excited to get it that she nearly cried.

  42. Stacey D. /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is taking my dad to see my niece after she was born because he passed away 2 days later. He was able to hold her and spend a little time with her.

  43. My favorite gift I’ve given was a scarf which I crocheted for my Aunt in a record time of 2 days. It was a somewhat slovenly attempt at a scarf, since I was in 7th grade, but she loved it and wore it the rest of the day. It made me so happy to see her wearing it.

  44. Candy Lacy /

    My favorite gift I’ve given was taking my daughter to AG Place Chicago to pick out her AG doll, Kit, because we had a special day and she has loved her doll for many years. Although my daughter is now 18 and off at college, Kit still has a special place in her room and in her heart.

  45. TRACY G. /

    My favorite gift I have ever give was an watch set I gave my mother 10 years ago. It was almost identical to the one her father had given her when she was 16 years old. Sadly, that watch was stolen in a break-in and Granddad has passed on, but the look on her face and tears that followed were priceless.

  46. My favorite gift I’ve given is an out of production Lego set for my son because he had it on his wish list a really long time and was completely surprised and overjoyed when I found one for him! He really never expected to get it and I never expected to find one as reasonably priced as I did!

  47. My favorite gift I’ve given is my husband’s psp(playstation). He’s had it for several years now, and still plays it. And my girls love to watch him play it ( which I think is silly, but sweet nonetheless)

  48. Johonna /

    My Favorite Christmas Present was my Finn Hat (Adventure Time) From my sister Because she knows how much AT Means to me. Even though at the time she hated AT, She still indulged my silly desires. :)

    • Johonna /

      Sorry! I read it wrong :(. Stupid dyslexic genes I have. I wish I could do a retraction. Because the best gift I’ve ever Given was to a young disabled girl at a rest home. I gave her a Jesus loves you bracelet, you’d thought I gave her a chunk of Gold. ;)

  49. My favourite gift I gave was a homemade class cookbook for my dad.

  50. Rebecca C. /

    The favorite gift I have have given are things that I make myself. Last year my Daughter got her first AG Doll, Kit, and I made an entire wardrobe for Kit and some matching things for my daughter. I also took several of my husbands and my old uniforms from our service in the military and cut them up and made several quilts out of them for my nephews. They really liked them.

  51. Gosh, this is hard. I think of the gold ring I put on my husband’s hand and the four children I gave him; the times I’ve been able to slip a $100 bill into an envelope for a friend who needed it; the handmade dolls, quilts and jewelry…The favorite gifts I’ve given are the ones that are most loved and appreciated by the receiver.

  52. Carlee /

    My favorite gift I will have given is a Pillsbury Doughboy lazy susan that I just found for my brother. I find him some unique doughboy item every year to add to his collection.

  53. Sally Ward /

    My favorite gift given would have to be the American girl doll clothes I have made for my 3 neices. The look on their faces were priceless. They told me they now have clothes that none of their friends will ever have.

  54. Emmy Ziegler /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is “time” because I sit and listen to her stories. She’s now 87 and it’s a gift that gives back to me too!

  55. My favorite gift I’ve given is handmade coasters for my in-laws with pictures of my family on them. I love giving homemade gifts and I feel as though they have so much more meaning then something from the store.

  56. Emmy Ziegler /

    Oops! I left out that it’s a gift to my mother, who’s 87 years old! sorry

  57. My favorite gift I’ve given is a smocked baby bishop dress because it was one of the first smocked garments I made. j-j-s AT juno DOT com

  58. donna o /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is my homemade Christmas cookies I give the adults in our family since we don’t exchange gifts with the adults, only the kids. Every year especially busy ones, they are so happy to get them again

  59. Emmy Ziegler /

    okay! I’ll try this again. My favorite gift that I’ve given is the one to my mother, who is 87 years old. That is the gift of “time”, where we both sit and I listen to her stories. This is a gift that gives back to me also!

  60. Rachel /

    My favorite girt I’ve givin was a mom calender to my mom and she loved it sooo much she said that this was the best gift that she got.

  61. my favorite gift i have given was giving food to the shelter because when i walked in and i saw all those tears and children i cried so my mom and i baked food for the homeless and it saved about 200 people for a whole year

  62. Gail Kimball /

    Myfavorite gift I have given is a bathrobe I made for my husband (then boyfriend). He still has it 20 years later.

  63. Rebecca /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is one that I have made because I am pretty good with my hands and its so much more personal of a gift. Like this one year I crocheted my friend a stuffed animal dragon which she loved.

  64. Taylor /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is A Littlest Pet Shop! I Had Gotten It For Christmas I Already Had It So I Gave It To My Neighbor. She Was So Happy :)

  65. Michelle Taylor /

    “My favorite gift I’ve given is Buzz Light-year to my son when he was 5 because he was so cute ripping through all the presents saying thank you to each one but waiting to fine this one … “

  66. Melissa A. /

    My favorite gifts that I have given are homemade gifts because they are more personal and meaningful.

  67. My favorite gift I’ve given is a homemade ornament! :) It was a red ornament onto of a real ice cream cone, then some sprinkles ontop. :D My parents loved it

  68. Enee Miller /

    My American Girl Doll would love this, she is in need of new clothes, I need to get busy and make her more…Love all your Website Clothes…and Patterns.

  69. My favorite gift I have given is an AG doll wardrobe to 2 little girls I know because it made them so happy!

  70. Karen T /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is a care package to our troops over seas.Because my step son was in Afghanistan for Christmas.

  71. The favorite gift I have given is time babysitting my grandchildren because I get to have special time with them (and their parents enjoy their special time together).

  72. Allison taylor /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is cinderellas castle. given to my little cousin she loved it and still loves playing with it four years later along with my other little cousin it makes me happy to know that they both enjoy it!:)

  73. My favorite gift I’ve given was matching Christmas dresses and cloaks that I made for my daughter and her Felicity doll. We went to Colonial Williamsburg on the way to visit family for Christmas and she looked like a real colonial girl walking around there. It made our visit extra magical.

  74. Laura Barlow /

    A felt playhouse that I crafted for my girls. It was like a SWEATSHOP in here before christmas. But the look on their faces Christmas morning made it all worth it!

    • Cinnamon & Team /

      Hi Laura, Congratulations! You are the winner of the day 8 giveaway :) We’ll contact you through email with the details.


  75. My favorite gift I’ve given is my daughters Doll Bed & because she was so excited to see that it matched her 4 poster bed and bedding set. Smiles and Hugs are the best!

  76. My favorite gift I’ve given is AG dolls because we have given them away to people all over North America and it always makes them so happy and excited. It is nice to know you have made people happy, even if you have never met them. :-)

  77. Maggie /

    My favorite gift I have ever given was, in fact, american girl doll clothes! Not to mention HOMEMADE American girl doll clothes. :) My little sister was so happy when she opened the package to reveal 2 new american girl doll dresses, in fact she still uses them! I am also plannin on giving more this Christmas!!

  78. My favorite gift I have ever given was JLM AG doll because it has brought so much joy to my daughter!

  79. My favorite gift I’ve ever given is a pair of hand-sewn Pittsburgh Steelers scrubs because it was the first gift that I sewed after receiving my first sewing machine. It also started a nice tradition that my extended family has of choosing one person each year to receive an extra gift placed into a special Christmas Box that gets signed inside by the recipient and then passed on to someone else the next year. It will hold a lot of history some day with all of those names signed over the years.

  80. my favorite gift ive givin is felicitys tea lesson gown to my cosin she loved it i loved watching her face brighten up with a smile from ear to ear

  81. My favorite gift I’ve given was last year when I made my daughter a “dress up trunk” full of my old prom dresses! I tailored them a bit to fit a child and filled it with shoes, necklaces, scarves, princess wands and tiaras and anything else I could think of! It is still one of our favorite things!

  82. Tiffany /

    My favorite gift I’ve given was when I was able to travel and spend Christmas with my husband who was on military assignment out of state. It is my favorite Christmas gift memory because it was the only holiday that year we got to spend together in person instead of on webcam.

  83. Noel Johnston /

    My favorite gift I’ve given to my husband. I had the poem that was on our wedding programs written in calligraphy (by a good friend) and framed. It’s on our wall and we see it every day.

  84. Abigail /

    “My favorite gift I’ve given was an American girl doll to my daughter because I grew up reading the books but never had a doll so I waited for her to grow up and on her 8th birthday ( and after reading almost all the AG books) I took her to the American girl store to get her very own American girl doll :)

  85. Lindsey S. /

    My favorite gift I’ve given was a Webkinz Google to my little brother on Christmas two or three years ago. Seeing his face light up touched me, and I remember that gift to this day.

  86. Rebecca /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is a set of barbie furniture I made for my niece when she was little. She was the only grand-daughter at that time, so I got to play with her under the table while all the boys ran around. She is 24 now and still has it.

  87. My favorite gift I’ve given is the one I’m giving this year…It’s going to be a bunch of Liberty Jane outfits I’ve sewed for my nieces first American Girl Doll because she will be a happy little camper.

  88. Victoria Hassink /

    My favorite gift I have given was for my daughter, it was a Hamster Habitat and that meant we were going to get her a hamster she had been asking for. Santa brought the habitat so we had “no choice” but to go get the hamster to in live there! She was thrilled! We now have 2 hamsters, 2 guinea pigs and a dog!!

  89. The favorite gift I’ve given are my two daughters. They were both born in December and are also the best gifts I’ve ever gotten.

  90. My favorite gift I will be giving is a beautiful photo album of my kids with their Grandparents capturing this past year. My hubby lost his job a few months ago so I reached deep into my heart to find a priceless gift that certainly could keep us in our budget – and it is just perfect!

  91. Kathleen Y Thomason /

    The favorite gift I’ve given is every year I make a whole wardrobe for 4 faux American Girl dolls to give to 4 little girls off the Angel Tree at church because it makes me happy to think of them when they open the boxes Christmas morning and see the pretty doll with all the pretty dresses and outfits. That makes my Christmas special every year!!!

  92. Sydney F /

    The favorite gift that I have given is some barbies and cars to toys for tots! I loved picking out all the cool new toys that I new kids would really appreciate because they have no toys and I knew all the money spent was going towards a great cause!!

  93. Nessie /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is a snow globe because a its not just any kind of snow globe, its a snow globe that have been passed on through my family

  94. my favourite gift I have given are the homemade cookies I make each year at Christmas for family and friends. I get to spend time with my girls baking and the oohs and aaahs are wonderful to hear!

  95. Lauren /

    My favourite gift I got was my trip to AGPLA that my Oma gave me because it meant that I got to spend time with my Grandma and visit one of the coolest stores ever!

  96. My favorite gift Iv’e given was when i gave my mother a picture i had painted. i had planed to give it ti my grandmother but my mom wanted it so bad so i surprised her on Christmas morning and gave it to her.

  97. Liesel /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is the blue diamond earrings my dad helped me buy for my mom for my wedding because she looked so sparkly and beautiful.

  98. My grandaughter’s turquoise watch is my favorite gift. She didn’t expect it and was so pleased that I remembered that she wanted it.

  99. Randi Rose /

    “My favorite gift I’ve given is probably going to be a gift I got for my mom this year. It’s a collector barbie that she really wants; because she rarely ever gets herself something so it makes me really excited to give her something!

  100. Madison /

    My favorite gift I’ve given was a shoebox with toys and everyday items. It was my faveorite give because it was going to Africa. My church packed 300+ boxs for people all ages in Africa. I also send blankets I make to different countries. I love giving gifts!!

  101. Katie Stack /

    That’s actually a really tough question for me. I know what the best gift I ever got was though. Hmm. Let’s see… My favorite gift I ever gave somebody would probably be a going-away gift I gave to my really good friend when she moved away. It was a scrapbook. I really liked it because I enjoy scrapbooking and because I know that my friend will treasure those memories for a long time.

  102. Hanne Andersen /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is a homemade Dog Bed for my Great Dane called ‘Baby’ because I love him.

  103. Claire /

    My favorite gift I’ve given in my life so far…. probably to this girl I once knew.(She moved away a couple months ago) She didn’t have much money and I had this really cool arm band I didn’t need. I saw that she REALLY wanted it so I decided to give it to her. I saw her face light up and she gave me a huge hug. That just proves how little things make a big difference. :)

  104. My favorite gift I have been given is the gift of family and friends! I love to be with my family for this holiday season and friends too!

  105. Olivia /

    This is adorable!!!

    The favorite gift I’ve given was volunteering at my town’s youth center. Parts of my town are VERY (very is an understatement) poor and kids my age go to this place every single day after school and stay there for hours while there parents are working multiple jobs to support them. We read books to the younger kids and do crafts, help with homework and hold holiday parties. They really appreciate it and I love seeing their faces at the end of the day!

  106. my favorite Christmas gift I’ve given is a mini Julie doll to my American Girl Julie! So that she can have her own mini-me!

  107. Gracie /

    my favorite christmas gift that I’ve given is a “cave” for my puppy!!! Its a bed that has a top, kind like a shell… SHE LOVES IT! Its so warm and fuzzy!

  108. Holly T /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is cards that I handmade because there is nothing better than giving someone the gift of your time and energy.

  109. Christine /

    “My favorite gift I’ve given is always to the Giving Tree at our Church each year, because we are on mission to give to those in need” this year is toward a van to use to go on missions trips and care-on-the-square. “worship fully, spend less, give more, love all” (CVC Church).

  110. The favorite gift I have given was making bags and filling them with small toys and gifts to be given out on the Indian Reservation in Arizona. One year I crocheted small balls with eyelash yarn in white and made “snowball” Christmas ornements for my whole family. Thanks so much for your inovative designs and offering of your patterns and free patterns for us to make clothes for the dolls in our lives.

  111. Wow, this is really a hard one to answer! I remember the years I gave all handmade gifts and it felt so good to see those goods in use at their homes. Sadly, I had to go to work full time and wasn’t able to continue that every year! This year I am making my granddaughters outfits with matching outfits for their AG dolls!

  112. The best gift I’ve ever gave is the annual “Adopt-A-Family” at my church. My teen group hosts a spaghetti dinner in the beginning of December at my church’s Advent Party to raise money. After, we go shopping at Walmart with lists of toys, clothing and sanitary supplies the family needs. We wrap the gifts and bring them to the family’s house. It is a very heartwarming experience! :)

  113. My favorite gift I’ve given was a recliner chair my sister and i gave my dad. Its always hard to decide what to get parents – he loved that chair – it fit him – no one else felt quite as comfortable sitting there. Now that he is gone, memories of him lounging in that chair are a treasure.

  114. My favorite gift I have given was an ExerSaucer because it was for our first grandchild’s first Christmas!

  115. Diane Brimmer /

    THis year has been financially tough. We are haveing a homemade Christmas. I am so grateful to you for the free patterns and I have been able to still see that my granddaughters have a gift from grandma. So my favorite gift I’ve given is the little hobo bags and the money because Kayden, (my grandddaughter) loves money and purses. She will be so excited when she sees them! Hope I can win the outfit and boots for her too. Thanks again!

  116. Emmalee /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is love. Money can buy material things, and time buys something else entirely, but love comes from the heart. When you give it and see the looks on other people’s faces… well, love isn’t entirely selfless, but it’s one of the greatest things you can give.

  117. Mindy Turley /

    My favorite gift I have given was an xmas frame I made using polymer clay. I covered a basic frame in white clay and added glitter for a snowy effect and made a stocking with a present in it, a candy cane and an additional toy (two had teddy bears, one a doll, and the other a horse on a stick). Then I added the best part, a picture of my 2 month old angel!

  118. My favorite gift I’ve given is a pillow I gave to my Grandma for her Birthday because I had just started sewing and I was so proud of it. My Grandma also really loved it.

  119. Kate Anderson /

    My absolute all time favorite gift that I have EVER gotten would have to be my Liberty Jane patterns. My Grandma went online pulled up your webpage and said, “Kate, Pick out ten patterns.” It was AMAZING! I love them because they are so practical and I use them alot! ;)

    • Kate Anderson /

      Whoops! I meant to write something else…

      I have given would have to be the pillowcases I made for my cousins. They use them all the time and It was great to give them away!

  120. Jaimie /

    My favorite gift I have given is a homemade ornament made of a broken lightbulb, decorative paper, and pipe cleaners that I gave to my father! :) <3

  121. I absolutely LOVE those boots! Are there any of those available in your shoe shop?

  122. My favourite gift I’ve given… I think some of my favourite gifts are the ones I’ve given to World Vision, like pigs, rabbits, and mosquito nets :)
    -charlotte <3

  123. My favorite gift I have given is my time. I love to volunteer and during the holidays it is a special time for all.

  124. Joan D /

    I ask my 8 year old and 10 year old granddaughters there favorite gift I’ve given. The 10 year old said my American girl doll and the little 8 year old said” Love”. Bless her heart.

  125. Sara Koch /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is a quilt I made for my niece. I sewed the quilt, and my husband’s now deceased grandmother hand quilted it for me. My niece will always have a part of her aunt and great grandma’s sewing combined into one.

  126. Judy Witzel /

    My favorite gift I have given was a doll quilt and pillow for my niece. She was thrilled with it. However, she thought Santa brought it to her and I didn’t have the heart to tell her I made it for her.

  127. Abigail /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is my new pair of unr8d boots. They are fuzzy warm, and comfy(:

  128. Ariannah RItter /

    My favorite gift i have given would have to be a scrapbook i made for my friend, it was so creative and she loved it!!!

  129. Richelle V. /

    My favorite gift i’ve been given is a byu blanket to my dad because he loves byu and he always uses it and always says “I love this blanket that you gave me” ever time he uses it.

  130. The most favorite gift I’ve given was to my daughter. I made her four outfits (for Bitty Baby and her 3 AG dolls) that matched, except for the color of the tops. She was so surprised to see them on the dolls when she came down Christmas morning. Second runner-up was the Samantha bed I found at a garage sale for $1.00. I refurbished it, and made new bedding that matches my daughter’s room.

  131. “My favorite gift I’ve given is a cd of me singing because it more personal and wholesome and turly from the heart

  132. My favorite gift I’ve given is but one of many favorites and it was homemade quilts for my Christmas angels. Something to match the gift they want because most of them do not have something warm to wrap up in cozy and call their own. Makes me feel warm inside. :o)

  133. Rachel /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is a gathered dress I made for my friend’s A.G. dolls because it was the first thing I’d ever machine sewed and the look on her face when she got it was priceless!

  134. The most favorite gift I’ve given is the handmade quilts I have made for the kiddos in my family.

  135. Brittany Holloway /

    My Favourite Gift Ive Ever Given Is I Gave My Bff 2 Shirts..One For Me And One For Her. One Said Im With My Bff With An Arrow Pointing To the Left..One With An Arrow To The Right.I Liked It Because It Was So Cute And People At School Would Stop Us And Ask Us If They Could Take OUr Pictures!!

  136. Ali Holloway /

    My Favourite Gift Ive Ever Given Is My Friends First Shining Star Teddy Bear! Its My Favourite Cause I Loved how Her Face Lit Up When She Seen It!

  137. Sophia Holloway /

    My Favourite Gift Ive Ever Given Is My Friend A Old Navy Sweater. Because when She got ItShe Put it on right Away

  138. Marsha /

    Sharing the good news of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

  139. My favorite gifts I give every year is my kids Christmas tree ornaments. Each year I have picked them each one out based on favorite toy or somthing they are into right then, I just love taking them out each year and seeing how they have changed over the years, and it is always exciting when they put them all out on the tree each year.

  140. Abigail /

    My favorite gift I’ve given this year is a cookie, because the girl I gave it to couldn’t afford any, and she hadn’t had any in a year.

  141. My favorite gift I’ve given is one of the ag outfits or accessories i made for a friend because its obvious that they love it and it is even more special than buying one because they know you spent so much time care and effort in it and it feels so good to see the look on there face and to know that you set your mind to it and made something amazing!

  142. My favorite gift I have given is the iPod Touch I gave my husband last year. I had no idea if he would even use it. Not only has he used it every day since, it is the only thing he took to Afghanistan with him and it has met all his needs for music, entertainment, and communication with us via Facetime. Add the noise cancelling headphones I got him with it and it can give him a few minutes of solitude each day.

  143. My favorite gift I’ve given is an american girl slumber party/travel set to my best friend Mikayla!

  144. luciekat /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is a hug. Lots of people like hugs. Hugs are free, too!

  145. Alisha /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is a stuffed pig to my friend because its a joke between the two of us. I had said something, that to her, sounded like porkhorn. Don’t ask me why but now its our nickname for each other. We imagine a porkhorn as a pig with horns. Ever since then we’ve had lots more jokes between just the two of us. She’s the one friend I can say anything too.

  146. Kirren /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is an outfit that I made my sister using LJ patterns when I first learned to sew. She loved it!

  147. Sharon /

    My favorite gift I have given was a homemade outfit I made for my friend and I to match on our dolls. The dolls looked so cute together, and I spent at least 3 months on it because it was my first knitting project. I made a cute long sweater I knitted that was pink, long grey leggings that I sowed, and I crocheted cute, dark, warm, house shoes. :)And, yes, I did take the idea of the oufit on AG, but I made it my own! :)

  148. My favorite gift I’ve given is a handmade card because even though my dad gets them every year, he acts surprised.

  149. laney B. /

    My favorite gift ive given is a money tree! It was so cool(: Because all my cousin wanted was a money tree! So of coarse we had to give it to her cause we love making her happy, and we gave her $30 on the tree :D

  150. My favorite gift that I have given is a scarf I hand-knitted to everyone in my family!!!! They all loved theres and I made each one unique with different colored yarns (their favorite colors!) and they turned out great!!!!! I even used what I had left to knit on for my dolls! So cute!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    BTW- loveeeeee the outfit!!!!!

  151. My favorite gift I’ve given is the boxes of Christmas treats that I sent for my son and his fellow soldiers in Afghanistan. My favorite gift I will get is when he comes home.

  152. My favorite gift I’ve given was an 18″ doll I rescued from the Thrift Store. I cleaned her up, gave her a new hair do, made her several new outfits and donated her to our church’s giving tree. I do this each year because it makes me feel good about giving and knowing that it will help put a smile on a little girl’s face at Christmas.

  153. The favorite gift I’ve given was a family genealogy book I made for each of our family. It is a tangible resourse for not only our children and grandchildren, but also other family members to work from in genealogy research.

  154. The best gift I’ve given was the best and most precious painting to a girl had no nice things and she would always help others in need and never fused if she got something she didnt like she is always thankful for her family friends and life and it made me jump with joy when I gave her the painting

    Please and thank you!<3

  155. My favourite gift i gave was my necklace full of memory beads for my mom because she loved it and it made her cry she loved it so much i loved it and i love her so much i will never ever forget!

  156. Jackie Friest /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is a box of handmade Christmas ornaments to each of my nieces and nephews. I started each child’s box the year that they were born. The oldest received hers as part of a shower gift when she married – that was the intent for them all. Last year I decided to give the remaining ‘kids’ theirs as a Christmas gift since most are in the 20′s now- on their own, but, not married yet. It was special for me to make them one every year and it was a real treat to see their faces when they opened their boxes and inspected each one.

  157. Erica Campbell /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is American Girl Bitty Twins the Brunette Girls starter Set, because that year My Daughter (3ys at the time) wanted two dolls for Christmas. So I searched and I searched for the perfect dolls and I found American Girl. My Daughter was thrilled on Christmas Morning when she opened up her whole starter set. She became the very best caretaker for her dolls. Those are her baby sisters. They go everywhere with us, Walks to the Park and around the neighborhood, on shopping trips, vacation, sleepovers, picnics, etc….. She loves all of her AG dolls so much.

  158. Angela /

    My favorite gift I’ve given was two hair scrunches, earrings, and a scarf because I made the gifts by hand and the box all the items went in.

  159. Celeste D. /

    My favorite gift I’ve given was a friendship bracelet because it was for my best friend who lives in a different state from me now.

  160. My favorite gift I have given was when my sister, and friend and I went over to a local homeless shelter. We had a lot of toys that we no longer played with, along with books and clothes. We also brought some food. While we were there, my friend and sister and I played in the Nursery with the younger kids while our Moms distributed the food and books. When we were about to go, one of the little girls came running up and hugged me and said: “Thank You for the barbie!” It made me so happy. :)

  161. Kirstin /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is a princess Dress and a matching AM girl doll dress because I made it for my dearest friends daughter. It turned out great and she loves it.

  162. Becky P /

    My favorite gift I have given is a CD to my mom. It contain songs that are tied to memories/ experiences we have had together.

  163. My favorite gift I’ve given is American Girl Doll for my daughter-in-law. She has now given it to my grand-daughter.

  164. Jessica /

    “My favorite gift I’ve given is perfume because my mom loves perfume.”

  165. Ramona Curtis /

    “My favorite gift I’ve given is a handwritten “gift certificate” to my husband many years ago. We didn’t have much at the time, and there was no money for gifts, so I wrote out a certificate for a gift he wanted to be bought when things got better. Needless to say, he held me to it!!!

  166. The best gift I ever gave was probably cheese pants to my dad because he’s such a huge Packers fan!

  167. Jennifer S /

    My favorite gift I have ever given was opening our home to foreign exchange students. They were so far from home, It turned out to be one of the Christmas’s we ever had!

  168. My favorite gift I’ve given is probably a handmade knitted scarf to my Great-Aunt. She knits a lot and never expected that I would knit HER something! It was nice to suprise her! : )

    Gracie <3

  169. Tricia /

    My favorite gift I have given was a simple silver cross from the Vatican I gave to a close friend. It was such a simple gift which touched ny friend and brought her to tears. She wears it all the time.

  170. Olivia B /

    My favorite gift I’ve ever given was a dress I made for my dolls to a good friend :)

  171. Christian /

    My favorite gift I have given is a homemade calender I made for my mom and dad. It was like a scrapbook filled with pictures of my kids for the whole year. They loved it.

  172. My favorite gift I have given is one I am doing this year: the California Cami and skinny jeans for by bff. I’m done with the Cami and it turned out great.

  173. my favorite gift i given is an a mini american girl doll . since my friend really wanted a mini doll so i bought it with my own money and gave it to her on her birthday . she was really happy and that made me feel really proud of myself .

  174. My favorite gift(s) i have given are the ones i give to needy children it makes me feel so good when i know i made a child’s day.

  175. my favorite gift that I have given is a snuggie I gave my nana for Christmas last year!!! This was my favorite because she looks so silly in it!!! =)

  176. Shelli McLean /

    My favorite gift I have ever given. Hmmm, lets see. A few come to mind but one year we handed out over a hundred pairs of mittens to the homeless folks on the streets. It was a cold cold day outside and their appreciation was awesome.

  177. Marilyn /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is a very furry blanket because my grandson uses it every night.

  178. My favorite gift I’ve given is a custom ornament ball because I worked really hard on it and my mom loved and adored it.

  179. My favorite gift I have given is a pink cat pillow pet that I made for my daughter last Christmas. She was so pleased that she got exactly what she wanted and continues to sleep with it every night.

  180. sharilyn /

    “My favorite gift I’ve given is My time to help those who are less Fortunate because I feel lifting another is the true spirit of the season!

  181. Chris Walden /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is anything I’ve made because it just feels extra special.

  182. My favorite gift I’ve ever given was buying my parents a portrait session for their last anniversary. They’ve been married over 30 years and the last time they had professional photos done was actually AT their wedding. It was very special for them–but also very special to all 7 of us kids.

  183. Becky s. /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is any thing homemade because it’s a gift made from the heart

  184. Molly F. /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is a drawing because I drew the whole thing and my friend really loved it.

  185. Louann /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is a jelly belly doll to my daughter when she was young because she was so joyful and excited to get it.

  186. Irene M /

    My favourite gift I’ve given was to a single mom and 2 little boys which I found from I had to buy them clothes, toys and food. This was one of our best Christmases because it made our whole family feel good – instead of buying presents for each other, we pooled all the money and gave a much needed gift instead.

  187. Cynthia S /

    “My favorite gift I’ve helped to give to someone is a quilt. A lady in a yahoo group had cancer and several of us made squares with embroidery on them and had another lady piece the quilt together and then we gave it to her. That made me feel so proud to be included in that special gift.

  188. Ruth W /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is a personalized recipe book I made because I wanted my kids to have all the special recipes that they have enjoyed from their Great-grandmother, grandmother and me!

  189. my favorite gift I have given is a scrapbook I made for my husbands grandparents. I had each of their kids, grandkids and great-grandkids write down their favorite memories and then made a two page layout for each family member. I loved giving it because it was a physical way of showing how much I love this sweet couple.

  190. chanel /

    My favorite gift I have given is an american girl doll because my friend had to wait a year to get one so i saved up my money and got her one.And up to now were still best firends.

  191. My favorite gift I’ve given is a set of 7 needle punch pictures of the sesame street characters to a niece’s little boy. He loved them.

  192. Emily Henry /

    My favorite gift I have ever given is an ol pillow that I made because everyone loved it and I sold 2 after that!

  193. Dana Ronevich /

    My favorite gift i’ve given was to my second daughter, Miranda, when she was a sophomore in high school. She played volleyball & continues to coach now. I got a hand autographed poster signed from Olympic Beach Volleyball Player, Misty May, who won a gold medal. I had it framed. She was so excited when she opened it, because that was her sports heroine. It really was so unique & such a surprise for her.

  194. beccaabug /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is a doll cradle my husband and I made for our daughter. because she was so excited.

  195. Fvorite gift given—-crocheted snowflake ornaments for friends sent with Christmas cards…hoping it would always remind them of our friendship.

  196. My favourite gift I’ve given would be a box of fine tea I gave to one of my teachers, who loves tea and who has been a great inspiration to me. The grin on his face upon receiving it really made my week–it was wonderful to give back to someone who has given so much to me.

  197. My favorite gift I’ve given is a quilt I made for my dad for his 70th birthday. I did free-motion embroidery on my sewing machine to embroider a different family member’s name on each quilt block. Everyone from his grandparents to his grandchildren were represented on the quilt.

  198. Jana Leonard /

    My favorite gift I’ve ever given is a bracelet I gave my mom last year. Its sterling and engraved with the Bible verse in Proverbs that says “Her children shall rise up and call her blessed…” because it captured exactly how I feel about my Mom. She loved it!

  199. Many, many years ago the Cabbage Patch doll was the “must have” Christmas gift, but there was no way I could afford even one of those dolls, much less 2 of them for my little girls.
    I was told I could get some overtime at work, and I took it so I could pay for the class and supplies to make look-alike dolls for my girls. I worked for hours hidden in our bedroom the children wondering what in the world Mommy was doing!
    Christmas morning arrived, and the sweetest dolls were under the tree for our girls. They squeeled with delight, and coluldn’t believe that they had gotten such a wonderful doll!!
    I was thrilled that they loved the dolls. They were a big hit even though they weren’t the “official Cabbage Patch” doll. In fact, they were such a hit my Mom wanted one as did my 6 year old son, (a boy one of course! lol)
    What a precious memory.

  200. My favorite gift I have given was 4 huge bags of clothing to the boy scouts to send to Louisiana afer Hurricane Katrina. I hope it helped at least some of the children who lost everything. P.S. I love your patterns and clothes and especially those boots!

  201. Stephanie /

    “My favorite gift I’ve given is a drawing I did for my brother when I was in high school because it was the first art project I truly loved and was so glad to share it with someone I love.

  202. Shoshana /

    my favorite gift ive given is a painting i made my self because i could see my dad just light up when he saw what i made

  203. My favorite gift I’ve given is a cd player that my son wanted. I had just left my abusive husband and was on my own with two small children and no support. I saved and was so happy to be able to buy my son what he wanted for Christmas. The first day he went back to school after the winter break, he came home without his cd player. He said he gave it to another little kid who didn’t get anything for Christmas. The way my son touched my heart that day is a gift that will last me forever.

  204. My favorite gift I’ve given is an American Girl wheelchair for my daughter because now her American Girl doll looks just like her. I really appreciate that that American Girl makes stuff that special needs kids can relate to.

  205. Darlene /

    My favorite gift I’ve given was a set of cabbage patch doll clothes to my niece because as a child my favorite gift was a bride doll that my grandmother had sewn the prettiest evening gowns for.

  206. My favorite gift that iv’e given was hand crochet afghans, that I made for each of my brothers
    and my sister and all 4 neices and nephews and one for my daughter, 9 in all! It took me all year complete them,,,but they still have and use them 5 years later.So I know that it was something that they appreciated.

  207. My favorite gift I’ve given were two, the same year. I made a quilt, for my brother-in-law, from his old dress shirts and ties. The same year, I made my nephew, his son, a quilt from his old tee shirts. They both loved them and I enjoyed making them. I love making gifts from recycled clothing and giving it back, because these type of gifts always bring back wonderful memories.

  208. “My favorite gift I’ve given is a hand stitched family tree because it made my parents cry when they opened it“

  209. Olivia /

    The best gift I’ve given was an AG Wish Book. Giving it to a little girl and watching her eyes lit up is more magical then any thing I’ve seen before.

  210. Jennifer /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is gifts to a young family with 2 children that the father had been laid off because it made their Christmas so special. …

  211. kaylee /

    “My favorite gift I’ve given is my sisters teddy bear that i made because it is homemade with love

  212. Renee Adams /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is a blanket I made for my Dad w/ an applique of his dogs silhouettes because it delighted him. I didn’t know my dad until I was adult so that was nice.

  213. Jill H. /

    “My favorite gift I’ve given is my daughter’s American Girl, because it inspired her to red and learn about American History …of course, the downside is now she wants ALL of them! :)

  214. Kaylah /

    My favorite gift I’ve given was a homemade nativity set I made for my sister when I was about 8. I made it out of packing material that looked like hay to me, a ring box and tin foil. My sister still puts it out every year. I think it is my favorite because it was made and given with pure love.

  215. Kristana /

    MY favorite gift I’ve given was my birthday party. When I was 8 I decided that I didn’t want people to bring me any gifts. Instead I wanted them to bring supplies to make toys for children in orphanages. We spent the party making gifts for others. It is a wonderful memory for me.

  216. Catherine /

    My favorite gift I’ve given was an Apple Blossom Kiddle for my mom’s birthday last year. It was my mom’s favorite doll as a child, and I was able to track down one in mint condition from eBay for her :)

  217. Rhonda /

    My favorite gift I’ve given was when I painted a nativity scene and gave copies to all my family members. I’m not exactly sure why it was my favorite, it was a lot of work. But it was a very meaningful gift to me, and I was really happy that it was also meaningful to those I gave it to.

  218. My favorite gift I’ve given is a stole I made for my Mom because she became a minister after she’d raised 2 kids. She’d made us tons of stuff as kids, but it felt wonderful to give her something she needed and loved all in one, and I loved making it for her – for her accomplishment in pursuing her own dreams as well as being a great Mom.

  219. Katrina N. /

    My favourite gift I have given is a doll to a little girl from my grandmothers church, she didnt have much so I thought I should give her something that I love

  220. Marlene /

    My favorite gift is being with family. Taking time to drive 5 hours and be together. Not always easy, but so worth while!

  221. Deedee /

    My favorite gift I’ve given was my daughter’s first American Girl doll. It has inspired such a love of history and reading, and has really created such a bond between us.

  222. Alysha /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is a dublulsided purse i made for my sister because she loved it and it made fill happy inside.

  223. Dawn Brown /

    My favoritegift given would be that of time. Fellow employees & I would shop, pack and deliver food and gifts to families that otherwise might not have had a Christmas. The smile on a young child that receives a gift that wouldn’t have been there. The gift of giving from the heart.

  224. my favorite gift i gave was when i sent all my old toys and clothes and shoes to the poor in africa i was really proud and happy that i have dont that

  225. Winter Scott /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is my old barbie doll ( I gave it to a street child) because I wanted that kid to feel what I feel to have a doll.

  226. Shonna /

    My favorite gift I’ve given was the year my husband and I were completely broke so I found as much fabric as I could in my stash and we made hand tied quilts/throws for everyone in our families for Christmas. All we had to purchase was the fluff for inside the quilts!! Everyone loved their gifts and most of them still have them! No one was the wiser as to our money situation…

  227. My favorite gift I have given is a personalized scrapbook/notebook to my friend so that she would have a journal to write in. When you put a lot of work in to your gift it’s more fun to give.

  228. “My favorite gift I’ve given is the American Girl doll for my daughter last Christmas because that started us with becoming totally fascinated with these dolls, making us bond together more.

  229. Heather /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is box of xoxoxos because when I was five I didn’t know what to give to dad, I watched a cartoon a teddy bear giving his family hugs for Christmas. I just hugged the box and blew kisses into it. :)

  230. Hollea /

    My favourite gift that I have given was when we had 2 foster girls aged 10 & 11 and they wanted a cabbage patch doll, well in Canada we do not get much money for the girls and after buying them needed clothes, snowsuits and a xmas outfit there was not much left over. So I found cabbage patch doll heads and a pattern to make the bodies, then I made 6 outfits for each doll also diapers and shoes. They were so surprised on xmas morning and it warmed my heart to be able to give them to them.

  231. Kristen W. /

    My favorite gift has been my nikon d40! Now I have all the memories of my daughter!

  232. Connie /

    The favorite gift I’ve given was picture album
    Quilts I gave my parents and my in laws for
    Their 50th wedding anniversaries. They have
    Been enjoyed by family and friends spending
    Time looking at all the pictures and embellishments.
    I loved looking at them and watching the joy they
    Gave our parents

  233. Caroline /

    My favorite gift I’ve given my granddaughter is Samantha (AG doll) and her Trunk because she loves American Girl dolls and wanted Samantha, whom I cherish, and Samantha was being expired and would no longer be available. I did not want her to miss out on this precious historical doll who reminds me of my own mother.

  234. Cheryl Rich /

    My favorite gift I’ve given is homemade treat tins because it was such fun to make everything and create each tin specifically for each person. The folks with special diets like sugar free and such truly appreciated it because they knew the food was safe for them to eat and enjoy.

    Thank you for the free crochet dolly afghan pattern!

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