Pattern Site Browsing issues

Dec 11

Hi everyone,

If you’re browsing on Liberty Jane Patterns with Internet Explorer 8 or 9, then the navigation bar might not be displaying properly. We are working to resolve this issue, but in the mean-time we wanted to point out a few work-arounds for you.

1. You can use another browser. We enjoy Chrome for PCs, or Safari for the MAC. If that’s not an option, then…

2. You can click on the “Compatibility View” button on the IE8 or 9 toolbar. This will permit our site to display properly on your browser.

3. You can simply use the “search our site” tool to find what you are looking for…We have good navigation on the toolbars, but if you can’t see them, then the only other good option is to use the ‘Search’ functionality. We’ve just enabled it on the site – you should be able to see it on the top right corner.

Again, we are working on resolving this issue, until then, we hope you’ll use these tips…we appreciate your patience.

Cinnamon & The Liberty Jane Team


  1. valarie /

    I haven’t had any trouble with Firefox either. that is available as a free download.

  2. I was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly Firefox loaded your site. I have to wait for more than a minute using IE. I do have a question, will you be uploading the page for Day 12 of your Christmas Contest?
    Cordially, Nehmah

  3. Hanne Andersen /

    I had trouble with Firefox and Explorer 9

  4. Melinda Cieslinski /

    You patterns are looking beautiful to me from my end ;) Just keep up the great work and I’ll find a way no matter what to view them!! Thanks for the heads up though.

  5. Linda Hedelund /

    cant access todays blog on firefox.

    • Caroline /

      Oh, Linda… I guess I’m not the only one then. That’s probably good news.

  6. Caroline /

    I am using Firefox, so no troubles there. HOWEVER, I am not seeing DAY 12 of the TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS. I thought it would be up by now???

    Thanks, Cinnamon. You are the best!

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