Design Academy Enrollment Closes Sunday 6pm Pacific

Jan 28

Hi everyone,

This is a quick heads-up to let you know we are closing enrollment for the Design Academy at 6pm on Sunday night. If you haven’t yet signed up, this is your last chance.

And we’ve got one final surprise for you. If you’ve been paying attention to our Youtube Design Contest you’ll know we had over 2,700 video responses. The winner will be announced this next weekend. The winner gets their outfit made for them for free … and Cinnamon will feature this project in the Design Academy. She’ll walk you through the step-by-step decisions associated with taking a drawing – and turning it into a real outfit.  So if you want to learn from her through this process, the Design Academy is definitely for you.

Remember, enrollment closes at 6pm Sunday. Sign-up Today:


  1. Thats so cool!I was wondering if you could do more contests because i have really cute clothing ideas.Thanks,Caitlin

  2. Abigail /

    hi yes what is the design academy for anyway and how will it be held. because i will really want to sign up it sounds fun.

  3. Where and how do you sign up for the design academy in Feb?

  4. Cece Catay /

    I believe the above design session was for 2012 and not 2013. Don’t quote me but I think Cinnamon is helping write a sewing book this spring (I might not remember correctly — lol)and was thinking of holding another session later in 2013.

    • Linda DuBos /

      I want desperately to sign up for the Design Academy but I’m completely baffled by the dates when I click on “design academy”. I love Liberty Jane Patterns but your website is one of the most difficult I’ve ever tried to navigate. Not only that, comments and questions are rarely answered. I’m getting more than just a little discouraged. And probably just a little angry. If there is going to be a design academy, please change the dates on your blog. If not, state that clearly in BLACK AND WHITE.

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