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Jan 08

Hi everyone,

[update: 12:50: We are back online :) ]

(8:45 am Sunday morning, 1/8/12)

This morning we awoke to the beautiful sound of our hosting company calling to let us know they shut down because we violated their terms of service again, by having too many visitors (web traffic). So our site is currently down. We apoologize for this inconvenience – and will hopefully have it up and running soon. And hopefully this will be the last time this happens for a while.

On the bright side – our site is really popular!! We are striving to keep up with that demand.

Thanks for your understanding,

Cinnamon & Jason


  1. Dana S. /

    Sounds to me like you might need a new hosting company!

  2. Leslie /

    Try hostgator. That’s where we moved. And they can handle downloads. Unlike others.

  3. Cinnamon & Team /

    Yeah, we’re actually on hostgator…

  4. I have had HostGator for all my sites for years and they are awesome. I found myself in a similar situation and finally had to just bite the bullet and move to a dedicated hosting plan with HostGator. Yes, it costs a lot more, but I have not had one hiccup across my three high traffic sites since making the move.

    • Cinnamon & Team /

      Thanks, good to know…Yeah, this stuff is tricky sometimes!!

  5. How annoying! I glad it’s back up again!

  6. LynnD /

    Apparently your work speaks for itself. Though I’m sorry your site was down, I’m glad to know the reason is because you’re too popular for your own good. Congrats on multiple crashes, your customers truly love your products. Keep up the amazing work & know that you will have customers seek you out wherever you go. Have a wonderful day. :)

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