Plans For 2012

Jan 08

We are really excited about all the fun projects we have planned for this year. In fact, over the last few weeks we’ve been thinking hard about what to do in 2012, and we spent time to re-reading all of the fantastic feedback we’ve gotten on our blog lately, (especially the feedback on the 12 days of Christmas posts. Especially this one, and this one).

Your input & ideas are so incredibly important to us – they are helping us define what the future of Liberty Jane will look like. Some of the decisions related to 2012 including focusing on:

1. Getting faster at publishing patterns for the newly designed outfits we do.

2. Offering more how-to, tutorials, and sewing related videos so beginning sewers can learn, and intermediate & advanced sewers can learn new tricks.

3. Coming up with a reward program that benefits people who faithfully buy patterns.

We will be sharing more about all of this in the coming weeks & months, but for now, just know that your encouragement & support means a lot to us. We are incredibly grateful.

Tell us what you think, how do these 3 priorities strike you? Are we on the right track? We appreciate your feedback.

Cinnamon & The Team.


  1. Jennifer /

    I appreciate you offering a reward program for repeat customers. Will you be giving credit for past purchases? Other web sites have offered reward programs and it has caused some hard feelings because the new customers had the advantage to make purchases The old customers had already purchased items without the credit.
    Unless of course you will be offering a lot of new Liberty Jane creations. hint hint :)

    • Hi Jennifer,

      We are working to come up with a strategy that will be fair to everyone, both new buyers, and long-time fans. But you’re right it is tricky. We are really trying to think it through carefully before we roll it out…our plan is to have it ready to go by May.

  2. Punk rock AG doll clothes!:):)

  3. Jillian /

    Those are great ideas. I have another one. Recently my computer crashed and I lost all my Liberty Jane patterns, most of which I hadn’t yet used. I also lost all my knitting patterns from Ravelry, however, Ravelry keeps the files of each pattern you’ve purchased in a library for each user. That enabled me to download the Ravelry patterns again when I got a new computer. It would be wonderful if Liberty Jane could do the same thing for its customers.

    • Cinnamon & Team /

      Thanks Jillian, great comment. In fact, we are actually working on a new shopping cart project that would allow exactly what you’re describing. It will be a big improvement, hopefully we’ll have it done soon.


      Ps. sorry to hear about your computer crashing!!

  4. i agree with the incentives to buy for faithful customers. i have about 50 or 60 of your patterns; how many copies of shiny dress can i use?

  5. Hi Cinnamon and Libby,
    Just wondering do you still have the little skirt that is black and white checkered??

  6. Daniella /

    do you think youll start taking custom orders?

  7. jamie /

    Can you guys have a spring designing contest like during april and may?

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