Price Changes To Save You Money

Jan 18

This year we are going to implement several plans to try and make our patterns more affordable, and reward frequent buyers. Including creating a ‘club’ type program so frequent buyers have a significant savings. That will launch in May.

This month we are making a smaller change that some of you may notice. We are starting to bundle patterns more, and sell them at a lower price, than if we sold them as separates. For the last two years we’ve sold mostly single pattern guidebooks, (just a top, a skirt, a jacket, etc.) always at the $3.99 price point.

But many of you are asking for complete outfit guidebooks, and so we’ll begin publishing them more and more. The cost structure will be something like $5.99 for 2 items, or $8.99 for 3 items. Our goal is to continue to find ways to make our guidebooks affordable.


  1. TheHobbitt /

    Fantastic! Thanks Cinnamon.

  2. The bundles sound great. When are you going to start them?

  3. Would love to buy more from you. Are you going to allow us to pick the 2 or 3 patterns out? And when will this happen?

  4. Alana /

    Have you launched the “club” program?

  5. Gypsy /

    I am still concerned about pricing. I was going to order a couple jackets and pant pattern but it was way too expensive. I don’t think $5.99 is a good bargain for one pattern. Just my opinion though

  6. Hobbitt /

    Did I miss signing up for the Club that was supposed to be launched in May?

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