Thanks For Making 2011 Amazing. . .

Jan 02

We put this on our Facebook page yesterday, but thought we should include it here too…

Dear everyone,

Thank you all for making 2011 such a terrific year for us at Liberty Jane Clothing.

In 2011 we added more friends, fans, followers, and customers than we ever hoped we could. All of you are a tremendous blessing & we are honored to be able to serve you.

We also added amazing & talented team members, pattern publishers, and partners too. We can’t imagine doing this without any of you. We can’t believe we are almost at 500 partners now.

In Africa we were able to empower seamstresses to learn how to sew as a way to make money. Our Zambia project was such a huge blessing.

May each of you have a blessed, rewarding, happy, and joy filled 2012.


Cinnamon & The Liberty Jane Team

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