A Walk With Esther Give-Away!

Mar 12

Hi everyone,

Here is a beautiful new video of Esther and the wonderful children we help support in Zambia – through Liberty Jane Gives Back!

We’d love for you to watch the video, and just for fun, if you watch it, and then comment with 1 thing you appreciated about it below, we’ll choose one comment at random, and give the winner a fun prize. A Coupon For 5 Free Patterns From http://www.libertyjanepatterns.com. (Void where prohibited, no purchase necessary). The winner will be chosen on Friday, March 16th. Hurry, watch & comment now…and please share it & pin it & if you want to support Esther directly through Kids For The Kingdom, go to this page and donate via Paypal: http://www.kidsforthekingdom.org/Countries/Zambia/Zambia.html

Don’t see the video above, click here: http://youtu.be/If38zrGn_aA


  1. Linda Heinz /

    Seeing this video makes you appreciate the things you have and that you can be happy with what you have.

  2. Dana S. /

    I love how she knows her strengths and weaknesses, and that her strengths come from God! Praying God’s blessings on her and the work she does.

  3. Firinel /

    I really appreciated how much Esther seemed to derive an enormous sense of joy from helping others.

  4. Jodi D. /

    I like how she has given to much of herself even when she feels powerless. she finds her strength in the Lord. I also how she is sharing that power with the children and teaching them how to use it and make the right decisions.

  5. Lois DeRoest /

    I am so humbled by the fact that she is totally aware that she has been called to be of service, especially for the children. How many are called and refuse to listen. She is so aware that it is God doing this through her and she allows it by saying yes I will do this.

  6. aby R /

    What i appreciated the most about this video was that Ester is not rich or famous yet she is doing her part to try and help out her community. It goes to show us that we don’t need all the money in the world to help out, we can help out in many ways, and not only are we helping our world but we are helping ourselves to be better and feel better. :)

  7. Esther will be blessed, as she gives to others the blessing will return to her. I know how important it is to be involved in a program like this. I support a little boy when he was 5 in Quito, Ecquador and he is now grown and has a job and is supporting himself and helping his family. I sponsered him through Compassion International and I received letters from him about how he liked the school he was attending and how he liked his new Bible and was learning alot about God and Jesus and also was making very good grades in his other classes. I gave to him and now I am reaping the good harvest from giving to another person so that he could learn about Jesus and God and start his life off right even in another country. Its not what you get back, its what you give that counts!

  8. Jeniffer /

    What a wonderful program Esther has started. Her importance in teaching the children, especially the girls, that they are important is wonderful. When children are taught to value themselves, they can achieve anything. The children are lucky to have someone like Esther how is willing to provide for them.

  9. There is pride radiating from this little girl.She feels blessed. Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone could be happy with so little.

  10. Ashley Rose Johnson /

    I really like how they building new homes and communities and wells and how they all get along! they are very blessed to have each other!

  11. Clara Hughes /

    Esther, does not realize that she is preaching every day, Her faith is strong and the Children are starting to feel it now…looking for the teaching that Esther has to offer, to learn to better themselves… knowing that God their Savior is looking down and watching over them by giving of his Child Esther to teach and work with them.
    God Bless and Prayers from my heart goes to her.

  12. Paula /

    Ester: a modern day discipline for Christ.

    Let the little children come unto me, and do not hinder them, because the kingdom of heaven, belongs to such as these. Matt. 19:14

  13. Danette /

    I love the advocacy for children! I too am an advocate for children; for those who have no voice of their own. I am so pleased to see how girls are being taught to be assertive and to have high self-esteem. Their culture tells them they are not as important as boys, but Esther believes they are important as does God. I like her faith example!

  14. Kindermom /

    What a brave woman. I know God is at her side because of the things she is accomplishing.

  15. Chloe /

    I like how Esther enjoys helping everyone. All she thinks about is making it better. Yes it does have room for improvement but people should thank her for the wonderful work she has done to the community as well:)

  16. Amanda /

    I like that Esther focuses not only on knowledge education, but a “life” education that will change the world for these children.

  17. I love the faith that she has, that God will give her the skills to do the things that he wants her to do in her community.

  18. Susan /

    I really like that she has identified her gifts and that she is willing to use them.

  19. Flo Davies /

    “Building Children”. There can be no effort more worthy of our support. As a mother, I know in my soul that my children are my legacy and my greatest achievement. As a nurse, I am reminded daily to pray for the newborns entrusted to my care. I pray that Esther’s witness will stir many of her children to live Christ-Centered lives and lead their friends and families to do the same. Then her work will be carried on! It is a pleasure and a privilege to support her in whatever way I can!

  20. Louise /

    What an inspiring women that is helping children and adults. She puts me to shame in the fact and I want to get involved to help her schools. But how?

  21. Carol W. /

    I love the fact her name is Esther. Queen Esther of the Bible saved her people and she risked everything to do so. That is what Esther of Zambia is doing too – saving her people – two great women!!

  22. Dawne /

    I would love to take a walk with Esther…what an awesome lady!

  23. What a lovely woman! It sounds like that school was desperately needed and the life skills they teach could make a huge difference to girls there specifically.

  24. Lynn Feek /

    I loved this video… It was like a little glimpse into the world of my girls in Uganda, very similar to Zambia. This woman, she has a vision, and she trusts God to do his work through her. There is no greater vision in the world, and she’s making a huge difference in the lives of these children because of it. God bless her, and fill hear heart each day with what it needs!!

  25. A beautiful woman, w/ a beautiful soul. Her faith is amazing and inspiring, thank you for sharing the video.

  26. sharla /


  27. Jessica /

    I love that Esther has very little, but does everything she can to help those around her. She is truly a blessing from God.

  28. What a beautiful video. Thank you for letting me start my day with this! I appreciate that Miss Esther is doing such a beautiful thing in this world. Giving children life skills will change their village for generations.

  29. Cynthia /

    Wow. What an Angel. I look forward to sharing this with my daughters, ages 8 and 11. We run a much smaller but similar program in Central America through our small non-profit. Education (including the crucial things Esther mentions, like self-esteem and critical thinking) is such an important first step to self-realization. Esther’s dedication and devotion is inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing.

  30. Debbie /

    What a touching video. I believe Esther is not only a hearer of God’s word but a doer…asking God for direction in her life and choosing to do all she can do to make a difference in those childrens lives…what a blessing she is..<3

  31. I think it is so important that she is such a great role model for the young girls in the area, teaching them that they have a place and can contribute to the community

  32. Tabitha /

    What a wonderful blessing this woman is.She cares for the community and does what she can to help.She is a great role model,not only in her own community,but to all who see this video. Thank you for such a blessing.

  33. Virginia /

    Esther seems like a busy lady! I like that she relies on God for her strength and not just on herself. With all that she does, she realizes that she can’t do it alone but that God can help her.

  34. Melanie /

    I like how she’s putting herself in what she’s doing with the kids the positive influence in the face of what they have will hopefully encourage them as them grow up to do the same in helping their community to continue ti change in a positive way.

  35. Jennifer /

    What a wonderful story! Its great that you are helping them.

  36. Ronda Cates /

    I like the fact that she’s teaching the children t they are valuable and hopefully breaking long held customs that make girls victims.

  37. Marilyn /

    Esther’s story is inspiring. Being obedient to Christ and using her gifts shows that all things are possible through Christ. She is helping in her community to better the lives of the children and share the love of Christ while she is doing it. She is a light shinning in a darkened world.

  38. joanne /

    she is making a positive changes to their society and making them aware that thet can also make changes in their lives for the better.

  39. Kathy /

    Praise God for people like Esther who listen and answer the call.May she be able to reach and teach those in need.

  40. Jennifer /

    What an inspiration! She has a simple faith with a deep love for the Lord. Her light she so bright! I am humbled.

  41. Cathie /

    Esther’s mission is so heartwarming. The light of the Lord shining through her to help so many others. A Beautiful giving person. I enjoyed watching this video.

  42. Nancy /

    I appreciate how humble Esther is. She’s doing so much, but feels as if she’s doing not enough, and that everything she does comes from God working through her, not that she’s doing these good deeds on her own. She is a true inspiration to the people she is helping and all of us who could and should be doing more.

  43. Christine /

    I love that she does all her work using her faith in God. She seems to be able to do more for the community because of her faith. I also love the fact that they are now teaching the children that girls don’t always have to say yes. They have a choice. :)

  44. I like that Esther Fully Relies On God (FROG). She is making a big difference in her corner of the world.

  45. Sarah Jean /

    Esther is a person of deep compassion. I love the way she brings her faith into all she does. I am also impressed with the qualities taught in the school for life skills.

  46. Debbie /

    Esther is doing what God has called her to do through Christ who gives her strength! Wonderful video! May God continue to use her.

  47. Debra /

    Wow! Esther is an amazing woman. I appreciate the fact that she is working with the children to teach them to think for themselves and to care for others. May the Lord bless her efforts beyond what she can envision.

  48. very touching. Esther is a very godly woman.

  49. Melissa /

    I love that she felt she didn’t know how to preach until she was in the community. Her humility is a character trait that the children will learn first and one they will hold close to their hearts.

  50. Louann /

    Esther is a true inspiration! May God Bless Her, although I am sure he already has. Thank you Liberty Jane Gives Back for your support of Esther and all she is trying to accomplish for God and her people.

  51. Steph /

    I just love how beautiful the people are. It brings a tear to my eye!

  52. I love the part where she is talking about the children’s roles (at the end) and where they are zooming in on the cross.

  53. What an inspirational video – thanks. What touched me most was the end, how Esther through her work is empowering girls, giving them their own voice. I also find her absolute devotion to the Lord God very humbling.
    I’m from Cape Town, South Africa, and we can see here in communities how women at grass root level really make the difference in the community, especially in poorer communities. There are so many Esthers all around us. :)
    Cinnamon, your giving back to Africa, and to the beautiful Zambia, was the one thing that made my decision to support you and your business. And how wonderful it has been, you & Jason are giving back so much to us. Thanks!
    May everyone who watch this video be touched & blessed, it is such a simple but powerful message! Thanks for sharing it with us all.

  54. We need more people in the world like Esther, walking the walk, and talking the talk. God bless Esther! And God bless you Cinnamon for sharing Esther’s story!

    • Cinnamon & Team /

      Hi Daphne, You’ve been selected to receive the 5 Free patterns! We’ll email you the info… Congrats! :) and thank you for participating. Esther is an amazing person and such an inspiration to me too!

    • Flo Davies /

      Congrats Daphne…Be sure to post pictures of the outfits you make with your patterns!!!

  55. Pippa /

    Makes me happy to buy from Liberty Jane knowing that you support Esther, but it kind of puts things in perspective too. I found Liberty Jane whilst trying to find a way to clothe my daughters ridiculously expensive doll for less! We are very lucky.

  56. Ann Burkle /

    Thank you for sharing this video. It’s nice to know that the people being helped have a clear vision of where they are trying to go.

  57. Brigeete /

    She said, I just throw it to the Lord and ask him to do with me what he will, because she doesn’t feel that as an individual she can make a difference. It’s a reminder that giving ourselves to God is the best way to make a difference.

  58. Becka Baker /

    This may sound silly…but the music is what I appreciated most. It welcomed me into their world and showed me part of their culture as I began to watch the video. Little things like that help me appreciated what’s said, and what’s going to be said. Just call me a music buff. ;)

  59. Laura Kemner /

    I really appreciate how she feels that as an individual there is nothing she can do and asks the Lord for help. I feel that way all the time. I feel like there is nothing I can do to help, with anyone. It’s good to be reminded how universal we are as women, regardless of where we live and with the Lord’s help we can reach out to each other and help, and learn from each other.

  60. Joan D /

    Thanks for sharing the video. So glad they are teaching the girls to stand up for themselves.

  61. alice /

    I appreciate that Esther enjoys helping others.

  62. Connie W /

    Very humble and wise person. Uses that wisdom for doing good for others.

  63. Phyllis Heckaman /

    She realizes that without GOD, she can do nothing, but with GOD anything is possible. Through her
    humility and dedication to the people she loves to
    help and the GOD she serves, the children will have a better life.

  64. Karen /

    Esther is such a beautiful visionary, who knows what is needed to empower the children of her village and country. It never ceases to amaze me the strength women have to overcome the obsticles in their path, and still retain their beauty and dignity. Thank you for sharing her story with us.

  65. Donna A. Cole /

    Its good that she knows where her gifts are and what is the best way for her to do it. how to work for God not everyone knows how to use ther gift or what there gift is I was very impressed with her. Thank you for sharing this

  66. I like that they are teaching the kids to think and make decisions.

  67. Rachel /

    This was a very nice video and really eye opening…. it’s really nice that they are teaching girls over there to stand up for themselves. Very touching.

  68. Emily4leafclover609 /

    I love how she gets joy from helping others<3
    She is adorable. She is very inspiring:D<3

  69. Emily4leafclover609 /

    {by she is adorable i mean the girl at 3:40 XD, I meant to add it and just realized I didn’t say it xP}

  70. I love the self awareness, life skills approach, feeding, and Esther’s combining faith with her own talents.

  71. Tanya Doubleday /

    Esther is a beautiful, inspiring woman. We could all learn from her spirit.

  72. Ronda /

    I left a comment earlier, but I don’t see it, so I’m trying again. I like the fact that she’s teaching young girls not to be victims and to help change the culture on how women are viewed.

  73. Penny /

    The video is truly an eye-opener on how others live in the world. How inspiring Esther is in wanting to help others and asking God to help her. That she does “do” and not just “thinks” about doing something!
    Thank you for posting the video.

  74. I really like how she helps everyone! My sisters are from Africa, so this video is pretty cool to me. :)

  75. I love her helpful spirit. She’s so helpful, and she’s making so many lives better, just like the Esther in the Bible! My sisters are from Africa, so this video is really neat to me. :)

  76. Kate Anderson /

    I love the lessons she is teaching the children at the school, the things she is giving them will stay with them for life! Also, it is amazing how willingly and wholeheartedly she will serve the Lord that is something rare and incredible.

  77. Rhonda /

    Anyone who takes the time to really teach is amazing to me.

  78. nancy /

    She is a smart woman! Not only is she taking the time to teach and help but she is making sure that truly important things are being taught.

  79. Kristana /

    It’s so inspiring how she relies on Christ for everything and that she works so hard to give the children an education.

  80. Kaylah /

    I really liked how Esther tries to help and teach the children. It is so amazing that she knows that God will guide her.

  81. Mary Ann Barbee /

    This was a great video. Reminds of the videos that my pastor has shown us from his trips to the congo. I would love to go on a missions trip and reach out to the children. I have worked in education for 15+ years and recently retired on disability.
    I’m so glad to see what is being done in other countries.

  82. coleen /

    hi there,
    it seems esther is living out what we each want SO much to do: “But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” praying for esther and all that our Lord is choosing to do in & through her!

  83. Kristi /

    Her humility is so inspiring. I very much admire her desire to do all that the Lord has in store for her.

  84. Jennifer Elliott /

    I love all the Esther is doing for the children. She is such an inspiration!

  85. Flo Davies /

    “And the winner is…”

  86. sharon Gough /

    The only way to really change anything is exactly how Esther is doing it, empowering people to be able to say yes or no to situations. Esp when the answer chosen is totally against previous culture norms. My the Lord continue to use and bless this woman~

  87. Libby /

    I guess I’m a little late lol, oh well :P Aaahhhhh Esther you are toooo cool!!! I can’t thank you enough for doing this for Zambia! I have friends who have lived in Zimbabwe and Zambia and I told them about this(of corse they had already heard about about it Haha), and they really like this too^_^ This is so beautiful–Thankyou so much for doing this!

  88. I’m glad Esther chooses to follow god, hopefully he will bless her. For she is a woman of great potential


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