Winning Design From the 2012 New Years Design Contest

Apr 16

It’s so fun to bring a drawing to life! Here are a few pic’s from the winning design drawn by AGChaiLatte. Her entry was chosen as the winning design in the Liberty Jane Clothing 2012 New Years Design Contest held on our YouTube channel. She also won the American Girl 2012 GOTY Doll McKenna. To see all of the previous contest videos and winning designs, CLICK HERE




Having fun testing a new shoe pattern! There’s TOMS® and BOBS®, I figured why not JANES! What do you think of JANES for American Girl® Dolls?


  1. Love Janes! Must have Janes a.s.a.p.! :-)

    Really cute outfit. I’m sure the winner is thrilled.

  2. Flo Davies /

    Gotta get me some JANES!!!

  3. Kirren /

    I need the pattern for the shrug!! The Janes are cute!

  4. Molly /

    NEED some JANES!

  5. Allie /

    Awesome!!!! I gotta have some Janes!

  6. audrey /

    I L.O.V.E the Janes!!!!

  7. super cool dress ……bottom is much better than top …

  8. Alysha /

    OMG!!! Jazmyn’s gonna love them!!

  9. Abilene Lilac /

    Is the Janes pattern on the LJ Patterns website?
    Or are they for sale in your store? I can’t find them, but I think I’m in love <3

  10. cristina /

    Hi cinnamon and ljc,

    I heard you guys were going to have a summer design contest… Are you still gonna? If you are when will it start and when will you put out The rules and everything?

    ~ Cristina

  11. I love this out fit!!! I especially love, love the sweater and the shoes!

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