Spring Line 2012, Week 3, Roebuck Bay, $334

Jun 11

Our third Spring Line outfit, Roebuck Bay, (part of our Outback Libby Collection), ended at auction at a remarkable $334 on our EBay Store. You can see the original listing here. Needless to say we were shocked & surprised as the final seconds counted down on the auction. We are incredibly grateful for our amazing customers, fans & followers who watched the fun event occur. The auction received 1,934 pageviews and 34 bids.

The pattern for the jacket is coming together nicely and should be out soon. We know many of you are eager to start sewing for the Christmas selling season. This ought to be a fun item to make & sell.


Cinnamon & Team Liberty Jane


  1. cristina /

    Will you also be coming out with a pattern for the skirt and cami? They’re so cute, I’d love to be able to make them!

  2. Kate Anderson /

    Congrats! I was one of the watchers, but I guess I’ll just have to get the newt auction! :)

  3. jeannie flint /

    I am still sewing from the free swimsuit pattern!!~But I am just before buying something new! I think you are my version of a hero-ine, Cinnamon. The swimsuit is great to make and it allows for so many specialties in design to be added. I expect to use it again. Thank you for this website and giving everyone a quality site to share creations! I enjoy just lookin’.

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