9th Day Giveaway – One Direction Doll Fan Pack!

Jan 02

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Day 9 of our 12 Days Of Christmas celebration!

[Giveaway Ended - Congrats to Cynthia who won this fun collection of One Direction items!]

Today we are giving away … A 9 piece collection of doll sized One Direction fan items to one lucky winner! For 8-14 year old girls, One Direction is all the rage right now… So the same might be true for your American Girl dolls too! This ultimate fan pack includes a hard cover full color 80 page mini book, teddy bear with 1D tee, heart pillow with 1D image, and 6 photocard posters! I think I already hear the squeals of delight….

Collections and obsessions are a fun part of life. I know that American Girl Dolls are at the top of most of your lists, but today I thought it’d be fun to share something else your passionate about or love to collect.

Day 9 One Direction

To enter simply respond to this post in the comment box below and complete this sentence:


” I love to collect [insert here]… because [tell us why]“


Comments must be left (on this blog post) by midnight (pacific), today, 1/2/2013.

One entry per person.

No purchase necessary, void where prohibited.

The winner will be chosen randomly from the comments received and contacted through the email provided in the comment.

We will choose a winner and announce it in tomorrow’s post to let everyone know who won.

Okay, good luck, and if we’ve forgotten anything we will modify and/or update this post as needed.

Happy New Year,

Cinnamon & The Liberty Jane Team

P.S. Thanks to everyone for participating in yesterday’s giveaway! The winner of the 8 patterns is Country Crafter – Congrats!!


  1. Nannette Conwau /

    I love to collect pictures of my family because I love to remember times together and see how we all have changed.

  2. I would love to win the for Megan my granddaughter who has Kit and Molly and loves the American Girl products.

  3. Chelsea /

    I love to collect dolls because they are very special to me , I also like to collect things like cinema tickets ect.

  4. Samantha Place /

    I love to collect yarn and fabric because you never know when the perfect pattern will come along.

  5. I love to collect dolls because they are such a good match for my love of sewing.

  6. i love to collect doll sized items for my dolls because it makes them so realistic and it makes wonderful pictures. I love liberty Jane

  7. OrangePopsicle /

    I love to collect drawings that I do because it helps me to see how much I’ve improved over time. :)

  8. Diana Minnick /

    I love to collect frogs because I think they are so cute. It started when I was little and my mom gave me a small ceramic frog in my Christmas stocking. Every year since then, she finds some trinket or collectible and gives it to me for Christmas.

  9. Mary Ann /

    I love to collect dolls knitting patterns . You never know when you will get the urge!!!! I also make the clothes for my grandkids toy room. The love the new clothes . And they can pick out an outfit to take home to their dolls.The boys take out fits to their sock monkeys and other stuffed toys.

  10. Deborah Brooks /

    I love to collect Breyer Appaloosas because they dont eat like the real ones I own! 4 apps cost a lot to feed but 30-40 models just take up space.

  11. Donna /

    I love collecting school items because it brings back so many memories of the good times that I had. I also like to collect doll sewing patterns because I love sewing their clothes and seeing what they look like finished.

  12. I love to collect antique sewing items/tools. My favorite item is the sewing machine that belonged to my husband’s great grandmother. It is the kind with a foot pedal. It even still has all of its original parts! I also have my great grandmother’s tatting shuttle and several thimbles. These things are very special to me!!

  13. Brandy /

    I love to collect random objects because I enjoy making recycled art! You know, tp rolls, cans, outgrown clothing, etc. It’s rewarding knowing that I am saving some things from the landfill :)

  14. I love to collect eloise wilkin books because her illustrations are beautiful.

  15. I love to collect playmobil because the fairy sets are cute.

  16. I love to collect antique advertising tins because they evoke a much simpler time when every little girl had a favourite doll and a favourite auntie to make clothes for them both.

  17. Corina Thorne /

    ”I love to collect recipe postcards because I love to cook and bake; The postcard is a memento of places I’ve been (or others who think of me while on vacay) and I find the recipes are true to the region and are authentic. I have a Buffalo Wings recipe on a postcard from Buffalo, NY”.

  18. I love to collect sewing equipment because sewing makes me happy.

  19. I love to collect Fabric and Yarn.. because living 15 miles from ANYTHING and 70 miles from a fabric store, I will always have what I want/need to make a project!

  20. Diane O. /

    I love to collect antique thimbles because they are a link to the past and are lovely to look at.

  21. Cheryl Pigott /

    I love to collect fabrics because it leads to much inspiration in many different ways.

  22. Irina Kassidy /

    I love to collect mini objects for my American Girl Dolls to contribute to my doll house because I want to make it look like a real people’s house.

  23. Emily /

    I love to collect postcards so cool to see all the different places I have bee.

  24. I love to collect little pieces of memories because they let me remember all the amazing times I’ve had.


  25. julie b. /

    I love to collect old sheet music, recipes and sewing patterns because I love to sew, play the piano and cook.

  26. I love to collect fabric because it is something I can use and buy more without becoming a total hoarder!

  27. I love to collect everything sewing (fabric, beads, patterns) and antique garments as well as reproduction and antique sewing tools because I never know when my stash will get the creative juices flowing to make something!

  28. sewbig /

    ” I love to collect doll patterns… because I always have a pattern or technique available when I get inspired to make something”. (Take a collar from one pattern, a sleeve from another, a bodice from a third.)

  29. Pippa /

    I love to collect Xmas ornaments from places that we travel and for milestones in my kids lives. We take photos at the places we visit with the ornament we purchase and pictures of the kids with their ornament and it brings back memories when we decorate the tree each year

  30. Jessica B /

    I love to collect teddy bears. There are so many different kinds of teddy bears; I love that no two are alike! I also like all the accessories you can make for them: bow ties, necklaces, dresses, pants, vests.

  31. I love to collect photos… because when I need inspiration I can browse through them. It’s great for when I need idea’s for what to sew, or something new to try with photography.

  32. I love to collect string holders. They are so unique and are always a topic of conversation to visitors. There are so many different styles.

  33. Carole Schneider /

    I love to collect dolls, miniatures and Christmas ornaments from our travels (like Pippa does). I am sure my love for dolls started while I was a child and I loved them then but had very few. I also collect old baby and doll clothes patterns. Any one remember the “Advance” pattern company from years ago? I have their original Barbie doll patterns from the late fifties and early sixties. I bought them new and have used them often over the years They were great patterns!

  34. Marlene /

    I love to collect patterns! Of course, doll patterns but for humans too. Thinking about it makes me smile at the adventurers they create.

  35. Amanda /

    I love to collect junk! Ribbons off bags, buttons, charms, empty containers,card board inserts from boxes…… any thing that could be used to make something else.

  36. I love to collect boxes because I have a lot of stuff that I like to recycle.

  37. I love to collect fabric and clothes that can be repurposed.

  38. Adrien /

    I like to collect littlest pet shop animals because they are super fun to play with and I think they are super cute and the way how the illustrators draw the little details are so fascinating. Littles pet shop toys have a vast variety of different unique animals that are so adorable and are inexpensive.

  39. Tamara G /

    I love to collect American Girl dolls – at least that’s what it’s beginning to look like, as I’ve just acquired doll number three! I may be a grown woman and at times feel kind of silly, but I have developed a love for the creativity and imagination that is the center of the AG world. Every grown up should have some moments to feel like a kid and take utter and unabashed delight in something fun. I find too it’s a wonderful way to connect with my nieces – we have alot of fun sharing our ideas and it gives me a look into the world of today’s young girls. Girlhood is over too quickly and should be lived to the fullest!

  40. Susan Lemons /

    I love to collect minature sewing machines because I love sewing that much that my whole house is decorated with sewing related items, but mostly the minature sewing machines.

  41. I love to collect many things, but my first collection as an adult, was black and white pictures from 1910-1940, because I love to make and collect old style photographie. My grandpa was photographer:-)

  42. Nancy B /

    I love to collect ideas and tutorials for things I may make someday for my home or grandchildren. Many of these are free on the internet.

  43. Maria R /

    I love to collect Lladro figurines because they remind me of my childhood home.

  44. Bev Burns /

    I love to collect tea cups from places I visit because they are beautiful and a great souvenier.

  45. Melina /

    I love to collect rubber duckies because they remind me of challenges and faith, and to be honest to others. They help me commit myself to God.
    I also collect Nutcrackers because my sister and I are in the Nutcracker every year, and I love to dance.
    Another thing I collect is business cards because it helps me make memories of when I visit different places.

  46. Vicki Allen /

    I LOVE to collect vintage marbles because they are all different, so many different colors and they make me happy!

  47. I love to collect sewing a craft supplies.. that way when something a crafting bug hits me I have everything I need to do it

  48. Katie Gieske /

    I love the idea of collecting something cool, but I haven’t found my passion yet. I have a lot of e-books! Lol

  49. Sherri /

    My daughter Julianna loves to collect doll sized items for my dolls because it makes them so realistic and it is so much fun. I love all the liberty Jane clothes my mommy makes for my American girl doll McKenna and Catherine
    Signed Julianna


  50. I love to collect old buttons. I have my grandmother’s old buttons, many of which are made of bone and even a few are ivory. I just got to go through my mother in law’s buttons and added many of them to my collection.

  51. Angela /

    I love to collect LEGO sets and American Girl items. I love to collect LEGOs because I can build what ever I wish and imagine. I collect American Girl items because they are my favorite thing in the world and are like the best sisters ever.

  52. madisson /

    i love to collect handsanitizer, because i love the smell, and the bottle they come in. i also like the design on the bottle. i get my handsanditizer from bath and body works!

    • OH MY GOSH! Same here!:) ( I didn’t even notice you had said that until I posted mine! )
      (this isn’t meant to be an attempt at another entry, so please don’t count it in the draw:) )

  53. I love to collect hand sanitizer! At the bath&body works they have so many, and also I love to discover fun scents and themes! So far I have original, berry, vanilla, ‘dancing waters’, lavender, and cookie dough! Plus, I’m a bit of a germophobe, so I use it with lunch every day!

  54. janet /

    I love to collect buttons because they are so beautiful!

  55. Wesley /

    I love to collect old dance shoes because I go through them so fast! I like to see how much my feet have grown!

  56. Vicky /

    I love to collect Lighthouses… because they remind me to let my light shine so that my others can see the road to happiness. My husband and I think lighthouse keepers were very courageous and hardworking, good values to have in ones life.

  57. Trish Springer /

    I love to collect yarn! Because I also knit and you can never have enough yarn in enough colors. There are just so many beautiful things in the world that need knitting!

  58. Deb k /

    i love collecting recipes and patterns because i love to cook & sew when I have time

  59. Kathy Louisignau /

    I love to collect fabric…because that way I’ve always got fabric handy when a project comes along.

  60. Michelle Brown /

    I collect owls because they look so wise, and I teach “Owl-gebra” at a local junior high :)

  61. Emily Beaver /

    I love to collect charms because I like to make necklaces and bracelets.

  62. Laurel /

    I love to collect dishes, yarn & patterns! I’d hate to run out of ideas!

  63. Lydia graves /

    Snow globes, because they take me away like a dream

  64. Heather L /

    I love to collect different fabrics because I love finding new things to sew and make.

  65. Fran Russell /

    I collect drop spindles, because I love to spin my own yarn. Although a spinning wheel is more efficient, drop spindles are portable.

  66. I like to collect fabric because of all the wonderful things that I could end up making from it!



  68. Nadine /

    I have 5 granddaughters who are AVID One Direction fans.They have AG dolls and are getting clothing & accessories from this grandma for their birthdays this year. It would be sooooo fun for them (and me) to add a One Direction collectable item or two with their birthday gifts!

  69. Michelle /

    ” I love to collect American Girl stuff because I love to be creative and make my dolls come to life. I also like to collect fun erasers shaped like food because it gives my dolls a buffet! I love one direction!!

  70. Deadra /

    I love to collect dolls, Tonner fashion dolls and 18″ American girl type dolls. I also collect fabric and yarn that I often have a hard time using because it is “too pretty” to cut, so then, I just have to get someting else for my project! LOL

  71. Shelleigh /

    I love to collect Boyd’s Bears and vintage dolls like Mary Hoyer because both my daughter and myself love restoring them and the whimsical outfits the bears have for every season!

  72. Debbie A Ward /

    I collect shoes, because shoes always seem to make the out fit!

  73. I love to collect antique sewing machines, small and large. It is fascinating to see technology of old. Plus my passion of sewing. Some I use.

  74. Jennifer Seace /

    I love to collect old clothes and thrift store finds because I love to upcycle them into cool AG doll clothes!

  75. Christy Long /

    I used to love to collect Mary Moos cows. I had them all over the house. They were so cute!

  76. Lesley Perlberg /

    I love to collect craft supplies! You never know when an idea will strike!

  77. Gail K. /

    I love to collect snowmen because they are not a holiday specific decoration.

  78. Jean Jones /

    I live to collect AG dolls because they are so cute!!

  79. Elaine Hooton /

    ” I love to collect buttons because they are pretty and look like candy in jars. :) Thanks for the fun giveaways!

  80. I used to love to collect salt and pepper shakers until my shelf fell, and I lost half o them. :(
    I do love to collect angels – Seraphim angels made by Roman. I have many of the 12″ kind. I think we are surrounded by angels. At least that is what I like to believe.

  81. Cristine /

    I love to collect American Girl catalouges because in the old ones I like to look back on ones I like and look at the old items and compare them to the new items.

  82. Jaime Boisvert /

    I love to collect Competition Cheer Pins. And competitive cheer team pins because I like to remember all the great memories from those competitions and trade them with others from across the country.

  83. I know several little girls who would absolutely love anything for their dolls.

  84. I love to collect dragons because they are just are neat creatures.

  85. Maggie Tu /

    I love to collect instruments because they are beautiful and so fun to play!

  86. Shelly Snelson /

    I love to collect Mary’s Moo Moo’s because it reminds me of the times growing up on the farm.

  87. Jennifer Vukosic /

    I love to collect picture books because I teach Kindergarten and love that my 9 year old still loves cuddling and being read to :)

  88. Alysha /

    I love to collect doll shoes, because they are so Cute!

  89. Madison /

    I am 9 years old and I like to collect American Girl stuff because I want my doll to be exactly like me.

  90. Daphne Hill /

    I like to collect sewing patterns because I love to sew!

  91. Fiona /

    I love to collect anything 1D because I love Zayn & so do my dolls.

  92. Emily4LeafClover609 /

    I love collecting little things (song reference woo XD) for my American Girl Dolls because it makes you look at things from a different perspective.

  93. I love to collect fabric, sewing gadgets, patterns. I think I just love to collect.

  94. Maddie /

    I collect souvenier patches fron different places, like the statue of liberty.

  95. Caroline /

    I love to collect many things. However, I think my favorite collection is my dolls — dolls of all kinds. I collect them because they are a very real part of me and bring back many happy childhood memories. I have most of my childhood dolls, one of my great-aunt’s, given to me as a child, one that was my sister’s and our mother’s before that, quite a few that were my mother-in-law’s, one American Girl doll of my own given to me by my husband, and just a couple which I have purchased as an adult. Everyone of them has special meaning to me.

  96. I love to collect recipes, especially older recipes from the 30′s and 40′s, and also from the 1700′s and 1800′s, as I am the family genealogist and have many ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. I love to cook and bake and to try new recipes.

  97. I love to collect old recipes, especially from the 30′s and 40′s, and also from the 1700′s and 1800′s, as I’m the family genealogist and have many ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. I love to cook and bake and try new recipes.

  98. Firinel /

    I love to collect American Girl Dolls… because they foster creativity and inspire imagination!

  99. Taylor /

    i love to collect all sorts of things, especially dolls, things for dolls, and stuff like patterns and materials to make stuff for dolls.

  100. Beccah P. /

    i love to collect ag dolls because (even if i only have 4) i like to sew and craft for them.

  101. I love to collect thimbles, because they remind me of all the places I have traveled.

  102. I love to collect the doll clothes I make from Liberty Jane patterns. I thought I wanted to sell them, but so far I just keep them for myslef and of course my dolls.

  103. Lauren /

    I like to collect Americangirl doll stuff and also cheer bows!

  104. I love to collect sea shells because just like us each one is different, but beautiful!

  105. Kathleen Y Thomason /

    I love to collect old things and antiques because I like to thing about who could have owned them originally and how they used them and what they meant to them in sparser times.

  106. Cindy Sanchez /

    I love to collect craft supplies, because it gives my grandchildren something to do when they get bored.

  107. Shannon L. Barlow /

    I love to collect “SHOTGLASSES”. I started when my Father in Law gave me 4 really old ones. They’re dated back to 1917. They have to do with the Prohibition Days. I, to date, have over 200 shotglasses.

  108. Connie /

    I love to collect antique Christmas ornaments, it reminds me of my grandmother and her collection.

  109. Diane Davis /

    I love to collect vintage perfume bottles because of the victorian era when things were elegant.

  110. Linda /

    I love to collect the American Girl dolls. I have most of them but would like to have them all. They are such great dolls. I also love to collect fabric to make things for the dolls, my husband just shakes his head when I buy another plastic tub to store MORE fabric in HA! HA! Thanks.

  111. Paula /

    I love to collect doll sewing patterns. I always buy one to cut up and one to keep. I enjoy seeing how the styles have changed over the years. Funny how just like grown-ups, the fashions always come back!

  112. I like to collect horse figurines from different countries because horses are my favorite animal

  113. Candice Lacy /

    I love to collect accessories or my dolls because it enhances my displays!

  114. Ellen B /

    I love to collect dolls from my past (50s and 60s. I had a large collection and played with them a lot but when I went off to college, my mother found new homes for them. So now I am offering new homes to ones I remember from my past.

  115. sandy Mize /

    I would love to see more libery jane clothes, do you have scrubs yet?

  116. I love to collect magnets from places we’ve been, because I just have to look at themto be reminded of all the fun our family had on vacation. :-)

  117. Suzanne /

    I collect way too many things, dolls, fabrics, yarns, chickens…(yes that’s right) but I love my dolls from many places and my childhood. I worked seasonal for AG for 4 yrs and collected many AG dolls for my grand-daughter and myself, too. Now going to make extra clothes with LJPatterns!

  118. Della /

    I love to collect things that make my family happy…for my granddaughter all things American Girl Doll make her happy so that’s what I collect for her. And the fact that it is One Direction would make her toes curl..so wish me luck!

  119. TERRY EALEY /


  120. April /

    ” I love to collect Blythe dolls because they are haunting and quirky and, like AGs, inspire me to make fun clothing and accessories for them.“

  121. I love to collect dolls because so i can deck them out in head to toe liberty jane clothing!

  122. Linda Wernette /

    I love to collect whimsical little objects because they inspire creativity for me to make items for the American girl doll. Working with many mediums such as polymer clay, paper crafts to make mini books, beading to make doll jewelry, painting, wood crafts, ETC. All that you can imagine can be made by ones own creativity. The possibilities are endless. The latest aquasitions are Liberty Jane patterns. THEY ARE THE BEST UP TO DATE STYLES I’VE EVER SEEN!I have started with ten patterns and now I can’t wait to buy the rest!

  123. Jill H. /

    ” I love to collect sewing patterns because I never know when inspiration will strike!

  124. I love to collect fabric because its so much fun to visualize all of the possibilities I could make with it and what I already have to mix and match it with. I could probably sew for the rest of my life without ever buying another yard but what fun would that be?

  125. I collect Native American Pottery. I grew up in the southwest though I have lived on the east coast now for many years. My pots remind me of all fun I had with my family growing up. When my son was younger and I traveled a lot, he used to tell me I needed to get art other than pottery. One trip I called and told him I had bought a painting! He hesitated, then said resignedly, “It’s of pots, isn’t it?” (Ancient Anasazi pottery to be specific ;))

  126. nancy haywood /

    i love to collect material, patterns and dolls.

  127. (I think) I love to collect dolls because I didn’t have very many as a child. I remember a neighbor friend and I had a “Doll Show.” We made posters and charged 19 cents admission. I only had one doll in that “show,” my Toni that I got for Christmas.

  128. Carol B /

    I love to collect anything sewing related…patterns, buttons, old sewing machine attachments, fabric, thread, quilting patterns & tools!

  129. Peggy /

    I love to collect pictures of vintage clothes. They are great inspirations for my sewing. Love the hats!

  130. Miranda /

    I love to collect dolls,yarn,fabric,books,and hula hoops because those are my favorite things. :-)

  131. Rachel /

    I love to collect nature items from walks with my children because we use them as decorations or in craft projects later!

  132. Julie /

    I love to collect craft supplies. I mean one day I’ll have to time to do something with them, right?

  133. Jane wolfson /

    I love to collect fabric and yarn because I never know when I will have a great idea for using it.

  134. I love to collect well.. many things, one thing is Disney Pins. I like to collect them because I like all the designs and how you can trade them. They also remind me of the fun I had on that trip to Disney!!

  135. I love to collect fabrics and sewing supplies so I can make American Girl doll clothes for my granddaughter.

  136. Ruth W /

    I love to collect antique miniature toys, like metal doll tea sets, game pieces and other items that fit in a shadow box, because it is fun to imagine how much more simple life must have been for a kid 75+ years ago.

  137. susan /

    I love to collect vintage and classic children’s clothing patterns because I love to sew for my sweet grandchildren.

  138. May Wong /

    I love to collect dolls and miniature items because they are just sooooooo cute1

  139. Charyll Newman /

    I love to collect AG dolls because they make me smile.

  140. Rhonda /

    I Love to collect teddy bears because they are so cute!!! :)

  141. LeAnn /

    ” I love to collect fabric because you never know what you will need when you want to sew“

  142. I love to collect Liberty Jane Patterns because it’s always fun to sew Doll Clothes :-)
    My daughter likes to collect hand sanitizers from Bath and body works because they are affordable and smell good. Oh and she LOVES ONE DIRECTION!!!!

  143. ann fazekas /

    American girl dolls because they have an interesting history behind them. the just like me dolls can have a history that you make up.

  144. Joan D /

    I love to collect fabric for you never know when a good project will come up. Right now it is Sausage Pillowcases and Benjamin Smiles Pillows. Happy sewing!

  145. Krista E. /

    My 7 year old daughter would be delighted! Hope she is a winner :)

  146. ag4ever21 /

    I love to collect American girl dolls because They are really cute and i love to make clothes for them.

  147. Nancy /

    I love to collect salt & pepper shakers because this is my souvenir from my vacation trips. I always find a salt & pepper set that is from the area. I also try to collect those that show my interests like baseball, music. And holidays! Fun!

  148. Jennifer S /

    I love the collect anything my grandchildren like. Currently it is (American Girl Dolls.) I love to see happy children! It brightens my day. :)

  149. Sally /

    I love to collect fabric for quilts and doll clothes because the colors and textures are so inspiring! It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive quality or thrift store finds if it appeals to me I will use it somehow!

  150. Cindy Y. /

    Along with dolls and everything that goes with them, I collect Nativity scenes in various forms,turtle items and Willow Tree figurines. Oh, and I collect dust! LOL!

  151. Debra Thomas /

    I love to collect vintage knitting and crocheting patterns because these patterns are so beautiful and deserve to be preserved.

  152. Roxanne /

    I love to collect anything sewing related. I have a large collection of sewing ornaments and every Christmas when I put them out I get such enjoyment looking at them.

  153. Debbie /

    I love to collect “things” because I think I have a “collector’s” gene! My son has it too, although he doesn’t collect AG dolls like I do!!

  154. I love to collect school books because I want to be smart and still get straight a’s when I skip 5th grade and move on to 6th grade.Also because my school is closing down and I’m getting homeschooled by my teacher for the rest of the year I would do that because it would make my teacher not so stressed out.

  155. Carol Derby /

    I love to collect child size sewing machine. I am fascinated with how they were made and how well some of them work. I also collect American girl dolls.:)

  156. Theresa /

    I like to collect Australian Smocking & Embroidery magazines because I love to smock and the patterns are timeless!

  157. Olivia P. /

    I collect beads because I make earrings out of them to sell at the Farmer’s Market. I started when I was 6 and now I am 8.

  158. Carol W /

    I love to collect “fat quarters” quilting fabrics because they make such a beautiful display of colors and patterns in my sewing room. They also inspire me to create all kinds of items and they can be easily replenished when I use them up.

  159. I love to collect American Girl doll accessories because the looks on the young girls faces when I give them as gifts are priceless.

  160. Tammy /

    I am a fabric hoarder…I love fabric…I still have fabric from when my children were small. The youngest is now 22…But I now have new grandbabies and I am starting to use some of it again…

  161. I love to collect ideas because there’s lots of great ones out there that I’ve never thought of!!

  162. Suzie /

    I love to collect things that I love. If it’s worth having one then more is better! I have several collections but I try not to overdo it. But I may have overdone it with my fabric collection Oops!

  163. Alice /

    I love to collect scrapbook supplies to use in making books of family pictures.

  164. Susan /

    I love to collect fabric because there are so many different patterns and colors of print and when it is still fabric there is so much potential to create something beautiful.

  165. Lea Ann Reynolds /

    I love to collect M&M Dispensers because they have such cute expressions, and they’re so colorful! :)

  166. Jennifer A /

    I love to collect Christmas ornaments from various places that we have been because, we can remember all those wonderful trips and adventures.

  167. Michelle C. /

    I love to collect spices because someday, I’ll learn how cooking and spices make wonderful dishes. I also love to collect Bento supplies because I like to make fun kid food.

  168. Judy Stevens /

    I love collecting ribbons and lace because I like making hairbows for granddaughters.

  169. Laurie Minjarez /

    I love to collect doll miniatures with my daughter Kaitlyn because she just recently became interested in American Girl dolls and we love to craft and create together!!

  170. Joylo Brown /

    I collect dolls, doll patterns, wool for knitting or crochet, knitting patterns, sewing patterns and SHOES. I actually have a shoe closet with matching purses.
    I knit and/or sew every day of the week for my grand daughter’s dolls. The oldest one is 14 and in grade nine and the other one is five in senior kindergaten. Liberty Jane contempary patterns are great for modern looks and whatever the older one gets the younger one wants to copy.

  171. I love to collect dolls from my childhood. I got rid of them whenI was older and regretted it years later…so I am trying to find doll sot replace what I had! My daughters just laugh!

  172. Lindsay /

    I love to collect little things. It’s hard to describe what will pull me into something, just the way it feels smooth in your hand or has a nice curve to it.

  173. Cindy /

    I like to collect anything shiny because I am a Bling Meister and love to create art projects with lots of light reflections and color!

  174. Barb Blythe /

    I collect AG dolls (I have 17!) As a grandma, I love what they are all about—so innocent & wholesome. AG wants to keep little girls, “little girls” as long as possible—Thanks Liberty Jane Patterns!

  175. Alicia /

    I love to collect pictures of wild animals because I enjoy drawing and sketching them.

  176. Esther Lheureux /

    I collect stamps because I love to see the smiles from my twins when they use it.

  177. I love to collect coupons because the thought of saving a dollar or two or $50 is awesome to me!

  178. Linda DuBos /

    I love to collect Liberty Jane patterns because the finished garments fit like a dream and are of superior quality – unlike some of the throw together patterns now on the market.

  179. kathi early /

    I like to collect doll clothes patterns!! I will eventually make all of them! I am entering for my grand daughter!

  180. Rilla /

    Evidently I am a collector of collections! My maternal grandmother (born in 1885) left me her treadle sewing machine, tatting shuttles and crochet hooks. My paternal grandmother (b. 1867)left a plethera of hand-made storage cupboards and quilts. My great aunt Dolly (b.1899) bequeathed to me her doll collection. Aunt Cora (b. 1897) gave me some of her Hummels and china demitasse cups. Aunt Verna sent me her collection of unfinished quilt blocks :^) I have added collections of children’s books, scrapbooking supplies and PATTERNS – for quilts, sewing, and doll clothes patterns – especially Liberty Jane.

  181. Cynthia Snyder /

    I love to collect American Girl stuff because my daughter loves to play with them.

    • Cinnamon & Team /

      Hi Cynthia, you are the winner of the super cute One Direction doll size fan pack – Congrats!! We will contact you through email with the details :)

  182. Lori K /

    I love to collect angel Christmas ornaments…this was started by my grandmother when I was growing up and now I continue it almost every year.

  183. Rindie Mills /

    I collect American Girl dolls, their outfits and accessories. I particularly like to find the older outfits and items. I purchased boxes that are the same size as the original AG boxes and when I find an item I start a box for that outfit and I write on the side of it what is in the box and what still needs to be found to complete the outfit and it’s accessories. I keep detailed records of all the pieces I have. It may sound compulsive but it’s the seeking and the finding that is the most fun for me. I also, of course, buy items directly from AG to add to my collection.

  184. I like to collect doll clothes, because they are super cute and fun to mix and match!


  185. Lynda H /

    I love to collect Christmas ornaments found on trips or during special moments because I get to relive that moment every year when I put up the Christmas tree.

  186. Kristie Manuel /

    I love to collect sewing notions, and I’m not really sure why, I just love them! Scissors and pin cushions are my first choice!

  187. I love to collect Historical American Girl Dolls because they share a rich history of America as well as inspire girls with realistic stories of what any girl is capable of doing!

  188. Victoria /

    I like to collect postcards because I like to have so many different kinds and have them as souvenirs from places I’ve visited!

  189. I love to collect old recipes because I find they are much more basic and wholesome without a lot of expensive ingredients.

  190. Cynthia Snyder /

    Wow! Thanks Cinnamon! I haven’t won anything in a long time! My daughter is so excited to get the One Direction posters!!!

  191. omg im chattin with anna bailmentos!! ahhhhhh!!! #stoked#

  192. Glimmer /

    I love to collect paper stars because they are lots of fun to make and each star represents a happy thought(:

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