Results from the Design Contest on Pinterest

Jan 06

LJ Pinterest contest results_edited-1A few months ago we had a fun design contest on Pinterest. The basic idea was to create a mood board for your dream doll outfit. It was so fun to see all the entries, you sure are a creative bunch of fans! If you’re interested in looking at all of the entires you can see them posted in the comments under this pin.

Now to announce the winners!

First place – and the winner of a custom outfit made by Cinnamon/LJC – is Allison and her board for Apple Cider Stroll.

Second Place – and the winner of a 50% off coupon to Liberty Jane CLothing or Liberty Jane Patterns – is Caitlin and her board for “Pink En Pointe”

Third Place – and the winner of a 25% off coupon to Liberty jane Clothing or Liberty Jane Patterns  - is Booklover678 and their board for Minty Fresh

Congrats to all the winners and thatnks to all of you who participated!

We are currently working on Allisons outfit and will post pic’s when it’s done…

Cinnamon & Team LJC


  1. Kassie /

    I was wondering when you will have a contest on email if possible like people
    Send you a pic on email

  2. I love the designs, esp. the first place one! I would sooo buy that! Great job everyone!

  3. Olivia /

    These outfit ideas are very inspirational! Great job, ladies! I started an idea board and wish I had completed it!

  4. Allison /

    I’m really looking forward to the finished outfit! Thanks again, Cinnamon!

    • Caroline /

      Great idea, Allison, and very nice presentation. I like your color palette and the whole concept.

  5. Jaclyn C /

    I’m excited to see how this one turns out! There were a lot of great ideas!

  6. Carolyn /

    Allison’s outfit is soooo cute! I wonder how she thought of it. ;)

  7. Allison /

    lol Carolyn! <3

  8. Amber Fuller /

    I loved the winning results of this contest. For some reason when I read the contest rules I couldn’t quite figure out how to do this contest. Once I saw the other boards then I realized what was supposed to be done. Great idea. I hope you do it again sometime. :)

  9. Caroline /

    It was really a fun contest, Cinnamon. I enjoyed being given the opportunity to be creative and enjoyed participating. The winners’ dream outfit descriptions are great.

  10. O…thank you!!:D

  11. soooo cute! I love the designs, Thanks!

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