Introducing Pixie Faire

Jun 22

We have a big change in store for our pattern shoppers and visitors to our Liberty Jane Patterns website, ( Read all the info below to learn more!

First, a bit of background and explanation for this change…

Why We’re Changing:

The Liberty Jane Patterns website started in September of 2009 with the goal of selling our doll clothes patterns. We have been incredibly blessed to grow into a destination site for pattern shoppers and we’ve had over 300,000 patterns downloaded to-date. We are incredibly grateful for the loyal following and faithful customers that have made our work possible.

But as you know, over the last several years we’ve added designs from many other pattern publishers. The website has truly become a marketplace for an amazing collection of independent pattern sellers. unfortunately, the name of our website, ( doesn’t indicate that fact.

So we’ve spent the last year completely re-imagining our pattern selling and the marketplace we’ve created. We worked to dream something up that we could really be proud of – something that would wow (you) our loyal customers and create a shopping experience that was both fun, easy, and memorable.

We also wanted to create a marketplace that would honor all the pattern sellers and their brands. We wanted to create a site that would clearly position each designer as an independent artist. We hope to add more pattern sellers soon – and continue to expand the amazing selection we’ve assembled.

So today we are announcing the launch of a new pattern marketplace – Pixie Faire.

The new website will eventually replace as the primary place to buy our patterns. We will (slowly) make this transition over the next several months. We’ve had the site tested by several hundred loyal customers and their feedback was incredibly positive. We think you’re going to love this new site.

Don’t worry, we’ll go slow and transition to the new site carefully. Eventually, over the next few months we will redirect people to do their pattern purchases on the new site exclusively. After that transition is complete Liberty Jane Patterns will serve as a showcase of our pattern designs – but refers people to the new site for the shopping experience.

So, please do us the honor of visiting our brand new site and shop for some patterns…


After your first transaction, free or paid, you will be asked to create your account. Once you do this you are automatically enrolled in the loyalty program and able to use the wish list function. All of these new features are designed to help you have a better shopping experience, including:

  • A wish list To Organize Your Future Purchases
  • A User Account With Pixie Faire Transaction History To Re-Download Prior Purchases
  • Pixie Perks – A Loyalty Program To Earn Points & Get Discounts
  • Direct Checkout With Credit Cards Or Paypal

You might enjoy visiting the “story page” to read why we decided on this name. And here is our fun new logo – feel free to share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram accounts…

Pixie_Faire Doll Clothes Patterns


Thanks again for all of your ongoing support for our work. On behalf of all of the designers that use Pixie Faire – thank you – we are grateful for your ongoing support.

Cinnamon Miles,

Liberty Jane Clothing



  1. Flo Davies /

    I LOVE that you have GROWN and I have been able to witness and support the process!!! Looking forward to ALL the new Designs and maybe one day Designing my own!!!

  2. Kathy /

    Obviously you’ve been successful. Frankly, I find it all a bit confusing. I’m just interested in the patterns, not the marketplace.

    • Cinnamon & Team /

      That’s fair. Thanks for being candid. We appreciate your support!

  3. Sherri /

    hi. can i ask how this affects the partner program or does it.?

    • Cinnamon & Team /

      It doesn’t. We’re working to revamp the terms and language moving forward…


  4. Amber Fuller /

    I loved your original name but I understand the need to make a change. I am excited for all the new things that you are adding.Keep up the good work and thank you for desiring to keep customers happy.

  5. Virginia P. /

    Will the coupon code I have for Liberty Jane patterns be accepted on the new site? It’s from the purchase of your Pinterest Power book.

  6. Darlene /

    Like your new site. Easy to shop for patterns.

  7. I love the new site. I’m positive it will be a great success.

  8. Madison /

    I love the name and the idea!
    The market place will be so much easier!
    I hope you continue to succeed.

  9. Madison /

    Email me soon!

  10. Cindi Perron /

    I would love to see more “views” of the patterns; some of them don’t have any additional pictures at all. Thanks for all you do!

  11. Hi!Cinnamon I’ve yet 2 complete a design or get 1 of ur designs,however I haven’t given up!!!!!!! Congrats on ur New site,I’m sure u will make it work + if possible a quicker transaction will transpire.I look forward 2 recieveing ur goods + patterns,Good Luck!!!! Best Regards,Lisa

  12. Really enjoy Pixie Faire………it’s clean…’s easy to follow and I can’t stop looking at it. Keep up the good work!

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