Free Giveaway – Cinnamon’s New Sewing Book!

Oct 17

Cinnamon’s Sewing book was published in early September – and we’ve been hearing alot of great feedback on the book!

The book is geared toward beginners with very clear full color step by step photo’s that guide the reader through the entire process of learing to sew. After working to put together hundreds of PDF sewing patterns for Liberty Jane, it was second nature for Cinnamon to go through and take pictures for each and every step of learning to sew. The format is very easy to understand and follow. Each chapter includes a simple project to practice the skills taught. Projects were put together by Cinnamon, Melinda (of Melody Valerie Couture fame) , and Karin – The Liberty Jane Design Team. We  are excited to have some of the projects made for the book (the actual project in the photo!) up for auction in the LJ ebay store. We thought that it would be a fun opportunity for our fans to share in the whole experience by owning a piece of Liberty Jane History!

There are 10 practice projects -

  • Bookmark
  • Infinity Scarf
  • PeterPan Collar Embellishment
  • Lace-Embellished Tank
  • Fabric Headband
  • Zipper Clutch (being auctioned on ebay this week!)
  • Pleated Pillow Case
  • Monogrammed Key Fob
  • Pot Holder
  • Pocket Tee

Additionally, the book includes 13 Gallery Projects:

  • Peppermint Coasters (being Auctioned on ebay this week too!)
  • Elastic-waist Skirt
  • Mannequin Scissor Holder
  • Felt Coffee Cozy
  • Sewing Machine Cover
  • Pin Cushion
  • Tissue Pack Cover
  • Reusable Snack Bag
  • Drawstring Flatpack
  • Tablet Case
  • Picnic Blanket
  • Makeup Brush Holder
  • Applique Pillow


Now’s your chance to win a free autographed copy!

How To Enter: simply leave a comment below answering this question…

“What is your earliest sewing memory?”

Winner will be selected randomly from the comments received. We will select one winner for each 100 comments! So if there are 200 comments there will be two winners, 300 – three winners, 400 – four winners and so on. So spread the word, pin it, share it, tell your friends :)

One entry per person/email address. Contest open 10-17-13 through 10-26-13

Winners will be notified on 10-27-13


P.S. Have you already gotten a copy of the book? We’d be honored if you’d leave a review on Amazon – it helps to give the book some credibility and encourage people to get a copy of their own – thanks in advance :)

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  1. Sue Pollard /

    My earliest memory is my mom telling me that if I wanted to learn how to sew I should start with Barbie clothes. I did and after sewing many Barbie outfits she showed me how easy it was to then sew for myself. Thank you mom! I miss you!

  2. My earliest sewing memory is when I was in the 7th grade Home Ec class and made a blue A line skirt. I got a B on it, I don’t have it anymore, but after that I loved making clothes for myself.

  3. I remember when I was probably 7 or 8 trying my hand at making a bikini for my Mia doll (the one with the hair that grew) with scraps and findings from momma’s sewing box. I used a needle and thread. That was long before I knew anything about hems and proper seams. I think that is about the earliest memory I have. Thanks for all you do Cinnamon for the doll and sewing community. Keep up the great work.


  4. My first project was a puffed sleeve blouse in a small red and white stripe when I was eight years old.

  5. Linda Wernette /

    My first recollection of sewing was in junior high school in Home Economics class. We made an apron out of gingham check red fabric.

  6. Carol Lee /

    My earliest memory of sewing was in form I at high school, we had to make a sewing bag and I hated it!!
    Years later I have a granddaughter, who has an America doll and as we don’t have AG shops in Australia I now sew clothes for her doll and I am loving it!!!

  7. Christine /

    My earliest memory of sewing was when my mom bought me a Cabbage Patch Kid pattern book for sewing as she only had enough money to buy the doll and the sewing book. She could not afford the clothes and she would give me old clothes and I started making my own doll clothes. I now have 4 copies of that original sewing book. :)

  8. Deadra Nelson /

    I remember sitting at my moms White sewing machine ( it only straight stretched) sewing rug rags together. I was around 4 and my feet didn’t reach the floor,but the machine had a leg control that I could use. Mom had us roll the long string of strips and she would use them to weave rag rugs on her loom. Mom still has that machine. I made many a doll dress and 4-H projects on it.

  9. Julie Koppleberger /

    I remember taking a Home Ec class for an elective in Junior High school. I made a throw pillow and then gave it to a friend. After school we lost touch. When I visited her at her home years later I found that she still had that pillow. Being the first sewing project that I could remember ever making, I was surprised she still had saved it. Such a good memory.

  10. Glue, scotch tape, an antique singer sewing machine and old bed sheets. It took me all those ingredients to make my first outfit around the age of seven. My step mom attempted to give me guidance as I concocted a hodge podge of creative silliness. I wore it to school in true Faith form and it fell apart by lunch. Knew there was a reason my step mom made me wear something underneath.

  11. Linda Koenig /

    I was in 9th grade home ec and I made a apron.

  12. Pam Young /

    One of my earliest sewing memories was making a simple cotton jumper for one of my youngest sisters when I was about 12. Even though I had made Barbie clothes from socks when younger, this was my first attempt at sewing for people. I got her measurements, figured out how much fabric would be needed and went to work making the jumper. I figured everything out on my own, including handworked button holes. When I was finished, I had her try it on and it fit perfectly even though an aunt tried to say it was too short (this was the late 60′s). She wore that jumper until she outgrew it. Love you Jan. And as for the remark from my aunt…I never let it discourage me. I continued with my sewing and still love sewing today.

  13. Daisy Juarez /

    I was sewing without my mom knowing but I was old enough. I broke the machine and i tried to fix it but i failed. I was trying to make something for my doll but the sizing was wrong and where i started to sew. I failed bad lol since then I think its still broken haha

  14. Rachel K. /

    My earliest memory is cutting holes in the middle of a piece of fabric and then using yarn or a long strip of scrap fabric to hold the dolly ‘dress’ together. It took me a while to learn that that wasn’t the best way to go about making a dolly dress.

  15. my mom was a tailor and i had to sew barbie clothes by had until i could sew them “right” meaning straight seams and then i was allowed to sew them on the machine. in high school i had a teacher who said do it right the first time-you will make yourself money meaning the fabric will not have to be replaced and i could sew other things. i loved them for making me “do it right” and i have been sewing for over 50 years thanks to them :)

  16. Katherine /

    i remember when i was a teenager and the clothing style was to wear very narrow tapered pants and using my Mum’s sewing machine to hem and taper all my jeans.

  17. On the first day of junior high home economics class as we sat at our sewing machines, the teacher said she had never had anyone sew their finger. That day I sewed into my finger! That was 45 years ago!

  18. Kristie Dowling /

    My very first sewing project was an apron in 7th grade Home Ec.

  19. Awilda Montes /

    When I was 6 yrs old, I remember my dad coming home drunk. He would complain about dinner and the sewing mess on the table he was suppose to eat on. Once they started to argue back and forth, I would try to help my mom and clean up the fabric off the floor. One day, I got tired of the arguing and I closed the door and started wrapping the fabric around my Barbie dolls and tried to make dresses. I saw my mom hand sew and I would go in the room and tried it myself. Today, I’m, 47 yrs old and when I’m stressed I sew for my daughter’s AG dolls. Love your patterns.

  20. My earliest memory is my grandmother teaching me how to sew for my Barbies. She had an mechanical sewing machine but everything we sew was by hand. My latest memory is just something that happened today, my 8 old daugther ask me to teach her to sew…we will start this weekend :)

  21. I remember being in Junior High when my best friends’ mother helped me make my first ever wool skirts. She showed me how to do my blind stitch hem on the lining which was so exciting for me. Sadly she died several months later from Leukemia but I will be forever grateful for this experience.

  22. I was 8 and too young to take the summer “tot-lot” sewing class. They let me in anyway. We made a plaid sleeveless top–two rectangles sewn and hemmed properly. I ironed over a pin, picked it up and was burned with a blister on my index finger. I never cried, or said anything, because they didn’t think I should be there in the first place! I never pick up the pins I still iron over!

  23. When I was about 7 or 8 years old (back in the sixties)Santa brought me a miniature Singer sewing machine. It worked by turning a wheel on its side and would really sew! I can remember making clothes for my Barbie and Midge dolls (with my mom’s help). I still have that sewing machine – it brings back great memories every time I look at it.

  24. Mary Mc /

    I first learned to sew by hand at age 5 when I got to stay up an hour later than usual and sew doll clothes. I never stopped sewing after that. My first sewing on the machine was when I was around 9 or 10 and learned to make a dirndl skirt for a girl scout event. It has been a positive part of my life, and now I want to teach my nieces how to sew.

  25. Judith /

    My earliest sewing memory is stitching an apron in Home Ec class in Junior High and a Log Cabin style pillow cover for the same class.



  27. My earliest sewing memory is just a couple years ago, when my Nana taught me to sew on her old Singer. I made a blue and gold doll dress, and I’ve been hooked ever since. xD

  28. I have always loved to sew. I use to have a small china doll that my Grandmother gave me and I learned to sew for her & kept her & her clothes in a shoe box. My Mom showed me how to sew & most of our clothes were made from feed bags that my Mom sewed. That was so many years ago(too many). Now I sew for my grandchildren making AG doll clothes. I sewed for my kids when they were small & for my husband. I am 73 & still sewing.

  29. Marguerite /

    My first sewing experience was in junior high home ec class. We each made a gingham apron. Mine was yellow and white checked.

  30. Amy Gracyalny /

    My earliest sewing memory… I was in sixth grade and took a sewing class…My great grandmother who was born in 1899 gave me a beautiful dress that she made when she was sixteen and I brought it to school and had to alter the top and go over all the thread so that I could wear it. It is a long black dress and has red velvet on the top and I still have the dress and I wear it every Halloween as a witch.

  31. Judie Ann Fulton /

    I first learned about sewing as a child sitting on the floor under the quilting frame. I was very proud to be allowed to put a few stitches in a “Sun Bonnet Sue” quilt. Then I joined 4H and began a lifetime of sewing. My grand daughter would enjoy owning this book and I would enjoy sharing it!

  32. Cheryl /

    My Grandmother told me that I stood watching her sew when I was 3-years-old. And I asked her if I could have her sewing machine when she died. She was probably 45 at the time. That was over 60 years ago. Now I’ve bought a sewing machine for my granddaughter for Christmas. This book would be perfect for her, as I teach her to sew.

  33. Grammi Sharon /

    My mother loved to sew and passed that onto me at an early age. I don’t remember exactly but started making Barbie clothes. Made a suit jacket for Ken at about age 12. This book would be an excellent start for my granddaughter who is getting a sewing machine for Christmas.

  34. I was about 7 and in the hospital playing with a naked barbie. A nurse gave me some material and needle and thread. She threaded the needle for me and I made the doll a dress – well I guess I thought it was a great dress – but it started me off. When I was finally able to go home I started out learning how to sew buttons on clothes and then helped with the mending.

  35. Flo Davies /

    My earliest sewing memory didn’t involve sewing! I wanted my Tiny Tears doll to have undies so I cut two holes in a stretch anklet. No more diapers!!!
    It wasn’t until Barbie in 1959, that I created my first
    doll fashions! Can’t wait for my new glasses so I can start sewing again!
    Thanks to all at Liberty Jane!

  36. Marilyn Clarkin /

    When my girls were young I was given a sewing machine and went to the closest fabric store bought a pattern and fabric the proceeded to teach myself how to sew.

  37. Sewing simple Barbie clothes on my mother’s Kenmore sewing machine. I was so proud of my creations, sewn from scrap materials from dresses my mother had sewn for me.

  38. Holly Arthur /

    My earliest sewing memory is from 4th grade. That was when I was old enough to sew on the sewing machine according to my mom. My first project as one of the bunnies. That go on couches that were popular 20 years ago. He ended up slightly croocked!

  39. Maurita Barefield /

    When I was 8/9 I heard a noise downstairs one night shortly before Christmas. I went to see what Mom was doing in the middle of the night.she was doing her part to help Santa, making new clothes for our dołs to match what she had made us. She told me that from then on I was on my own and patiently taught me to see. That was in mid 49′s and been doing it ever since. I have 8 AG dolls that I use for display when I have a booth at a craft show selling my doll creations. My customers love the clothes made from Liberty Jane Patterns

  40. My earliest memory of wanting to learn to sew is sitting on the floor next to my Grandmother and pretending to be sewing as she worked on her “mending”. Her sewing machine cabinet has a door that swings open with a small shelf and little drawers in the door. It was the perfect place to pretend that I was sewing just like Grandma. I still have her sewing machine and many fond memories of the time she spent teaching me to sew and crochet.

  41. Rita Watson /

    My first memory is laying on the floor on newspaper so my grandma could xraw around me to make a pattern and then pushing the tredle while she sewed.

  42. Margie Blume /

    My Grandmother taught me how to sew when I was about 6.
    She had a treadle machine and I jammed it up a lot.

  43. Jana Leonard /

    My earliest sewing memories predate even kindergarten. My Mom and Grandma were were sewers and I can remember at a very early age going to the fabric store with them. In those days, the stores would put remnants of lace and trim in ‘grab bags’ and sell them for some ridiculously low price. My mom would let me get a bag and I would sit on the floor while she sewed on the machine and hand sew trims on doll clothes I had made out of scraps of fabric from her projects!

  44. My earliest Memory is Middle School Home ec, where we had to sew a pillow. I had so much trouble with the school machines that I thought I could not sew. I didn’t try and sew again until I was in my 30′s and now I love it!

  45. Maddie /

    My first memory was hand sewing a little pillow and hand emboridering a horse on it when I was 6 or so.

  46. Donna Pohorence /

    My mom taught me to sew when I was about 12. It’s the most precious gift she gave me. She lives with me now and has Alzheimers. She doesn’t remember how to sew and can not follow instructions to sew on a button. But I think she enjoys seeing my baby projects! In a short while I will start making doll clothes for my granddaughter and I think she will enjoy that also.

  47. Christine /

    I remember shopping with my mom and grandma for wool fabric for a scarf I made for my first 4-H project when I was 8. I loved the fabric store and all the potential it represented. Makes me miss grandma.

  48. Jennifer /

    My earliest memories of sewing are at my Grandmother’s house. She had a treadle sewing machine. Although she occasionally used it she mostly sewed by hand. She had a huge box of buttons.

  49. Virginia /

    I remember going with my mom to pick out fabric at the store, and getting the scraps to make doll clothes.

  50. Sophie T /

    My earlies sewing memory is of me at 9 years old trying to make an apron for my Sindy doll, out of a scrap pieces of corduroy and ribbon. I hand sew it – and cut accidentally a hole in the main piece, which a patched not very elegantly! My mom was impressed and then bought me a pattern to make Barbie clothes and thought me how to sew with the sewing machine!

    I still have this apron, along with the rest of the clothes I made!

  51. Michelle Cole /

    My earliest memory is when I was around 4 or 5 years old, I would sit and watch her work on her Kenmore machine.:) My mom was always sewing all kinds of things for my sister and I. Like matching outfits, a full size doll with hand embroidered face and yarn hair (I was able to put my clothes on her:)), costumes like cowgirls, ballerinas and clowns (to name a few). Oh and costumes for old fashion day at church. I even have a picture of my sister and I in our costumes. She even made an E.T. costume head and all for one of my cousins for Halloween. She was amazing and I now have that love and passion of sewing and creating because of her.

  52. Sheilah /

    My earliest memory sewing is sitting out under a large shade tree with all my Barbie dolls and fabric, scissors, and needle and thread. I was 4-5 years old. My baby sistr and Mom would sit on the porch watching me! :)

  53. I have a daughter that is 34 yrs old. She never was interested in sewing. Now she asks me what book would be best for a beginner! Would be nice to hand this one to her! I try to teach her but she just doesn’t get it from me!

  54. My earliest memory of sewing is making a skirt and scarf for my first 4-H project and have been sewing ever since

  55. My earliest memories were from age 8. My Grandma teaching me to make my 1st doll clothes on her treadle Singer. Since then I have carried on what she taught me 58 years ago by my doll business and teaching my 2nd – 3rd 8 and 9 year old autistic Granddaughters the fantastic satisfaction of sewing. I have now gone thru 6 Kenmores and now have a Janome. I just bought them their 1st starter Kenmore.

  56. Linda H Miller /

    My first sewing memory was when I was 8 yrs. old. I took a pretty red rag from the rag box and made a cape for my Betsy Wetsy doll. I sneeked into the sewing room and used my mom’s sewing machine (which I wasn’t allowed to use) to sew the shoulders and side seams. I even sewed a button on it and punched a buttonhole with scissors. I have a picture of me proudly holding my doll in the cape. My older sisters were impressed with it; my mom not so much but after that she started to teach me to sew.

  57. Kathi Abrams /

    My earliest memory of sewing was making clothes for my Barbie dolls. Taking old socks and making them into dresses for her. I’ve been sewing ever since.

  58. Carrie /

    My earliest memory of sewing is my mother sitting at her sewing machine, sunlite streaming thru the window giving a huggable warmth to the room. I would sit on her bed in this small room and stitch doll clothes by hand. My mother would check my stitches to make sure they were tidy and she would insist I had all seams matching. All this was started when I was only six and many years have passed now but these were the days I reflect on the most . The scent of new material, the colors and the stacks of thread still give me that thrill and the sweet memories of Mom and I sewing together. Now I sew doll clothes for my granddaughters and baby blankets for the Project Linus . The glow in the room now is Mom looking down on her old sewing machine I use and giving my room the huggable warmth.

  59. The earliest sewing memory I have was at age 7 when I had to make a little shadowbox puppet show of my favorite fairy tale. My mom showed me how to take tiny stitches in the hem of Cinderella and the fairy godmother’s dresses. Later around 4th grade I sewed together some simple outfits for my troll dolls.

  60. Jocelyn /

    I remember sewing Barbie clothes with my older sister, and using the old treadle machine that we had at the cottage in the summer.

    • Cinnamon & Team /

      Hi Jocelyn! Guess what? You have been selected to receive the autographed Sewing book! Congrats! We will contact you through email for the details :)
      -Team LJC

  61. My earliest sewing memory is junior high home economics–making an ugly apron. Thankfully it didn’t keep me from going on to be a lifelong sewing enthusiast.

  62. Sandee /

    My mother made all my clothing so I decided that I would use her sewing machine to taper the legs of my blue jeans while she was at work… Not watching and very nervous someone would walk into the sewing room, I ran the needle through my finger. Yep, the secret was no longer secret. I continued on in life to adulthood, even after injury, having my own fabric shop. Taught may class, designing bridal dresses and enjoying the adventure. I am always wanting lean new techniques I would love to have one of her books. Thank you for the chance to learn.

  63. Carole Schneider /

    My very earliest memory was when I was maybe 5 or 6. My mother had each one of us six kids embroider a dish towel as Christmas presents for our aunt. Before she passed away at age 93 several years ago she gave these towels back to us. She had saved them all those years. What fun it was to get mine back.

  64. My earliest memory of sewing was when I was in 1rst grade and my older sister would cut teddy bears for her daughter(my niece) and me to hand sew. Later my mother let me play using her treadle Singer. I made my first dress by myself when I was in 8th grade to wear with a red beany on Fridays as a member of F.H.A. !!!
    I got my first sewing machine free by selling products from a sheet of paper where people would pull a little tab to see what they would buy.

  65. My first memory is of my mom teaching me to sew, I was making a pair of short alls for 4-H to be judged at the County Fair.I think I received a red ribbon.

  66. I started sewing at school in home ec. Probably in the 8th grade..Would love this book and thanks for the chance to maybe win..

  67. My earliest memory of sewing is when I was about 11 and I sewed clothes for my barbie doll. I used my mom’s mechanical sewing machine (the one with the wooden table) and my dad’s old socks as fabric. I remembered it as being really fun and exciting.

  68. Nannette Conway /

    My earliest sewing memories are not of my own sewing but of both grandmothers and my mother sewing for me. With that heritage how could I not sew? First project of my own was an apron in home ec. Remember using pinking shears to finish the seams – that was long before sergers!

  69. I would LOVE to win one of your books. I purchased a sewing machine for my future daughter in law for her birthday. I KNOW this book would be more help than anything she could get!!!

    THank you!

  70. Sandy Cheevers /

    I remember getting a toy sewing machine when I was around 8 years old. I tried making my own doll clothes then…..but they didn’t look as great as yours, Cinnamon!

  71. My earliest sewing memories was learning to sew on my grandmothers treadle sewing machine. Learning to go forward not backward. I made a lot of kitchen towels from feed sacks. We still have that treadle machine and every-time I think of it I think of my grandmother.

  72. I can not tell you my earliest sewing memory. I am the second to the youngest of 8 kids and we have 6 girls in the family, so someone was always sewing. I remember being home while my sisters were in school. I would take the odd sock (you know, the ones that go in as a pair and come out single, and with that many kids, we have A LOT of them!!) Knee highs were my favorite. I made barbie doll clothes for everyone. I use my mom’s older machine when needed but hand stitched a lot of them. By the time I was in Second I got my own machine. I got a singer. I thought it was just the best!!! I had gotten to where I was making my own clothes by then. I was making t-shirts, jammie pants and pillowcases as well as pillows.
    I am now mostly making baby things and American Girl doll clothes (my favorite patterns are the ones from Pixie Faire!!)
    As I said, I want to pass on my love of sewing to my future daughter in law, she has an interest, so I got her the machine for her birthday. I know this book would help her more than anything!!!
    Thank you,

  73. Connie /

    My earliest sewing memories are getting to go with my mom to The Remnant Shop to look for fabric. She was buying material to make new robes for my sisters and I. The lady there had assorted buttons in a HUGE bin. Some were tied in groups that matched, but most were loose. A much bigger selection to look through than Mom’s or Gramma’s. When we got home, she let me “help” her lay the pattern out on the fabric….she showed me how when her mom did not have enough pins, they used canned goods or table knives to hold the pattern pieces in place.

  74. Sarah Vojnovich /

    My earliest sewing memory was four years ago when I got my sewing machine for Christmas, and my grandmother came down the next day with all of her fabric and needles and pins, and later that morning I bought my first doll sewing pattern and made my first doll outfit for my Chrissa doll. I absolutely loved that memory, and will always cherish it forever!

  75. My earliest sewing memory, Is of a very early age maybe 5 or 6 just not sure. My mother always sewed for myself and my sister and brothers. I would sit on the floor by her and use her scrapes and hand sew clothes for my Barbie. When my mother would watch me and what I could do she decided that I needed to get some real sewing lessons. That year for Christmas I got my first sewing machine. It only did a chain stitch but that was fine with me, it was faster than hand sewing. I still have that machine. I love to sew and have sewn many different things.

    • Rebecca George /

      I remember sitting with my mother from pre school days and rearranging her thread and pins. I had 3 older sisters in 4-H so watched a lot. Did not get to really have my own “stuff” and projects until 4-H and back then we had to be 10 join the group. Then on to quilting in retirement and now making doll clothes by the hundreds for grand daughters. Love t he variety in the patterns and fabrics along with the positive You are the Best Grandmother ever I hear!

  76. Vivienne /

    My mom signed us up for sewing lessons one year for my birthday. The first thing I sewed was a bag, and I still have it! Thank you!

  77. Elaine /

    I remember practicing sewing in 6th grade. I made a tiny little quilt for my doll.

  78. Judi McFadden /

    Back in the 50s my cousin made can-can petticoats for my sisters and me to wear under our circle skirts…all the rage then!!! I watched as she gathered and sewed yards and yards of netting and knew then I just had to learn how to sew!!

  79. Liz in Stitches /

    My Mother sat me down in front of her Singer Featherweight 221 and claimed it was time. I constructed a Size 2 wool burgundy coat with underlining, interlining and lining that had a contrasting peter pan collar, rolled back cuffs, pocket flaps and covered buttons in burgundy velvet. It passed her inspection and expectations (as did mine!) The coat was donated; I was in 6th grade. Thanks Mom for sharing your skills and Featherweight 221 and in fact, I have the Singer to this day and use it for my Guild sewing days.

  80. My earliest memory of sewing is sitting on the floor in my grandmother’s immaculate (how did she do that?) sewing room and hand sewing a dress for my little doll. Alas, I failed to leave enough opening to slip the dress over the doll’s head. I can still see the sunlight pouring into that room and hear my grandmother’s quiet whistling.

  81. Stephanie /

    My earliest sewing memory is of my grandma visiting for the summer and giving me scraps of fabric and showing me how to stitch. I also remember Grandma teaching me to crochet, as my mom was left-handed and only confused me when she tried showing me! When I got in my teens, my youth leader and I struck a bargain. She was an amazing seamstress and agreed to teach me to sew in exchange for babysitting services for her little girls! I sewed several pieces of clothing and made a quilt for my college dorm room, which I still use for our guest bedroom!

  82. janet s /

    I remember my mother patiently trying to show me how to sew a button on a dress she had made for me – I just could NOT get the needle to line up correctly with the holes in the button and the button with the button hole. Of course, I was very, very young — I think (hope) I have gotten better with experience!

  83. My first memory was sitting at my hand cranked sewing machine next to my mom’s and making barbie doll clothes at age 8.

  84. I first remember sewing on my grandmother’s trendle machine, we were always threading it and having fun. A friend gave me a machine like that. so I am fixing it up, and every time I look at it I will remember Grandma.

  85. My earliest memory is an outfit my mom made for me and my siblings. We matched in the colors and the designs. My mom is who encourages my sewing and still helps me when I cannot figure out the instructions.

  86. Teresa /

    Swimsuit cover up for a 4H project back in the 60′s

  87. Dolores Kettman /

    My earliest memory was making a doll cradle from an oatmeal box. After constructing the cradle my grandmother and I made a pillow, blanket and a little ruffled skirt for it. I am thinking I was maybe 4 or 5 years old. To this day I can’t make oatmeal without remembering that.

  88. Cathy Neal /

    My earliest memory is when my grandmother gave me a singer sewing machine. It was black and had a crank on the side to make it sew. It was made of heavy metal and just my size ! I loved playing with it and seeing what I could make.

  89. I remember my Mom sitting at her machine sewing our clothes and our doll clothes. My first actually experience was learning to smoothly pedal away on my grandmother’s treadle
    Sewing machine and practicing the paper punch patterns that were part of the 4-H learn to sew project.

  90. Lynne Cooper /

    When I was 6 or 7 years old my cousin and I were visiting at my grandparents. We found a child’s hand crank machine that sewed nothing but chain stitch. We started sewing doll clothes out of whatever we could find in the “rag bag”. With no pattern available we just “winged” it. I remember that first doll dress having an aqua colored nylon net skirt. I’m sure it was crudely make but it was the beginning of a lifetime love affair of sewing, especially doll clothes!

  91. Eileen Mueller /

    I was about 5, watching my mom sew at her black iron singer machine. She made doll clothes for us. I remember making a pink cotton suit for a special breakfast in HS.

  92. My earliest sewing memory is when I was 8 years old. My mom drew dot to dot lines on paper for me to follow with the vintage black and gold singer sewing machine and unthreaded needle. Lol.. She did this because she did not want me wasting her fabric or thread. Later when I was good at that I graduated to thread in the needle then finally to fabric. My first real project was a denim tote I made at school to carry my school books in. I have loved sewing ever since.

  93. Ashley /

    The earliest sewing memory I have was when I was in the eighth grade. It was a school project. We had just finished reading about Anne Frank and reading a portion of here diary and had to do a project on it. I made a doll of Anne Frank. I did not have a pattern for it, and my mom helped me, but it was the first time that I had ever made anything with a sewing machine. From that point on I was always asking to use my mom’s sewing machine for projects. When I was sixteen she gave her sewing machine to me and I have been using it ever since.

  94. My earliest sewing memory is watching my Grandma sew. We used to have a day where we would pick out the fabrics for my Easter dress, I would get to select the fabric and pattern and then watch her sew!

  95. My earliest memory….hmmmmmm…I remember being at Grandmas and asking grandma for pieces of fabric and lace that I gave my little doll a bonnet. Grandma trusted me with a needle and thread while she sat next to me in her rocking chair crocheting a baby sweater for my new sibling that was coming. I remember helping Grandma pin a baby blanket, too. Today, Grandma is 95 years young and now, I sew clothing for her as she loves my sewing ability. When it’s her time to meet Jesus, she has a dress picked out that I made for her.

  96. I learned to sew with my mom, when I was about 8 years old. She gave me a miniature sewing machine, which came in a blue flowered case, as well as a small sewing box with all the essentials (thread, needles, scissors, tailors chalk, thimble).
    Once she showed me the basics, I made clothes for my Chrissy doll. I eventually graduated to an ‘adult’ machine, and as I got into high school, I made most of my clothes.

  97. My earliest sewing memory was sitting on our old ragtag couch with my mother when I was about 4, making a little pouch out of scraps from random projects. It was handsewn and I still have it. :)

  98. I so fondly remember when my dear girlfriend Cassie(now deceased) and I sat on the cement front steps (1940) making yo yo’s with, of course, intentions of making a HUGE quilt. It never materialized, but my love of all crafts, especially quilting and sewing and doll clothes, has lasted for another 75 years! I’m still at it – now sew every day for various charities. including Linus quilts, dresses for Africa, hats for cancer patients, and sell doll clothes with all proceeds going to the rescue mission. God has richly blessed me and I am so happy to use my remaining days this way. I’m homebound in wheelchair and this is a way I can make good use of my time, and such fun! Love Liberty Jane patterns! Hodge in Pa.

  99. Fay Engel /

    My earliest memory of sewing was teaching myself how to sew. I had no one to teach me, so I taught myself. I used my grandmother’s treadle sewing machine, which happened to be in my bedroom

  100. Marlene /

    My first sewing memories are of hemming feedsacks to make dish towels for my Mom. I still can sew those narrow hems

  101. I used to sit by my mom while she sewed on her machine, and loved to page through the pattern books while she hunted for fabric at our local fabric store. I loved dreaming of all the possibilities laying in those pages. When I was 6, I was delighted to start sewing Barbie clothes by hand from patterns printed onto fabric and cut out with scissors. When I was 9, I advanced to the sewing machine making my first top and I never looked back.

  102. I am a teacher of Home Ec. of 7 years and a Designer of Wedding gowns and Formal Gowns for over 45 years.
    I had two fantastic teachers. My grand parents. Grandma was a fashion designer of wedding gowns and the Head pieces and veils. Grandpa was a German tailor before coming to the states, as a young boy. He showed me all the tricks of his trade. From tearing apart a mans suit and redesigning and sizing for my baby Brother one year for Xmas. All sewn by hand. It is still in his family as his son wore it one year. I feel so honored. But I have been sewing got over 50 years and owning my own business for close to 50 years, I am still learning. there are ways and tricks to be learned from anyone whom sews. My greatest Joy is teaching small children to sew, and see them enjoying it and wanting more.
    I would love to have this book I know I will be able to add to my knowledge. Bless all the sewers and new and old.

  103. Desiree /

    My earliest sewing memory was when I was about 4 or 5, I decided to make a quilt out of left over fabric that we had from our girl scout meetings and I sewed a couple of pieces together and then put it in the closet for when ever I wanted to work on it.

  104. Doris Cobb /

    My first memory is sewing Barbie doll clothes at my Grandma’s house on her old treadle sewing machine. My sister, cousin and I would spend a week at Grandma’s house and she would sew us all a new outfit while we worked on doll’s clothes.

  105. Sewing Bug /

    I have fond memories of spending time watching my grandmother sew on an antique Singer treadle machine. Because I was watching so intently she decided to teach me how to sew straight lines and reverse. After sewing a country check apron in elementary school, my grandmother encouraged me to go on to a larger project. She bought a pair of men’s grey flannel pants at a church rummage sale for $.25 and gave them to me. With a little assistance from her I was able to turn the pants inside out (as this side had no wear to it), cut out the pattern, sew them up in a weekend and have a great looking pair of slacks. From this point on, I had the confidence to tackle everything from bras and underwear to quilts and blankets. I really hope my sewing skills will someday be passed on to my grandchildren.

  106. AnneMarie Mohr /

    My earliest memory of sewing is when I was about five years old, and learning to sew Barbie clothes by hand. I remember my grandmother teaching me how to make knots at the end of my sewing thread. It took a while for me to master, but I did it, and 50 years later, I still use that method.

  107. Shellie Meehan /

    My earliest memory of sewing is watching my mother trace and cut out patterns. She would spread the fabric out of the living room floor and carefully cut and trace each piece. I loved watching my mom and grandmother sew. I was always amazed as a child, at what they would create.

  108. Alicia Holman /

    My earliest memory was when I was about 5 sitting beside my mother watching her make me Easter dresses and coats. She had so much patience. Then she went on to making me Barbie clothes for Christmas and I grew ti appreciate all the time it took her after I was in bed to get my gifts completed. Miss my mom so much. Trying to make doll clothes for my granddaughter these days.

  109. Jane Whiteley /

    My earliest memory dates back to 1946 when I was 4. I cut a little square of green and white polka dot fabric from calico in my mothers scrap basket, hand sewed cream fringe all around the edges, and then sewed a piece of pink grosgrain ribbon across the center. Topped off with three pearl buttons sewn down the center of the ribbon, It was quite the masterpiece!!! After a long and varied career as a teacher, pattern-maker and designer, I still have it after all these years! And I still love to sew!

  110. My earliest memory of sewing was about age 5. I was out on the screen porch and Mom was making me Barbie clothes. It was my job to hem them and put on the buttons.

    I hadn’t thought of that for years! Been almost 50 yrs ago!

    I made both my daughters and my son take a year of home ec in school,which included a semester of sewing. They fought me then but by the time they left home they were glad they knew how to sew on a button and hem their own clothes!

  111. hilary lee /

    My first sewing project was with school, all the girls did a gingham apron with cross stitch on the top, we then went on to make a gingham skirt. I have 2 children, a boy and girl who both can sew a button on and take a hem up, they both know how to use a sewing machine.

  112. I remember begging my mom to let me sew something when I was about 6 yrs. She gave me a scrap from something she was working on and I cut out and hand sewed a doll dress. I’m 60 and I still have it.
    She gave me a sewing machine when I was 10.

  113. I was 4 years old when I cut up my mother’s embroidered tray cloth. I wanted to sew on the sewing machine and then sewed through my finger. It didn’t stop me, I still love sewing!
    A few years ago, my mom gave me that sewing machine. It is a Bernina that belonged to her mother.
    My late gran used to make clothes including wedding dresses for many people, some well-known. (She lived in Johannesburg, South Africa)

  114. One of my earliest memories was, after watching my brother and sister sew for a local craft fair, I was determined to learn. One of the first sewing experiences was with my grandmother. I was making a pair of pajamas for my doll, and I had absolutely no concept of how to cut out pants (or a shirt!), but my grandma was able to help me make them, and I even made a scrunchie and slippers to match (didn’t we all, though).

    The outfit is now tucked away in my memory box.


  115. Annie T /

    I started in high school. I remember the outfit I made (I still have it). After that, I was hooked. I then taught a boyfriend how to sew. I begged for a sewing machine that year for Christmas. I have since made clothes for my daughters, myself, and my daughter’s and niece’s dolls (my niece hardly takes the outfit I made her doll off). I am still sewing on that machine over 20 years later.

  116. Carol Derby /

    My first experience with sewing was under my Grandma’s treadle sewing machine. I was seven and thought it was tons of fun to pick up the scraps of fabric and pile them up. Finally Grandma gave up and taught me how to sew my scraps into a doll blanket. Still sewing and loving it.

  117. Laura LaFromboise /

    My first experience with hand sewing was in Girl Scouts. Machine sewing came when I started junior high.

  118. My earliest memories are from when I was maybe 4-5 and my Mom would sew clothes for me and then use the scraps for my doll’s clothes. Treasure those precious memories and her passing on her skills to me that I’m now re-learning with Liberty Jane patterns (LOVE ‘em!) and my DD’s original AG dolls. IF I’m lucky enough to win your book, I’ll one day pass it onto my DD!

  119. sandy mize (Nana) /

    My earliest memory would be in high school, (I grew up without a mom) I had learned to sew a pair of pants only to find out I had laid them out wrong and they were pants afterall. I had sewn the seams the wrong way. Oh dear…

  120. My Mom was always sewing. I wanted to try to sew also. My Mom took me to a fabric store to pick out a pattern for Barbie clothes and fabric. What a magical place. I remember setting Barbie sleeves in the round! Imagine my surprise when I found out 30 years later, that sleeves are now set in when the garment is flat.

    I not only sewed Barbie clothes, but stuffed animals and in the 80′s, soft sculpture dolls.

  121. Jennifer /

    in a house of twelve children my mother would sew our clothes on a Singer treadle I was about 7 then and I would sit and watch her foot go up and down and keep asking can I sew now I think she got tired of hearing me ask and one day she let me try, I put the fabric under the foot just as I seen her do and started to sew she was so surprised how well I did, I still here her say Out of all my girls (8) I think you are going to be the sewer, that day started my love of sewing and creating my mother couldn’t keep me off the sewing machine..

  122. MarshaHemphill /

    The first memory of a completed sewing project was when I
    took home-ec in Junior High. I made a full skirt and
    short sleeve matching blouse. We had to model it on stage in front of the whole class. The neck was too
    tight. I was very uncomfortable; although I smiled anyway. I hated sewing then; I love it now.

  123. Jennifer T /

    Like many others, my earliest sewing memories include using scrap of material from the dresses my mom made to make Barbie clothes. Mom would sew brides made dresses, usually more then one dress at a time. I started hand sewing and then moved on to using a machine, always trying to mimic the dresses mom made. Some of my first projects wetter dresses for my girls, and now I’m blessed to pass on the tradition to my girls, who help me sew prom dresses (she’s 17) ste-a punk clothes (14), and everyday clothes and doll clothes (10).

  124. Mary Reinhardt /

    My Mom made my sister and me cute little dresses when we were young. I always wanted to use the sewing machine. When I was 7, I received a Shirley Temple doll for Christmas and stated learning to sew extra clothes for her. I still love the fabric store and patterns and now sew for the AG doll.

  125. I was making a pair of pj pants for my maplelea doll alexi, they came out so cute. I used the tutorial from my froggy stuff and now I can make them in all different lengths as gifts

  126. Donna Ruth Simpson /

    I must have been about 5 years old sitting on the floor, next to my mom’s old Singer treadle sewing machine, hand stitching pieces of material together to make a quilt for my Betsy Wetsy Doll, while she was making me a new sunsuit. She promised to teach me to sew as soon as I was tall enough to sit on the chair and comfortably work the treadle with my feet. By the time I was six I was learning to sew on the old Singer.
    I have been happily sewing (on a much newer machine) little bit everything for the past 64 years.

  127. My grandmother quilted on a quilt frame hung from the ceiling. It was made of 2X4s. She gave me material to make my rag doll dresses. I was 5 years old.

  128. I made a lot of clothes for dolls out of socks when I was very young. But, for my first real garment I went to my grandmother’s. She set up the sewing machine and left me on my own. I made a dress that I absolutely loved. It was a shiny, lavender striped, mini shift dress that had the perfect v-neck for wearing with my peace sign necklace. Just a few weeks later, my little brother and his friend went into my room and found the electric scissors and the clean laundry my mom had put on my bed. I found a pile of scraps on the floor that was once my dress. Needless to say, I was furious! No amount of punishment seemed enough to me. I still remind him once in a while that I asked mom to trade him for a puppy.

  129. lisa swift /

    I remember at 5 years old saving scraps from what my mom was sewing, and hand sewing my first dress onto my baby doll. Thank you mom letting me play, create and explore with all your sewing things even when I probably wasn’t old enough!

  130. Marion Callahan /

    I have many memories of being 7 and being in 4-H with my mom and my friends mom teaching us sewing at my friends house after school. I already knew how to sew by hand and use an electric machine. Not sure how long I had been sewing by then. Made a pieced stand up collar front placketed gingham blouse and pleated full skirt with side zipper with all the 3 colored checks matching which I think I’d have trouble doing today! Stayed in 4-H sewing until junior year of High School winning many a blue ribbon for my work. Remember I got a 98 on my school lined sheath dress…2 stitches out of perfect place. That was eigth grade. Picky, picky, picky. Started sewing on my moms old black singer, then given my own Kenmore for High School Christmas present. Husband replaced it for electric Huskuvana in the 1980′s and then I replaced that with a Pfaff about 6 years ago. Need a book like you are offering to get back into the groove of sewing again. It’s been over a year since I’ve turned mine on. Made most of my own clothes in school and early married years and then sewed majority of my daughters clothes as she grew up as she was long and thin. Made both my kids pajamas and shirts. Then, in recent years made many an outfit for my 6 grandchildren and have become addicted to making American Girl doll clothes and quilts. Made my own wedding gown as that was something I always wanted to do and made my daughter a queen size intricate quilt for college graduation.
    I have to thank my mother who made all my clothes when I was small and my grandmother who shared her treadle machine with me for teaching me the art of sewing and the love of creating and being frugal with it. I now have an entire room devoted to that and knitting/crocheting. Thanks.

  131. Mary Ann /

    My very earliest memory of sewing was my grandmother teaching me how to hand stitch. I think I practiced on linen handkerchiefs.

  132. My mom was very talented. She could do it all. Sewing, embroidery, quilting, knitting, and crafts of all sorts. So as a youngster she always had some sort of project in my hands. We mostly made Barbie clothes together. She passed away when I was a teenager, but she left me with a great love of sewing that follows with me to today.

  133. My earliest memory of sewing was when I started school at the tender age of 5 and I hand stitched a pair of dolls panties wasnt very good at first but I kept going until I got it right

  134. Diane Panzarello /

    I. Was a late starter only started sewing 2 1\2 years agi when ny grandaughter wanted an american girl doll fir x-mas couldn’t aford the doll and the clothing so discovered liberty jane and was on my way.


  135. Judy Becklund /

    my first project was an apron. All I had to sew was straight lines. Fifty years later, I still have the apron.

  136. Michelle /

    My earliest memory is in Home Economics in school. We had to sew a garment. Mine was a navy skirt and I actually wore it and liked it..loved sewing ever since.

  137. Jennifer /

    My first sewing memory is when I helped my mom sew some of her clothes. My mom helped me learn how to sew and I just wanted to let her I’m so grateful that I know how to sew.

  138. Evelyn /

    My first memory is making a long rectangular bag to hold knitting needles. My mum used it for years.

  139. Judith Martinez /

    My earliest sewing memory is working on one of those pre-printed samplers! I don’t think I ever finished it which might have been a prophecy of the future, lol!

  140. Kayla Brewer /

    I remember the first time I tried to sew I was about 7 and I really loved gymnastics so I was making a stop motion movie and I sewed my doll a leotard. It was really messy and falling apart but I still have it. Anyways I am a lot better now and love sewing things for my ag dolls!

  141. DARLENE /

    My earliest memory is of using my grandmother’s sewing machine and fabric scraps to make gathered skirts for my dolls when I was 7 years old. My dolls had only 1 or 2 tops, but dozens of skirts. A few years later she bought me an old black Singer and took me for some lessons. That was over 55 years ago. Today I sew doll clothes (more than just skirts!)for my grand-daughter on one of the computer machines.

  142. My earliest sewing memory was before I started school. I lived under the drapery table at my Mother’s shop. Fabric, threads, pins, weights and all kinds of things would fall down to me. So I took at rectangle of fabric and cut two holes in it. I slipped it on my Tiny Tears doll but it needed a button. So I searched around and found an upholsetry button to sew on to one side in the back. On the other side I had to cut a big slit so the button would slip through. Thank you Mom for equipping me with everything I needed to LOVE to sew.

  143. Rita Cashion /

    I hated sewing! In high school I was forced to join Home Ec. because otherwise I would have been the only girl in a study hall full of boys during the time for Home Ec. I worked a full semester on a simple A-line dress but I could not get the zipper in right and so I did not get to wear it in the Spring Style Show and it ended up in the trash can. But later in life when my daughter was born…something magical happened! :o) A strong desire to sew and make cute garments for my daughter surfaced. My husband bought me a sewing machine and I was amazed at how much knowledge I actually retained from my Home Ec. class in high school! Many of the garments I made for my daughter lasted through several other little girls of friends of mine. What a joy that was to me! I would love to have this book since I have never had any formal training and I am now 70 years young. Now I have many dolls that I have to dress. :o)

  144. Caroline Landrum /

    My earliest sewing memory is of making a little sun-suit and bonnet for my baby doll. I cut out the fabric from a pattern and sewed the whole thing by hand. I think I was about eleven. The doll was handed down to me from my aunt and was a doll with a china head and a bisque body with moving eyes. Soon after that my mother taught me how to sew on her Singer sewing machine – the old fashioned kind with a treadle, but this one had a motor attached.

  145. Rosie Lily /

    My earliest sewing memory was stitching on a little piece of material while my mom did her sewing on the sewing machine. Sometimes I’d add buttons, and though my creations didn’t turn out to be much, it was my first expierence sewing.

  146. Rosie Lily /

    My earliest sewing memory was stitching on a little piece of material while my mom did her sewing on the sewing machine. Sometimes I’d add buttons, and though my creations didn’t turn out to be much, it was my first expierence sewing.

    (Sorry, my first email address was invalid!)

  147. It was a dress that my mother made for me, and she taught me how to do the hemming stitch on it.

  148. Jane Wolfson /

    When I was in Nursery School ( a luxury for both me and my mother in 1953) I made a little pin cushion for Mother’s Day. I remember doing the stitching and stuffing it with cotton balls. My mother used it for many years and I have it now.

  149. Sharon /

    My earliest memory of sewing would be having my mom make 2 beautiful red coats and hats for baby dolls to be auctioned off at a fundraiser, only to buy them herself because she knew my sister and I wanted them so badly!

  150. Being born in the fine traditions of the South, learning the fine art of needlework was of the utmost importance. Embroidery was a joy but learning the art of fine hand sewing took many hours out of one of my summers. I spent hours and hours hand stitching quilt squares. So when I learned how to use a treadle sewing machine in home ec in the 7th grade, I fell in love with the creative art of machine sewing. I remember learning how to tear (not cut) fabric to make my first skirt – my first real sewing project. It was green with big pink flowers and I thought it was BEAUTIFUL. So beautiful in fact that I modeled it in the school fashion show. That was in 1958. Many years have passed since then but even today every time I sit down at my sewing machine I’m as excited as I was the first time I placed that green fabric with the big pink flowers under the presser foot in my 7th grade home ec class. The adventure continues.

  151. Anne Sollee /

    I remember fondly sewing on the machine when I was 8. Mom always made us doll clothes and taught me to sew at a very early age. I made clothing for my baby doll on the machine, and Barbie clothing by hand.

    I am passing those skills on to my granddaughters today and your book would be so helpful for them to reference.

    Thank You!

  152. Jeanne Heller /

    My love of sewing began at a young age. Encouraged by my grandmother’s who lived near the textile capital, Lawrence and Lowell, MA.,I received many special remnants from the mills. Some of them were faux fur which I sewed into special stuffed animals for my brothers one Christmas.

    My love for sewing has continued and I share it with my own daughter and many nieces. I love to mix our sewing lesson’s with a tea party to make it an extra special day.

  153. My first project was a dress I made under the watchful eyes of my grandmother and mom. Both of them sewed, and couldn’t understand why I really had no interest in sewing. As I got older, I taught myself how to make home decor items, and have only started sewing clothes for my kids, my daughter’s dolls and myself.

  154. My first sewing project was a nine patch pillow not very big, my mom was teaching me how to sew because I wanted to learn how, it was a lot of fun making this pillow and I use it for my dolls now, it was the first thing I finished and I love it. :)

  155. I remember vaguely that my sister and I had one of those little toy Singer sewing machines and we would sew straight pieces of fabric for dresses, tops and skirts for our dollies.

  156. Danielle Clark /

    My earliest sewing memories are some of my earliest memories period. I lived sitting at my grandmother’s feet as she sewed.. Especially if her extensive collection of buttons was nearby to be sifted through. I could find a new treasure every day in that box!

  157. Amy Dohmen /

    My earliest Sewing Memory is sewing blankets for my dolls and stuff animals.

  158. Amanda Rose /

    One of the very best memories I have is of my mother and I sitting on the couch together talking about our day…when she would pull out her cross stitch fabric and large box of beautifully colored threads.

    I didn’t get to spend much time with her because she was a single mom who worked everyday, 2 full time jobs. When she came home in between jobs, she would sit and sew for a while.

    I asked her to teach me how to cross stitch one day. She told me she would if I would learn how to read first. It was so challenging, every night she would read to me and I would have to read back to her. Finally I got that reading list of her’s finished. She gave me my own threads and some fabric in a shoe box. I thought I was queen of the world that day…now I love to read and sew. I’m teaching my daughter as well.

  159. The first project I can remember was when I was seven and I learned to sew buttons on my dad’s work shirts. He always told me I did a good job which made me feel so proud. I didn’t realize then those were the shirts he wore to work in the fields. I laugh at it now, but I was using a needle and thread just like Mom and that was all that mattered to me.

  160. Louisa /

    My first memories of sewing are of my mother and grandmother. Mom spent lots of time making Barbie clothes when I was about 5 for me to take to school and sell for our Halloween Carnival. The first memory I have of my sewing was the frustration of threading a needle. I couldn’t understand how that big thread got into the little bitty hole. Of course, I learned with practice. Sewing has made its way thru at least 5 generations of my family, to include my sons!

  161. Karissa /

    I learned to sew in 7th grade Home Ec class. My mother used winter as a time to teach me different abilities like cross-stitch and crocheting and decided that winter I would make Bermuda style short and shirt sets for all of my siblings to continue what I learned in class. Now I love opportunities to sew for my children. Dresses, pajamas, doll clothes, dress up, and Halloween costumes.

  162. Laurin /

    My earliest sewing memory is actually a story about how my grandmother (MeMa) made my mother’s beautiful wedding gown on her round Formica kitchen table with her old black Singer sewing machine.

  163. love to win I was about 5 or 6 years old watch an older cousin make doll outfits and I got interested in doll clothes which the first few were scraps of fabric tied together or hand stich when I got older I learn to sew with a sewing machine and got one from somewhere and been sewing since Suz

  164. My earliest memory of sewing was watching my mother sew pajamas for us kids. There were 8 of us and my parents couldn’t afford to buy new clothes for all of us. My mom was setting the snaps on the pajamas and I asked her to show me why she was beating them up. My mom just laughed and showed me how to set the pieces together and hit the wooden spool with the hammer to flatten the teeth on the snap. After that I was trying to make clothes for everything including my brothers dinosaurs and GI Joes.

  165. My earliest sewing memory was when I was 8 or 9. I would sit beside my mama, and she would sew clothes for my little doll. Not long after that, I also learned to sew, and we would make lots of doll clothes. I had a small, red doll truck/suitcase for that doll. The doll was only about 8″ tall. The truck was full of clothes we made. I wish I still had it.

  166. Karen Prescher /

    My very first sewing memory was with my Mother. In the 1970′s I weighed over 500 lbs., and there were no clothing shops that made that size. My Mother made patterns by taping together newspaper and making patterns for my clothing. I learned pattern-making from her. I saw her cutting and adjusting patterns and sewing the clothing.
    I have used those pattern-making skills throughout my life to make crafts on a very small scale. Having lost more than 300 lbs., I no longer need the those homemade clothes, but treasure those skills, and the sweet memories they bring back. My Mother was a resourceful woman, and I hope she is proud that I continue to use those skills for my 2 Granddaughters making things for them. Although I must admit that buying Liberty Jane patterns is a whole lot easier!! lol

  167. My first sewing memory was only two weeks ago when I went with my mum to a sewing class. We learned how to make pillows and I have always wanted to make my dolls some clothes, and the teacher said that if I continued, I would be pretty good at sewing. That made me really happy so I have been researching on patterns, I was recommended Liberty Jane, and hopefully I can start making some cute little outfits!

  168. My earliest memory was when I was 5 years old and I had not long started school.. We were shown how to make felt finger puppets ready for christmas using red and green felt with yellow thread. I remember the sewing needle being made of yellow plastic and sitting on the floor in a circle as we made our finger puppets. Since then I have been hooked on sewing (I even made my bridesmaid dresses and my sister’s prom dresses).

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