Why We Decided To Get Chrissa – 2009 American Girl Doll Of The Year

Sep 03

Yesterday my daughter (Libby) had her friends over and it was several hours of American Girl dress up and “Fashion Designer Make believe”. It was funny to overhear them. There is something so nice about hearing your kids using their imagination to create worlds and ideas, instead of just hearing them in the living room (on the couch) laughing at the TV as the occassional joke makes them blurt out an expression.

In the girl’s “Fashion Designer” world, Chrissa was the star of the show. It was her turn to model the outfits and she always got the highest imaginary “ratings”.

A video featuring Chrissa:

So it made me realize buying Chrissa was a good call. Why did we do it?

In January 09 we moved to a new state, which meant saying goodbye to best friends and familiar places and starting over – new school, new friends. We were so surprised when we learned that Chrissa had a very similar story! The book and the movie “Chrissa Stands Strong” were such an encouragement to her.

We love the quote from Chrissa’s grandma “The first word in a frienship is – HI” Libby remembered that on her first day at her new school. So not only had she caught my daughters imagination and interest because of her amazing blue eyes. She had caught my attention with an amazing story of strength and courage that I knew would help my daughter with the transition.

After having her for a good amount of time now, it’s still charming to see those eyes, and reflect on how far we’ve come in the past year. We’ve been really happy with the decision to get her. Yeah, she’s expensive, but seeing kids unplugged from electronics, using imagination, and making new friends is worth paying for.

Need to find a Chrissa? You can find one by following this link to Amazon,

Or you can search for a used Chrissa on Craigslist:

Do you have Chrissa or plan to get her? Tell us what you think of her!


A Picture Of Our Chrissa:


  1. Abigail /

    I love Chrissa! Do you have a pattern for that corset or soon will? I love it!

  2. Flo Davies /

    Chrissa is just waiting for my Granddaughter Naomi to show her Mommy that she can keep her room nice and neat. She looks exactly like I picture Naomi in another five or six years. I’m looking forward to designing outfits for Chrissa and my older Granddaughter Alyssa’s
    Favorite Friend Melissa.

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