Sarah Here! Now mobile and blogging!

Aug 20

Hey everyone Sarah here and I am posting to you all from my iPhone! I finally figured out how to post from my phone so that when I’m on the run I can still post short blogs on here! (which means you’ll be hearing from me more often lol) Ok let’s get you guys an update! As many of you know I am currently fixing up Liberty Janes Josefina doll for...

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Sarah Here! More beautiful dolls in Liberty Jane Fashion!

Aug 06

Hey everyone! Sarah here I have some new pictures to show you all of more dolls in Liberty Jane fashions! This picture is JLY #39 Alice and she is wearing the Copy cat tank with the gathered sleeve top underneath the black flounce skirt. Her owner is Gabrielle. Great job Gabrielle! You did a great job pairing the tank and skirt but putting the shirt over it so it...

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Sarah Here! My Liberty Jane Package arrived!

Aug 05

Hey everyone!! My package from Liberty Jane arrived today! I was waiting on their Josefina doll that I am fixing up plus an outfit in exchange plus some extra’s!! I got the Getty Villa Stroll outfit and it is gorgeous!!! Here are some pictures of it! I also got some shoes and other cute...

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Sarah Here! A few Awesome Liberty Jane Clothing pictures from readers!

Jul 30

Hey chickies! (and you few fellas out there) How are you all doing this Friday? I’m doing great because my birthday is in about a month!! Today I have some awesome pictures to show you all of Candace’s dolls in her Liberty Jane Clothing designs! Candace emailed me and told me that she has been sewing the Liberty Jane and Doll Duds patterns for months now...

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Sarah here! Follow up with American Girl’s InnerstarU plus some Ask Sarah questions answered!

Jul 28

Hey everyone! Its Sarah here I just got done reading everyone’s comments about InnerstarU. And you all have some great opinions and points. It seems the focus has been taken away from the Historicals which are the dolls that almost everyone I talk to that is older remembers from way back when. And when I tell them that Sam and Kirsten are retired and they...

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American Girl’s InnerstarU and Ask Sarah!

Jul 24

Hey lovely readers! Sarah here And I just wanted to blog about the new InnerstarU that American Girl has introduced. And I would like to hear your thoughts on it as well. In my opinion…I like the idea of AG wanting young girls to be more involved with their dolls…and I understand that technology is at the fingertips of girls so I am happy to see them...

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Patterns anyone?

Jul 23

Hey everyone! Sarah here I just wanted to take a second to thank Cinnamon for posting the video of the show I did on I hope everyone who has seen them enjoyed them as much as I did making them My boss is really funny lol. Anyways on to today’s topic! I am curious to know how many of you have downloaded the awesome patterns that Liberty Jane...

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Sarah’s First Post!

Jul 19

Hey everyone its Sarah here! Lets get the blogging under way! I just want to say again how thrilled and honored I am to be a part of the Liberty Jane team First off I want to start by doing a shout out to an awesome blogger who knows how to mix and match her Liberty Jane pieces and create a great style for her AG doll!...

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