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Apr 15

Hi everyone,
I thought I’d share a little bit about what I’m working on for my next projects…
First, the next 2010 Spring Line “International Collection” outfit is a return to Tokyo, with a Lolita inspired Harajuku outfit. It will launch on our ebay store either tonight or tomorrow.
So how do you make a Harajuku Lolita outfit for an 18 inch American Girl doll? (well, it’s a little complicated, but basically)… I was wondering to myself, what could I use as inspiration to create a Victorian era, (Or Georgian era), outfit? What could inspire me with a waaay retro feel, that I could make trendy, (because you know I have to make it trendy). Then it dawned on me…Felicity’s Pretty Clothes Pattern! The original Pleasant Company pattern guidebook, (which we have a link to in our pattern store), is a 60+ page, difficult to navigate, book. I’m pulling out a couple things as inspiration, and remaking them substantially, so they are completely my own, and well, we’ll see how it comes out.
It’s a Felicity inspired Harajuku Lolita outfit…I’m still working on the name, let me know if you have any suggestions.

Second Sneak Peek…My next pattern guidebook will be for the cute Jean Cut-Off’s, as seen in the Getty Villa Stroll outfit. It will probably be released by the weekend.

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  1. Ann Hayes /

    I love your patterns and am thrilled to see back! I bought your perfect Levi pattern. The first pair I made out of recycled levis. I had a terrible time getting them on my AG. They were so tight over her feet and lower legs. They were darling when I finally got them pulled up. The next pair were out of stretch denim. Much easier to get on. Hover, I love the look of old denim. Any suggestions on what to do to make them an easier fit for my 6 year old granddaughter.?? Thanks! I”m excited to see your “bundle line”

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