Fabric Idea from Old Navy, $2 Camis, it doesn’t get any easier than this!

Jul 28

Hi everyone!

Let’s talk fabric! If you’re having a hard time finding trendy fabric at the fabric store, why not consider this… Old Navy, from tomorrow through Saturday, (July 29 to 31). They’re selling their Camis for just $2. If you’re wondering how to get nice fabric for making doll clothes, look no further!

Matching Daughter and Doll Outfits! In fact, you could buy a small Cami for your daughter, ($2), and then buy a large Cami (another $2), of the same color and chop it up and use my free Spaghetti Strap Tank pattern to make her AG Doll a matching top! 

Just Make A Lot Of Doll Clothes! A large Old Navy Cami can probably make 4 AG sized tops using my Cami pattern, (if you carefully cut it up). This is great material, and of course you can use it with the Trendy T-Shirt pattern, the Trendy Tank pattern, Leggings, or the California Cami pattern.

Here is a link to the Coupon.

And thanks Erica at eeendeavors.com!



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