An Amazing Christmas Gift for just $3.99

Dec 06

A $3.99 Christmas Present? – YES YOU CAN!!

Are you scrambling to find an amazing Christmas gift for someone who loves American Girl Dolls?

Don’t stress! Follow these simple steps to pull off the biggest miracle you’ve ever seen:

1. Download our Trendy Pattern Guidebooks (digital downloads), and print them out, (it’s free).

2. Hunt through your closet for some old ‘no-longer-used’ clothes. Focus on solid colors, or small print patterns.

3. For the fastest outfit possible, make a Mini Skirt/ T-Shirt Combo outfit. (The t-shirt pattern is free, the mini skirt pattern is just $3.99). The fabric is in your closet. The Mini Skirt will look ‘professional’ even if you’re not a good seamstress, there is simply no way to screw it up. The T-Shirt will look good or bad depending on how well you sew it, but go slow, take your time, and if needed, discard your first attempt. Have faith – you can do this!

4. Focus on packaging! It’s all in the presentation right?! Focus on amazing packaging and the gift will sell itself. Here is our best suggestion, use a hard box, like a chocolates box. It will give your gift the feel of a professional ‘real’ gift.

5. If you have time, repeat this process using a few more patterns, or (even faster) just use a few different types of material and create 3 or 4 mini skirt and T-Shirt combos. 3 or 4 outfits  made from different colored fabrics will feel like a TON of clothes. Package them seperately and the ‘bulk’ of all that packaging, will make it seem like you spent a lot.

6. Say it is a “Liberty Jane” design – They’ll probably say, “Awesome, I love Liberty Jane”.

I know, the big toy companies have us all programmed to think the only gifts of value have to be high ticket items, shrink wrapped, and made in China, but it just ain’t so. You CAN have it all – an original gift, hand made, quickly, that will ROCK your daughter or friends on Christmas.

If you’re reading this at 11:00 PM on Christmas Eve, drink a cup of coffee, and focus. You can do it!


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