Know of any cute cloth doll patterns?

Aug 25


Hi everyone,

As you know we work with a ministry in Zambia that cares for 475 orphans. The ladies there have an ongoing sewing & tailoring cooperative, and they use the money to help support the orphans. So, since American Girl dolls & all our patterns are out of the question there – we were wondering…

Do any of you know of any cute cloth doll patterns or tutorials that we could easily pass along to the Zambian Seamstresses? We were thinking that maybe they could make cute dolls cloth dolls for the girls that they care for… for Christmas! Sounds like a cool project right? But it starts with getting a very VERY cute cloth doll pattern which can be easily sewn. If we can’t find one, maybe we’ll have to make our own, but we’d prefer to just find a nice one.

So – be on the look out for us – and if you see something – add it as a comment to this post – but only really cute stuff – with a link preferably back to the source where you found it.

Let’s make this Christmas special for those girls!




  1. This might be a cute doll pattern. I think this is a great idea.

  2. Dana S. /

    I have made this doll before. She is cute, and not too difficult. She’s easy to customize, too! This designer has several other dolls in the same style.

    Dana in IN

  3. Jozel /

    This site has lists of TONS of doll making sites, a lot with free patterns. Hope this helps!
    What a fun idea for your new seamstresses!

  4. Dacia /

    My Grandmother made sock dolls when I was growing up. The sky is the limit as far as hair and faces. The pattern itself is simple.

  5. Melissa /

    While this isn’t a person every little girl I have made on for just loves her

    Of course there is Ruby

  6. Liese Brouwer /

    At Dolly Donations they have a really cute pattern as a free download. She runs a initiative where ladies make dolls to donate them. She also has a vareity of patterns at her Etsy store. I am sure she will gladly let you use the pattern for the Zambia project!

  7. Kirstin /

    Here are a few sites. It is important to remember that the face of any doll can be changed so if you find a face you like it can be painted or embroidered on any body. The body and size are what matter. Here are a few cute ones.
    if you want to buy a pattern here are some vintage ones.

  8. No, I can’t sew. =( I think, this whole project you’re doing is really nice. =)

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    or any other Ethnic Reborn Doll then you’ve come to the right place! We are your source for rare lifelike and realistic baby dolls.

  10. Katnip /

    MyFroggyStuff made a vid of how she made a cloth doll for her daughter.

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