New MyAG Dolls

Aug 31

There were a few new MyAG dolls up on the American Girl website yesterday and Libby did a short sreencast video browsing the site, you can watch the video below. It seems that the dolls are not on the site anymore, so I guess this is a sneak peek until the official release. :)


  1. The dolls actually are on the website now, but you hve to click on “New Dolls”.

  2. can you make a how to make a magazine like you did please i really want to make on really bad to show what size and stuff

  3. reilly /

    that is so cute

  4. alyssa:) /

    I have the old AG doll and have grown very attached to it…named her Sunny…LOL.. I want to get her on InnerstarU but can’t since they won’t sell codes sepearately..UNFAIR:(
    Can’t wait till they get smarter and sell the code seperately

  5. I have a doll and its Madame Alexander she so cute and i love her but im a big fan of American Girl i love their clothes and dolls t this day i still want a doll like maybe a look alike or something i really want liberty jane clothes but i guess i can wish i could though :D D: but ur clothes are great i need to learn how to sew and then ill have some. But i still do have lots of clothes i love my doll and american girl dolls :D

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