Small Waistbands are a Breeze on the Bernina 330

Aug 15

Here’s a fun sneak peek of a skirt that I’m working on for the 2011 Fall line. It’s a similar style to the skirt version included in the Faraway Downs Sewing Pattern, but it incorporates the updated waistband style that was introduced in the newest version of the LJC Jeans pattern designed to fit American Girl Dolls. This outfit will most likely continue in the Malibu LibbyLine, the varying shades of blue and the delicate floral print are reminiscent of days spent lingering on the sandy beaches of Southern California.

I love the fact that on the Bernina 330 I can slip the skirt right around the base of the machine! It measures just 10 1/2 inches around which is just perfect for sewing clothes that fit 18 inch dolls. Previously, on a machine with a wider base, sewing the small waistbands was more time consuming and a bit frustrating! Trying to keep it all laying smoothly and avoiding the opposite side of the waistband was a challenge. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but little things like this that save time and make things easier always put a smile on my face!


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