Denim Destruction Kit

Oct 06

Exciting news! The new Denim Destruction Kit is finally available! This product has replaced denimolition, which I referenced in the Liberty Jane Jeans Pattern bonus: Distress and Destroy. I’ve included a link to the product on amazon, but you might be able to find it at your local craft/fabric store. Now you can distress the jeans that you’re making for American Girl®, Karito Kids®, and BFC. Ink® dolls – So fun! I haven’t tried this new product out yet (surprisingly, I still have my first bottle of denimolition). So please let us know, in the comments below,  if you’ve used it and what you think…


  1. Caroline /

    Just followed the link to Amazon and the product seems to be unavailable at this time.

  2. Bobbie /

    Do you know of any source to buy from for the denim destructive kit

  3. Janice Rohe /

    I cannot find Denimolition anywhere! The Denim Destruction Kit is still unavailable at Amazon. HELP!!! I would appreciate any suggestions you could give as my granddaughter wants jeans “just like hers”.

    Love the patterns and am ordering more. You have the ones my granddaughter likes and at such a reasonable price!

    Thank You,

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