day 6

Dec 06

day 6


  1. My favorite pair of shoes are the Mary Janes. They look so real and can be worn with almost anything. They are a dressy shoe and casual as well.

  2. My favorite pair of shoes are a pair of what I call English punk rocker boots (and my friend calls “Hooker boots.” They are the knee high shiny black boots with the straps, buckles and chains.

    Bonus points if you wear them with fishnet stockings!

  3. Rita Cashion /

    My favorite pair of shoes….hmmm…out of about 75 pair they would have to be my “croc’s”! Why…because they are absolutely WONDERFUL! They are washable, easy to slip into, cool in the summer, and believe it or not very warm in the winter worn with a pair of socks and I can go from shod to barefoot in seconds!! No lacing, tying, buckling, snapping and they are the tops in comfort! Do I love my croc’s? What do you think? LOL :o)

  4. Kristi Taylor /

    My favorite pair of shoes are mary janes. I have been cursed since 5th grade with tie on shoes. Laces are my enemy!

  5. My favorite pair of shoes are Mary Janes because they go with anything and that’s my name!

  6. Christine Wisnoski /

    My favorite pair of shoes are my moccasins because they are comfy all year round!

  7. My favorite pair of shoes are the suede slouchy boots for winter and the janes for summer.

  8. My Favorite pair of shoes are the Shurpa Boots because they are nice and warm in the winter time and are good for Christmas Parties. Although all of the shoes are so cute.

  9. Myra in Sweden /

    My favorite pair of shoes are sturdy, but nice-looking Walking shoes because we walk a lot – normally 10,000 steps a day at least.

  10. My favorite pair of shoes are sandals …. as close to barefoot as possible!

  11. Gloria Russell /

    I like the slouch boots, they look cozy and warm.

  12. I just love my Birkenstocks and Haflingers.

  13. My favorite pair of shoes are anything with sparkle and bling.

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