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Jan 07


Hi everyone,

We are gearing up for our next design academy. It will be in February, and enrollment will open January 15th. Want to see what people have said about the program? Here are some quotes. . .

Ps. You can read more about it, and get on our email notification list here.

design academy comments


  1. Rachel /

    Hi Cinnamon! I am greatly intrigued by the design academy but I don’t really understand the difference between paying $79 for it, and just $29 for the eBook. If you could explain it to me, that’d be great because I’m to the point where I want to start rapidly advancing my skills in the area of designing doll clothes and I think this will be the first step forward.
    Thanks so much!

  2. Cinnamon & Team /

    Sure. The Design Academy course walks you through 12 chapters, with assignments, projects, and personal feedback. The ebook is basically the textbook for the course. Hopefully that helps! I hope you decide to participate…


  3. Hi Cinnamon~
    I just have a quick question. I am a pretty new to sewing and do not want to see my clothes I just enjoy making AG doll clotes for my 2 girls. Would this be worth while or not.
    Thank you!

    • Cinnamon & Team /

      Hi Beth,

      The course focuses on making doll clothes – so yes – I think you’d really enjoy it.

  4. Kathleen /

    I would love to take the class, but I will be out of town 1 week in Feb. Can you tell me how this class is being held? Do I have to be connected to the web at a certain time? or is this class all reading and “you tube like” classes that I can view at my convenience?

    • Cinnamon & Team /

      Hi, missing a week wouldn’t be a problem. You receive 12 assignments over the 4 weeks, and you work at your own pace.

      Hope that helps,


  5. will I need to sew during the courses or is this just visual

  6. I will be moving my family of 7 across the county at the end of February. As you can imagine we have lots of stuff to do in the next 30 days. I know you stated that this is a work at your own pace course; however, will the videos and the like be available after the course is over and closed? I am an intermediate level sewer and I have been teaching my 10 yr. old daughter to make clothes for her AG doll and this would be a great addition to our growing skill set. I am wondering if I should just buy the e-book now and attend a later course when we have more time to devote to the lessons in real time?

    Thank you for all you do Cinnamon!!

  7. Carol Derby /

    I would like to do this, but do I have to design an outfit using the computer, because I have no skills with that.

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