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Dec 26

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  1. My favorite place to find fabric is…First my own stock, Second is Joann Fabrics because my own stock because it allows me to use up what I have, and it doesn’t take a lot to make the clothes, I can even use the smallest of scraps. The second is Joann Fabrics, There is one close to where I live, I love their sales and Pretty much always have what I am looking for.
    Thank you!!! Happy New year!

  2. New to the liberty jane site but am loving what I see and being Canadian I like that you can download and save shipping costs, because sometimes shipping to Canada is expensive

  3. The first real project I made was a A-line skirt it was red and white checker

  4. Pamela Parks /

    My first sewing project was a pink quilted bathrobe for barbie, made from an old pink quilted bathrobe. I think I was 12, Mom got the pattern for me ,to keep me busy while she made my school dresses..

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