4th Day Of Christmas – My Favorite Sewing Supplies

Dec 28

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Day 4 of our 12 Days Of Christmas celebration!

[Giveaway Ended - The winner of the sewing supplies is Rachel Nicole, Congrats!]

Sewing is definitely a fun and rewarding skill, but sometimes there are parts of the process that can just frustrate me beyond belief! I absolutely love it when I come across a product/tip/or trick that solves some of these frustrations… Fraying fabric, tiny hems, tangled bobbins, and stepping on lost pins in the carpet were some of my top dilemas to solve early on and now I can’t imagine my sewing journey without these fun finds!

Today we are giving away … 4 of my favorite sewing supplies to one lucky winner! All items are brand new and happen to be different colors but you can see mine in the background of the image below :)

  • Grabbit – A magnetic pin cushion. This is just so fun to swipe over the floor or table top and quickly pick up all the pins at once!
  • Wonder Tape – double sided transparent, perfect for tiny folds, hems, and applying velcro!
  • Fray Check – Love this for delicate fabric edges!
  • Bobbin Saver – Perfect for keeping bobbins organized!


Day 4 Sewing supplies

To enter simply respond to this post and complete one of these sentences ( depending on if you are an experienced seamstress or new to sewing and looking for some time saving tips and tricks):

“My favorite sewing supply or trick is [insert name] because [tell us why] … “


“My biggest sewing challenge is [insert name] because [tell us why] … “


Comments must be left (on this blog post) by midnight (pacific), today, 12/28/2012.

One entry per person.

No purchase necessary, void where prohibited.

The winner will be chosen randomly from the comments received and contacted through the email provided in the comment.

We will choose a winner and modify this post tomorrow to let everyone know who won.

Okay, good luck, and if we’ve forgotten anything we will modify and/or update this post as needed.

Merry Christmas,

Cinnamon, & The Liberty Jane Team

Ps. Thank you to everyone who participated in yesterday’s giveaway. The winners were Guinivere, Dawn P, and Sandy! You’ve all been contacted through email…Congratulations!!



  1. Sophie T /

    “My biggest sewing challenge is sewing stretch and zippers because don’t have the proper tools “

  2. My favorite sewing trick for doll pants is to use a t-shirt (or other clothing/fabric with a finished edge) and line up the pattern so that the finished line of the doll pants pattern lines up with the finished edge of the t-shirt. I don’t have to do the hemming part of the pattern and it seems to make the whole process go much quicker.

  3. “My favorite sewing supply or trick is “Fray Check” because it makes every tiny thing turn without fraying.

  4. My favorite sewing supply or trick is [tearaway stabilizer] because [for working in small areas you place it under what you are sewing so that your feedteeth will work better and you won't be having anymore trouble starting at edges.] … “

  5. My biggest sewing challenge is turning doll belts inside out. I use a safety pin and that can sometimes be frustrating.

    • Kathy try the Fasturn product out. It has 4 or 5 different sized tubes with a wire that you slip through it and the wire is curled on the end to catch the end and pull it through the tube. Works for me. HTH Barb

    • Another trick is to take a piece of kitchen twine and tie a knot in the end. Before sewing, place the twine in the tube with the knot sticking out the end. Sew your tube and over the end with the knot being careful not to sew any of the twine into the seam (except the part that comes out the end). Pull the twine and the tube pretty much turns itself.

  6. My favorite sewing supply is the snag it tool. Sometimes the slubs or threads poke out and this snag it tool which looks like a needle with rough edges on the end allows you to push the long slub or thread back through to the back side and a sewing trick is always clean up after you are done with your project and keep your space organized. That makes me feel like starting another project real soon and I am more productive that way.

  7. My biggest sewing challenge is knit fabric because of how it bunches with the bobbin threads.

  8. My favorite supply is VELCRO and STICK GLUE. Om one of LJ Patterns someone gave a tip of using The glue on the back of the Velcro to hold it in place. It works wonderfully and does not mess up the sewing machine neeedle. A very big timesaver and it is much easier to sew without the pinning of the velcro. I love Liberty Jane sites and especially the patterns!!!

  9. Carole Schneider /

    One of my favorite sewing aids is Roxannes Glue Baste. It is great for holding details in place before stitching and washes out completely. I love doing children’s and doll garments that have tiny details that are often difficult to hold in place with pins. The glue baste does the trick!

  10. My favourite sewing supply/trick is attaching small peel and stick hooks to the side of my sewing machine table. I was always hunting for those little doodads you need ‘right now’…. my bodkin, my tube turner, my bamboo creasing collar turning thingy, my strawberry emery, and so on. I thread a loop of 1/8″ ribbon through my doodad and hang it on a hook. Voila! No more time wasted fumbling in the bottom of my sewing basket.

  11. I hope this counts as a sewing tool…the thing that came to my mind first was the Crop-A-Dile. It’s my favorite because it makes punching in those tiny 1/8″ eyelets easy!

    My biggest sewing challenge is being patient because once I have an idea in my head and know how to do it, I just want it to be done, and done well!

  12. My biggest sewing challenge is getting velco sewn into clothing because I always seem to get it off center or crooked. My stitching never looks right and I often need to redo it several times before I let it go.

  13. Irina Kassidy /

    My biggest sewing challenge is knits because they’re so unpredictable!

  14. Cheryl Pigott /

    My favorite sewing supplies are the many special foot attachments for my sewing machine. They help make some difficult tasks more easy and professional.

    My biggest challenge is sewing material that frays and some knit fabrics. Although, when I took Cinnamons design course, several tips were share, which have helped considerably.

  15. Shannon /

    My favorite sewing tip is zig zagging over the bobbin thread to gather. It is faster then sewing two basting lines.

  16. Tari Samples /

    My favorite sewing trick is to use tissue paper from patterns on small items (especially doll clothes) when starting out on a seam or turning a tight corner. It keeps the machine from “eating” the fabric. I like this because it’s “extra” tissue paper from the pattern that wasn’t printed on that you would normally throw away. It doesn’t cost any extra and it tears away easily when you’re done sewing! :)

    • ChristinesThreads /

      I like this idea, I’m going to try it!

    • Oooooh that is a great tip! I was trying to make the teeny tiny Janes the other day and the machine ate my tiny fabric every time!…I will definitely try this next time!

  17. My favorite sewing supply now is the iron-on velcro! I also like sandpaper dots for quilters. I put them on my fingers for handsewing and they protect my fingertips and help you grasp the needle! My biggest challenge is sewing through heavy materials and leather! I would so love an industrial machine!

  18. My favorite sewing supply is my homemade apron because its beautiful and the pockets help me keep track of all my stuff

  19. My favorite sewing supply is fray check becauseI always seem to make some small snip and need to cover up my boo-boo!!!!! I had to use it on my embroidered Christmas gifts before they were mailed!!!!

  20. My favorite sewing trick is to keep a small piece of fleece next to my sewing machine. I use it to pick up stray pieces of thread like a sponge. The threads stick to the fleece and they don’t end up all over me or my project. :)

  21. Michelle P. /

    My biggest sewing challenge is sewing on vinyl without it looking like it was chewed up. Maybe I need a thinner needle!?

    • Cinnamon & Team /

      Or possibly a non-stick foot for your machine… I have one for my Bernina it’s got a coating on it like teflon and it slides right over vinyl and leather like fabrics :)

    • If the problem is that the vinyl is sticking to the machine, what about using tissue paper on each side of the vinyl? That should stop the sticking. It would also make thinner vinyl stiffer and more stable. I haven’t worked with vinyl so this is just an idea.

  22. My favorite sewing trick is to enjoy reading everyone else’s sewing tricks! I’m learning new things just by scrolling through this blog! :-) Can’t wait to put them to good use!

  23. Kristen /

    My favorite sewing trick is creating a box seam in a bag. I just learned this while making messenger bags for my girls for xmas. It made the bags look professional and it was very easy to do.

  24. My favorite sewing supply is called pattern ease (JoAnn fabrics) you can trace your doll patterns with it so you have extra copies of your favorite pattern that you use alot, or its also good for childrens patterns that you want to use again and they have different sizes on each piece, you can just trace the
    size you need and do not have to cut into the pattern piece. It is soft, sturdy, you can see through it, you will find it by the stabilizers.

  25. My biggest sewing challenge is procrastination because I’m afraid I can’t do it good enough.

  26. “My favorite sewing supply or trick is [insert name] because [tell us why] … “–

    Having a wide assortment of specialty presser feet — the right foot for the right job– it makes the task so much easier.

  27. Michele /

    My favorite sewing supply is my IRON because ironing as I go makes all the difference in the world to the polished look of the finished project. I would never consider making anything without ironing as I go.

  28. Virginia Pointer /

    My favorite sewing supply is the “ruffler foot” for my sewing machine because it creates lovely ruffles or pleats in a matter of seconds! No more sewing and gathering and pinning and sewing again!

  29. Su Langenburg /

    My biggest sewing challenge is sewing on sequin fabric because I break needles and gum up the needle. I have found that cleaning the needle with rubbing alcohol every couple of minutes keeps the buildup to a minimum.

  30. Mindy N /

    My biggest sewing challenge is keeping the bobbin and/or thread from getting tangled. I got a new machine for Christmas and having some troubles. Could use some tips!

    • Marjory Wilkin /

      If you bring the bobbin thread up to the top before you start sewing, that should help. Also, putting your finger lightly over both threads, in back of the presser foot, for the first few stitches usually keeps the threads from tangling.

  31. Marilyn /

    My favorite sewing supply is basting spray. I use it to hold batting to flannel or fleece when making dolly sleeping bags! Works like a charm!

  32. My favorite sewing trick is to use a scrap to sew on and off of instead of cutting threads each time. Saves thread and keeps it from getting all bunched up in the bobbin. I learned that from a class with nancy zieman.

  33. So many good choices here and many I use too. However, I think my favorite is my Bernina and all of the feet I can use with it. Perfect stitches for doll clothes, plus it has a straight stitch throat plate which certainly helps with fussy fabrics. My biggest challenge is utilizing my Bernina serger to its fullest capabilities, still learning that one.

  34. My favorite sewing supply or trick is see through storage boxes because I can easily locate the fabric or notions I need. They come in all sizes and can be used in many ways to keep everything nice and neat too.

  35. Jill H. /

    My biggest sewing challenge is finding the timeto sew because I tend to be very busy with family tasks, school volunteering, and being a mom…just finding the time is my biggest challenge!

  36. My favorite sewing supply is the 1/4″ foot for my sewing machine because there’s not much error room in dolly clothes for sewing too large a seam.

    My favorite sewing trick is “put the flat part of your thumb nail behind the hole in the needle, poke the thread in the hole, pull your thumb back and the thread magically goes through the hole”. I don’t know why it works, but it does!

  37. My biggest sewing challenge is making these doll clothes! I made doll clothes as a kid by hand, but now my fingers aren’t as small or as nimble, so it can be a challenge, but I will not be defeated!
    My favorite sewing supply – and there are many – are my tweezers. I use them to thread all of my machines, and I also use the points when I’m turning things inside out to poke out those little corners. I could go on and on about supplies, and I love to shop for them.

  38. My biggest sewing challenge are zippers because I never seem to get them in straight. If I try flaps on both sides they never are even. Help.

  39. Nicole Gauvreau /

    My favourite sewing supply is my sewing box because I can keep all my buttons tread, a number of bobbins, some patterns and a few yards of fabric in it. My favourite sewing trick is using overall buckles for purse straps, because then I can make a large number of designs and put them with whichever purse they best suit.

  40. Ellen B /

    My favorite sewing supply (that I can’t manage without) are my surgical forceps/clamps. I have them in about 5 different sizes and they do a fantastic job or turning linings, collars and pockets. The bigger ones have smooth rounded ends so you can poke out corners as well.

    My biggest sewing challange is collars! I like smooth, even ones that lie nicely around the doll’s neck so I work hard on them, and being a perfectionist it’s a big challange to satisfy me.

  41. My favorite sewing supply or trick is the internet because I can pretty much bet that anytime I get stuck, want an idea, or need a free tutorial, some nice seamstress has already done it and shared the knowledge with all of us to learn from ♥

  42. Barbara Rose /

    My favorite sewing supply trick is a seam ripper that has a rubber tip and end on it so I can erase the little threads as I go. Because it saves so much time when you are trying to pick out those little threads and it grabs the thread very easily. So cool.

  43. Rebecca George /

    My biggest challenge is sewing on knits as totally new to this type of fabric–am experimenting with different needles and stitch lengths on my Viking machine but not happy with results. Any tips?
    Best sewing supply are the machine feet- especially the 1/4 inch foot designed for piecing quilts; it is just right for the 1/4 inch dress seams and for top stitchhing by adjusting the needle like 2 spaces to the left! Just finishing my first pair of skinny jeans!

  44. Dawn McDowell /

    My favorite sewing trick is use your iron liberally whenever possible because it makes your finished project have a nice smooth finish and make fitting seams together so much easier. Just leave the iron set up while you are sewing and be sure to use the proper heat settings and a press cloth if needed.

  45. “My favorite sewing supply is a circle cutter. I love to do applique and many things are arch or circle. With my circle cutter my things look great without looking home made by a kid.

  46. My biggest challenge is sewing neat 1/4″ seams.

  47. Jean Jones /

    My favorite sewing supply is my seam ripper! I seem to use it all the time. Couldn’t do without it.

  48. My favorite sewing item is a seam ripper. My biggest challenge is making 2 straight stitches close together (parallel) like at a neckline or for the fly when making jeans. My sewing machine is an old fashioned one that only does straight stitches and zig zag.

  49. My favorite sewing supply is Fray Check. I do uphostery and motorcycle seats and I do a lot of different colored threads on the seats. Even though I back tack, I still use the fray Check on the thread so that it doesn’t come lose on any where that I have sewn and cut. I use it on sewing patches as well.

  50. My biggest sewing challenge is gathers because I can never get them to work right.

    • Barbara R /

      Kirren, try zig zagging over your excess threads pulled out the length of the item you are gathering instead of two rows of thread and the thread pulls thru the zig zagging so easy and makes very even gathering. You will never do it the old way again.

  51. My biggest challenge is sewing knit fabrics because I don’t have much experience with it. I got a new sewing machine, which has a special stretch stitch that works well, but it’s very slow and isn’t quite perfect.

  52. My biggest challenge is sewing a design on a seat that has different colors, especially if it is a design that is raised. You have to make sure your different patterns and colors fit on the design just right. Sometimes it can be frustrating.

  53. Virginia P. /

    My favorite sewing supply is the small pair of scissors that came with my sewing machine. They are perfect for snipping threads and curves on doll clothes!

  54. My biggest sewing challenge is when the thread gets all stuck in one place and the sewing machine doesn’t move the fabric forwards because it takes forever to get out with a seam ripper and sometimes I don’t know how to fix it ( but sometimes I do).

  55. Cindy P. /

    My favorite sewing supply would have to be my seam ripper. It seems to be the tool I use most frequently behind my scissors. I learned to sew from my mother, who’s a perfectionist, and her motto is- “if it’s not right pick it out.”

  56. Barbara R /

    My biggest challenge is the clean up after a sewing project, so my sister made me a little scrap catcher that fits under my machine and one for my serger. The threads slide into it and it has a few small pockets for small cutting scissors and seam ripper and tweezers. It stands out from the machine with the bonding used for hoop skirts. It’s great and saves me alot of work, I love it Thanks Sis.

  57. Rindie Mills /

    My favorite sewing supply is Wonder Tape because it is so handy when making doll clothes. My trick is to use the tape to make the tiny pockets for jeans. I do all the fold-overs and secure them down with the 1/4 inch tape. Once every edge is taped down they are so easy to work with and I have perfectly shaped pockets everytime!

  58. Angelique Johnson /

    My biggest challenges are sewing with knit fabrics it stretches so easily and putting in zippers I just can’t get it to look nice.

  59. Jennifer /

    My favorite sewing trick is to finger press hems before sewing, pins just distort things.

  60. Jaclyn C /

    My biggest sewing challenge is sewing the V-neck because I have the worst time trying to sew the point. It’s hard to get it just right without it puckering (does that make sense?).

    • Jaclyn C /

      My favorite sewing supply would be my mother’s brain because she’s been a seamstress since she was a youth. She helps everytime I have a problem. She was taught by her mother and her mother taught her, etc.

  61. I think my favorite sewing trick would have to be my ruffler foot for my serger or just adjusting the stitch length and the tension on my sewing machine to do the ruffles for me….I’m SO not patient enough to hand ruffle stuff all the time! lol

  62. Jessica B /

    As a beginning sewer, my biggest sewing challenge is making knots, because I just find them challenging!

  63. Kathleen Y Thomason /

    My biggest sewing challenge is zippers because they are so hard to get straight.

  64. Heidi Babcock /

    My biggest sewing challenge is sewing small seam allowances because they are just too darn small!

  65. Jennifer /

    My favorite sewing supply is fray check because the fabric d
    Doesn’t fray (obviously!). I don’t know how I sewed without it!

  66. My favorite sewing supplies are my bodkin, which I use to thread elastic through casings, and my loop turner for turning spaghetti straps right side out.

  67. My biggest sewing challenge is knit fabrics FOR SURE. because I always seem to end up with a sloppy mess and sewing lines that are NOT straight.

  68. My biggest sewing challenge is keeping my sewing room organized–I create chaos when I sew, so I think I spend more time cleaning than I do sewing!

  69. “My biggest sewing challenge is mitered corners because I am no engineer … “

  70. I love quilter’s tape for those quarter inch seams!

  71. marlana arnold /

    My biggest sewing challenge is sewing anything but cotton fabric…im a brand new seamstress and have only made a few skirts and just starting to venture out!

  72. Christie Berthold /

    My biggest sewing challenge is trimming pointed collar seams and turning them into a beautiful point because I either don’t trim the point area enough and have a rounded point or I trim it too close and end up with a tiny hole at the tip after turning. Is there a trick to making points sharp? I have started using blunt tip knitting needles, and that helps, but the correct trimming seems to be my biggest issue.“

  73. Samantha Place /

    My biggest sewing challenge is sewing knits because they always stretch and the hems look wavy.

    • Lillian /

      Samantha – been there! lengthing the stitch has helped me – I have my Mom’s old Viking (for quilting) and I go up to a 3 for top stitching knits (hems, etc)- I have also stopped using the ball point needles – I know many people say they are the best for knits – but they weren’t working for me !

      • ChristinesThreads /

        I use a serger with differential feed (Babylock) on raw edge before you hem or finish off edge with velcro, it keeps it from stretching out and works great on any kind of knits.

  74. Deborah Br00ks /

    My favorite sewing trick is chain sewing or my 1/4 inch foot.. too many to choose from… because they both save time.

  75. Lillian /

    My favorite sewing supply or trick is a glue stick, I saw this trick on a blog and I use it when hemming on knits; I still use a few pins – but my hems are much cleaner and not ‘bunchy’ PS be sure to let the glue dry before sewing (learned that the hard way) and be sure to use the clear sticks I use Scotch brand

  76. Amy Picard /

    My favorite supply/trick is a back-up bobbin. I hate (and it is inevitable) to run out of bobbin thread and have to interrupt my flow by having to run a new bobbin.

  77. My favorite sewing supply or trick is using fold over elastic when making tank tops and around the neck line of tops. It finishes all the edges beautifully and gives the extra stretch that you need when making tank tops. The task is finding it in Canada!

  78. Linda Futral /

    My favorite sewing supply are my needle threader and tweezers for my serger because they make life so much easier.

  79. “My biggest sewing challenge is keeping my bobbin tension correct and working properly because, with many of the sewing machines I used previously (most of which were secondhand and had been “fixed” by previous owners, they would randomly spit out gobs of thread all over the back of my fabric thus messing up my fabric and ruining my day! With my new sewing machine it works much better. :)

  80. Rebecca /

    My biggest sewing challenge is sewing through thick layers because my machine doesn’t handle it so well and I wind up with broken and/or jammed needles.

  81. my favorite sewing trick is when inserting elastic in the casing for the waist of a garment i sew the elastic on one end to a small square of matching fabric, then i work the elastic through the casing with a bobkin or safety pin. When i have worked the elastic all the way through then i butt the
    elastic up next to the other end and stitch it down on the opposite end of the small square of fabric. The reason i do this is because it keeps everything flat and doesn’t add additional bulk.

    • Marjory Wilkin /

      I like this trick, too. I had forgotten about using it until you mentioned it here.

  82. Kristina /

    My favorite sewing supply is my seam ripper because I have to use it alot! :P

  83. Margaret Johnson /

    My favorite sewing supply or trick is the looper because I can pull small elastic through a waistband with ease. I hate using a safety pin and doing the push pull method.

    My biggest sewing challenge is zippers because I am new to sewing and just started. I fear zippers.

  84. My favorite sewing supply or trick is my serger (does that count) because it has made finishing seams so much more streamlined!

    My biggest sewing challenge is pintucks because I haven’t figured out how to do them with my own patterns yet!

  85. Diane O. /

    My biggest sewing challenge is the always frustrating zipper. I have never been able to do a zipper without endless frustration. I usually try to figure out a way around using a zipper in any project.

  86. Carolyn /

    My favorite sewing supply is the small clipper. I use it alot for trimming loose threads and it’s also a good weapon just in case anyone sneaks up on me. Hee hee hee… =P

  87. “My favorite sewing supply or trick is my needlework scissors and my needle threader because I love my sharp pair of scissors for cutting all kinds of materials and my needle threader makes life so much easier!

  88. Candice Lacy /

    My favorite sewing supply (at the moment) is a fabric basting glue stick) because it ends the frustration of sliding Velcro when you a trying to sew it. Some doll clothing parts are just too small or delicate to pin and this helps tons!

  89. Zippers are my biggest challenge – however, I have discovered that using wonder tape makes it a bit easier keeping the zipper tape in place!

  90. kathi early /

    My favorite supplies would be my bodkin, my turner and my seam gauge, can’t sew without them.
    My biggest challenge would be knits, getting them not “curl” probably more practice!

  91. Teresa Clementz /

    My favorite sewing supply or trick is Wonder Clips. I LOVE using Wonder Clips rather than pins when holding the seams together for sewing. You don’t get stabbed by pins and also they hold great for making the tiny turns especially for sleeves, or for holding the gathered skirt onto a waistband or bodice. LOVE them. I teach kids sewing classes every July in Alabama and this is like our new ‘staple’ that we use because of the ease of use.

  92. My biggest sewing challenge is hemming because I can NEVER EVER sew a straight line,so it ends up looking very crappy.

  93. Kedrann /

    My favorite sewing supply has to be rotary cutters & boards because it makes cutting out fabric SO much easier!

  94. My favorite sewing supply is my Ott lamp – I can see what I’m doing! My biggest challenge is applying piping to tiny curves (like in doll clothes); though I just learned about Wonder Tape and can’t wait to try it!

  95. My favorite sewing toy is my unpicker and my most disliked job is sewing hems.

  96. Marlene /

    My favorite sewing supply is Freezer Paper. It’s in the grocery store next to wax paper. I iron on the back of my tissue patterns to give a stronger backing.
    A quick craft to do with freezer paper is crumple up a pretty tissue paper. Then uncrumple and iron on the shinny glue side of the freezer. Makes a great texture and weight for a home made envelope. Or a cute doll shoppng bag?

  97. My biggest challenge is sewing knits. My hems always look stretched out.

  98. Linda DeGrasse /

    My favorite sewing tip (so far) is how to prevent slippery knits from moving around by placing tissue paper underneath. The tissue paper just peels off and the few little pieces that may be left are easily plucked off.

  99. Lois Martin /

    My favorite sewing supply is also Wonder Tape. It is a definite must for zippers.

    My biggest challenge is finding enough time to sew.

  100. My favorite sewing trick is roll hemming with my serger on knits and lycra fabrics. It gives it that cool lettuce edge and you don’t do two steps of serging and hemming, it is only one step of just roll hemming. For those of you having trouble with knits, you should see if you have a machine where you can reduce the pressure of your presser foot. It doesn’t take a lot of pressure to get knits to move through the machine and the standard pressure is what stretches them out.

  101. My favorite sewing trick is reading the pattern through from start to finish before I start on anything. I realize this is a bit obvious but I have learned first hand how much heartache this saves me. It helps me to understand how each part comes together to complete the project.

  102. Jessica /

    My favorite sewing trick is more of a tool I found and that was the ruffle foot for my sewing machine. It has cut a lot of time off some of the projects I love to do the most!

  103. Maggie Tu /

    My biggest sewing challenge is sewing the tiny hems on doll t-shirts, and the knit fabric doesn’t help that much. :)

  104. My favorite sewing supply (although it would be nice not to need it) is a very slender seam ripper. Sewing is fun but ripping out is not. A very fine,slender blade on a seam ripper can definitely make the job not so bothersome.

  105. Tatyana /

    My sewing trick is to recycle all the scrap fabric my mom gives me (she is an alterationist)and all the lace from the gifts and candy we receive for Christmas. 2 years ago I made a whole wardrobe for my daughter’s doll from recycled fabric.

  106. My favorite sewing assist is a movable tabbed narrow metal ruler for making certain my hems and edgings are straight.

  107. “My favorite sewing supply or trick is Wonder Tape, because it makes it so easy for the small hems!!

    “My biggest sewing challenge is having the patience to cut out the item! because I would rather just get it sewn, so I cut out several…..maybe even 10 outfits at once, and then sew them all up. I also try and do all the same color scheme so I don’t have to change thread!”

  108. My biggest sewing challenge is getting an attractive looking hem on a knit item because it almost always seems to stretch out! If there is product out there that helps stop this, I need it! Maybe it’s just my machine.

    • This is where I use wonder tape. It is a stabilizer that works like double stick tape and is just a quarter inch wide so it is a great help getting a neat hem finish.

  109. My biggest sewing challenge is sewing knits because it either will stretch or bunch on me.

  110. My favorite sewing supply is tear away stabilizer because it makes it easier to get started on tiny little pieces of clothing without it getting jammed in the machine.

  111. Sandie Strickland /

    My favorite sewing tip is to take your time. Rushing always = ripping seams. My biggest challenge is even tiny hems.

  112. 1/4″ Wonder Tape is my fab tool. I use it for hens and pockets and any other way that comes up.

  113. I love the magnetic pincushion & there are so many great ideas here that I’ll be using now, too!

  114. My favorite trick is spray starch (homemade) for folding under tiny little hems!

  115. Favourite sewing trick is fray check for narrow seams. I have a huge challenge to find the right size of buttons for doll clothes. I make a lot of dollclothes for my 3 grandaughters. I would also like to find narrow Velcro for the clothes.

    • Marjory Wilkin /

      As Velcro doesn’t fray, I just cut the strips in half lengthwise to uses on doll clothing. I especially like the soft velcro that doesn’t catch in the dolls’ hair.

  116. Megann H /

    My biggest sewing challenge is my fear of doing something wrong and ruining my project.

    • I find that the fear of a mistake is more likely to happen than the actual mistake. Few mistakes can’t be fixed. I try to think of a new project as a sample–if I make a mistake I try to think of it as a design opportunity. My finished project may not look just like the pattern but I can usually make it work. Once it’s a finished outfit my granddaughter will love it anyway. She’s a great kid.

  117. My favorite sewing supply or trick is using colored tape along the seam allowance you are using because it is much easier to see and you can align the fabric from inches away … and my IRON, love to iron as I go, it makes assembly easier and the finished item looks so much nicer…

  118. My favorite sewing supply or trick is to use a washable glue stick when a hem is too tiny for pins and too tiny to hold well. Once the glue dries it sews right up.

  119. Tabitha /

    I just started sewing, so I actually have a lot of challenges right now. However, I’d have to say my biggest one yet is picking fabrics. I don’t have a fabric store near me and have had to buy all my fabric online. As a newbie, I already don’t know a lot about fabric, but not being able to see it or feel it makes it even more confusing for me. :)

    • Being hypersensitive, I can’t even imagine purchasing fabric without feeling it! Just the dying alone can leave the fabric with a different texture.

  120. My favorite sewing supply or trick is my little thread bag next to my machine that I can quickly put small trash and thread in because it helps my workspace stay tidy.

  121. Andrée Bergeron /

    My favorite tool is the “Magnetic Seam Guide”

  122. My favorite sewing tip: I use a sharpie to draw my seam allowance for a project. When done, I use rubbing alcohol to remove it. Works great when I am teaching sewing lessons as I can use different colors for different students.

  123. My biggest sewing challenge is sewing knits because I only have the basic presser feet for my machine. so I use a thin paper and sandwich the fabric to at least attempt to sew what needs to be done.

  124. I forgot to mention that I do it on the sewing machine!!! If you do it on fabric it will spread ( great for tie dye )

  125. My favorite sewing tip is my 5 inch Gingher scissors, they are perfect for ‘snipping’ just about anything! They’re strong enough to snip heavy fabrics, and they’re small enough to get in small corners.

  126. My biggest sewing challenge is time and space! I have small children and don’t have a dedicated sewing room, so everything always has to be brought out and put away each time I sew.

  127. Laura W /

    My favorite sewing tool is the Internet. It has an endless supply of ideas and tutorials!

  128. hueisei /

    My biggest sewing challenge is Free Motion Quilting because my leg and hand not cooperating so well.

  129. Susan Enright /

    My favorite tip is transferring patterns to iron on pellon so they are sturdier

  130. My favorite sewing tip is glass head pins! It makes pressing so much easier now that I don’t have to worry about melting pins.

  131. I am an alteration specialist at a bridal shop and my favorite trick is the Calvin Klein hem that I learned out of my Bernina book. Turn up hem and stitch with needle position to the left (using foot 10 – edge stitching foot), trim close to stitching, turn up and stitch again, makes a tiny hem. Favorite supply is my sewing apron, put supplies and notions in pockets -never have lost items. My biggest challenge is keeping my sewing studio straightened up!!!

  132. My favorite sewing supply is water dissolving stabilizer because there are just some fabrics (slippery jersey knits, I’m looking at you) that are just impossible to machine stitch without some sort of stiffness, but you don’t always want stiffness in the final product. Dissolving stabilizer is like magic! There when you need it, not there when you don’t!

  133. My favorite sewing trick involves the LJ tee shirt. I have the worst time sewing the neckline without stretching it. So after I sew the shoulder seams, I cut a 1/4 inch piece of iron on interfacing that is the shape of the neckline and iron it on. Then turn the neck under and the interfacing can’t be seen and when you sew the neck, it doesn’t stretch!

    Anytime I need to sew a particularly stretchy seam, I iron on 1/4 inch pieces of interfacing so it doesn’t stretch!

  134. Emily4LeafClover609 /

    My biggest sewing challenge is hems because Sometimes they end up uneven because my sewing machine isn’t the easiest to work with and messes up my hems.

  135. Katrina /

    My favorite sewing supply is fray block because it works wonders on seams and tacking down serger thread before I do seams. It also doesn’t get scratchy like fray block.

  136. nancy s /

    My favorite tool is a small straight screwdriver. I use it like a bamboo pointer to help guide fabric through the presser foot (especially narrow seams and multiple layers of fabric that tend to get caught).

    My favorite tip is that wet needle threads easier, so i dip fingers in water and put a drop on the eye of my needle before threading. For some odd reason this really helps.

  137. Jennifer Tobler /

    My biggest sewing challenge is actually sewing. The ‘house’ has decided that my craft room, which I also share with the laundry room is the local dumping ground. I has so many projects cut out and ready to start, but I rarely do because of the clutter.

    My favorite sewing tool, steam a seam and bias tape makers. I couldn’t live without those.

  138. My biggest sewing challenge is finding the time… I work as a graphic designer, am married with 2 kids who are always playing a sport, finding time to complete projects is always hard to come by.

  139. My favorite sewing tool is using regular old tissue paper as tear away stabilizer.

  140. My biggest challenge is sewing Velcro on straight.

    My favorite tool is my seam ripper with a light on it – makes it so much easier when I goof!

  141. Sandee Bartel /

    My favorite trick is using unwaxed dental floss or fine crochet thread to zigzag over for gathering. This works especially well for small children’s or doll clothes. Far fewer sliced fingers from the pulling.

  142. Kelly B /

    I use forceps to turn small tubes

  143. Carrie m. /

    My most challenging thing to sew is knits- I have tried different feet, thread, not pulling to much on fabric, etc, but inevitably my machine always eats the fabric! Ugh!

    • Have you tried using a starter cloth? like a piece of cotton or muslin at the beginning of the seam you are about to stitch? place that ahead of the knit and begin sewing, also do not use too large of a needle, it has a tendency to “push” the fabric down into the feed dog and will eat it up, if you use a smaller sized needle or a ball point needle you may have more success. hopefully.. :o)

  144. My favorite “tool” just now is light-weight iron-on interfacing. I use it to stabliize light-weight knits – especially on necklines and armholes. I just read another entry mentioning using 1/4 inch strips for seam stabilization and I am going to try that tonight! I find that reducing the pressure of the presser foot, a ball point or jersey knit needle and interfacing make knits very workable.

  145. My favorite sewing tool are my Ghinger scissors. They are sharp to the very tip, making it easy to snip in tiny corners and curves.

  146. I’m a beginner and my biggest sewing challenge is starting from the edge because my fabric gets bunched down into the machine. Also when I go over thick parts, I have to stop and move it through by hand, otherwise the fabric will not move through.

  147. Lindsay /

    My favorite sewing supply is also the bobbin saver. It has made my thread drawer so much more organized, and organized things give me simple pleasure.

  148. Kathy E /

    My new favorite tools are Steam A Seam2 tape (maybe it’s like Wonder Tape?) and a bodkin. I also love my little mini-iron–makes pressing those tiny seams so much easier.

  149. Lauren G. /

    My biggest sewing challenge is the back of my outfits, it never turns out the way I want it to. I think I might need different supplies.

  150. Elaine L /

    My biggest struggle are zippers. I hate putting them in and getting them straight. I also have trouble with buttonholes and getting them right.

  151. Carol Waters /

    My favorite sewing trick is cutting several projects out at once and then placing all the pieces, trim and notions for each project in a zip lock bag along with the pattern name/number. Then I place the bags in a clear plastic box (like a shoe storage box)and just sew, sew, and sew some more! Keeps those creative juices flowing and keeps me on track and organized.

  152. Lea Ann Reynolds /

    My biggest sewing challenge is putting in zippers because (I think it’s actually all in my head) I’ve convinced myself I can’t do it!! LOL!

  153. My biggest sewing challenge is making the neck line, sleeve, or ther tiny hems on doll clothes – especially the T-shirts with strethc facric that my machine likes to eat!! I hate making them becuase of this, but I love to appliqué stuff on the doll t-shirts! I think I need to discover what Wonder Tape is! LOL

  154. My biggest sewing challenge is sewing knit fabrics because even if I use a knit needle and push slowly rather then pulling the fabric through, the fabric still stretches.

  155. My biggest sewing challenge is putting in sleeves with the little seams…sometimes I miss. Then the when I try to go over and catch it I make even a bigger mess…..needless to say a lot of my projects turn out sleeveless.:(

  156. My favorite tip is for gathering. I use a long stitch, pivot, do one stitch and go back the other way. Before I gather i mark off into 4 even sections. Makes perfect gathers every time. My greatest challenge is to add embellishments that are portioned just right for the dolls.

  157. My worse nightmare is velcro tape. I prefer to use snap sewed on before I sew pattern pieces together unless I’m making boots.

    My favourite things are to pre wash all fabric in cold water to remove sizing, make sure the fabric is straight. Measure the pattern widths to get a proper fit for differnt doll sizes.
    ake a template from the patterns and put the origianl pieces and instruction back in the envelope and file them in a binder. I make sure the side seams match before I cut the fabric. Right side and left side should be mirror images so they also match. I iron as I go along so the finished product is good.

    I hate velco except of boots, otherwise I prefer to use snaps that I sew on before I sew fabric piecesces together and the hand sewing never shows. I create a proper placket so the button holes are properly intersected and make the needed adjustment to the closure.

    If its something new that I’ve not done before I do a “pilot” piece first before I sew the fianl product.

  158. Nancy B /

    My favorite sewing supply is the 1/4 inch foot that came with my machine. I love it. It is hard for me to sew on another machine without the 1/4 inch foot.

  159. Jennifer Allen /

    My favorite sewing trick is to make spaghetti straps and turn with a bobby pin. Works great.

  160. Marjory Wilkin /

    My favorite sewing supply for doll clothing is FrayBlock by June Taylor. I use it to keep the ends of ribbon sashes, bows and hair ribbons from fraying. It is much softer and less visible when dry than is Fray-Check. I also love my Bernina edge-stitching foot, as you can topstitch so evenly close to the edges of the garments.

  161. Mary Mather /

    My favorite sewing tool is my Ghinger applique scissors because they make it so easy to trim seams.

  162. Tamara G /

    My biggest challenge is sewing with knits. (I don’t have a serger but think I may have to buy one soon!) And because knits are difficult my current favorite tool is “Steam-a Seam”. I have to thank someone in Design Academy for suggesting this. It simplifies the hemming process and results in a smoother finished garment.

  163. Theresa /

    My favorite sewing trick is to use a piece of tissue paper underneath your fabric when you need to make a really sharp turn. The tissue paper gives the feed-dogs something to grab ahold of so the fabric will continue to move through the machine neatly. And when you are done it just tears off of your project. I think some people use tear away stabilizer for this, but I just use regular tissue paper from gift wrap because that’s what I have!

  164. My biggest sewing challenge is tiny hems because they are so little and hard to keep flat.

  165. ann fazekas /

    my favorite sewng trick is to use glue sticks instead of pins.

  166. While I am very experienced at sewing “people clothes,” this last month has been my first experience with making doll clothes (my daughter received an AG doll for Christmas), and I’d say that my biggest challenge is that everything is just so tiny!! Hems? Not a problem…unless you want me to do a 1/4″ on the tiniest sleeve/pant leg/shirt/skirt ever! Haha not a lot of room for error, or fingers, or pins. I think I need to invest in a smaller iron, and investigate what this “wonder tape” is. :)

  167. My favorite sewing tip for doll clothes is to hand sew the things that I have trouble with on my sewing machine (knits and hems). Thank you to everyone who shared a tip- It’s nice to know others share some of my frustrations (knits and hems) and now I have solutions to try!!!

  168. Jennifer S /

    My biggest sewing challenge is making buttonholes because I have never been taught how to make them correctly. *sigh*

  169. My favorite sewing trick is using Fray Check before cutting open my buttonholes and also applying a small amount to the thread after I sew on buttons!

  170. Melanie Sasaki /

    My biggest sewing challenge is gathering stitches because no matter what I do, they just don`t gather correctly and then I have to try to gather it all by hand.

  171. Stephanie /

    My favorite sewing supply or trick is using flannel for my favorite pattern pieces rather then paper because the flannel won’t rip with repeated use and it is kind of “sticky” so it won’t slide around when I’m cutting out the pieces.

  172. My favorite sewing trick is use internet, it gives me a lot of ideas!

  173. Kavetta /

    My biggest challenge is sewing with knits. I can’t seem to keep them from moving all over the place.

  174. Thank you for sharing all your tips. I learned a lot.

    FOR KNIT FABRICS, use a stabilizer. What kind depends on what you are doing, your machine and your fabric. Tissue paper can be great (get it at the dollar store!). For doll clothes, use the paper over the whole piece you are sewing. If your stitches won’t be on the inside, use water-soluble stabilizer.

    If you use glue sticks, just purchase the cheap school glue sticks. They are the same as the quilting glue sticks. (Thanks Clotilde.)

    For full petticoats, sew a piece of fishing line into the bottom hem. This will cause it to stand out much more. This works for any size from dolls to adults. The heavier fish line will make stiffer hems.

    BEST TIP: My grandmother had the best tip ever. If you are doing something and you just keep having problems, or if the thread breaks on the first couple of seams, turn off the machine and go do something else. If you don’t, things go from bad to worse. This is true for everything from sewing to scrap-booking to wood-working. Come back later and things tend to go smoother.

    BEST TOOL: Clover yo-yo makers!

    BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Finding room to cut patterns.

  175. Virginia Pointer /

    I like to work on several projects continuously. My favorite sewing trick is using plastic storage baskets to store the projects I’m working on because it keeps all my supplies for each project together. Each basket will hold the fabric, pattern, thread, sewing feet and anything else I made need for that sewing project.

  176. My favorite sewing supply is thread and trim. Thread because there are shiny, invisible, bright, neon, color changing, and many other types! This can be used to change a whole piece. For this reason there is so much that can be done using thread! I also love trim! The right trim can make (or break) a piece. Adding versatility to different pieces.

  177. My favorite sewing supply would have to be the newly-discovered sewing guage. It’s so helpful in hemming tiny clothes!

  178. my favorite sewing trick is storing my patterns in notebooks in sheet protectors, this keeps everything organized for easy viewing

    • Christie Berthold /

      I do that with all the patterns that I print from LJC, Acorns and Thimbles, Bunny Bear and other internet sites. I love keeping them organized that way as well as pictures and articles about historical clothes.

  179. My biggest challenge is zippers or buttons. Any kind of closure

  180. Karen Klomparens /

    My favorite sewing supply or trick is Steam a Seam because it holds things in place right where I want them. Sometimes just use a tiny piece here and there that I pull off the roll without the backing paper and use instead of pins in places where pins are a hassle.

    • Karen Klomparens /

      oh, another best tip I want to mention. If you can’t spend the money of a better machine buy I good used one instead of new $200 one from Walmart. I’ve been sewing for 40+ years, only one of the 7 machines I have or have had over the years was bought brand new..and it’s plastic parts wore out. Better to spend that $200-$300 on a used machine from a sewing repair shop (or even ebay) than on a cheap machine. Found an vintage Singer with cabinet at goodwill for $25, runs like a top.

  181. Connie Eaton /

    My biggest sewing challange is sewing velco. Mine never looke goods.

  182. Lindsay /

    My biggest sewing challenge is zippers, I’ve had a hard time finding ones that are the right size for doll clothes.

  183. My favorite sewing supply is my disappearing ink marker. I use it to trace my patterns on my fabric so that I can remove the pattern pieces for easier cutting. The ink then disappears and my pattern pieces are ink free!

  184. “My biggest sewing challenge is my sewing machine because it’s getting old, and doesn’t sew stretch knits (and other fabrics) like it should … “

    • Cinnamon & Team /

      Hi Rachel, Congrats! You are the winner of the sewing supplies… We’ll contact you through email with the details :)

  185. My favorite sewing supply is my bias tape foot. It took a while to master, but it makes applying bias much easier and professional looking.

  186. My favorite sewing supply is a point turner because for about $1.00 you can make your sewing projects look so professional. It works really great for corners – getting the corner worked out to the very edge – but I love it even more for getting sewn edges that are to be turned back on themselves like facings out to the edge before pressing. Just run the pointed end of the turner along the stitched seam from the wrong side. It will push the stitches to the edge for a sharp edge.

  187. My favorite sewing supply is my Walking Foot for my sewing machine. It was expensive, and worth every penny! It keeps hems on knit fabrics from stretching, and allows me to work with delicate fabrics like a pro.

  188. Lora C. /

    My favorite sewing supply is…Steam a Seam because… It helps with hems on knit fabrics.

    My biggest challenge is…trying to sew the faux fly on Liberty Jane Jeans pattern because…I cannot get it lined up right so it looks like a real pair of jeans.

  189. My biggest sewing challenge is being away from my machine, because I had bypass surgery today (in the hospital texting this right now!). Enjoying reading the comments…the thought of being a part of the Liberty Jane community keeps my spirits up. Plus, think of all the extra denim fabric I will have when I lose weight. :-D

  190. My biggest sewing challenge is finding the time to sew. I teach school, help with a children’s choir and volunteer time for tutoring. I have to make time this year to sew.

  191. Diana Simkins /

    I was making the lj trendy T-shirt pattern and wanted to find some tiny graphics to put on the front. Couldnt find any small ones so I picked up a package of temporary tattoos at the dollar store. Wow they are darling and work perfectly!!!!

  192. My biggest sewing challenge is having space and time. I have to use the kitchen and always have to pack away my sewing machine and current project. The time challenge is because we have been asked to move out of our rental in two weeks time.

  193. Marlene Giese /

    My favorite sewing trick was to glue golf tees to a plyboard for holding my spools of thread. It’s so quick to see what I have. It holds bobbins too.

  194. Vicki Allen /

    I love fray check and biggest challenge is sewing knits – I have an older machine

  195. Karen M /

    My favorite sewing tip came from a co-worker. I could not find time to sew; family, job, housework, etc. She told me she sews just one seam a day no matter how busy she is. It adds up and projects do get done!!

  196. I missed the contest yesterday, but read ALL the comments today and they are so AWESOME that I’ve copied/pasted many so I’ll have them in my sewing drawer for quick reference — THANKS, Ladies!!! ;-)

  197. Linda Futral /

    Congrats Rachel!

  198. My biggest sewing challenge is sewing with knits.

  199. My favorite sewing trick was to use a tear away or some time wash away for making button holes.

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