2013 – 12 Days of Christmas!

Dec 24

Hi everyone,

We’re super excited to announce the 3rd annual Liberty Jane 12 Days of Christmas! Our event will run on the traditional days – December 25th through January 5th…

So here is what we will do, on each day from December 25th through January 5th we are going to reveal a special prize, gift, or reward.¬†They will be announced on this blog, and also posted on Facebook. (No purchase necessary, void where prohibited). These will be short-term prizes, designed for just 1 day each. So, be sure to set your alarm, bookmark our blog, and remember to check back each day. We will strictly enforce this – no extensions – no exceptions – no bonus extra time. So don’t miss out.

The big reveal will happen each day mid morning, (Pacific Time).

To see the big reveal – Just check back here on our blog…

(You can also subscribe to the blog rss feed and receive an email when each post goes live, to do that just enter your email in the box on the side bar.)

We hope you enjoy our 12 Days Of Christmas Celebration. We are incredibly grateful for your ongoing support and wish you a happy holiday season, and a terrific new year!

All the best,

Cinnamon & Jason

& the whole Liberty Jane Team


  1. yay!

  2. What a fun thing. I always check a couple times a day for new patterns. Happy Holidays to all of you at Pixie Farie.

  3. Merry Christmas and looking forward to a woderful New Year!

  4. Merry Christmas Love your patterns and the ‘instant’ gratification after buying one and having it immediately

  5. PM Bush /

    Excited for the 3rd annual funfest!

  6. "Gabby" /

    The patterns are beautiful, and very up to date and in style.
    \It is great to be able to download them as you want them and not having to wait for it to be sent to you.

  7. Priscilla /

    love liberty jane patterns so easy to use and always look great and the dolls.

  8. My favorite thing about Liberty Jane patterns is their unique style.

  9. My first sewing project at seven years old was a hooded jacket for my doll. I didn’t have a pattern so I made it up. I was so proud of it and still have as of today. It is over 50 years old. Now making doll clothes for my granddaughter with patterns from Liberty Jane. Keep putting out new patterns.

  10. Ellie Gibeau /

    I have been using patterns over the years and all of the clothes are just not quite “hip” enough. I would do my best to tailor the patterns, but then along came Liberty Jane and now I have very chic styles for the AG dolls that I sew for. I love not having not having to wait for patterns; I love the detail of the photos and the instruction; and most of all I love the designs! My AG dolls are better dressed than I am! Thank You!!

  11. Awesome!! LOVE all your patterns.

  12. Ruth Albright /

    I found your site after I purchased my 1st AG doll and was looking for doll clothes patterns. I love eveything about your site. I have crochet patterns, patterns to sew. Shoes, bags, anything a little girl would want for her doll. My grandchildren being out of state I worried about the items I made fitting but, was sent pictues of how they fit perfectly. Your patterns are easy to make yet look very professional when done. I Also love your tutorials and crafty ideas. Thanks! You are more than I ever expected.

  13. Rachel Bonin /

    I was 10 and my 1st sewing project was clothes for my Barbies. Cher Bono was my inspiration.

  14. Darlene Crawford /

    I can’t count the patterns I have bought and use.
    They all fit so well and great subscription.

  15. Becky Garrett /

    Merry christmas

  16. I love the patterns your company creates! My grand daughter just received a AG doll for Christmas, so I need to get busy. Your patterns will be the perfect place to start.

  17. The twelve days contest is a great way to get doll lovers involved. I have been making doll clothes and selling them for three years now. I have just discovered Liberty Jane and I love what they offer.
    Great patterns!

  18. A Twelve Days of Christmas contest sounds like fun. There is always a let down after Christmas is over. Thanks for such a neat idea.

  19. need shoes as they go barefoot in Hawaii!

  20. Your patterns are the best. I am so glad I found you. Thank for all of them…..Penny

  21. Christine /

    Thanks for such a fun contest.

  22. diana thompson /

    I love your site and the versatility of the items and patterns.

  23. Jolie Graham /

    I would love to win never won an ag contest

  24. The styles are awesome and the illustrated instructions are very clear and concise

  25. Phyllis Meengs /

    I love your patterns and the great stylish looks for the Amerian girl dolls. thank you.

  26. Ophelia /

    Ooh I hope I win one!

  27. Brett Prescher /

    Granddaughter loves these

  28. Wonderful patterns, and just love anything free! Thanks :)

  29. Love your patterns,

  30. Rita Mortenson /

    What fun! Thanks, Cinnamon!

  31. Melinda Mull /

    Thanks for all the fun!

  32. My granddaughters love the clothing I made them from the patterns. So glad I found your site. Great idea about the 12 days of Christmas giveaway.

    On the first day of Christmas Liberty Jane gave to me…

  33. Jacque Buchanan /

    Love your patterns and my granddaughter would love to have the shoes for her doll.

  34. These are the best: best designs, best construction. Puts Mattel to shame.

  35. could someone design/make a long sleeve button front
    plaid shirt for the country girl to wear with her jeans?
    and thank you for janes, a girl can never have too many shoes.

  36. Victoria /

    Love Liberty Jane!

  37. Best part of the day is checking out the new patterns on the internet.

  38. began making 18″ doll clothes last Christmas. Have a line of knitted cheerleader outfits that have been quite successful. These are a fantastic extension to dolls I have collected all my life. Just got a new sewing machine that will speed along the use of my LJ patterns.

  39. What i luv bout Liberty Jane clothes is they r so well made that i’m proud 2 one anything made by L.J

  40. I luv Liberty Jane stuff,all of it.So BEAUTIFUL! :) :)

  41. Rita Nealy /

    I love Liberty Jane patterns and shoes. best of the best.

  42. Love it!

  43. jeanne cushing /

    would love to have a pair of your shoes for my great-granddaughter who is 6 and was given a small Janome sewing machine for Christmas so she can learn to make doll clothes like I do.

  44. I love Liberty Jane. I love Pixie Faire. I love AG. Thank U for giving me something to do in my retirement years!

  45. Melinda Mull /

    Oh, how I appreciate the quality.

  46. Stuart Rigdon /

    My daughter Sydney loves the patterns! Great stuff!

  47. Stuart Rigdon /

    Love your designs!

  48. I have made most of your shoes. They are so awesome. Please pick me.

  49. sam greenwald /

    I love Liberty Jane. I love Pixie Faire. I love AG. Thank U for giving me something to do in my retirement years!

  50. I love you designs. Thanks for the free patterns – they are great. I’m having so much fun sewing for my three grand daughters!

  51. I should have said “I’m having so much fun sewing for
    my grand daughters’ new AG dolls!

    • I think Liberty Jane,Pixie Faire r 2 of the best online 18″ doll clothes+ shoes,great value. 2match ur $$$.PLS!! Pick me 2 get the shoes,thankyou!! :) :) :)

  52. I sew and knit started out doing crafts had a business stopped then started up after making doll clothes with the patterns from liberty jane. they are so sweet

  53. Angie D /

    Liberty Jane and the others on Pixie Faire are inspiring and have sooo much personality!!! I plan on filling my granddaughters doll closet this year and know they will be clothes that she will LOVE.

    • PLS! Cinnamon,pick me cuz i desperately am in need of a clocet!! :) :) I love Liberty Jane stuff all or it,+ i would.be honored 2win shows,tee,anything.I know ur Pixie Faire now so cotinued success,love,lisa luft

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