3rd Day of Christmas – 2013

Dec 27

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Day 3 of our 12 Days Of Christmas celebration!

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Today we are giving away … 3 Liberty Jane Tees (AG Doll sized, of course!)  to 1 lucky commenter. These tee’s are made from the FREE Liberty Jane Trendy T-Shirt pattern, if you haven’t downloaded it yet you can find it at Pixie Faire.

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Over the last few weeks many of us have been celebrating the holidays. It’s so fun to hear about different traditions that people have and special memories that are created each year… We’d love to hear what makes your holiday celebration special!

To enter simply respond to this post and complete this sentence:

“My favorite Holiday Tradition is … “

Comments must be left (on this blog post) by midnight (pacific), today, 12/27/2013.

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Okay, good luck, and if we’ve forgotten anything we will modify and/or update this post as needed.

Merry Christmas,

Cinnamon, & The Liberty Jane Team

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  1. Rhondda Fanning /

    These are such cute T shirts . I’d love to win this prize -a T shirt for each of my grand-daughters .

    • Rhondda Fanning /

      I haven’t been reading the blog properly . Just realised I have to comment traditions and special holiday memories . We have a very different Christmas here in Australia . It is hot , sunny and we have early sunrises , late sunsets and thundery storms after hot humid days .It is all about swimming and keeping cool . Life focuses around the pool , beach and summer fruits – watermelon , juicy mangoes and stone fruit especially cherries , peaches and apricots .
      We had a rule which I have handed down to my grandchildren . On Christmas morning you must stay in bed until the kookaburras laugh . By then Santa would have gone back to the North Pole – Australia is his last stop .
      ( By the way the kookaburras are up very early in summer -around 4am .)

    • “My favorite Holiday Tradition is … Christmas Eve supper with the Family and opening up one special gift each.. makes the children so excited for Santa to come. Baked ham and hash-brown casserole doesn’t hurt either lol

    • Barbara Willis /

      Getting together with family Christmas Eve.

  2. Flo Davies /

    This year I read that 95% of Americans celebrate Christmas. Sadly far fewer celebrate Jesus.
    My favorite Christmas tradition is spending Christmas with those who mean the most to me and knowing they share my Faith in our Lord and Savior.

  3. Kathy English /

    My favorite holiday tradition is spending Christmas Eve with the entire family. We have an early dinner, then church, then home to sing carols and enjoy each other. We’ve been doing this for years and it’s as close to a Norman Rockwell family as we ever get!

  4. “My favorite Holiday Tradition is … ”
    always decorating the house and we always dress up.
    No jeans.
    And we always cook a lot of food.
    so stop by.
    Bev in Ohio

  5. Kathi Martin /

    My favorite holiday tradition is Sunday afternoon before Christmas spending time with my whole family. We all bring different dishes of food. We eat, talk and just spend it together. Love the craziness of it all!

  6. Jennifer Stiff /

    Going to church on Christmas Eve.

  7. We go to Candle light services every year at ll:00pm. Awesome way to start Christmas.

  8. sherry Boyette /

    spending time with family and friends.

  9. My favorite holiday tradition is opening presents!

  10. Carol K /

    My favorite holiday tradition is making gifts for friends and family. My parents taught us that presents were more special if we made them ourselves rather than buying something.

  11. Getting out all my antique Christmas ornaments and decorating at least one tree with just glass ornaments, one with old pressed cotton and another with Victorian paper ornaments. I have so many that the trees never look the same from year to year.

  12. My favorite holiday tradition is celebrating St Nicholas night. Ever since my childhood I’ve hung my stocking on December 5th in anticipation of St Nick’s arrival. As a child it helped me and my brothers wait for the big day, and it continues to be a favorite holiday event for my now grown daughter. While I used to receive angel food and candied peanuts in my stocking, she receives gourmet chocolates. It’s amazing how St. nick knows everyone’s preferences!

  13. Christmas Eve service. I love the peacefulness of the church celebration of Jesus’ birth.

  14. Julie Milliron /

    My favorite Holiday tradition is ……
    You know I had to sit and think about this one, but it really is having the family all together. I get more excited about that than anything we do. We don’t always do the same thing from year to year.

  15. Linda Davis /

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is baking cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning

  16. Kristie Dowling /

    My favorite family Tradition is Sliding on Christmas Eve day – always a fun time – and making snow angels!

  17. Melanie Leigh /

    Making the Southern Living cake each year and visiting my family.

  18. My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies with the whole clan!!

  19. My favorite tradition used to be jumping in the ocean on Christmas Day. However, my family moved to a national park in some 8000-ft mountains where it snows at least 7 months out of every year. I don’t think it would be wise to jump in the water out here.

  20. “My favorite Holiday Tradition is celebrating Swedish Christmas Eve when Santa knocks on the door and asks if there are any good children present before coming in with his bag full of presents. Then on Christmas morning the American Santa has been there and filled the stockings as well as leaving presents under the tree.

  21. Claudia /

    My favourite holiday tradition is to bake lots of delicious treats for the family. Such as cookies, cakes, pies and muffins.

  22. My favorite holiday tradition is two fold and always done together. It is all the family going to the children’s program on Christmas eve at church and then the family gathering on Christmas day.

  23. Mary Harrison /

    I love the patterns from LJ. I am teaching my granddaughter to sew for her AG dolls using LJ patterns. Her name is Taylor and she has even started to design patterns of her own. The patterns are so trendy and directions are clear and concise. Just love your website!!!!

  24. Sophie T /

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is decorating the Christmas tree.

  25. My favorite Christmas tradition is taking family pictures in front of the tree each year. It’s so fun to look back & see how my children & grandchildren have grown through the years.

  26. Jana Leonard /

    We go to the Children’s Service on Christmas Eve at church and then drive home and tour the neighborhood Christmas decorations together.

  27. Dawn Jetchick /

    My favorite tradition is bowling on Christmas day afternoon. The whole neighborhood shows up just burn of some holiday calories and enjoy time with friends. Everyone is awlays in such a good mood and it fun to see whole familes out having fun

  28. Linda D /

    My favorite holiday tradition is the family all being together, preparing the holiday meal and pitching in to clean up after. Then comes the presents. :)

  29. Sewing Christmas gifts and decorations while listening to the Muppet’s Christmas CD.

  30. My favorite Christmas tradition is the whole family congregating at my house on Christmas eve for the day.

  31. Sheilah Marhias /

    My favorite holiday tradition is having the entire family together under one roof for an entire day!

  32. The gathering of my children and grandchildren on Christmas Eve to open presents. This year we tried singing carols, that was the funniest thing ever.

  33. Favorite holiday tradition: on Christmas morning my mini red dachshund always opens presents. This has been going on since she was a baby and she’s 15 1/2 this Christmas. It’s hilarious to see her tear into the packages that aren’t even her own, just like having an eternal 2 year old around the house. But she knows when it’s time and once we get back from church, she’s barking and yapping like a puppy because she knows she’ll get to tear into presents soon. Again like a 2 year old she doesn’t really care what’s inside but of course we always make sure the first one has Milk Bones in it for her! Seems like a silly tradition but it wouldn’t be the same without Heidi’s gift carnage.

  34. My favorite holiday tradition is getting to spend time with family. This year no one had to work Christmas day, yea!!! My mom is 98 so we cherish everyone we have with her!

  35. My favorite holiday tradition is driving around looking at lights on Christmas Eve, and going home and eating Chile con Queso.

  36. sandra meese /

    My favorite tradition was always getting together with my sister to bake Christmas cookies. They were always shared with friends and neighbors as a small gift of love.

  37. We are starting a new tradition this year! My daughter and her new AG, Bianca, will get new, matching, handmade gowns each Christmas.

  38. cindi perron /

    My favorite holiday tradition is when my husband and I listen to Christmas music and decorate the house; we put up a lovely Christmas village on top of the kitchen cabinets, garland and lights on the banister, the tree, and variety of other lovelies! It is a peaceful (mostly!) special time!

  39. My favorite tradition is always taking the time to spend with my Mom making cookies. We talk and talk and talk and there are many laughs in between.

  40. Eating tamales!

  41. is creating unique handmade gifts for family/friends and gathering together to celebrate our many blessings.

  42. Chris Saunders /

    Every year since my husband and I have been together (dating and married), we go out together to buy a special Christmas ornament. Next year we will need a bigger tree!!!

  43. I’m a smocker and my favorite Christmas tradition is making smocked ornaments every year.

  44. My favourite Holiday tradition is cleaning the double boiler many times because that means my husband is making all his Hungarian desserts which contain custard. It is the only time of the year he makes these so although it isn’t easy to get all the cooked milk out of the creases the desserts make it worth while.

  45. Best ever tradition is making sugar cookies. The tradition started with my daughters and now has expanded to include my 6 grand kids too.. Soooooooo silly and sooooooo much fun!!

  46. Christmas for me is spending time with my family. Sadly, my husband has passed and all my children live far away; however, I’m blessed to have my elder sister, her husband and his sister, along with some nieces and nephews, living nearby. We celebrate Christmas with good food, good cheer and, best of all, good company.

  47. My favorite holiday tradition is spending time with all my family.

  48. Favorite tradition is to open stocking before breakfast. Stockings are filled with sillies that have been collected all year by everyone in the family…..lots of laughs……..and then…… my mom’s amazing Carmel rolls!

  49. Carole Schneider /

    One of my favorite traditions is Christmas stockings. It is such fun to fill them with fun and crazy items. As kids, the children seemed to look forward to them as much as they did the gifts under the tree. Now, as adults they still look forward to them.

  50. Andrée Bergeron /

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is the scratch off lottery tickets.

  51. Heather K. /

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is Christmas Eve dinner at my inlaws. The whole family gets together, and it’s awesome. :)

  52. My favorite holiday tradition is watching polar express and having pizza for dinner with my family while we decorate our tree.

  53. Suzi More /

    Relaxing and enjoy the company of loved ones.

  54. My favorite Holiday Tradition is going to the pre church celebration followed by the Christmas Eve Church service as a family. We do go every Sunday not just Christmas:) Christmas Eve is just extra special:)

  55. My favorite holiday tradition is when our family sits down and reads the birth of Jesus in the Bible before we open our gifts.

  56. My favorite holiday tradition is opening a new pair of pajamas for the whole family, including the dolls, on Christmas Eve.

  57. My favorite Holiday Tradition is Christmas Eve when we have open house with family and friends and serve clam chowder and homemade rolls and all the Christmas sweets you could imagine.

  58. Chloe Mae /

    My favorite holiday tradition is going to see Bristol lights on Christmas Eve :)

  59. My favorite holiday tradition is….singing Christmas Carols. Sometimes I even sing them in the summer time.

  60. My favorite holiday tradition is after a big Christmas dinner the whole family, aunts uncles and cousins are all together and we sing the 12 Days of Christmas.

  61. Samantha Place /

    I have two favorite traditions: going to church on Christmas eve and letting the kids open a new pair of pjs on Christmas eve.

  62. My favorite Holiday Tradition is Advent tea with my family. We sit in the living room, make a fire in the fireplace, and drink tea and eat traditional German food like lebkuchen and mandeln. We have Advent tea on each of the four Sundays before Christmas.

  63. Tandika /

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is enchiladas! We had them every year for Christmas dinner. When my daughters grew up and moved away from home, they would call every year to ask what temperature to set the oven at for cooking their own. They carried on the family tradition for their family and it became a new tradition for them to call me for the temp!

  64. Emy LeFevre /

    My favorite holiday tradition is singing the carols with my family.

  65. My favorite is Christmas Eve service. Not only does it recognize the “reason for the season,” but it’s also a chance to see former students who return home to celebrate Christmas with family.

  66. Kara Stevens /

    I love these t-shirts and making creations with all your patterns!

  67. Kara Stevens /

    My favourite tradition is spending Christmas with family and friends, making caramel popcorn and cookie trays to take out on Christmas eve.

  68. My favorite holiday tradition is sitting around the table decorating paper sacks (instead of using stockings)and then in the morning opening the sacks to see what was put inside during the night.

  69. deb townsend /

    my grandchild would love this

  70. My favorite holiday tradition is sitting in the dark next to the lit Christmas tree, watching the glow of the lights color the room…

  71. Gail Meucci /

    “My favorite Holiday Tradition is Christmas Eve dinner and sharing in bringing the food, we now number 37. The children have a cousins secret Santa gift exchange.”

  72. Watching a Christmas Story is a Christmas tradition at our house…..

  73. Brenda Sweeney /

    My favorite Holiday Tradtion is over 100 yrs old We meet at the church rec center bring food, have a small program, and praise Jesus birthday. It is such a joy to see all the people you haven’t seen in years and to see the new family of “Lindsays” growing up.

  74. Heather Kalfayan /

    I love the modern fit of this tee it is mine and my daughters favorite t-shirt pattern

  75. abigail R /

    Our christmas tradition is eating cinnamon buns and hot chocolate on Christmas morning.

  76. janet smith /

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is grandchildren coming over (all at the same time) for fun and games!

  77. putting up the Christmas lights and decorating the house

  78. valerie /

    My favorite holiday tradition is helping bake anything from cinnamon rolls to gingerbread cookies and homemade bread. I also love getting our christmas tree because i feel 1. we always get a tree for christmas and 2 its a great time where we all are together having quality family time.

  79. Kathy Thomason /

    My favorite Holiday tradition is making an assortment of cookies and candies to share with family and friends. It always brings back wonderful memories of growing up and doing this with my parents and brothers and sisters.

  80. Marguerite Sundstrom /

    My favorite holiday tradition is giving my husband a new jigsaw puzzle for Christmas. It has become the family joke to give him the hardest puzzle I can find. This was the 41st time that he has gotten his annual Christmas jigsaw puzzle.

  81. Angie L /

    My favorite holiday tradition is searching for a Christmas tree in the woods. While Dad saws the tree the kids sled and have hot cocoa.

  82. Carol P. Meadows /

    my favorite holiday tradition is sending and receiving cards from friends and relatives I haven’t seen in many years…just to know they’re still there!

  83. Marjory W. /

    …..the midnight candlelight service at our church, holding lighted candles and singing “Silent Night” in the darkened sanctuary at the conclusion.

  84. Margie R. /

    My favorite tradition is playing card games with our entire family. My grandparents didn’t have television, so my grandmother taught us how to play simple card games when we were visiting.

  85. Teresa Clementz /

    My favorite holiday tradition is waking Christmas morning and seeing the tree with all the presents around, but breakfast must be eaten, dishes washed, beds made and house straightened before sitting down to then take turns opening one present at a time. (Makes for a long, fun day filled with anticipation and great fun!) This is a tradition that all 4 of our children loved and now they do the same thing with their families!!

  86. Danielle /

    My favorite holiday tradition is making homemade gingerbread houses with my kids.

  87. mary ann egizio /

    …having a huge Christmas dinner with my family.

  88. “My favorite Holiday Tradition is … “ trying a new cookie recipe each Christmas season and baking the many favorites while listening to Christmas music in the background…

  89. Jessica /

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is lighting candles and reading stories of Christ’s birth. I also really enjoy filling stockings with all sorts of goodies for the kids and anticipate their glowing faces on Christmas morning.

  90. Renee Caron /

    “My favorite Holiday Tradition is … “
    …the Christmas Eve sleepover each year with my husband, mom, and in-laws!! The location varies, but we make finger foods ranging from sushi to hot wings and watch a holiday movie, staying up late and talking about current events and family accomplishments. It’s the best night of sleep I get all year, being surrounded by loved ones! The presents and big breakfast in the morning is just icing on the cake. :-)

  91. Helen Danielson /

    My favorite holiday tradition is having Christmas eve dinner with my family and watching how excited the children (now the grandchildren) become before we open our gifts to each other. The dishes and the kitchen are always cleaned up first and their anticipation builds while waiting for everything to be ready to gather around the tree and pass out the presents. So much fun!

  92. Shirley Jean Creighton /

    My favorite holiday tradition is gathering with family. Traveling to be with them, or having family come here. laughter and play. Just being together.

  93. Melinda /

    My favorite Christmas tradition is our Cincinnati Chili meal on Christmas Eve with all of our family (some by Skype from Japan).

  94. spending time with family and friends

  95. Sharon Bierma /

    My favorite holiday tradition is putting up our manger scene to remind us of the true reason for the season!

  96. Diana Simkins /

    My Favorite Christmas Tradition Is Acting Out The Nativity On Christmas Eve……

  97. Patti Blake /

    My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the house with my collection of different nativity sets.

  98. my favorite holiday tradition is snuggling up with my kids on the couch reading a Christmas picture book every evening, while the Advent candle burns down to a new number each night. It is wonderful!

  99. Rosalind Carey /

    My favorite holiday tradition is driving down to Orange to see our grandparents

  100. My favorite holiday tradition is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the true meaning of Christmas!

  101. My favorite Holiday Tradition is exchanging gifts with my family on Christmas Eve.

    I have 3 little girls that would LOVE to each have an LJ tee. Hope we win!

  102. June Troxel /

    My favorite holiday tradition is buying my son socks and underwear every year for Christmas. He’s 31 and I still do it! It would not be Christmas unless he got them :)

  103. My favorite holiday tradition is going to see The Nutcracker. It is even more special now because I get to watch my daughter perform several roles in The Nutcracker. I think I need to make some 18 inch costumes to match the ones in the ballet!

  104. My favorite Holiday Tradition is making cinnamon rolls that I give to my family on Christmas Eve, after we have gotten together for a fun filled evening of eating and reading about the birth of Christ. Just love being with family.

  105. Diane O. /

    My favorite holiday tradition is answering the phone by saying “Merry Christmas”. My beloved grandmother always did it, then my mom, I do it and so do my children. It always makes me smile when I call family and they answer that way. As silly as it may seem, it truly brings a smile to my heart to hear those words when calling on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas grandma and thanks for the tradition!

  106. My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve just with our kids. On Christmas day the grandparents are all here and it is chaotic with all the presents but on Christmas Eve they each get to open one present, which is always pajamas and a book. We read the Christmas story first out of a picture Bible and then they get to open the present. It’s so great because they all get in their pjs and quietly look at their new books. I love how just one simple present can bring them such joy.

  107. My favorite holiday tradition is actually for New Year’s Eve. Our whole family gets together at our house to eat chili, play board games or poker, and set off fireworks at midnight. We’ve been doing this for over 25 years and it never gets old!

  108. Fran stroud /

    My favorite Christmas tradition is my whole family gathering for Bible reading of the Old Testament prophecy of Jesus’ birth and then the New Testament account of his birth. Then prayer for everyone in family. Then we finally get to the gift opening. Lastly is food. It varies from year to year but is always great

  109. Jessica /

    My favorite holiday tradition is a Community Solstice Bonfire that we have in memory of a neighbor. 20 to 30 people come and share the warmth of the fire and welcome the coming of longer days.

  110. My favorite holiday tradition is spending extra time with the family. My daughter’s birthday is two days after Christmas (today!) and so we like to take extra time to make her day a special day as well.

  111. Valerie Turner /

    My favorite holiday tradition is making cookies with my daughter.

  112. My favorite holiday tradition is decorating. I love seeing all my treasured hand-made ornaments crafted by my mother and daughter, myself and other familly members, and now my granddaughter.

  113. My favorite Holiday Tradition is …Making my ornaments! In college I was ‘broke’ so as a gift for my family, I made everyone an ornament. Now, 33 years later, the tradition lives on. I started out making 8 ornaments, this past Christmas I made 73. I try and do something each year that has meaning. Two years after our mother passed away, I used her last Christmas sweater to make small pairs of mitten ornaments, this year I made a small christmas tree made from wire, beads and buttons. I have many of her buttons so I chose at least one button from her collection to put in each of the trees. Great way to use up the stash, has meaning and helps to honor Mom, Christmas was her FAVORITE Holiday!!! Now, on to figure out what next years ornament is going to be!!

  114. Eating christmas dinner with my family. Opening gifts and laughing at the funny reactions! Hoping for more Christmases with my 88 year old mom!

  115. Becky McCabe /

    Having my children and grandchildren here for Christmas day. While not a “tradition” I love sitting in the quiet house after everyone (now just my husband) is in bed looking at the tree with its lights and ornaments and drinking a cup of tea.

  116. We celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas, ending with Epiphany on Jan. 6!!!!

  117. Great place to get super patterns that know one has and the Help you can get if your having problems is rate there. Thank you for such wonderful patterns and for being a great family, when in need of help.

  118. My favorite Christmas tradition is that we celebrate on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day so we get to open our presents on the evening of the 24th.

  119. My favorite Christmas Tradition is watching “The Nativity Story” on Christmas Eve, and then reading in Matthew about the birth of Christ.

  120. My favorite tradition is gathering with my family for brunch on Christmas morning.

  121. Barbara Martens /

    My favorite Christmas tradition is attending the “midnight” Christmas service with my entire family (children, spouses, grandchildren and friends).

  122. My favorite holiday tradition is that my son gives me a box of chocolate covered cherries for Christmas every year like my mom used to do. After she passed away, he continued on with her tradition. :)

  123. sherry mattson /

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is going to midnight mass on Christmas Eve. there is something magical about the hushed, darkened church becoming filled with carols and light.

  124. Lynne Thompson /

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is: going to church on Christmas eve, then driving around town to see the beautiful Christmas lights shining through the layer of snow that always seems to fall so softly and silently on December 24th. Everything looks so white and peaceful at, or close to midnight. Next to that I love listening to Christmas Eve on Sesame Street as it plays in the hall to help get the children to sleep and cover up the sounds of gift wrapping and laughter. Yes, that and playing Carols when we decorated the tree are high on the list of favourites

  125. My favorite holiday tradition is decorating my family’s Christmas tree!

  126. Colleen B /

    My favourite holiday tradition is the raclette dinner that I have with my family on Christmas Eve.

  127. Karla Stiverson /

    Christmas Tradition, spending time with family at the farm but this year will be big changes, a family member passed away yesterday and we are making the best of things. Jesus is the reason for the season.

  128. Lori K. /

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is attending the Christmas Eve service with my family at our church and watching the kids open their traditional Christmas Eve gift of new PJs!

  129. You mean I don’t even have to sew them? Sign me up.

  130. My favorite holiday tradition is the family just getting together. After we eat, we sit around the living room watching tv and watching the men in the family fall asleep lol.

  131. Patti Bukowski /

    …a “Secret Santa” exchange with our family members. It’s a great way to help our children give to one another, without leaving others out.

  132. My Favorite Holiday Tradition is baking Christmas cookies with my Mother and Sister. We share our dozens of cookies with friends, neighbors, and co workers.

  133. Jan Hooper /

    My favorite holiday tradition is our entire family attending Candlelight service at our church on Christmas Eve. My favorite moment is looking down our row at the end of the service while Silent Night is being played and seeing everyone’s lighted candles raised high towards heaven, both young and old alike. Everyone singing sweetly to the One this Christmas season is really all about. It gives me chills every time. 8)

  134. My favourite holiday tradition is hanging up the special made stocking that have each year embroidered on it along with a special character, the first year was Santa and his reindeer, to as the child grows up things they are interested in, one year ninja turtle in a santa hat, to the star ship enterprise in cross stitch with beads for lights. And each year as we bring them out we look back at all that came before. This tradition became even more special after we adopted a 7 year old girl and I started a stocking with her first Christmas with us, She had been with us for her 5th Christmas and after the stockings were emptied she sat there looking at her stocking with 5 years embroidered and 5 embroidered items on it. She started counting them and then said and next year you will put another one on here, I said, yes. She said, and the next year and the next year. Yes just like your brother’s. Her face just light up like a Christmas tree. She finally had a sense of belonging and continuity for the first time in her life and to think it all began with a Christmas tradition, hanging the stockings.

  135. My favorite holiday tradition is the family gathering at Christmas time and celebrating the birth of my Savior.

  136. My favorite Holiday Tradition is ordering pizza on Christmas Eve and letting the kids open one present. We never really had any “set” traditions when I was growing up, so I felt it was really fun and important for me to start some for my very own family!

  137. My favorite holiday tradition is going to see all my family! I also enjoy watching everyone open presents, too!

  138. My favorite holiday tradition is getting to spend time with the whole family, and we normally get to play at least one game together. That is my favorite holiday tradition.

  139. My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with neighbors for Christmas dinner. We call it orphans Christmas and anyone who is not getting together with family is welcome to come. This Christmas we had 26 people get together.

  140. My favorite holiday tradition is coming home from church on Christmas Eve, snuggling up with a blanket, hot chocolate and Christmas cookies while my mom reads “Best Christmas Pageant Ever.”

  141. My favorite holiday tradition is enjoying all the delicious food!

  142. Marilyn /

    I love these shirts.you can do so many thingswith them!

  143. Marilyn /

    My favorite holiday is making homemade waffles on Christmas morning. Lots of toppings,syrup and whipped cream. I didn’t see notice the guideline on my first purpose. Sorry.

  144. Trish S. /

    My favorite holiday tradition is viewing all the luminarias in Old Town Plaza in Albuquerque, NM on Christmas Eve. Each year we get together with friends and family and sing, eat tamales, walk around the beautiful shops and are amazed at all the luminarias lining the sidewalks and rooftops. It’s beautiful, peaceful, and memorable.

  145. Love the tees, I use that pattern all the time.

  146. My favorite tradition for the holidays is to go ice skating in downtown Detroit.

  147. My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve services – I just love the candles and music. It is truly a magical night!

  148. Roxanne /

    My favorite holiday tradition is having the whole family going to church together either at candlelight Christmas Eve or Christmas Day service.

  149. Susan BC /

    My favorite holiday tradition is…waking early and playing Santa for my daughter. The joy on her face when she wakes to find what special treat Santa has left for her is awe-inspiring.

  150. Cindy P. /

    At our Family Christmas party we play games and have a few drinks. The games get crazy the longer we play. Everyone plays, young and old alike. It’s a blast and we look forward to it every year. This year we played “Heads Up” with a cell phone. Hilarious App for your phone.

  151. gathering with my mothers side of the family on Christmas Eve for chili and oyster stew. It’s been this way since I was child and we went to my Granddad’s house. Now I’m the Grandma!

  152. My favorite Christmas traditions are attending out Candlelight, Carols and Communion service at our church where it is quiet and peaceful and we gather as family groups to receive communion and then when our whole family gathers for food, presents and reminiscing! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

  153. Lauren M /

    My favourite holiday tradition is doing puzzles with my family! It may sound boring, but it can actually get quite heated sometimes! :P

  154. My favorite Christmas Tradition is making gingerbread cookies with my family while listening to Christmas Music.

  155. “My favorite Holiday Tradition is … “ Baking cookies with the family. then sharing them

  156. Candice Lacy /

    My favorite holiday tradition is making cookies from my mom’s secret recipes. They are all so good and we never make them any other time (not sure why, lol).

  157. Baking cookies with my Mom!

  158. Linda Novakovich /

    I LOVE designing and decorating the Christmas tree. I try to do something just a little different each year. I used to do more than one, but as I have aged I find one is about it…so it has to be special.

    But my newest tradition is making many, many doll clothes for grandchildren, friends and family. Your patterns have inspired me! Thanks!

  159. Rebecca George /

    Christmas cookies seems to be our big tradition. Lots of discussion regarding which recipe, what ingredients, which is Santa’s favorite and each grand child gets to pick out a batch they want “most”. Then everyone takes some home. When my husband was working, we made them for the office and boy scouts so seems funny to only make one batch of each variety!

  160. Lynne Neave /

    Family together around the Christmas table and backyard cricket after lunch, before a nap. Summer here in Australia.

  161. Debra Tod /

    My favorite holiday tradition is…reading “Twas The Night Before Christmas” to my daughter each Christmas Eve. Something I have done with all my children and plan on continuing as I have grandchildren…

  162. Cheryl Root MacMillan /

    Cinnamon buns for breakfast!

  163. Rachel K. /

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is working with my mom in the kitchen to make a meal for our family to share. Also, I like helping to put up and decorate the tree. :)

  164. Going to the winter market with my friends, it always gets me in the holiday spirit :)

  165. My favorite Christmas tradition … hmmm, there are so many. I love baking Christmas cookies and making other holiday foods like fudge, cheese logs, and so on. But I think probably my very favorite is crafting gifts and ornaments. Every year I try to do some of each if possible.

  166. Carol Bartlow /

    We are from Scandinavian decent and have always opened our presents on Christmas Eve. After eating together, we distribute the gifts and then Papa reads the Christmas story from Luke, Grammy (me) prays a short prayer…because everyone is anxious to open presents. Then the youngest to the oldest grandchildren open presents in turn. After the children are finished, the adults do likewise. I love the order and honor that we show one another that is absent when there is a “free for all”.

  167. Laura Turner /

    I learned to sew by sewing doll clothes. The cash and materials outlay was small and if mistakes couldn’t be corrected you started over. It allowed you to really hone your sewing skills. I also had a little Barbie clothes business one Christmas to make extra money.

  168. Jeanne Marshall /

    My favorite holiday tradition is that my daughters and I watch The Christmas Story every Christmas eve for hours… my oldest daughter even went out and bought it. lol.

  169. Catherine /

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is filling the advent calendar every year with fun treats for the kids.

  170. My favorite Holiday Tradition is … getting together with the family for fun, fellowship and finger foods!

  171. My favorite holiday tradition is making some of my Family’s favorite recipes that were passed down from my Grandmother.

  172. “My favorite Holiday Tradition is baking and icing cut out cookies with my family. We all do it together around the kitchen table and it’s so much fun!“

  173. My favorite holiday tradition is helping my grandkids act out the story of our saviors birth for all of the famiily.

  174. My favorite tradition is making Christmas cookies to share with family, friends and neighbors.

  175. Jasmine /

    My favorite holiday tradition is setting up the tree and seeing the lights glow throughout the house, along with the bundles of ornaments and candy canes hung.

  176. Susan DeWitt /

    As a child, we anxiously awaited Santa’s arrival on Christmas morning. As my father’s parents were of German descent, the Christmas tree was brought in and decorated by my parents after we had been tucked in bed. We awakened to a beautifully decorated tree with gifts underneath. As we grew older, we helped in bringing in the tree on Christmas Eve to decorate.
    My best Christmas memory was at 4 or 5 yrs of age, my parents had built a new home, and how they ever accomplished it, I’ll never know… they moved us in on Christmas Eve. We had been at Grandma’s and fell asleep during the ride to the new house. I remember being herded speedily in and down the hallway to the right, BUT,as we entered, the house was dark except the blazing Christmas tree shiny with dripping tinsel. What a sight! But we were tucked in and fast asleep again quickly.

  177. My favorite tradition is picking out an ornament each year for my children. These ornaments represent something significant for the year to each child. When they are out on their own, they will take their ornaments with them and they can share them with their own family and remember all the wonderful times from their childhood.

  178. Judith Martinez /

    My favorite holiday tradition is the Christmas eve service.

  179. Bonnie Neff /

    Christmas dinner at an Italian place and afternoon movie.

  180. Anita te Gussinklo /

    “My favorite Holiday Tradition is … “
    spending time with my family

  181. Ellen Bierlein /

    My favorite tradition is setting up the nativity. My birthday is Dec 9th and the evening after it we get out the box with the nativity set and unwrap and set up the figures. It’s pretty old now as I started collecting the papermache figures on my 6th birthday when I got Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the manger at a Sunday School Christmas gift swap. One of the wisemen still has a faded price sticker from 55 years ago on the bottom….10 cents! The cardboard stable is priced at 1.00. Some things have certainly changed, traditions DON’T!

  182. Madisson7000 /

    My favorite Christmas Tradition is having a holiday party at my house with all my family, and participating in a family yankee swap!

  183. Ingrid Schumacher /

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is… going to the Hallmark store to pick out my tree ornament. This was started by my grandmother and then my great-aunt took over, after she passed, I made it part of my yearly tradition. Now, I even take my daughter in to get hers so that she will have a collection for her tree when she is an adult.

  184. Carolyn H. /

    My fave Christmas tradition is definitely doing the annual family Christmas exchange!

  185. Julie Koppleberger /

    “My favorite Holiday Tradition is …having a meal with family. We enjoy working together to create a delicious meal of our favorite holiday foods then we enjoy eating together. Being able to spend time together. “

  186. My favorite holiday tradition is gathering to read the story of Jesus’ birth.
    Thank you!

  187. My favorite holiday tradition is going for a ride in the car and looking at all of the beautiful decorations and lights.
    Peace to all!

  188. My favorite Christmas tradition is baking cut out cookies and frosting them with my 3 granddaughters. The kitchen gets a little messy and there are sprinkles all over the place but that never matters.

  189. sherelyn /

    Chubby Hubby and I always BBQ a steak and onions on Christmas day and Thanksgiving Day!!!

  190. Winter Boomershine /

    My favorite holiday tradition is watching my children exchange “sibling gifts” on Christmas eve.

  191. Rachel Bonin /

    My favorite Christmas is going to Grandma’s house for our family gathering.

  192. My favorite is being with family on Christmas day.

  193. My favorite holiday tradition is going to the beach on Christmas day and taking a family picture each year.

  194. Darlene Mitchell /

    My favorite holiday tradition is the family going to Disneyland for three days right before Christmas.

  195. My favorite holiday tradition is a plastic ornament from my mother’s childhood (circa 1920). Each person takes a turn hiding the ornament on the tree; whoever finds it gets to hide it again. So far, the ornament has lasted through three generations!

  196. My favorite holiday tradition is waking up to find my stocking full on Christmas morning with gifts left by Santa…..this has happened for 68 years!

  197. We always have dinner at 4 pm, an usually a turkey. Always have a pumpkin pie! Those are traditions carried over from my childhood.
    Karen in PA

  198. Lori Straley /

    My favorite holiday tradition is going to Mass on Christmas Eve wearing new dresses.

  199. My favorite Holiday Tradition is putting the decorations on the Christmas tree. Each one has a special story, whether it was handmade by one of the kids or purchased in a faraway land, an ornament given to a family member or received as a present – we retell why each is treasured.

  200. My favorite (and longest lasting) holiday tradition is attending church on Christmas Eve. Lots and lots of memories from the hearing Luke’s version of Jesus’ birth narrative to singing familiar and well-loved carols.

  201. My favorite tradition is Christmas Eve is when all of my family celebrates the birth of Jesus and we have a dinner & of course the children open their presents.

  202. Julie Warwaru /

    My favorite holiday tradition is making goodie bags for my family like my grandma used to make for us.

  203. My favorite holiday tradition is opening 1 gift on Christmas eve and getting our holiday pajamas!

  204. My favorite Holiday Tradition is … watching Meet Me in St. Louis while putting up the Christmas tree.

  205. My favourite holiday tradition is on Christmas Eve, just before bedtime we get to open a special gift and that gift is a new pair of pyjamas

  206. Melissa Nitterright /

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is from my childhood. Christmas Eve visit to my Great Aunt Mary (who taught me how to sew) and the 11pm Candle Light church service.

  207. Dolly Walter /

    My favorite tradition is hiding the pickle on the tree. Whoever finds it gets an extra gift!

  208. My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with family and playing cards

  209. Even though I have lived in Illinois for almost 50 years, I make a traditional Hill Country, Texas dinner. Life is too short not to live it as a Texan!

  210. Oh that is a hard one! I really love my churches candle lit Christmas Eve service but Christmas dinner on my mom’s side has to be my most favorite! It is always so much fun and often very silly but you can always feel how much we all love each other. It’s always so welcoming. Some years extra people are invited and everyone tries their best to make them feel loved and welcome. It’s really beautiful.

  211. Making cutout cookies with my mom and dad…still doing even though they are age 76!

  212. My favorite Holiday tradition is looking at Christmas lights with my family on Christmas Eve.

  213. Brianna byman /

    Being with either set of parents and reading the Christmas gospel text.

  214. My favorite Holiday Tradition is going to visit family and spending the day with them.

  215. Jane Whiteley /

    My favorite holiday tradition (which started 40 years ago in Woomera, South Australia), is making cinnamon-pecan filed twisted breads, and shaping them into a Christmas tree. Then the branches are decorated with candied cherries, each of which will hold a small candle. Then we give it away to some unsuspecting person on Christmas Eve, with a small container of homemade rum sauce!

  216. Ginger Benedict /

    Now that we have little ones again, ages 7,6,4,3 and another on the way, we’ve started a yearly tradition of making Gingerbread houses. Everyone brings an assortment of candy, icings and bling to share and we all leave with a fully decorated gingerbread house. So my favorite holiday tradition would be making our cute gingerbread houses.

  217. Ashley A. /

    My favorite holiday tradition is watching The Homecoming Waltons movie and Meet Me in St Louis with my parents. Judy Garland’s Christmas performance always makes me tear up a bit!

  218. Pauline /

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is decorate the house and listen to Crhistmas songs!

  219. My favorite holiday tradition is making Christmas cookies. Among others we make peanut butter blossoms, our favorite, and we only make them at Christmas time.

  220. going to my daughters’ house for a traditional Italian Christmas dinner complete with spinach lasagna, ham and fruit. Yummy!!!

  221. AGTriviaMaster /

    My favorite holiday tradition is visiting my relatives on Christmas Eve. It’s so fun to spend such a special night with my family. We always have a great time together.

  222. My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with my extended family, who I don’t usually see any other time of the year. :)

  223. Karen Storey /

    My favorite Holiday tradition is spending Christmas Eve with my children and granddaughters! We have supper and do a family craft! Each year is a different craft and the men join along!

  224. Michelle Slider /

    My favorite Christmas tradition is spending Christmas Eve with the whole family. Each year we take turns to host it and as our family grows so does the noise, craziness, love, and joy. It’s wonderful and I wouldn’t have it any other way! :)

  225. Mitzi Thornton /

    My favorite holiday tradition has always been spending Christmas day with the extended family. Lots of food, laughter, kids, kids, kids and oh yeah kids! Wouldn’t be Christmas without them!

    • Cinnamon & Team /

      HI Mitzi! Guess what? You are the winner of the 3 LJC Tee’s – congrats!! We will contact you through email for all the details :)

  226. My favorite holiday tradition is doing our “White Elephant” gift together. It’s so much fun and we have a great time doing it.

  227. Vickie Ballard /

    I would say my favorite holiday tradition is getting together with the grandkids on Christmas eve and letting each one open 1 gift of their choice from family. It seems to take some of the ‘edge’ off the tension and excitement of waiting for Santa in hopes they will fall asleep a bit easier, L0L.

  228. My favorite holiday tradition is hanging out with my children on Christmas and seeing their faces when they open their gifts from Santa. It is the one day that I just cook, play, and have fun!!!

  229. michelle /

    Spending time with family

  230. Alana Beyea /

    Making Christmas cookies with my son and daughter! They each have their own way of doing things! It’s something my mother and I would do every year and I’m passing it on to my two. Mostly Norwegian cookies but we add something new every year. :)

  231. sheila foery /

    My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies. with my mom as a child with my children and now my grandchildren, we make tons to share with everyone :)

  232. ritamortenson /

    My favorite holiday tradition is watching the little ones open their packages.

  233. My favorite Holiday Tradition is spending Christmas with all three generations of my family.

  234. My favorite holiday tradition is setting up the tree on the Saturday after thanksgiving. We also set up the Christmas lights at the same time. It changes the house from a fall/harvest theme to a winter/Christmas theme and really gets us all in the mood.d

  235. Debbie Maust /

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is baking cookies with the grandchildren on Christmas eve. Than we put together a plate of cookies for Santa and a plate of carrots and apples for the reindeer.

  236. Cecilia Stallone /

    My favorite holiday tradition is sewing costumes with my mom for the holiday show I put on at our family christmas party!

  237. Sonja Wheatley /

    My favorite Christas tradition is spending time with the whole family.

  238. My favorite Holiday Tradition is opening stockings on Christmas Eve.

  239. My favorite holiday tradition is getting up early to open gifts then heading out into the (hopefully!) snowy woods to crosscountry ski or snowshoe with my family.

  240. Mary Schreiber /

    My favorite Christmas tradition is having my family come together for a meal and gifts on Christmas eve. The Polish tradition is to start the celebration when the children see the first star on Christmas eve. At dinner we say grace by each person say something that they are thankful for this year. Then we eat a traditional Polish dinner then open gifts and go to church. The order of events is dictated by church times. We all have a great time.

  241. Dolores Kettman /

    Family, always the most important part of the holidays.

  242. Lynn Schroth /

    My favorite Christmas tradition is the stockings, the kids were hang them up, then get their picture taken under them. After they went to bed they would get filled. As I am an RN, many Christmas Eves I would work the second shift and get home after midnight. After one Christmas where the kids got us up at 1am, we started filling the socks with fun activities to keep them busy until a decent hour. The kids loved it and Mom and Dad were able to sleep til at least 6am. :)

  243. Kathy goldenbogen /

    Christmas breakfast with the grandkids. :)

  244. margaret /

    making and sharing as many cookies as I have time to make.

  245. Jennifer /

    My favorite holiday tradition is getting as many of my eight kids, two dads, three brothers, one sister-in-law, three nephews, and one niece together as possible, even if it is a couple days after the holidays.

  246. Jessica /

    My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas morning presents

  247. Ena Singh /

    My favorite christmas tradition is going to a tree farm and picking out “our” tree, bringing it home and decorating it, especially with the ornaments that my kids have made for me over the years.

  248. Candlelight Christmas Eve Singing

  249. My favorite holiday tradition is going to a candlelight service on Christmas Eve and making sausage, sauerkraut and pierogies.

  250. Deb mckenna /

    My favorite tradition is the feast of the seven ishes on Christmas Eve.l…l. Now into its fourth generation

  251. Sara Koch /

    On Christmas Eve we do a family movie, go to church, and eat at a Chinese Buffet. Thank you “A Christmas Story” and Ralphie!

  252. Darcy Howell /

    My favorite holiday tradition is the toppers! I celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas because my dad is Christian but my mom is Jewish and for Hanukkah my mom puts toppers on all of our gifts. They are little things like a pair of funny socks or a little stuffed animal and seeing them gets me VERY excited for the holidays!

  253. Mary H. /

    “My favorite Holiday Tradition is … “

    Homemade Christmas tamales. Merry Christmas from Southern California!

  254. Spending an entire day in the woods with family, looking for the perfect Christmas tree! We have a Bon fire, food & hot chocolate. The best years are when we also have snow!

  255. My favorite Christmas tradition is dousing the Christmas pudding with brandy, setting it on fire, turning off the lights and all oohing and aahing over it! I’m English living in Texas where luckily I can still buy Xmas pudding!

  256. My favorite tradition is family spending the evening watching a Christmas story and eating good food

  257. My favorite Holiday Tradition is taking a nap after getting up very early when spending the night Xmas eve with the grandkids. : )

  258. My favorite Christmas tradition is goin to a tree farm and picking out the perfect tree for us to cut diwn and take home to decorate together. It is a wonderful day of family fun and laughs. Great memories!

  259. Tamara Shepard /

    My favorite holiday tradition is sitting around playing board games (or other games) after dinner on Christmas Day. Lots of fun laughing and spending quality time together. :)

  260. My most favorite tradition is our countdown to Christmas. I wrap 24 Christmas books and each night we open a book and sit down to read it. It makes us all slow down a little and enjoy the moments. My girls look forward to the book every night!

  261. Katie M /

    Mu favorite holiday tradition is making candy with my Mammaw, my mom, my aunt, and my cousin. Mmm, gotta love Christmas candy. (:

  262. My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve with the kids and grand kids, playing games and enjoying each other’s company.

  263. Katie Casiglia /

    My favorite Christmas tradition is on Christmas eve – we go to the family mass (kids are in the pageant) and then come home to have our “smorgenborgen” dinner, which consists of finger foods, appetizers, fruit/veggies, etc. It’s a nice evening of relaxing and unwinding (assuming all the projects and wrapping are complete) before the big day. And, of course, we watch movies and track Santa.

  264. My Favorite Holiday Tradition is the Christmas cookies we bake from old family recipes.

  265. Allison B. /

    My favorite Christmas tradition is the family gathering on Christmas Eve. My mother makes up what she calls “a dumb game” centered around the Christmas story, and we all laugh, play, eat, and open gifts.

  266. Rebecca /

    My girls would love these…and I love this pattern…so fun to make!

  267. My favorite Holiday Tradition is dancing in the Nutcracker with my ballet school.

  268. My favorite tradition by far is going to our church’s candlelight service and participating in the Lord’s supper. This year was even more special as I had my coast guard daughter and mother in law for Christmas, as well as my married daughter and my three grandchildren. It was wonderful! We took up an entire row!

  269. My favorite holiday tradition is making homemade ornaments with the children and grandchildren. It’s so fun sharing memories of all the past ornaments and enjoying the new ones. I think next year we will try ugly sweater ornaments.

  270. Pretty Fairy /

    My favorite holiday tradition is making breakfast with my family!

    • Ruth Albright /

      Christmas at our house is more family instead of gift giving….but when we do gift, my favorite are the hand made ones. As our children grew I look back and the gifts we still have are those that were thoughtfully made :).

  271. My favorite tradition began this year. I have 3 grandaughters in first grade this year reading. One read the prayer before dinner. Another read prayer after dinner. Another read the story of the Peppermint Pig which is a tradition we have participated in for years. This helped the girls feel really involved. Three Tees would be great…. One for each!!

  272. My favorite Holiday Tradition is to have plenty of candy canes on the tree. Whenever a guest comes (including the UPS delivery person) they get to pick a candy cane from the tree. We make sure to have a wide assortment of flavors to choose from. (This year’s favorite was Gobstopper Candy Canes.)

  273. My favorite Holiday Tradition is making Christmas dresses for my American girl dolls and for my little cousins’ American girl dolls.

  274. My favourite Christmas tradition is going to Mass with my family and singing Christmas hymns. I also enjoy using the Advent calendar and hiding the Baby Jesus from the Creche until Christmas Eve.

  275. My favorite holiday tradition is fairly new, but has become a lot of fun in our household. Elf on the Shelf has become a tradition in our house and one we will pass on for years to come. We grip about it when “Chestnut” forgets to move and the kids get upset, but it is so much fun when “Chestnut” gets in to mischief like when he got in to all the first aid supplies and had bandaids all over himself and everywhere, plus he put Vaseline all over his face. My daughter thought this was the greatest thing ever….But the best was when “Chestnut didn’t move for three days and I (MOM) had to give “Chestnut” a stern talking to and threaten to send him back to the North Pole for sulking around the house because Santa was making him wear the Team Elf Football Jersey this year….My daughter thought that was the solution to getting him to moving again and boy did it work….He got in to all kinds of mischief after that…eating Jell-o in my frig, and putting sticky Christmas bows up all over my kitchen…SIGH! You can see the Elf on a Shelf is a big deal at my house!!!

  276. Enjoy the company of the people around

  277. Terry Knuffke-Tolbert /

    Our Christmas Eve pj party! Every year my daughter and I shop Black Friday and buy flannel for the whole family…all 27 of us. I make pj bottoms for every one and the embroider t-shirts to match.
    I send out the ones to those who can’t be with us like my son in Army and my daughter and son-in-law also in the army. The rest of us gather together on Christmas Eve we open our pj’s and wear them. Young, old, babies and grandparents.
    Then we change clothes once again and go to midnight mass to celebrate the birth of our Lord.

  278. My favorite Holiday Tradition is spending time with friends & family on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day celebrating Jesus’ birth. Attending Christmas Eve service, giving each child an ornament for the tree every year, baking cookies, crafting gifts for friends, and sharing Christmas meals.

  279. Jaclyn Lea /

    My favorite tradition is just being with family. I don’t have a big family and what I do have is spread out across the U.S. Any time spent with them is a great gift!

  280. Lori Morton /

    Favorite tradition is just havin all the kiddo”s still come Home at Christmas…even the far away daughter!! Also…Makin’ Christmas Cookie”s with the Grangirlie’s & Caramel Corn with my Husband (& also Christmas Dinner…he is Awesome gravy maker!! lol)

  281. My favorite holiday tradition is on christmaa eve, we lauren down the lights and light a bunch of candles and we read the Christmas story from the bible and sing christmas carols with guitar. It is so wonderful to have this quiet celebration of the true reason for Christmas…Jesus!

  282. Carol Derby /

    My favorite holiday tradition: having my children and grandchildren home and playing games. Just setting around the table talking, sharing and playing is the best. Oh, yes there is usually snacking.

  283. Yileany /

    Sooooooo cute! It would be awesome to win a t-shirt of these!

    • Yileany /

      A Christmas tradition of my family is to eat open the gifts at 12:00 am on Christmas Day and we always give my puppy his present first for him to open! (Sorry in the first comment if did not write this, I forgot)

  284. melissa christian /

    Our favorite holidat tradition is baking cookies and cuddling up watching a new christmas movie until the kids pass out.

  285. My favorite holiday tradition is having all the family together to celebrate, talk, and eat!

  286. Bobbie Connelly /

    Those are exactly what my 2 girls have been asking me for.

  287. Carolynn Greene /

    …making Spritz cookies and Eggnog and sharing with friends and family.

  288. My favorite holiday is going to my parents house, all the grand and great-grand children coming, and the look on my parents watching the little great grandchildren they get to listen to my 3 sisters, and I, giggling about past funning things that happen every year. its a great timr.

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