9th Day of Christmas – 2014

Jan 02

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Day 9 of our 12 Days Of Christmas celebration!

[Giveaway Ended - Congrats to Sarah! She won the 9 piece LJC collection!]

Today we are giving away … A 9 piece collection of Liberty Jane Clothing items one lucky winner! Items include, 3 pairs of jeans, 3 tee’s, and 3 tanks. Mix and match the 9 different pieces to create a variety of outfits for your 18 inch American Girl Doll!

My assumption is that most of us sew :) We’d love to hear more about your sewing experience. Are you just learnig to sew, or have you been at it for a while? Do you use a basic standard machine or one with all the bells and whistles? What about a serger, are you using one of those? (or wondering what in the world I’m talking about!)


Day 9 2014

To enter simply respond to this post in the comment box below and complete this sentence:


” I use a  [insert sewing machine type here]… The thing I like most about it is [tell us why]“


Comments must be left (on this blog post) by midnight (pacific), today, 1/2/2014.

One entry per person.

No purchase necessary, void where prohibited.

The winner will be chosen randomly from the comments received and contacted through the email provided in the comment.

We will choose a winner and announce it in tomorrow’s post to let everyone know who won.

Okay, good luck, and if we’ve forgotten anything we will modify and/or update this post as needed.

Happy New Year,

Cinnamon & The Liberty Jane Team

PS. [Day 8 Giveaway Ended - Congrats to Ashley! She won 8 Liberty Jane Clothing Patterns]


  1. kristy /

    I use a portable singer sewing machine and that is all that I know about it! It was hand-me-down from my sister-in-law who is teaching me to sew. The thing I like most about it is that it was free!

  2. Olivia /

    I use a Janome sewing machine. The thing I like most about it is that is was my best friend’s 21st birthday present and she gave it to me after she no longer used it. It is old but easy to maintain and sews so well.

  3. June Troxel /

    ” I use a Pfaff 2144 and an Elna serger. The thing I like most about it is the dual feed system. It feeds the material from the top and bottom keeping the layers even as you sew a seam. I have uses Pfaff sewing machines for 30 years. I bought this one used because I wanted to get into machine embroidery and am really enjoying that. The Elna serger has been a work horse. It does the cover hem stitch that I love.
    I recently bought a second one used for a back up because I get crazy when my machines are in for service and can’t sew :)


  4. Laura /

    I use a “vintage” Electra SX4000. It meets my needs ad sews well. It has many features that I have never used because I have only started sewing in the last few years for my granddaughters.

  5. I use a Brother sewing machine (probably a step or two up from an “entry level” machine). I like it because, when I bought it, I had not used a sewing machine in over 40 years and I was impressed at how far sewing machines had come (even my simple one)!

  6. Sherry Boyette /

    I mainly use a Bernina sewing machine and serger. I like the dependability of the machines and the way they stitch. My machines are older and mid-grade, not the newer mega-bucks machines. I have a Brother which is set up to make buttonholes.

  7. I have a Janome sewing machine but I am looking to get a Brother sewing machine this month that will embroider as well as upload designs from my computer direct to my sewing machine.

    • I just bought a Baby Lock, Brother’s big name brand, and I’m not happy at all. I had an Elna for yrs and was in a hurry, had to have it that day. I didn’t spend enough time in the shops really fitting the machine to ME. I wish I had sewn on ir more before buying.It might be your perfect machine,but sew, sew, sew in the shop before buying!

  8. I use a Singer Slant-o-Matic that was my husbands grandmothers. It has no bells and whistles but is a workhorse of a machine. Ive heard that it was quite a high end machine in its day (the 1950s). It sews beautifully, never a tension problem. The only drawback is that it is heavy, metal case and metal gearing.

    I also use a newer Brother that I use to sew doll clothes at our sewing group that meets once a week. It is more portable than the heavy Singer. It is a basic entry level machine, but is also a great machine. It belongs to my daughter who inherited it ths summer, but she let’s me use it.

    My third machine is a Necchi that my husband bought for me almost 20 years ago. It is another good entry level machine, but has many tension problems so I’m happy to have the Singer to use.

  9. I have a nice Janome Embroidery machine that is so old now that there are no operating systems that support the software to upload designs, so it is just a sewing machine now :) My serger is even older and also a Janome – it has served me well and I often joke it will be coming to the other side with me to sew when that day comes… this year is the year for machine upgrade, but I am not sure if I will just get an embroidery only machine since my sewing machine works so well.

  10. Denise /

    I use a Janome Kenmore 19005 Elite Embroidery Machine, and the thing I like most about it is the amount of stitches it can do. I had a basic Singer before, and it’s nothing compared to this one. I also love that it can embroider small projects to personalize things.

  11. Kathy English /

    I use a Bernina–pretty basic, not a lot of frills, and I love it because it’s easy to use, dependable, and makes me appear to be a better seamstress than I really am!

  12. Lynne Neave /

    I use a 20 year old straight sewing Janome machine the thing I like about it is reliable and gives a professional result.

  13. Pauline /

    I use an old Elgin sewing machine that my mom got. This sewing machine is 30 years old or more. The thing I like most about it is that I can sew using several types of points and also because I can made my own doll clothes!

  14. Dianne /

    I use a singer futura that my husbabout gh t me for an early Christmas gift a poo upper of years ago to replace my necchi and a Bernette serger that belonged to my mother. My 12 yo daughter is now learning to sew on my necchi. I like that I can sew and embroider with my singer and finish all raw edges with my serger making all my doll clothes more durable for lots of play.

  15. Julie Milliron /

    I use a Bernina sewing machine. I love all the different stitches available, but what I like most is the 9mm wide foot and stitch capacity. This allows for wider decorative stitches. Oh and all the feet available.

  16. I use a Baby Lock but not happy! I preferred the smoothness of my old Elna that died,but my area had bad service techs so I stayed away from that brand. Now, I’m regretting it. Live and learn can be very costly!

  17. Melanie /

    I use several different machines. All for different things

  18. Karen /

    My sewing machine and serger are both Berninas. Love my sewing machine, it’s reliable, and although it isn’t a top of the line machine, it has more than enough bells and whistles for me at the moment. I’m not as impressed with my Bernina serger though… Any more than two layers of fabric and it gives me fits!

  19. I have a mid level Viking sewing machine. It is a heavy duty workhorse which is important, for one day I’m fixing my son in law’s jeans and the next day sewing a fur doll jacket. My husband bought me an old, little black Singer at auction. I have yet to get the tension working right though.

  20. The machines I use are a Husqvarna Viking, a Janome and a Huskylock Serger. I like the ability to change needle positions on both regular sewing machines.

  21. I use a basic sewing machine and literally just started sewing about a week ago. For some reason my favorite thing about it is the symbols on it–a turtle for slow speed and a hare for fast speed. :)

  22. Kathy /

    The machine I use is a Husqvarna Viking Sapphire. I like it because it is very versatile. I can sew a thin piece of material or many thicknesses if I have to.

  23. Debbie /

    I’ve always used a Kenmore sewing machine including my Kenmore serger. My husband bought them as gifts and I have no complaints <3

  24. Madison /

    I use a singer sewing machine. The thing I like most about it is that you can change the stitches to really cool stitch designs!! I also like that it has a place to store two bobbins.

  25. Diane O. /

    The machine I use is an old Singer Sewing Machine that was given to me. I don’t necessarily like it that much but it works for now until I can afford a new machine with ALL the bells and whistles.

  26. I use a new Janome. The thing I like most about it is; it is a new machine and sews so much better than the older Singer I have had for 30 years.

  27. I use a Bernina 730E and a Baby Lock Imagine Serger. My serger is the best because it finishes seams. The Bernina is wonderful because I can sew many kinds of stitches and embroider. (If I ever have to purchase a new sewing machine I will probably buy a standalone embroidery machine and simpler sewing machine.)

  28. Jennifer Stiff /

    I use a singer stylist. I love all the different stitches it has.

  29. Kathy /

    I use a Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine…The thing I like most about it is it sews through anything.

  30. Jana Leonard /

    I use a Baby Lock that sews and embroiders. I love it, especially the embroidery functions. I started using Baby Locks after using them at a Sewing Expo a number of years ago. Also, the BabyLock dealer is the only dealer within convenient distance—the others are much farther away :)

  31. Darla Bunker /

    I use a Bernina QE440 and a Babylock Evolve Serger. I love my Bernina 440 especially working with the smaller doll clothes. I can take the work table off and use the versatility of the arm to get around the small areas! I can switch to many decorative stitches as well.

  32. I use a Brother sewing machine, and the best thing about it is that it works! My old one died and I just received this one for Christmas.

  33. Jackie Friest /

    I have been sewing for decades now and have been fortunate to be able to upgrade to a Bernina with embroidery capabilities with all the bells and whistles including built in duel feed. This is my 4th sewing machine. I absolutely love it. I have owned other brands of machines but like this one the best. The feet are amazing that you can get for it. I also have a Bernina serger which I can’t live without for those clean finished seams.

  34. Fran Boyle /

    I use a Bernina 1080. I love my machine!! It’s a workhorse, always dependable.

  35. Lisa Lindemann /

    I use a Husqvarna, it is simple and works well for a novice sewer like myself

  36. Vivian G. Dietemann /

    I use a Singer 4325C sewing machine. The thing I like most about it is I can do buttonholes without having to add an attachment to the pressure foot, I simply mark my fabric with chalk, etc. stitch the right side, bar tack, stitch the left, bar tack and I am done. Great way to make an opening for a draw string or elastic. I am hoping to add a serger to my tool box this year.

  37. Mary Harrison /

    I use a Janome with all the bells and whistles. I yearn for a serger though. I taught myself to sew so I could have clothes to wear to school. Being from a big family there wasn’t a lot of shopping going on. Now I am teaching my granddaughter to sew as she wants to make her own clothes. She is teaching me to design for her AG doll!!!!

  38. Carrie /

    I used a thirty year old Elna for years and I loved the embroidery cams but now it needs repair and I have to save up for it. I was given a Singer serger but threading it is such a pain so I haven’t sat down to conquer this machine. I’m using my mothers old Janome that I received when she passed away and it’s great for the straight stitching and zig zags. I would like to get an embroidery machine or a sewing machine that would do more decorative stitches for my sewing business of making doll clothes. Cinnamon, please design a small arm sewing machine that would make sewing doll arm holes and necklines easier to sew. Many of us would love a sewing machine that would make this easier.

  39. Sheilah /

    Hi! This one is difficult for me….
    I use a Bernina machine (185 or 780) for most of my sewing because it feeds my small pieces of fabric smoothly and without “eating” the edges!
    I collect antque machines so, at times, I may use an old treadle or handcrank if the garment is fairly simple!
    Always use my serger……I want clean and finished seams! It is a Bernina, also!

  40. Barbara Willis /

    I use a Bernina 820. What I like best are the many option say I have with it.

  41. Sarah /

    I use a Brother Pacesetter 400X. I love that it is so quiet and dependable (we’ve been through alot together!) I also use a Brother serger and it is such a workhorse! I love them both.

    • Cinnamon & Team /

      Hi Sarah! Guess what? You are the winner of the 9 Liberty Jane Clothing items – congrats!! We will contact you through email with more details :)

  42. Maddie /

    I use a Brother, I find it easy to use and fix. It produces pieces I can be proud of.

  43. Shirley /

    I use a Janome Memory Craft 10001. The thing I like most about it is that I can do machine embroidery on it. It is just fascinating to sit and watch the embroidery go. To see the art work come alive is just amazing. I also have a Singer Quantum XL-100, but this one needs cards to insert to embroider designs. So I upgraded to the Janome.

    • Brenda Sweeney /

      Still use mine even too even with a new 10 thread it still does a great job Never no trouble

  44. I have an older Kenmore and a newer electronic one with various stitiches built in and use them both. Even though I have been sewing for 40+ years I like to learn new techniques and will occassionally take couture sewing classe at the local textile university. My grandmother made her living as a seamstress, my mother was great seamstress and so my sisters and I carry on the family tradition, each in our own way.

  45. ” I use a serger and a janome 4120QDC 150 stiches and every bell and whistle going Zi also have a few others kicking around too:). The thing I like most about it is the automatic thread cutting feature and the start stop button instead of the peddle(it does have a peddle but I have never used it). In my former sewing life before I found my passion for sewing doll clothes. I designed and created costumes for the local theatre and dance schools. In my experience it order to do knits 2 or 4 way stretch you need a serger for that professional finish.

  46. use a brother portable sewing machine. The thing I like most about it is I can sew anywhere and the base can be removed for ease when doing smaller projects like cuffs and pant or skirt hems.

  47. Terry /

    I have a Baby Lock Ellismo and Ovation serger, so many options and fancy stitches, not to mention the embroidery! Awesome machines. I also use a Singer for quick fixes when I only need a quick straight stitch or zig zag.

  48. Kathi Martin /

    I use a Viking (Eden Rose) sewing machine. The thing I like most about it is that it has the bells and whistles. I got it only 6 months ago! What a change from my machine from 1960!

  49. Linda Davis /

    I use a Juki Q98 The thing I like most about it is speed

  50. Kathy Thomason /

    I use a babylock Ellisimo for sewing and embroidery. I love all the fantastic things it can do. I have a babylock Evolution serger and love how easy it is to thread.

  51. Margaret /

    I use a Bernina sewing machine and a Bernina serger. These machines meet my needs, especially the the free arm on the sewing machine. The serger allows me to give the inside a more professional finish to hems and, of course, less bulk.

  52. I use several different machines. I have a singer serger, brother sewing machine, and an old singer slant-o-matic. The thing I like most about the serger is how it finishes off the edges nicely, the brother is how many different stitches you can do, and the old singer is that it is a workhorse of a machine; it will sew thru anything.

  53. I use a thirty year old standard machine that is totally reliable and makes gorgeous button holes, a new computerised machine that dances over delicate fabrics and a serger I ‘borrowed’ from my sister when she gave up sewing. (?!) Combined, they make sewing a joy.

  54. Sewbig /

    I use several sewing machines. All of them are exceptional machines. My workhorse machine is a 15 year old Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 sewing machine. I use a Baby Lock serger with “air threading”. Air Threading–best thing they ever offered for a serger! Oh, and it automatically adjusts tensions, and changes from normal overlock to rolled edges with a simple lever adjustment. I have a Brother embroidery machine–even the bells and whistles have bells and whistles on this machine!

  55. Phyllis /

    I use a Babylock Ellisimo and Babylock Evolve serger. The thing I like most on my Ellisimo is the speed control and the fact that I can sew with or without the foot pedal. I LOVE the ease of threading the serger.

  56. Sue P /

    I’ve been sewing most of my life, though mainly quilts & bags. I have a Bernina that, while “oldish” is so great that I never think about trading up to a newer/faster machine. Any problems I have are due to operator error, not the machine.

  57. Chloe Mae /

    I use a singer machine the thing I like mist about it is that it looks really retro because it’s 1970 anniiversery edition !

  58. I have a Bernina 930 that I bought in 1985…that’s my workhorse. My serger is a Singer that I couldn’t be without…love those finished seams. I have a Janome embroidery machine that is great fun to use and I have a small Janome to take anywhere when I sew with friends.

  59. Phyllis B /

    I use a Janome … The thing I like most about it, is
    its also an embroidery machine.It pretty much has all the desired features for sewing about anything.I also use a brothers serger.This I am still learning.I also have a Bernina ,Phaft,an early singer also a Singer Athena .I inherited an old whites treadle machine.In perfect working order.Also a 1920′s child’s sewing machine. So I guess now I collect all things sewing.Lol.It fun to sew on the different machines..
    Phyllis B

  60. I use a Juki serger and a Laura Ashley Brother sewing machine. I love my serger, even though it is old because it makes my seams look professional and helps in the sewing of knits. I love my Brother sewing machine because it has decorative stitches and sews so quietly. Still learning to use it, as I have not had it for a long long time.

  61. Lynne Thompson /

    I use a Husqvarna Quilt Designer II because I started with quilting. What I like about the husqvarna is its versatility but especially I like that it sews the seam and overcasts at the same thus saving me considerable time. I have several other machines including a serger that I do not yet know how to use. Why several machines, you ask? Because I need one in our 5th wheel trailer as well as in the home. Plus one to teach the grandchildren how to sew. Needless to say, sewing is a big part of my life

  62. Linda D /

    I use a wonderful older Janome machine that still gets the job done smoothly and efficiently.

  63. I’m still saving up for a machine, so I work by hand.

  64. Lesley from NE /

    I have a basic Singer with cams that I use for zig-zag, but my favorite machine is a 1952 Singer 15-91. It just sings as it goes along, it is so quiet, and just does a great job on straight sewing and with the ruffle attachment, it is really fun to use. I would love to have a serger, but have not acquired one as of yet.

  65. Debbie /

    I have a Brother sewing/embroidery machine that I have been pretty happy with. I’ve used it to sew kids clothes, doll clothes, and other odds and ends. I also have a serger which I have just recently started using again.

  66. ” I use a Singer sewing/embroidery sewing machine and an old Baby Lock serger. The thing I like most about it is both allow me to control my seam width and to do fine stitching.

  67. Ruth S /

    I have a Janome New Home machine. It works very well and I like all the options for sewing. I didn’t use it very much when I was working full-time, but I am getting back in to sewing.

  68. I use a Huskavana Opal. The thing I like most about it is that it automatically sets the tension based on the fabric type. I don’t have to fool around with it. Since my last Viking lasted for 34 years I decided to stay with the same brand.I also have their serger. Sewing couldn’t be easier!!!!Thanks for the chance to win these gorgeous outfits.

  69. Vicki Allen /

    I use a Morse and I like it because I am use to it and it does the job for me.

  70. I use a Pfaff Performance 2056. This machine is no longer made but in 2004 when my mother got hers new, it was king. I had sewn on hers so much at different times I visited her that I was determined to get one for myself so I found one new in box on Ebay almost 4 years ago and I love it! The thing I love most has to be the fact that you can program it to back tack at the beginning of a seam, then at the end, you hit a button and it back tacks again. It has a lot of features I don’t even use. (I also like the knee lift lever that came with it. And if I would take time to learn buttonholes on it, I’m told they are the best!)

  71. I use a Singer sewing machine… The thing I like most about it is nothing! I really need a new one! :(

  72. Jennifer S /

    I use a portable Singer sewing machine. For me, it is easy to use.

  73. Roxie /

    I use a Brother (actually a family of Brothers – lol!) and I love them because they will sew anything from Lycra to fun foam, puls they all use the same cord and work pretty much the same. Also, have a local dealer for repairs.

  74. Tandika /

    I use a Bernina 830. The thing I like most about it is being able to adjust the needle position, which makes sewing smaller seams and details much easier. I’ve been sewing forever, it seems like and have used many different machines, and each has had its good points and bad points, but I’ve been able to make almost anything on all of them! The trick seems to be to learn the machine well and adapt your techniques to the equipment you have.

  75. Carole Schneider /

    I am very fortunate to have several machines. The one I use the most is the Janome 6500. My husband won this some years ago and I have put many “miles” on it. I also have a Janome 11,000 and two sergers. I keep one serger set up with a rolled hem and use that to sew and/or finish seams on doll clothes.

  76. ivana /

    I use a singer sewing machine. The thing I like most about it is that my Husband gave it to me one year for Christmas.

  77. Angie D /

    I use a Janome 4800 for sewing and a 350e for embroidery. I like both of these machines so I can sew and/or embroider without having to tie up 1 machine. It allows me versatility and simplicity.

  78. Marjorie /

    I use a Pfaff, usually my 2170, but sometimes the 1469. I love both machines for their ease of use and reliability.

  79. Diane /

    I seem to have a small colection of sewing machines, a Singer from 1898, 3 Kenmores, a Brothers serger and a brothers embroidery machine.Also a small Singer serger that I learned with before buying the real serger.I have enjoyed all of them.

  80. Karen Storey /

    I use a Baby Lock sewing machine and Singer serger! Love to quilt and make doll clothes for my granddaughters!

  81. Peggy A. /

    I’ve happily used a Janome sewing machine for over 30 years, but wouldn’t want to live without my Baby Lock serger that threads itself and sets the tension on its own perfectly.

  82. Donna /

    I use a Brother Project Runaway machine. The thing I like most abut it is that it does everything imaginable. From deorative stitches to button holes to sewing buttons and anything else in between. Sews smoothly as well.

  83. Becca L /

    I use My mom’s Singer sewing machine. The thing I like most about it is how well it handles thicker materials or multiple layers such as when I am quilting.

  84. Jude Clark /

    I use a Singer Sewing Machine and a Bernini Serger. They are both many years old. The thing I like most about them is the variety of stitches that are possible even though they are not new and full of bells and whistles. The only thing I don’t like about them is rethreading when I want to change colors, especially the serger. But that isn’t the machine, it is me. It is such a hassle. I have been sewing for a long time, making my own clothes, wedding gown, my girls prom dresses, etc. My biggest struggle was finding time to do my best job and having a good space to work in. Now that I am retired, maybe I can get my sewing room set up and slow down.

  85. Suzi More /

    I. Use a Husqvarna 1+. 20+ years old. A trusted friend and has never given me any problems.

  86. Jamie /

    I use a Disney brother sewing machine. I love that it has 3 speeds and so many different stitches to choose from!

  87. Camille /

    I LOVE to sew!
    I really hope I win this giveaway!

  88. Joan D /

    I use a Kenmore machine. The thing I like best about it is that I won it. Years ago in the Sew News magazine for every five dollars you donated to cancer your name was put into a drawing for a machine. It has been a good machine and has many many miles on it.

  89. I use a Singer sewing machine because it’s the brand I learned to sew on

  90. Sue K. /

    I use a Brother Quattro2 sewing/embroidery machine primarily, but I also use two other Brother sewing machines and a Janome serger, depending on what I’m doing.

    I love all the fantastic things I can do with the Quattro2. I can embroider large and small designs, it has some great built-in stitches, the automatic threader makes life SEW much easier for my old eyes, and the automatic thread cutter sure cuts down on all the trimming that’s needed when I embroider. All-in-all, it’s a great machine.

  91. Carol K /

    I have a Janome Student machine, a Brother NX600, and a Singer serger. Each machine has it strengths. What I love most about the machines is being able to create wonderful things – from doll clothes to re-usable shopping bags. I love up-cycling material from clothing found at thrift stores and garage sales.

  92. Linda /

    I have a Singer that is about 30 years old. It is great for the basics… forward, backward and zig-zag. What I like best is that it is dependable and works great for making something new or mending.

  93. Trish /

    I use a Viking 1+ and a Babylock Evolve serger. I like that both are so easy to use and with them I feel like I can sew anything.

  94. Tamara /

    I sew with an old Singer Stylist. It was my grandmother’s and I love that it is a sturdy metal machine instead of plastic. I also have a Husquvarna serger. I love taking a thread-y gathered seam and make it beautifully finished.

  95. Hannah /

    I use a Husqvarna Viking Scandinavia 200. It is the only machine I have had the opportunity to use, so I don’t really know how it compares to others on the market, but it seems nice. The thing I like most about it is that it has a good variety of stitch options, and a lot of interesting accessories are available for it. One of my goals this year is to save up for a Babylock Diana serger! Of course, I would love an Imagine or even higher end serger, but a Diana is more doable. ;)

  96. Marilyn /

    I use a Babylock Ellegeo. The thing I like most about it is consistently wonderful and never gives me a problem! It’s an embroidery machine and a sewing machine.

  97. Cindy /

    I use a Pfaff, a Janome, and a Singer featherweight. All are good, reliable machines. The Pfaff seems to work best on knits and my Singer is great on faux fur and heavier fabrics.

  98. Kaelyn /

    I use a Janome, and I like that it is somewhat easy to use, except when it eats my fabric.

  99. momawake /

    I use a basic non-computerized Bernina because for so many years I had horrible sewing machines, so I wanted a good one that would always work. So far, so good. :)

  100. Jessica /

    I use a basic Kenmore, but also own a Singer that I’m breaking in. My mom owned Kenmore so it’s a brand I grew up using. The thing I like most about the Kenmore it is its light weight, variety of stitches, and the automatic buttonhole feature. I really only use my machine for construction and top stitching since I prefer to finish hems, sleeves, and waistbands by hand. I love for my pieces to have a home sewn, yet couture add-on feel to them. I adore vintage clothes and most of my collection was made by other home seamstresses so it’s a style of sewing that I really enjoy.

  101. Sue S /

    I sew with a Pfaff 7550, which is over 20 years old but runs like a charm. It has multiple needle positions and can sew in several directions, although I haven’t really used that part. It has a built-in even feed foot which is fantastic for slippery or very fine fabric. I had a MyLock serger which blew the tension dials off the machine one day when I was almost finished a fancy ball gown for my dolls so my husband bought me a BabyLock Imagine serger with air threading. I love the threading part but it doesn’t always want to go into rolled hem.

  102. Tricia /

    I use a Brother 2003D sewing/embroidery machine and a singer 5 thread serger. The sewing machine is the fanciest one I have ever had, and will never have one this nice again, as it was purchased in better financial times for us- I love it as it does everything I want, and does it well! I like my serger also, it is powerful and sews well.

  103. Elizabeth Peake /

    I create with my Mom’s Singer FW 221 for basic sewing as it is dependable and now has specialty feet which increases its capabilities.

  104. Shawn /

    I use a Brother sewing machine. I like the choice of different stitches. I also like that I can sew all sorts of different projects.

  105. Kristen /

    I use a Bernina and love it! It sews like a dream!

  106. Sally Kauffman /

    I use a Janome 9700 and what I like most about it is I can embroidery on it. But also I use it to sew, quilt, and embroider. It just depends what I’m in the mood to do and it is ready when I am.

  107. Jan K /

    I use a Singer sewing machine from the early 1980′s. It has several “fancy stitches” that I don’t use because I don’t have enough skill or confidence. What I like most about this machine is that it was a gift selected by my now deceased first husband.

  108. valerie /

    I use a singer sewing machine. The thing i like most about is it’s easy to use, you can create a lot of projects with it, and theres so many different stitches on it!

  109. Beth P /

    I use a Bernina Artista 200 upgraded to a 700 and what I like most about it is that I can embroider on it and with my software the sky’s the limit on what I can do with it.

  110. Gail W /

    I use a Bernina, or Viking sewing machine. The thing I like most about them is The ease in use, the viking was my Mother’s machine. I got it after she passed away. She was an avid sewer, and she taught all of her kids to sew, she had 2 boys and 6 girls. Some of us do much more the others!!! In her last few years she sewed flannel pants, and I mean LOTS of flannel pants. To the tune of 100+ pairs a year. EVERYONE we knew had Mom’s flannel pants. When I got her machine It didn’t sew very smooth. I opened it up WOW, the flannel ‘dirt’ in it was amazing! I had cleaned it for her maybe 3 months before that!
    I also use her bernia serger. It works like a charm!!!

  111. Alberta /

    “I’d love to see Liberty Jane offer the fabric and notions for the outfits, as I do not have a good source for those things.

    • Alberta /

      ” I use a Viking sewing maching with a variety of stitches, etc., but it is many years old. The thing I like most about it is that the stitches can be changed quickly with a few pushes of buttons.

  112. I use a Pfaff sewing machine… The thing I like most about it is it takes what I feed it! For a 35+ old sewing machine it sure has paid for itself over the years.

  113. Sharon /

    I use a new Brother LB6800 computerized sewing and embroidery machine – a Christmas present which I am absolutely loving! I didn’t even know they made machines with automatic threaders and thread cutters! This is an upgrade from a 25 year old machine that didn’t do anything! My girls are loving it, too!

  114. April /

    I use a singer touch and sew the thing I like most about it is its simple and easy to use. I’m looking at a singer confident stylist if any one has one could you tell me about it.

  115. leshawn /

    I use a Brother Project Runway sewing machine. The thing I like most about it is the pre built in embroidery sticthes and self threadin feature.

  116. Laina /

    I don’t use a sewing machine; I’m more into jewelry making. However, when I did sew, I used a Husqvarna Viking Scandinavia 200. I’m no expert and I have no idea how good of a machine this is. :) I did have fun playing around with the fancy stitch options though! :)

  117. Linda /

    I use a Bernina Artista 200 that was updated to a 730E the thing I liked most about it is that it is easy to use and thread. I found this at a quilt shop in town as a trade-in, and even thou I don’t know how to sew I knew a good deal so I bought it. I am learning now how to sew, and can’t wait to open my business I 2014.

  118. sherelyn /

    My favorite machine is my Bernina, but I have a serger, an OLD embroidery machine and a brother sewing machine too. I love using the first for the fancy stitches, the serger for finishing and embroidery for embelishments. My brother is good too for some fancy stitches, and is self threading, a big plus!

  119. Valnora /

    I have been sewing on my Elna for around 45 years. It just keeps quietly sewing along. I bought an inexpensive Brother, but guess which one I use!

    • Margaret /

      I use a computerized Kenmore my dh bought me almost 30 years ago. The thing I like most about it is works better than the newer machines my mom and daughter bought a few years ago. Their machines do more things and were less expensive but I stick with mine.

      I also have a serger that I love because I love finished seams.

  120. Ann P /

    I use a Brother sewing machine along with the Brother Serger for all my sewing projects. The thing I like most about them is the professional look each machine gives my finished doll clothes. My first project was the ‘mini skirt.’ I mainly used my Serger for this project and the results are very professional looking!!! I cant beleive that I did it. Thank you for the easy to follow pattern…..

  121. Jocelyn /

    I use a Bernina Industrial sewing machine. I like it because it will sew through any weight of fabric like butter and it has several fancy stitches as well. I have both a Juki and a really old Singer serger. Great for making lovely doll clothes.

  122. I have a Husqvarna Vicking. Has a lot of bells and whistles still learning to use. Also embroiders which I love. Also have a new Singer Serger which is great for sewing childrens and AG clothes since it finishes the edges so nice.

  123. My daughter is the seamstress and she uses a pretty basic model Babylock Denim Pro sewing machine and for Christmas she got a Singer serger. Neither machines are fancy but they do the job!

  124. sherry mattson /

    I use a bernina, not very new, but does have embroidery module. The thing I like most about it is the auto needle position: i can have it always stop down in the fabric or up, just a tap of a button!

  125. Lori Laughlin /

    I have an inexpensive Singer Esteem that I got a few years ago. I really like it because it is very self contained and portable so I can get it out when I want to sew and then put it away when I am done since I don’t have much room. It has some variety of stitches, which is nice, but it is very easy to use. I love making doll clothes!!

  126. sandra meese /

    My sewing machine is a Singer that has 100 different stitches. Since i can’t afford an embroidary machine it does allow me some options to jazz up my doll outfits.

  127. I use my grandmothers old singer machine. It’s awesome. I love using it because my mom and aunts all learned on it. My grandma sewed all their clothes when they were little and was an upholster. It makes me feel connected to my sewing heritage.

  128. I use a somewhat simple Brothers machine. The thing I like most about it is the easy drop and load bobbin. My mom’s machine has a front-loading bobbin that takes a cup of coffee and some concentration to get it loaded.

  129. Heather K. /

    I use a needle and thread to sew. (I’m just learning!) The thing I like most about it is that it’s not as intimidating to a newbie as a proper sewing machine! (Learning to sew “for real” is on my to-do list for 2014!)

  130. Lindy /

    I use a Viking Husqvarna sewing machine… The thing I like most about it is that it is dependable, has multiple stitch options, and can be geared down for going slowly over thick folds or tough spots. Works well for making doll clothes :-)

  131. Carolyn /

    I use a 30 y/o Kenmore sewing machine – the thing I like most about it is that is was a Christmas gift from my hubby and is the first “brand new” machine I ever owned.

  132. Melanie /

    I use a basic Husky (which was a wedding gift from my parents) and a Janome serger, which was a (brand new) hand-me-down after sitting in my in-laws crawl space for over 20 years, never taken out of the box. I like them both, in part because they were both free, but also because they’re both good quality machines with different applications.

  133. Terry Knuffke-Tolbert /

    I have two sergers; an older Euro-Pro and a Brother. The thing I like most about them is with the Brother it will go through three layers of fleece without a pause. It is an awesome heavy duty machine. The Euro-Pro does the fancy serger stuff.
    I also use a Singer regular machine. The thing I like most about it is the feed allows for all the 1/4 inch seams without ever getting stuck or pulling the material.
    I just got a Brother Élan embroidery machine. The thing I like most about it is I don’t know! I haven’t had that much time to leard to use it.

  134. Annette /

    I use a Brother Project Runway Limited Edition CE8080PRW computerized machine! I love it because I can just adjust and change my stitches with the touch of a couple of buttons! I don’t have a serger at this time but I easily use my overcast stitch with this machine as well! I do have the options to add some fancy stitches to jazz things up a bit too.

  135. Christine /

    I use a Janome and I like my model because it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles.

  136. Ali Finley /

    ” I use a Viking Husqvarna 6460… Not sure how old it is. The thing I like most about it is, it is reliable!“

  137. Sandra /

    I am an intermediate sewer and use several different machines depending on where I sew. When I travel, I use my 1950 Featherweight my mother gave me and my small Simplicity serger. At home I use my 1980 Singer sewing machine, both my Sergers, (Simpicity and Singer 5 spool) and sometimes my Brother Disney Embrodiery Machines.

  138. Kelly /

    I use a 31year old Kenmore. I bought it for myself when I left home for college. It still works great and every year I learn a new technique that this machine can still handle. I am used to it so am hesitant to change. I bought a serger but it has sat in the garage for almost 10 years. Something new to learn, no time. I know that it would help me go even further in new ways to sew, some day….

  139. Roxanne /

    I sew on the new Bernina 780, so yes, it has all the bells and whistles and embroidery. I also have a serger. I’ve been sewing since I was a teenager, and won’t say how long that’s been.

  140. I use a variety of machines – right now my primary machine is out of commission, so I am using a pretty basic Brother machine. I usually use my Brother SE 400, but really hope that this year I will be able to get the one of my dreams :) I also use a Brother serger, it really helps with finishing of my seams and hems!

  141. Sandra /

    Forgot to put why I like my machines most! When I travel, I like the portability of the Featherweight and small Simplicity Serger. When at Home, my 1980 Singer is so easy to use and rarely gives me problems. The 5spool Singer Serger makes great finishing touches on knit fabrics and the Brother Embroidery machine add beautiful embellishments.

  142. Betty Frederick /

    I have a Singer Curvy. It sews well and I enjoy it. I bought it after being displaced and it was what I could afford when it was purchased.

  143. margaret /

    I use a New HOME memory Craft, a Pfaff Hobby Lock serger and a 60 year old Singer slant needle. Like them all. the serger needs to go to shop for adjustments but otherwise works well. The old Singer is my go to for mending and heavy fabrics. It will sew almost anything including mending and hemming grandson’s jeans.

  144. Lori K. /

    I use a Janome sewing machine and a Babylock serger… The thing I like most about it (the Janome) is that it is a smooth machine and I now have decorative stitches.

  145. I use a Brother Project Runway edition- I love the double needle spool and decorative stitches!

  146. Oh, and a Singer serger. I love it but it’s difficult to get the tension settings correct for each new project.

  147. Teresa /

    I us a brother 350 because of the stitches and the embroidery stitches I can also use

  148. Doris /

    I use a Songer Featherweight. The thing I like most about it is it’s small size and utter simplicity.

  149. I use a Singer Quantum 9960 for last 1 1/2 years, as 31-yr.-old Singer broke. Thing I love most is price I paid w/many extra feet & # of decorative stitches! Think I NEED a serger though?!

  150. I use a singer (not sure what model) and I like that it has over 40 stitch options and it runs smoothly

  151. Caroline L. /

    I use a Janome 8077, and one of my favorite things about it that the speed is adjusted by a sliding switch on the machine, not by the food pedal. I know that sounds weird, but I love it. I can push as hard or softly as I want on the pedal, but the speed of the needle is not changed unless I move the switch by hand.

  152. Irina /

    I use Brother, bought it on Black Friday 5 years ago, sew occasionally, its good; have serger too, but never used it

  153. I use a Janome sewing machine. I love it because it gives me a lot of options and different sewing feet. Also, I have great support from the store I purchased it from!

  154. Judith Martinez /

    I use a Huskystar and the thing I like best about it is the needle down feature! I missed it while it was in the shop and I was stuck using my back up machine.

  155. Marilyn /

    I use a Brother Enthusiast I bought on Amazon 4 years ago. It embroiders as well, although I haven’t tried that out yet. It gets plenty of workouts with regular sewing almost daily during my marathons making doll clothes.

  156. Theresa /

    My sewing machine is a Baby Lock Tempo, which was a Christmas gift a few years ago. I love it because it has so many nice features. Buttonholes are a breeze, and it has a few embroidery stitches. I also love how it threads the needle for me!
    I also have a Husqvarna Viking serger, which is about 10 years old. I use it to finish the seams inside of garmets, and I also like to use it when I join lace to fabric for heirloom sewing.

  157. Janet /

    My sewing machine is a pfaff creative 1469. My husband gave it to me 1985 and the machine runs like new. Love it!

  158. RENEE /

    I have several different machines I use. But the one I use the most is my industrial serger, it seem that the stitch just seem to work the best for anything I do, from knit, lycra to denim. If I need a straight stitch machine I will go to my 28 year old singer, because it is dependable.

  159. Maggie /

    I use just a regular old Brother machine for most of my regular sewing, and I have a Brother Duetta that I do a lot of embroidery stuff on. I love sewing on something light and portable, and I love my other machine because of the ease. It runs so smoothly! :)

  160. Julie Lewis /

    I use Babylock machines because they have a built in stitch with a straight and zigzag all n one pass. I love it that the seams are finished and my garments will hold up well with use and washing.

  161. cecilia /

    I use a Singer sewing machine. The thing i like most about it is the little thread cutter on the side. Believe it or not, that thing comes in handy when i leave my sissors where i was cutting and i just don’t want to get up and mess up my fabric.

  162. Rachel /

    I use a singer sewing machine and the thing I like about it most is its reliability.

  163. I use a Viking Sewing machine…and the thing I like most, is I never have to fight with it like I did my Singer’s and Kenmore’s.

  164. Becky McCabe /

    I have a Bernina Artista, a Pfaff, a serger, and Singer Featherweight. Each has their best features and uses, the Bernina is the one I use the most. I think I am experienced until I see what other people create and I’m blown away.

  165. Marcy /

    I use a basic Singer machine that only works reliably in reverse. Sewing becomes an interesting event when maneuvering fabric backwards from the traditional direction, with lots of frustration and errors, but I muddle through. I am thankful for this machine, faulty as it may be. The thing I like most about it is that the stitches stay secured and I’ve not had anything fall apart.

    • Tamara G /

      You must have very good eye-hand coordination. But when one must sew, one must sew. Thanks for sharing!

      • Marcy /

        Thank you Tamara. I’m simply used to it. Last year I saved and bought a Singer from a home shopping channel- it was their daily deal, with extras- but it never worked and not worth the cost to return. In time I hope to get a “real machine” lol

  166. Trish S. /

    I use an old Janome made back in the ’80s. The thing I like most about it is that it was made for high-end work and has at least a dozen presser feet. Even though I only use maybe a 5th of it’s capabilities, I’ve yet to come across a technique that I wanted to try that my machine could not do. Love it!

  167. Jessica /

    I am currently borrowing my daughter’s Singer. The thing I like most about it is that it is simple enough for her to learn on and got enough extra features that I’ve been able to do everything I’ve needed to on it.

  168. Nikkee /

    I have three machines, a battery powered portable for sewing on the go, a standard brother machine that sees way too much use and a serger I’m still learning to use. I love them all :)

  169. Noel J. /

    I use a Pfaff hobbymatic 935. My mom bought it for me a few years ago because I was wearing out my old Sears machine making flannel pajamas for my kids and all of my nieces and nephews. The best part was, she let me pick out the machine I wanted. Thanks mom!

  170. Kathy /

    I use a Singer basic sewing machine, I love the reliability and how easy it is to use. I have a serger that I used for years but don’t use it as much. Especially for doll clothes because the seams are so small, it just seems easier to use a regular sewing machine. I love the outfits and my grand daughters would too!!!!

  171. I use a Brother sewing machine. The thing I like most about it is that although it’s a fairly inexpensive machine, it works really well for what I do with it, and I continually find new things that it does.

  172. Judith /

    I use a Kenmore… The thing I like most about it is it just keeps going and going (since 1965)

  173. Susan BC /

    I use a Singer sewing machine that I’ve had almost 20 years. I still consider myself a beginner/intermediate sewist. What I like most about my machine is that I can still learn new tricks on the old dog. :-)

  174. I use a Bernina sewing machine, & I love it! My mom always used Bernina sewing machines, and that’s what I grew up on. I have never used any other kind of machine, so I don’t know any difference, but I do know that for Bernina’s are extremely reliable and durable. in fact, I have the two old ones that my mom always used when I was growing up, and one of them was built in the 1960′s and it still works great!

  175. I am currently sewing on a Viking Designer 1 that I inherited when my mother passed away in 2005. I just started using it in 2013 because I was afraid of all the snazzy stuff that it does. Well, it may be “old” technology now, but it sews like a dream and I love it – mostly because it was my mother’s machine & I think of her while I’m sewing. I also have an Elna serger and would not sew without out it!

  176. Karen C /

    I use a Babylock machine,which I just love. After years of sewing on a classic old Singer I enjoy the different stitch options the Babylock gives me. I do alternate with my old Singer and love to take it out, oil it and sew away.

  177. Angela /

    I use a Bernina sewing machine. I like that it sews very smoothly and has been a highly reliable machine!

  178. I use a Babylock Ellageo Plus Sewing/Embroidery machine. I also have a Babylock Imagine serger. I love them both because of them being user friendly.
    However the main reason is because BL stands behind their products. I can sew with ease not worrying about what I would do if one of them quit on me because they have a fabulous warranty, and I have a fabulous dealer!

  179. Shawna Chatten /

    I use a Brother sewing machine that is pretty basic. One day i’ll upgrade but its hard to even know what to upgrade too!! My machine works good enough for now but I would love a serger and something to do embroidery.

  180. Dolly Walter /

    I use a basic sewing machine most of the time. I got my first real sewing machine when I got married at 18. I had been using my mothers until then. I made cloth dolls as a way to make extra money when my kids were small. I ran that Singer till the flywheel fell through the bottom! I have a serger but have a hard time using it for doll clothes. All in all I’ve been sewing for over 50 years

  181. Colleen Smith /

    I have an old Singer sewing machine, which used to be my mom’s and it still runs wonderfully. One of the reasons I still use it is because it belong to my mom, and the best reason is because it works so well.
    Thank you.

  182. Jasmine /

    I use a Brother machine, and I love it because of the many stitches and easy bobbin winder. I would love to try/upgrade a Bernina or serger one day.

  183. I use a Singer sewing machine, and the thing I love most about it is that it makes buttonholes in a snap!

  184. Janet Pommrehn /

    I sew on a portable Singer sewing machine. I recently began to sew more. I volunteered to sew AG doll clothes for a friend’s daughter’s doll. Later I met a couple from Texas and somehow offered to sew for their 2 granddaughters’ ‘ dolls. I had to buy a doll so I could tlry clothes on her, check elastic, etc. This doll and wardrobe will go to my granddaughter when she is 7. She is now 4. I have had the best time sewing for these dolls. But it would be great for my doll to have LJ doll clothing. I am also very curious to learn about a serger and what it can do. Thanks!

  185. Andrée Bergeron /

    I sew on a Pfaff. I like that it sews very smoothly and has been a highly reliable machine!

  186. Debra Tod /

    I use an old Pfaff machine that I bought used – no bells and whistles – but this heavy duty (metal not plastic) beauty has brought me through making my own clothes, children’s clothes to now, it seems, only making doll clothes – 28 years and still working wonders!

  187. Rhiannon /

    I have a Brother that is a step above the most basic machines. I like my machine because it does everything I need, is easy to use, and rarely has problems. No serger yet; I usually just zig zag over all my raw edges.

  188. My grand-daughter wants to learn how to sew and make doll clothes for her american doll. We are using regular sewing machine.i downloaded two free patterns.

  189. Barbara Peart /

    I use a Bernina 200 sewing machine which I absolutely love. This machine is always there when I need it–sews through heavy as well as thin fabric. I have really enjoyed sewing the Liberty Jane patterns with this machine. I also have a serger but do not use it–someday. I have several 18″dolls to be sure the items I make fit all. I like customers to place orders and consider this a challenge which sometimes it is. Can’t wait to order more LJ patterns hopefully soon.

  190. I use a Janome sewing machine, and I the thing I like most about it is that it can actually sew properly in contrast to my old Brother.

  191. Rachel K. /

    I use a Pfaff 213 (Made in West Germany)… The thing I like most about it is it’s easy to use.

  192. Grace C /

    I use an older version of the singer sewing machine and I love it because it was my mother’s and she taught me to sew on it.

  193. I use a Baby Lock Esante machine. I love the way it sews through multiple layers of fabrics including layers of denim. Unfortunately, the light behind the display has faded and I can hardly see the dispaly. I am looking for a new machine, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thinking about a Brother Quattro. My most favorite machine of all time is the Singer Featherweight 221…classic straight stitch, no bells and whistles…I got it for my 11th birthday in 1970. :)

    • Kim A /

      When I was looking at new machines this yr. one of the questions I had was who makes the best most reliable machine? Just like cars have makers that are the top for a period of time, so do sewing machines. For years it was Singer and then Bernina or Phaff. After talking to my shop owner, and they sell several different brands, I believe Brother is the way to go. Have them demo several machines and compare the features that you are interested in. It took me a couple of months to pick one. I ended up with the Laura Ashley 2000. It’s alot of machine and alot of $$ but sewing is what I do. (my husband finally got it for me because I had a hard time spending the money on it, but I love it.) Happy hunting!

  194. Lauren Martens /

    I use a White sewing machine. It’s really not the best thing, but it came to me free from my aunt and does the job…well, most of the time. The thing I like most about it is it’s mine!

  195. Karen B /

    I use a Necchi Silvia my husband gave me on our first Christmas together in 1980. It doesn’t do much special, but it is all metal and a workhorse! I also just got a Brother 1034 serger but disappointed that it doesn’t do the hemming stitch I wanted. I guess you have to get the better model for that! Happy Sewing to all in 2014!

  196. Rhonda /

    I use a Brother LX2500…a simple easy to use machine and the thing I like most about it is there’s a wide variety of presser feet available for so many different projects. My mother taught me to sew as a young girl but have only recently started sewing doll clothing and quilting.

  197. Kim A /

    I use a Brother Laura Ashley 2000 sewing machine and a Singer Quantumlock serger.
    My husband bought me the sewing machine this yr. and it has so many features, I haven’t checked them all out yet.(he told me you just have to put the pattern in a slot and the finished project comes out the other end,ha,ha.) I love the knee lifter for the presser foot and the auto thread cutter. It also has a huge detachable sewing surface which is handy. I had a portable Brother before and loved it as well. My serger is such a time saver and I love the professional finish.

  198. Christie /

    I use a Singer sewing machine that does some zigzag stitches and can do some decorative stitches by inter-changing two plastic discs and moving the stitch regulator. I also have a Viking serger, but only use it for finishing seams. No whistles and bells; can’t afford them, but love creating doll clothes with what I have.

  199. Rhiana /

    I use a Bernina 580 sewing machine. The thing I like most about it is how no matter what, when my friends use it, they never can break it. One of my friends sewed right through the foot of my first machine. I still do not know how.

  200. Christina /

    I use a New Home sewing machine and a Baby Lock 418 serger. I’ve had both for about 20 years and they are work horses. I sew a lot and have had very few problems with either and both are easy to use.

  201. Rita Cashion /

    I use a New Home sewing machine because: I’m a novice sewer and this sewing machine has options that lets me be creative when otherwise NOT. I have fibromyalgia and can’t do a lot but with the help of this wonderful sewing machine…I can. :o)

  202. I use a Bernina sewing machine and Bernette serger. My serger is ok, but I get fed up with threading it. My sewing machine is reliable and has plenty of bells and whistles when I need them. I sepecially love that it has it’s own “help” button for when I don’t feel like looking up a stitch’s use in the book!

  203. I use an entry level Brother sewing and embroidery machine and a serger (how do you sew garments without one?), and I have been sewing since I was a kid.

  204. Darcy Howell /

    I use a Singer… The thing I like most about it is how simple and easy it is to use! It also has a great selection of stitches and sews very well over think materials like denim.

  205. Ellen /

    I use a singer! I love how smooth it sews :)

  206. Kaitlyn L. /

    I use a SINGER Stylist 7258 (hey, the first three numbers are my birthday!) and my favorite thing about it is all the options you have. It has 99 stitches, including several decorative ones. I’ve been sewing since July 2011 on a sewing machine.

  207. Pretty Fairy /

    I use a Brother sewing machine, and the thing I like most about it is that it’s basic so it’s easy to use.

  208. Hollea /

    ” I use a Janome The thing I like most about it is I sold my mother’s top of the line Singer as it was a lemon when she had it and she taught sewing for Singer, it was in the shop just about every week. So when she passed away I inherited it and it was always breaking down. I then bought a Janome which had 2 speeds low and high, a real heavy duty machine that was great for sewing boy stuff from jeans to leather jackets, I had the machine for 32 years before the motor wore out and I bought another Janome 2 years ago and it has a variable speed on it for me this is the most important feature, I love that I can go fast on the straightaway and slow on the curves and very slow on the details.

  209. Fran Stroud /

    I use a Janome sewing machine. I got it last summer and love it. I have a vintage Singer for emergency back ups. I have two sergers, a Juki, and a New Home. I keep one threaded with white thread and the other with black/navy. This year I hope to buy an embroidery machine.

  210. Myra in Sweden /

    I use a Pfaff that I bought new in 1981. The thing I like most about it is the automatic threader and the dual feed system that keeps the two layers of material even. It has several different stitches and was quite modern when I bought it – Always said it sews like a Dream. I also have a a Husqvarna serger I bought after wearing out an Elna. I learned to sew on a Singer and owned one for many years, wore it out. Just bought a new Singer for my granddaughters to learn on.

  211. Sophie T /

    I use a Singer dated from 1964 (my mom’s sewing machine)… The thing I like most about it is a heirloom! It also works pretty well, but there are a lot of fancy thing I can’t do or don’t dare to do! Still, it’s a very sturdy machine, all metal, and really does the trick!

  212. I use a bernina 1130 and also an antique singer straight machine the singer is wonderful for the narrow seams that you need for doll clothes and its standard foot is 1/4 inch on one side and 1/8 inch on the other, wonderfull for accurate narrow seams.

  213. Nancy /

    I use a Viking 1 sewing machine and a New Home “My Lock” serger. Love my Viking – wouldn’t own anything else. I like the fact that it sews through anything, has a low gear for my daughter to learn to sew with, and a good variety of decorative stitches for embellishing my LJ patterns.

  214. Suzie /

    I use a Kenmore Elite 395.19365990 aka Janome 4800 QC. The thing I like most about it is it runs like a dream! It is computerized so no tension trouble. I recently purchased a Pfaff Creative 2.0 but my Kenmore is still my favorite and much easier to use. I purchased it used and have had it for 7 years now. I have taught my daughters to sew on that machine. It is the best machine I have ever owned!

  215. Linda /

    I use a Bernina machine (an older model….no bells and whistles ) that I purchased at an auction. I love the way it stitches…the ability to go through many layers and not shift…..and I love the numerous feet and the variety of stitches it can do so well! I also use a Babylock serger that has been a great machine also. I have more but these are what I use.

  216. Kim Antongiovanni /

    I use a Shark – Intelli-Sew machine by Euro Pro – I bought it about 10 years ago and was a bit miffed when my husband gave away my Singer because he thought it was not as good as my new machine. Well needless to say a Singer is always a trustworthy machine and I wish every day I still had it. I love my machine for simple things I sew the basic – just started doll clothing and I love it. I dream of owning a serger again – oh yeah did I mention that was given away as well. Never have your hubby to spring cleaning – seems all my stuff gets donated – LOL!

  217. Jennifer T /

    I see with a bernina 1000. The only thing fancy about it, is that it has a button hole feature so that I don’t have to change all the settings. The thing I love the most about it, it’s 18 years old and runs great. I’ve been liking for a new/another machine but nothing compared to the one you love.

  218. I use a brother machine…….old but still working

  219. it’s nice to see that the number of responces increases each day. I use a singer. I began on my mother’s straight stitch machine when I was about 11-12. When I graduated Community college my parents gave me a staright stitch Singer of my own. I used it until after I was married and we found a “bargin” on another brand with multiple patterns, but my parents were so upset because I “wasted” their investment in my Singer that I got another one as soom as I could and have not chosen another brand since. Infact I just got a new one last week and have not yet had opportunity to use it. I am very anxious to get started on AG clothes so that I have a much larger catalog by summer for Christmas orders 2014!

  220. Jasmine Augustine /

    ” I use a reglular Singer sewing machine… The thing I like most about it is all the neat stitches, most of which I still need to figure out ;)

  221. Jasmine Augustine /

    ” I use a regular Singer sewing machine… The thing I like most about it is all the neat stitches, most of which I still need to figure out ;)

  222. Carol P. Meadows /

    I use a simple, basic Bernina that is about 20 years old and the thing I like about it most is that, even though it’s never been serviced (I haven’t ever been able to let it go for long enough!) it still sews (though noisily) anything from fine silk to heavy denim!

  223. Sandy /

    I sew on a Bernina quilting and embroidery ten yr old machine and it sews wonderfully. I also occasionally sew on my sweet little Featherweight

  224. Maya AGTriviamaster /

    I use the one and only sewing machine from Ikea! My favorite thing about it is that it’s super easy to use. It’s my first ever machine, so that makes it great for a beginner like me.

  225. Mitzi Thornton /

    I use a Brother CS-100 machine. Love it because it has multiple stitches, and is still basic enough to accomplish simple tasks easily. Have been sewing since I was in junior high school. Been making money doing it since just out of high school. Looking forward to early retirement soon, so can concentrate on my sewing business more!

  226. Tasha S. /

    I use a Kenmore sewing machine my parents bought for me when I was in college. I don’t have a server. I sewed mostly by hand when I was a kid. My mom didn’t like me using her machine because it always seemed to mess up when I did! In college I studied art with a concentration in textiles. Now I teach art to middle schoolers. I am trying to collect machines so I can sew with them. I sew for fun and now I am getting into makjng/designing doll clothes. I like a project I can finish in a couple hours not days or months.

  227. I use a Huskystar 207 which is about the bottom of the line of that label and has zero bells and whistles. I bought it about ten years ago, strictly to take to classes because it is much more portable that my almost 50-yr-old White Cabinet Model. The White has those little plastic discs that drop in for “fancy” stitches. Also picked up a wonderful Vintage singer with the same type of discs and haven’t read the book enough to use it.
    I would love to have a serger and something that has some embroidery stitches. However, I’m lazy and it’s easier to use what I know without having to reread the instructions. ^__^

  228. Carol /

    My go-to machines are Bernina. I keep a classic 830 at our cabin and a 1230 at home. I also have a couple singer Featherweights that travel very well. I also use a Bernina serger.

  229. Linda /

    I use a Viking lily sewing machine. I love it because my first sewing machine was a viking all the women in my family have used our first viking once in their life to sew one. I am just used to sewing on them.

  230. Bobbie /

    The sewing machine I use is a 930 Bernina machine my husband bought me around 28 years ago. When I have to have it worked on I use a brother machine I bought myself a couple of years ago. Also bought myself a 1300mdc serger by Bernina. I love to sew and always have. Started as a little girl teaching myself to sew and took homemaking classes in school. After my husband and I married he went to College and I worked at a sewing factory (Howard Wolf) form several months. I was 18 years old and had to be a factory around 6:OO am in morning and leave my husband asleep in bed . Now I sew for fun making doll clothes and custom drapes and pillows. I am having the best time of my life and very blessed

  231. Angela /

    I use a basic sewing machine. The thing I like most about it is that I am the only one in my family that uses it. My mom used to use it more when I was little but not any more so I use it for the doll clothes I make.

  232. Inga NB /

    I’m on my second Kenmore (Sears) machine. I sewed so much I wore my first out! I totally killed it!!! I also use a serger set with three threads when making doll clothes

  233. I use a basic Singer sewing machine that is now 16 yrs old. I would love a serger but am intimidated about using one!

  234. Jeanne Marshall /

    I use a basic sewing machine. I like the fact that it is easy to use. :-)

  235. Susan /

    After the old machine I had (in the 60′s & early 70s) would break down every Christmas from overuse, I got a bit over zealous in making sure I always had a backup. Of the many machines I possess, the ones I use the most is two 70′s Kenmores and my pre computer, Elna serger. Got a deal on a computerized Janome but have trouble with remembering settings. Lol! I also had trouble sewing thin fabric and small stuff (likes to eat the fabric) and I don’t like the auto pressure foot. Doesn’t work well. On the upside I did like the many needle positions and when you stop, the needle will stay down. Also you can get an exact stitch length if necessary. I also use a race horse old singer occasionally and I have a treadle in case of a long term power outage. They all do something different so they come in handy. Like most everyone else, finding uninterrupted time is hard to do now days but when I can I go for it.

  236. Tamara G /

    I’m currently sewing on a manual BabyLock. I’d been sewing on my old Singer that I purchased right out of college in ’79 and it wasn’t handling thick seams very well. My husband’s aunt, who shares my love of sewing and has a sewing room full of fancy machines, gave this Babylock to me. What a sweetheart! I’d like to add two more machines to my sewing room – a heavy-duty and a serger. Having the right tools makes all the difference!

    • Tamara G /

      Another thought: I’ve noticed how many of you use old machines along with your new ones. The most beautiful buttonholes were the ones made on my mom’s old Necchi. I have not been able to figure out the buttonhole attachment on my Babylock. May require a trip to the sewing center!

  237. Marjory W. /

    I use a Bernina 155 sewing machine. The things I like most about it are the relaible stitching and the variety of stitches and presser feet for embellishment.

  238. Brenda Sweeney /

    I use a Janome 4623LE plain machine for all sewing.
    Use Janome Compulock serger. Use Janome 10001 for embroidery only. All my machines work great never ever had problems. I love my computer soft ware so I can embroidery on all the doll clothes!!

  239. KAREN /

    I bought a new Brother sewing machine this past year when I started to sew more with doll clothes being the big item. I needed a buttonhole attachment when I found a pattern for my granddaughter with a matching doll dress that i HAD to have. I am loving it. Do not have a serger but this new machine has a foot to overcast that I use to finish the seams. Works fine for me.

  240. Shirley Jean Creighton /

    I use a Bernina 180 sewing/embroidery machine and while old, I love it. I had a
    VERY old Sears machine before I got that one, and I was so amazed how wonderful it was to have different needle positions! I love doing embroidery, and I’ve made draperies for the house and church and heirloom baby clothes. It does everything I need it too. Sewing is therapy. I should do it every day!

  241. My mother was a seamstress, so I grew up with beautiful clothing that my mother made with love. My mother taught me how to sew, and I also took a lot of sewing classes in high school. I even made my own prom dress. Now that my children are grown I love to learn different sewing techniques. My 18″ inch dolls are the right size to teach myself heirloom sewing, smocking, etc. I even bought a Diamond Viking sewing machine.

  242. Susan /

    One thing I definitely noticed over the years is the quality of machines, threads, bobbins and other sewing accessories have really deteriorated and gives me fits. I get a lot of defective bobbins and change needles a lot if things are not going well! I also looked at a brand new Brother machine from Costco that my nephew’s girl friend had. She had tried to use it several times over the course of a couple years and never could get it to work. I thought she was just doing something wrong being an inexperienced sewer. Nope, the feed dogs did not work! Costco wouldn’t take it back either even though it was still with box etc. because it was a gift and she had it too long. I am going to take it apart one of these days to see what the problem is as it wasn’t an expensive enough machine to pay a repair tech to look at it.

  243. Lindsay /

    I use a Brother SQ9050. I think I enjoy the most about it is the smooth operation. I will sometimes use the decorative stitches, but mostly love how smoothly it operates…

  244. JoAnne /

    I taught myself to sew on my vintage Singer Starlet. It’s 40 years old and I inherited it from my aunt. She made dresses for me on it when I was a little girl and my mum was struggling to make ends meet. So I’m very attached to it! But this year I started to do some quilting, so I bought a Toyota with a quilting table – it has all these new stitches and I can swap the feet out for all the different jobs! I’m not using even half of the features yet, but I am enjoying it :-)

    • JoAnne /

      Oh, and I know what a serger is in theory, but I have never used one, nor seen one used in real life ;-) I always make doll bodices and tops fully lined so I don’t have to make tiny hems or facings!

  245. Jane Keene /

    My current machine is an 11 year old Kenmore. I love the way I can adjust the needle position to the exact place needed.

  246. norma stone /

    I use Janome 11000 sewing and embroidery machine, Janome serger, Janome cover pro and I have a Regular Janome to take to classes. I like my 11000 because I can do so much with it. Thanks

  247. Jane Whiteley /

    I mostly use my Juki DLM-415 industrial sewing machine. I love it because it tracks so precisely and sews everything from the finest silk chiffon to leather and heavy denim. Top-stiching on it is always perfect. I sometimes use a 30-year old Pfaff which does a great job on buttonholes and anything I want to do with twin needles. I also have a great industrial Juki serger as well as a BabyLock. Love them both but mainly use the BabyLock because it is self-threading… and so much easier to change threads. The industrial serger is really a pain to thread, but does a great job.

  248. janet smith /

    I use a Husqvarna Viking Designer SE sewing/embroidery machine. The thing I like most about it is the vast functionality. I can sew almost anything with almost any type of stitch … and embroider almost anything.

  249. Nicole /

    I use an Elna (2110) sewing machine, because my sewing teacher recommended it. I like how it is easy learn new techniques on.

  250. Sri Pot /

    I use a Singer 2259 Tradition that I got for my birthday. The thing that I like most about it is that it is easy to use becuase there are pictures actually on the sewing machine to help for beginners sewers like me and there are different stitch types to choose from to use.

  251. Jennifer G /

    I use a Janome sewing machine. The thing I like most about it is that it has an automatic thread cutter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  252. Martha /

    I use an old “Dressmaker” zig-zag sewing machine most of the time, it has a few “cams” to insert to do special stiches. I also occasionally use an older Belair 600 sewing machine which I think had a treadle at one time. The thing I like most about them is the memories. My “Dressmaker” I bought 35 years ago at a yard sale. I was dreaming and planning for a home of my own someday and when I saw the machine I wanted it. Mom helped me look it over and we decided $20 was a pretty good buy so I took it home. We were right, I am still using it and after 35 years that averages to about 60 cents a year. The Belair was one my grandmother used and on which she made doll clothes for me (I still have them). My Mom later took Grandma’s machine to Texas so she would have a machine where she and Dad spent the winter. When they could no longer come to Texas I inherited the machine. I think one of my sisters must have the machine my Mom used in her northern home.

  253. Libbie /

    i use a bernina sewing machine the thing i like most about it is when it decides to be co operative and work properly.

  254. Rebecca George /

    I use a Viking Diamond sewing machine and I like the multiple stitching positions and fact that you adjust the tension by telling the machine what type and weight of fabric you are using. Also the huge number of stitches. It has a seam overcast stitch for finishing seams that stitches at the same time and I use it a lot on doll clothes.

  255. Tabitha /

    ” I use a Singer Quantum Stylist 9960. The thing I like most about it is how easy it is to use, and how many different things it does. I love the button-holer! “

  256. I have a Standard machine that just does the basics. I’d love to get a serger but I’m a little afraid of it! :) but as I continue sewing I’ll be looking to purchase a more dynamic machine AND a serger… To continue to develop myself as a seamstress.

  257. Mitzi Neely /

    I use a Pfaff sewing machine and the thing I like most about it is that it offers a number of beautiful stitches; and my Babylock Serger makes my projects look ready-made. I have been sewing for 40 of my 53 years and my clothing creations for the AG doll are now focused on a second generation–a granddaughter. Liberty Jane Patterns offer trendy, fashionable clothing that make any AG doll and owner proud. Thank you again for the free patterns and I love purchasing a pattern and getting the pdf immediately. Makes it sew easy and enjoyable.

  258. Lanie /

    I use a Singer sewing machine. The thing I like most about it is that… Well I haven’t quite used it yet! Haha :)

  259. Claudia Allred /

    I use a 40 year old Sears Kenmore sewing machine. It has been faithful to me only having to be repaired once and it is used almost daily. I have thought of getting a new machine but my $199.00 Kenmore does everything I need it to.

  260. Susan Wilson /

    ” I use a Brother sewing machine…The thing I like most about it is my great aunt gave it to me. I am currently teaching my daughter to sew! :) exciting stuff!!

  261. ” I use a Janome memory craft, a White serger and basic Kenmore … The thing I like most about the Janome is the embroidery and the various stitches etc., the serger for finishing seams, and the kenmore I usually leave it set up for quick buttonhole making.

  262. I use a singer simple sewing machine. The thing I like most about it is it dos not take a lot of experience to use and still gives me different stitch options.

  263. I use a Singer, although we also have a Ward at home that was my great-grandmother’s. I actually learned by making doll clothes several years ago.

  264. I use a Brother sewing machine. I like it because it is easy to use especially threading.

  265. Linda /

    I use a Janome sewing machine and love it, its a work horse and is very dependable.
    I also use a serger machine it is an Imagine by Baby Lock and I wouldn’t sew without one, it will finish off all of the seams.
    I have been sewing since I was a teenager, so a long
    time……….not mentioning my age.

  266. june wicks /

    I use a Bernina. The thing I like most about it is precise stitches.

  267. Lucy A /

    I have a White sewing machine that I bought with money earned on my first job out of high school. It still works very well. However, the serger that my husband bought me for Christmas a few years ago is toast, so all my sewing is done on Old Faithful for now.

    • Lucy A /

      Sorry, forgot to say, the thing I like the most about it is that it has lasted me for 42 years and is still going strong!

  268. Jessica Flinn /

    I wish I had a Bernina and a serger! I just use my Singer Curvy machine. I love to sew and u especially love making clothing for my American girl doll. It’s so much fun and uses hardly any fabric! I also love the liberty jane patterns! Your directions are awesome!

  269. Kathy Goldenbogen /

    I use a Brother sewing machine and serger. I love them because they are easy to use. as I am an avid sewer, this is an important thing.

  270. Teresa /

    I use a Singer sewing machine which ive had 27 years. The thing I love about it most is its the only worthy thing I got out of my first marriage. lol

  271. Gayle S /

    I stopped sewing many years ago and just recently started up again by making doll clothes for my granddaughter. I am using a Kenmore that I bought probably 30 years ago. It has some “bells and whistles” but I mainly use it for straight and zig-zag stitching. The tread tension is great and for now it suits its purpose.

  272. Karen Martin /

    I use a Janome sewing machine. I like the speed setting. I do a much better job if I slow down. It’s like cruise control for your machine. I also have a Janome serger that I am learning to use.

  273. I have been sewing on an Elna “Air Electronic” since my youngest was 1 (he’s 33 now). I have long lost count of all the clothes, doll clothes and draperies were made on it. I got my money’s worth many years age and it keeps sewing along. I love that it is small enough for me to be able to pack it along while still being capable of many functions.

  274. Annika /

    I use a Singer. The thing I like most about it is it’s paid for and it works! Thank you!

  275. I use a Janome. The thing I like about it the most is no repairs ever!

  276. I have a Simplicity Performer and a Husqvarna Viking. I like the Husqvarna because it’s a beast! It can sew through anything. I love my simplicity because it is the first machine I bought 17 years ago when I learned how to sew and I can do many different things on it.It’s never broken down or given me any trouble. (knock wood!)I also have a Singer tiny serger, perfect for those little doll clothes seams!

  277. Linda /

    I use a Baby Lock Elegante which is a combo sewing machine and embroidery machine. Love, love, love it. I also can’t get by without my Baby Lock Imagine Serger. I also bought a very simple Singer so that my granddaughters can sew along. I still have my mothers old machine…Singer that I used as a teenager. That means it has been around 70+ years.

  278. ” I use a White Serger. The thing I like most about it is making rolled hems on fancy dresses.

  279. I have several machines home and industrial but the one I use the most for sewing doll clothes is the Pfaff creative cuz it has a bed part that swings away so I can do sleeves. This feature is a plus when doing doll clothes. It is a workhorse.

  280. I use a viking I inherited from my mom and I just bought a used serger. I must confess the serger still confuses me but I hope to figure out soon.

  281. Ann Van Doren /

    I use a 25 year old Bernina 1130. The thing I like most about it is EVERYTHING! I never have had any problems with it, even though I have been remiss in getting it serviced regularly. I also have a 20 year old Bernette serger. Before that I had a Kenmore but my mother-in-law convinced me to upgrade to a Bernina by reminding me that my husband didn’t buy cheap tools, so why should I? I’m shocked at how plastic-y the new machines feel, compared to my Bernina. I’ll never give it up!

  282. Shelley /

    I use a Janome 3000 sewing machine and a Janome serger. I have been sewing for years, but have recently begun making doll clothes. I am learning to become more comfortable with my serger because I like to see well finished seams in garments and other projects.

    • Shelley /

      I use a Janome 3000 sewing machine and a Janome serger. I have been sewing for years, but have recently begun making doll clothes. I love my sewing machine because it is easy to use and has many features I enjoy using. I am learning to become more comfortable with my serger because I like to see well finished seams in garments and other projects.

  283. Tamara Shepard /

    I use a Kenmore machine that my mom bought me MANY years ago to start sewing on…I love it because it is SO dependable! I also have a Singer serger but I’m still learning when/how to use that.

  284. Janna /

    I use a bare Bose Singer sewing machine and I love that it is so user friendly and dependable.

  285. Emmalee /

    I use a Singer Prélude and I like how it’s so dependable and easy to use!

    Thanks for hosting this! I’d love to use these in my photography!

  286. Gail Meucci /

    ” I use a Singer XL 5000. The thing I like most about it is the hugh variety of stitches and embroidery possibilities.”

  287. I use a Brother sewing machine, and I just started learning how to sew. I like it because its so easy to use and produces great results.

  288. Sharen Schulz /

    I use a Husqvarna/Viking Quilt Designer II for both sewing and embroidery. Its 9 years old, but I like it for its beautiful embroidery stitching and ease of use.

  289. Teresa Clementz /

    I have a top of the line BabyLock Ellisimo sewing machine and a BabyLock Evolve serger. I like to use a 3-thread serge for a lot of the seaming and I use the Blind Hem foot with left needle position to do most all top stitching so I get a perfect straight seam line.

  290. My main machine is a brother Innovis 80, I love the needle threader! I also use a Singer and would love to get a serger this year!

  291. Nancy Brown /

    I use a brother sewing machine and a singer serger. I love using the serger for its simplicity in both sewing seams and finishing them at the same time.

  292. Elaine Anderson /

    I have an Elna air electronic and an Elna Lock serger. I love both of them. I’ve had both machines for many years.

  293. Samantha Place /

    I use a Brother sewing machine. The thing I like most about it is all the stitch options. Before my Brother I had a Sears sewing machine that belonged to my Grandma.

  294. I use a Brother machine. It is a “computerized” model with a lot of stitch choices. I also have a brother embroidery machine that I really want to use more with my doll clothing. I have considered getting a serger but I don’t feel that I know enough about them to make that purchase yet.

  295. I use a Bernina 180 for my basic sewing, a Bernette serger and a Deco embroidery machine. I really have everything that I need to get quality looking clothing. Starting sewing on my Mom’s treadle machine.

  296. (I don’t know if it’s too late, but I really want to answer this question anyway)
    I use a Brother SB700T The thing I like most about it is that it’s very consistent with my fabrics. (Mainly stretch knits) work really well on it. A great machine that really didn’t cost all that much!

  297. Brandy /

    I use a New Home sewing machine. The thing I like most about it is that it still works after 12 years & after being stored for several years!

  298. I use a Bernina QE. I really like how easy it is to use and the reliability of the stitches.

  299. susan /

    I have been sewing since I dabbled with grandma’s singer treadle machine in the 60′s. Mom never let me sew, so once I got into high school and 4 H I was off and running. I am a wearable art designer and won several awards nationally-even winning a small Janome Gem (my 8 year old uses) and a golden bear from the state fair. I have had garments travel and be displayed internationally. I took fashion classes in my late 40′s honing skills for competition. I make one of a kind garments and never make anything assembly line-I get bored :-). Everything whether a quilt, or garment has something special that I give to someone or keep for myself. It then becomes a labor of love and a legacy to those I love. I love to embellish! I use a Bernina Artista 165 with embroidery unit. I have a Babylock serger, but I hate it because it takes so much time to get the thread tension right! And I have my mom’s singer as a backup (she passed away.)Someday I’ll tackle it again.

  300. Julia /

    I use a 20 year old Singer. It has a couple of decorative stiches and a button hole, but it is pretty basic. I love it because it has always been sturdy and reliable. I have lived in dusty and rural areas, and moved a lot. It has held up well. I do quite a bit of craft sewing, and I also love that it will sew through 4 layers of denim or cord. I use a basic Simplicity serger to tidy up seams and keep projects durable.

  301. I use a Brother Inovis the thing I like most about it is that it does regular sewing and the cute Disney embroidery. I have always wanted a machine that does embroidery and I finally got one and I love it and it is a very compact machine for all that it does.

  302. Debbie /

    My sewing machine is an “oldie but goodie”! It does the basics well, but does not have either a free arm, a serger, or an “easy” buttonholer, all of which I think might come in very handy. I come from a long line of seamstresses, who always had the best machines they could afford.

  303. Lezlie /

    I have 2 Janome New Home heavy duty machines, a(1970 Kenmore Elite that I just sold to a friend whose same machine died) and after 47 yrs of sewing I am the proud new owner of my Babylock Imagine serger with ‘air-threading’. Should have gotten a serger 20 yrs ago. But I love the Janome machines because I also do ALOT of repair/alterations and it will plow thru denim,leather,suede… you name it…several layers. Hardly ever any repairs and metal gears are so reliable. Thank you for this 12 Days contest. It has been fun reading the submissions ! Happy New Year Cinnamon & LJ staff !!! :)

  304. Rhondda Fanning /

    I just love using my beautiful 1970s Bernina . Sometimes use my overlocker (Serger ) but most of the time don’t bother get it out .

  305. Christine Wisnoski /

    I have a Brother sewing machine. The thing I like best about it is that it has some decorative stitches but is not real complicated to use. I learned to sew on a Singer treadle machine when I was six years old. Since then I’ve sewn everything from baby clothes to bridal wear. Some day I hope to have my dream machine.

  306. I’ve been sewing forever. I sew on a Baby Lock and a Baby Lock Serger. I love them!!!! I love the beauty and ease of the way they sew. I just received the server for Christmas….such fun always wanted one!!!!!!

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