Zambia Design Academy Post #1

May 21

Hi everyone,blog feat pic 2

We’ve been asked to go to Zambia to do sewing & tailoring training and so I’m going to blog about my experience here. I hope you enjoy learning about our trip and the people and places we’ll be visiting.

The training will be 2 full days and will include both sewing activities as well as sales and marketing topics. I’ll be organizing the sewing training and Jason will be organizing the sales and marketing related topics.

Jason will be blogging at – so be sure to check his posts too!

The training will include 20 aspiring seamstresses and is being coordinated by our Sew Powerful coordinator – Esther Makandawire. Here’s a picture of Esther and I from a few years ago when she visited the U.S.

Cinnamon and Esther

Stay tuned – I’ll do my best to blog regularly as we work to prepare, travel, and then conduct the training.


Ps. If you feel inspired to help underwrite any of the cost of the training, (not my personal expenses), then visit: and give a generous gift.


  1. Congratulations and God Speed!!! So powerful. Have friends who’s son and daughter-in-law are doing something similar in Napal.

  2. Kathi Martin /

    Can’t wait to hear about what’s going on there. I’ll be praying for a safe journey for you all.

  3. Fran stroud /

    Sounds like a wonderful trip.

  4. Use your scissors only to cut out fabric. They will stay sharp and last longer between sharpenings.

  5. I pray that your trip is safe and goes the very best! The ladies over there should learn alot.


    God bless you. Sent a donation for supplies.

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